(Carla channeling)

[I am Hatonn.]… We greet you tonight in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is indeed a privilege to speak with you tonight [inaudible]. There are several different requests coming from this group this evening [inaudible] and so we will be moving about just a bit, although we always speak on one theme and that theme is love.

Those of us who are of Hatonn, although a very small percentage of the Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator, have many brothers and sisters, from many hundreds of locations in what you would call space and time. We manifest ourselves to you because of our understanding of what [inaudible]. It is our understanding that that which is real is the substance and energy and essence which you may call love. [Inaudible]… for there are infinite varieties of love.

There has been a request within the group for information about reported psychic predictions. Although we do not normally deal in specific information, we will attempt at this time to speak on a somewhat more specific level, due to the request, for we feel that the request was made in a spiritual manner and not in a manner of trying to find proof. Therefore, we will go to the limit of our ability to speak without infringing upon free will. We will say about the year to come: there are energies within that which you know as your planet’s shell which will combine with frictions released by the changing magnetics of what you call your poles. During the warm season, at the time of dark moons, there will develop the possibility for what you would call tidal waves. We do not know at this time how serious that will be for you must know, my friends, that the energies of each of you upon the planet’s surface have a profound effect upon the planet on which you dwell. However, there will no doubt be, to a certain extent, true disaster. How widespread it will be, we do not know. We do not feel that these disasters will spread to what you would call your earthquakes, for the energies have not yet apparently filled to the final level of readiness. So that those inland on the larger areas of dry land will not suffer as will those near the sea.

Very often, my friends, [inaudible] may have been correct either to the time, but not correct as to the intensity of the disaster or correct as to the disaster but misplaced in time. Please keep in mind that we do not dwell within your time but are forced, just as you would be in another space-time reference system, to translate, shall we say, through the use of computers [inaudible] our concepts into your brains, of time and space. Therefore, you see the difficulties in placing events precisely as to time. And as we have stated before, the duration and intensity of a disaster is directly linked to the vibrations of those people which are upon the surface of the planet.

We speak to groups like you and we say, over and over, that each of you is important as a source of love and light. It is difficult to see how you can be of help in your illusion, when you are just sitting in meditation. Yet we say to you, my friends, the planet upon which you live is alive.

And when you gather as a group and send your love, this intensifies it many times over and you can help. It is possible that the work that is already being done by many light groups upon your surface at this time will ameliorate the difficulties which we can see [inaudible] in the knowledge of your value to your planet. Spend a little time sending the planet upon which you live your love. Remember that you are truly going into a new age at this time. It is not any longer the period just before the new age. You have already begun the transition. I am sure that you are conscious of that. You must realize that although it may seem not to be a very incisive change, that in light of the number of years of the age which you have passed through upon your planet, the transition is taking place very quickly.

My friend, the quality of your life, by which we mean the way that you live it, will be changed in the next few years. And the more that you are able to see the underlying reality, the more that you will be able to be a positive part of that which is to come upon this planet.

I would like to transfer this contact. I will leave this instrument. I am Hatonn.

(B channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. As I was saying, my friends, you are but love. Everything that you see around you, my friends, is but love. As I spoke to you earlier of the times that are ahead, you will see that this… I will rephrase. You will be, in the age ahead, my friends, in a newer and higher vibration, by which we may all grow to a greater spiritual height than before. For this vibration, my friends, intensifies all action that is generated by yourself. That is to say, my friends, for those who are seeking love, it will be more easily attained because of this vibration. Now, at the same time, my friends, it is also a time of great growth for those who are not seeking a path of love somewhat.

Now, as you know, my friends, there are many about you that you may know already, who are in great need of something, shall we say, to believe in. Through your spiritual growth, my friends, in your meditation, you will find yourselves set upon by those wishing to know the truth. Now, I am not saying, my friends, that you need to go search these people out. For, as you know, my friends, the positive charge attracts the negative. They will therefore, my friends, be drawn towards you, in the hope that you might help. You may find this hard to believe, my friends, but why are we here tonight, if not to learn the truth? For all is love, my friends, and in love there is no negativity. Therefore, love being the highest possible energy, no other negative charge can penetrate this energy. When you surround yourself in this love, my friends, you will find that when heightened to a great degree, all that you may know is love.

Now, my friends, this is, you may think, the most important lesson that you are to learn. But, my friends, due to the shortness of time it is very important that we practice our meditation. We are constantly with you, my friends, and we join with you at every time you desire. So, my friends, to see you experience this energy called love is of great satisfaction to us.

I will at this time transfer this contact to another instrument, if she will avail herself. I am Hatonn.

(T channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument.

[Most of the following section is inaudible.]

[Inaudible]… on the subject of love. Every great teacher who has ever visited your planet—Buddha, Jesus Christ [inaudible] even those who are now living—Satchidananda, Baba Ram Dass [inaudible] and others who [inaudible] all these men teach the same thing. [Inaudible]. Love everyone unconditionally, including yourself. Loving everyone unconditionally including yourself simply means that you never get “bummed out.” When you find yourself arguing with someone over this belief or that belief, stop arguing. When you find yourself making your will prevail over another human being, stop prevailing. Love speaks not to the [inaudible] ear. Love speaks to the heart. [Inaudible]. There are many temptations. You may find yourself playing God. Loving everyone unconditionally, including yourself, again, means never getting mad, never getting “bummed out.” To live life in this manner is to live in a reality known to many upon your planet as heaven. Remain constantly loving, consciously, at all times. It is your entire purpose.

I will now transfer this contact to another instrument. I leave you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. I am Hatonn.

(H channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. As you are aware, this day which you observe in the name of the one known an Jesus, the one who represented the consciousness of Christ [inaudible]. As you observe this day in his name, my friends, be aware of his presence. For to observe within you this concept of Christ is to summon to yourself the consciousness which was represented by this being.

My friends, you must realize that the one known to you as Jesus was but a man, as you. He had nothing to offer other than his self and his knowledge, which he stressed many times to be that which you possess. My friends, within you is the true Christ. Within you is the true Father of all. Within you is the consciousness which was displayed by this teacher. Within you is the vision which he foresaw, a vision of love and unity, a vision of a world ruled under no other laws than those of the Creator. A vision which is to be an experience. For that which you can envision, indeed you shall experience.

Hold true to your beliefs and desires. Be assured within yourself of your guidance. And this shall be yours. All that you desire shall come to you. Therefore, be cautious and desire only those things which you know to be of love. Desire not that of the physical world, for if you fill your desires with love, then so shall you reap them. And, my friends, whatever you need, it shall be provided. And you should not spend any time being concerned with that which you feel you need upon the physical plane. For you need only one things and that is love.

And to realize how to achieve this, shall we say, state of being, we once again stress that you practice meditation. For within the silence of your meditation there shall be whispers of love from our Father, the Creator, guiding you upon the path of enlightenment which you so dearly desire.

My friends, those of you here are indeed fortunate, for you have presently the opportunity to advance rapidly in your spiritual growth. As your planet becomes more under the influence of the higher vibratory rate, all things shall increase in activity. Due to this, your desires shall be manifested more quickly. We of the Confederation are here to assist you. And you, my friends, are the masters of your own, shall we say, destiny. Reach out, my friends. Reach out and grasp unto yourself the love and light which radiates constantly in your direction. Hold unto you this love and light, allow it to fulfill you and upon the moment of fulfillment, reach for more. For, my friends, as you bring in more love and light, greater shall be your ability to disperse love and light. With practice, you can send this love and light of which we speak to those who are in need for purposes, shall we say, of enlightenment. My friends, you can help those whom you love most efficiently by surrounding them in the love and light of our Creator. For, my friends, no being shall progress unless he so chooses. And all that you may do is expose him to the love and light of the infinite Creator and allow it to penetrate and instill the desire to proceed upon the path of enlightenment.

This, my friends, brings us to a point on which we wish to speak. The moment upon which any being consciously decides to seek the path of enlightenment may be referred to as a moment of resurrection. As this day is an observance of a physical resurrection, allow yourself to realize that that which the one known as Jesus performed upon this day was only a sign, shall we say. He performed upon the physical plane a feat which was considered to be impossible. The enlightenment which was obtained by those who were aware of his action was indeed of great benefit. Yet it was but a representation upon the physical plane of what was taking place on the spiritual level. This was a moment, my friends, in which many truly decided to begin to seek and follow that path of enlightenment, that teaching, of Christ. It was indeed the day of resurrection.

Yet each and every day is, shall we say, a replay of that resurrection. For each and every day more and more of your peoples begin their search, in all honesty and with pure dedication, to seek Christ, to seek love, to seek fulfillment, to seek the Creator. Those who choose this shall indeed find that which they seek. Those within this room have arisen. Now it is time that you go forth, as did Christ, and allow those around you to see that you are indeed renewed. You need not speak of your resurrection, or renewal, if you prefer. Allow it to shine; allow it to be. Allow yourself to become the instrument of the consciousness to which we refer as Christ. Open your inner being so that you may receive and transmit clearly the love and light of Christ and of our Father, the Creator. You are the channels for the energies which are needed. Attune yourself and observe the resurrection of your planet. In these words, I leave you. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu borragus.