(Carla channeling)

Greetings, my friends, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I am Hatonn, and I am with you. I and my brothers are with you in spirit, and we are very privileged to speak with you, as always.

We have paused at the beginning of this meeting to unite the intentions of those present. As you may have noticed, it is sometimes more difficult to become one than [at another time]. It is sometimes a more distant goal to achieve an understanding of the true unity of yourself and your brothers. And so, there are many levels at which we speak, and yet at the level at which you wish us to speak this evening, it was necessary that we pause and become one.

For truly, my brothers, you are now one. Each is filled with a love, not for the humanness of your brothers and sisters, but with a love for the perfect Creator in each brother and each sister. Though your physical bodies rest within your dwelling at this time, in seeming separation, yet the hands of your spirits have reached out and closed the circle.

I would speak to you this evening of several things. First, one thing: you may have wondered, because of the recent increased activities of our craft within your skies, why our messages to you have become more, shall we say, involved not with politics and reasoning about our appearances in your skies, but on the contrary, our messages to you who have meditated together with us, have become more and more on the strictly philosophical or spiritual level. Our appearances are part of the plan which you are all aware of, to alert those upon your planet who are sleeping, in such a way that they will begin to search for a way to wake up.

You, my friends, are already waking up, and our appearances in your skies have served their purpose with you. In the days to come, we will be appearing as much as we can, and hopefully, people will be asking you questions, for they will know of your association with this type of group. And so, we are very, very interested in deepening your spiritual and philosophical understanding of our mission. That is all that matters to us. You are our physical hands on this sphere. We can give you thoughts and advice, shall we say, but it is to you, in the flesh, so to speak, to whom people will turn.

Secondly, we wish to speak with you about the circumstances of your daily lives. Again and again we have suggested meditation. There is a method of dealing with the illusion, by which you can use those happenings which are within the illusion in such a way that they become reality, and are so constructive in helping you along your spiritual journey.

The method for doing this is to remove fear from your attitude towards the illusion. Meditation is a great aid towards removing fear, for if you are confident from your meditation of the fact that all that exists is love, then whatever occurs on the outer planes, no matter whether it is pain, or death, or birth, or pleasure, you will be able to see it for what it is—that is, love—and accept pain and death, as well as pleasure and birth, so that the circumstance which is real upon the outer plane is absorbed into your being as it is, that is, as reality, and not as the illusion which your premature reactions will cause it to become.

Love casts out fear. This has been written in your holy works, and it is indeed true. If you fear any set of circumstances that may occur, you will not be able to see the reality of the love within these circumstances. It takes a good deal of resolute practice to refrain, finally, from fear of pain. But, my friends, on the outer planes, this is what is. Pain and pleasure. Accept both within that stillness of being which is an awareness of love.

I wish to pause again. I am Hatonn. I will leave this channel.


(H channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. My friends, there is within your capabilities, within you, each and every, shall we say, understanding. Every individual, every being within this existence, within this creation, is, shall we say, a storehouse of infinite knowledge. For from the Father you have come, and with you, you have brought, shall we say, the files, the files of wisdom and knowledge. It is your, shall we say, privilege to go within yourself and draw out that knowledge which you seek, and examine it.

If there is an answer which you are needing, if there is a situation upon which you seek guidance, if there is a desire of love that you wish to attain, if there is an ability which you wish to manifest, then of the utmost importance to you personally is to go into this knowledge that has been given to you, and which you have brought along with you upon your path. There is within you the seed of life. There is within you the babe of creation. There is within you the Christ of consciousness. There is within you the love and the light of the Creator.

And to hold this within you, and to fail to utilize it, is to remain, shall we say, static upon your processes of growth. It is your choice, and it can be made by no other than yourself. Those within this room seek that storehouse of wisdom, for varied purposes and desires. Yet for each one, the desire which is most prevalent is to know and experience love. For within the category of love falls all things. We have said to you many times that the actual act of creation was one of pure love. From this love, you draw your energies, your life-giving forces, and your experiences. From this love, you are given all of which you are in need. From this love, you are given unto one another, and from this love, you have traveled into your present experience. And from this love, you shall attain what you seek.

In order that you may be of service to your fellow man in the days to come, it is only necessary that you see, that you see clearly, the function, the presence, the vibration of that love within your fellow man. See nothing but that love. No matter what may surround it, no matter what the person may do to you, you must recognize the love within that individual. You may choose not to be within that individual’s presence, and this is your choice. But do so with the recognition of love. Pass not judgment upon your fellow man, for my friends, that which you sow, so shall ye reap. And to pass judgment is to receive it, as also to love is to receive love.

Be aware of one another. Be cautious upon your journey, yet be not withholding of the love within you. Share it freely. Project it in all directions, and once again it shall flow unto you from all directions. There was a master, whom you know as Jesus, and he gave unto you the secret of life: “Love one another as you would love yourself.” This is a summation of the commandments of ten that was handed down unto your ancestors. Love one another. Be one. Come together as one, and recognize the divinity and the truth of the concept of love, and the divinity and the truth of your fellow man. It is within your capability to bring about the state of consciousness through which you can perceive the love of which we speak. Yet the tool, as you are well aware, for attaining that state, is meditation.

My friends, to meditate is to love. To meditate is to be one with the Creator and your fellow man. To meditate is your purpose. It may manifest in many physical areas, but in essence, your purpose is to be one with each other. And in order to manifest the knowledge and the truth and existence of that oneness, you must meditate.

There is to be within your present existence, a series of changes. We shall not dwell upon these changes, yet we shall dwell upon a method of alleviating the negative experiences, of which you are aware, that shall come. It is simple: love and unity. Project into each individual and each circumstance the love and the light of your infinite Creator.

Come together. Be loving, and be free. To love freely is to be in a state where suppression does not exist. No matter what may affect you upon the physical plane, no matter what any individual may do unto you, to love that individual freely is the essence of truth. To avoid suppression, project the light about each individual, and the light shall come to you. The light which you project may not prevent the individual acts of negativity. Yet what you send out is what you shall receive, and that negativity shall not affect you. For if you allow only the love and the light to flow from within you, there shall not be room for anything to come into you, other than that love and light. These laws, shall we say, are simple, yet to accomplish them seems to you to be quite difficult. And this is due to the state of consciousness in which you are presently residing. Meditate, my friends, and your consciousness shall evolve. Your love shall multiply. The flow shall increase, and the reception shall in turn enumerate greatly within you. These are not secrets that we share with you, they are simple truths.

Do not fathom within your consciousness that you are incapable of bringing about this flow of love and light. If you fathom that thought, you will stop the flow. Acknowledge that in the Father’s names it is continually coming back. Allow not the stagnation of self-satisfaction. Allow not the stagnation of your own mind to replace the [inaudible]. Acknowledge continually that what you seek, you shall receive.

I shall transfer this communication. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I am Hatonn. My brothers and sisters, love one another. That is it. That is all we have to say. We have said it several times this evening; we say it once more. As you go forth into the world, you will, very soon, meet your next challenge. It will be a person whom it is difficult to conceive of on the outer planes as the Creator. You will fear him, and you will wish to put distance between yourself and him. And yet, you are one. If you can move the fear aside [inaudible] the reality will seep into your being, and you will reflect unto him the joy of the spirit. Rejoice that you know the Creator! And as you go forth, be of service to your fellow man. Let him know that you know that he, too, is full of joy.

My brother Laitos is with you, and sends each of you his energy. Seek us at any time, and we will be there. We pause only for one thing else before we go. There is a question. We do not know whether or not it is desired that we answer it this evening. Is a question desired? If so, please ask it.

Yes. I’d like the details of that “exchange of knowledge” in my ’63 sighting. Could you give me details on that?

We are able to do it at this time, for the first time. It is very simple, my brother. The knowledge was not knowledge that we had and you did not, but it was an attempt which was successful to awaken within you the remembrance of who you actually are and why you are actually within this experience at this time. In the future, this knowledge will become more and more clarified, as various elements of, shall we say, your mission are recognized by you. Yet, because of your recent experience, you are now in full knowledge of the basics of your previous experiences which led you to this plane at this time. This was, basically the “knowledge.” It was a communication with your greater self, saying that it was permissible to remember, and so to apply, that which you had learned.

Does this answer your question?


Is there another question?


My friends, I leave you. Feel the love. Feel the joy in this room at this time. I leave you in this joy, and this love. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu borragus.