(H channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. We wish to greet those who are new to this experience, and to you we shall direct some information which will assist you in understanding this experience.

We refer to ourselves as a Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator. We are, as you would term it, a vast number of persons who have joined together in one mind with one desire and that is to assist in the evolution, or shall we say, in the growth process of those people of your planet and many such planets as what you inhabit. It is our desire to assist you by sharing with you those knowledeges and understandings which we have achieved through our own experiences.

It is not our desire that you take what you receive from us and clutch it as being the truth and all of the truth. We only request that you simply listen and evaluate as you would wish to do so. And once you have evaluated the information, do with it as you please.

We are aware that at the present time upon your planet, many changes are occurring, not only upon the physical level with which you are so concerned, but upon those spiritual levels of consciousness and of the understanding of man. As your people go throughout their daily experiences, they encounter many circumstances through which they are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge, their understanding and their wisdoms. Through the application of these, they can overcome those circumstances which would be, shall we say, detrimental if misunderstood.

Man must learn all that he can in the time that he has, for this is his purpose for being here at this time. The purpose for the existence of all things is the unfoldment of consciousness, or to simply state, it is for the experience of love. My friends, as you are well aware, throughout your life love is a continually growing and learning process. If you allow yourself to become stagnant in that which you have discovered, you shall find yourself becoming, shall we say, eventually ill at ease with your position. So allow yourself to be continually seeking greater and greater portions of the immeasurable love which is available to you. Seek this through all of your actions, through all your thoughts. Allow this to be your goal.

My friends, all of us, working together, can overcome any difficulties which you can imagine. It is within your ability, and it is your birthright, to manifest and to control all that you experience. It is stated within your holy book that man was made unto the image and likeness of his Creator. And if you accept this as the truth, as indeed it is, this means that you, too, my friends, are that Creator. A likeness is a repetition, or a duplication. You are that: you are the extension of the Creator, individually expressed, yet universally united. From that source you have been projected, yet there is a cord, if you wish to call it that, that shall extend forever, that shall never be broken, and through that cord flows the knowledge and the being of your Creator. It comes directly to you and is lodged within you, and you, my friends, may tap the knowledge of the universe and of the Creator by going within yourself and meeting with the divinity within you. “Know thyself,” has also been stated within your holy book. My friends, this does not mean that you must know the intellect, which many of yourselves consider yourselves to be. It does not mean that you know that which you refer to as the ego. It means that you know the I AM, or the God, or the Creator within you. For that you truly are, my friends. You are united and inseparable from your Creator. No matter how hard you would choose to try, you can never be out of His presence.

We of the Confederation wish to bring to man the simple knowledge, and through the application of this knowledge we hope to assist you in bringing about that which you have so long desired, a planet of a Utopian experience, one of harmony, one of unification, one of brotherhood, one unto the other serving each other and recognizing that as you serve one another, you serve your Creator’s purpose, for His purpose is the expression of love, and what greater form can it take than serving those around you? Certainly you may realize that there are those that do not desire your service at the present time. Yet, my friends, the service that you can render unto those people from purely a conscious basis, without expression or action to that individual, is immense. Silently offer those who would not request your service, your love, your light, and your understanding, for they are receptive to your thoughts, whether they recognize them at the time or not. You have planted the seed of knowledge and of love within that individual. And thus, you have served him.

Service, my friends, can be done in many forms, and each individual shall seek out that service in which they know they are to function. And it is a truth that once you have, shall we say, found what you are to do, from within you, you shall know this to be, and you shall not stray. Though we are all one together within the Creator, we have chosen to express certain portions of the universal being. And without the expression of each and every portion, that being would be incomplete, and therefore, wherever one person chooses to be, you must accept their choice. Allow them the freedom to be placed within that position. Allow them the freedom to function. Allow them the freedom of being, perfection and the expression which the Creator desires [for] them and they desire to be. I shall transfer this communication. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am with this instrument. And I greet each of you again in love and light. As we say to you, my friends, that each of you needs to be a source of light to those around you, you must understand that we are encouraging you not as your physical selves to draw upon your resources within this illusion. We are encouraging you as spiritual beings to open the channel between your finite self and the higher self which created you, love itself. No finite entity, neither yourselves nor we, your brothers, can love, nor can we call upon our resources to show love or understanding. For those symptoms, shall we say, are much like your physical movements on the physical plane: if you think and concentrate upon your movements in attempting to perform complex tasks, it is almost certain that you will stumble in what you need to do. For in your very thinking, you will have limited the instincts of your physical being. You will have circumvented the harmony which surrounds the physical plane if it is left to its own wisdom, and the result will be that you are not coordinated, for your intellect will have borne all the limitation of this illusion, and upset the harmony.

It is also true in the purely mental sphere. If you attempt too hard to organize and concentrate and analyze your thoughts, they will disintegrate into splinters which have very little meaning and which cannot be put back together into an integrated and harmonious whole. It is very difficult sometimes to make decisions, because you are thinking too hard. Most especially on the spiritual plane, if you attempt to draw love from your own being, you will almost immediately run into very deep trouble. As you manifest upon the physical plane, your very consciousness is a consciousness made of limitations. You see that your fingers end at the tip of your fingernails; you do not see that you are one with the air that surrounds them. From the very beginning you were taught that the thoughts which originate in your mind have been created only by you. You were not taught that thought comes from a beautiful, infinite mind, and that the thoughts that pass through you, although heavily, heavily diluted, are shades of that perfect thought.

Now, my friends, to show love is simply to act as a kind of open channel through which those healing waters of love can flow—through you, not from you, to all that you touch. And how to come in contact with the spring of those waters of love? It is for the reason of coming in contact with love that we so often urge you, my friends, to meditate. As we have said many times before, the Creator is everywhere that you may go. If you go down to the doors of what you call Hell, the Creator is there. There is no thing that you can do which the Creator is not your companion while doing. You cannot close your eyes, or your fingers, or your minds, and rid yourself of the Creator. Love is within you and all about you. If you do not recognize it, yet it is still there. It has been said in your holy works, “The light shined in the darkness, but the darkness comprehended it not.” Yet, my friends, if you become still, and if you open your inner eye in the darkness, it is absolutely inevitable that you will see that light and feel that love.

May we say to some of you here, it is not at all important that you have any belief or faith. This means less than nothing. Know you only that as the sun shines from heaven, there is a power in the universe that gives life. No matter how much death that you see, you see many, many times over the life that is growing, triumphant always. Light and life will always triumph. They are always there. You do not need to be faithful or believing; you need only be quiet and listen. Do not expect to hear words or voices, for most do not. Yet take these periods of silence on a daily basis, and evaluate your life after having meditated for, shall we say, a period of two of your months. It will begin to be apparent to you that the listening is producing within your being something that you are hearing, something that is making your day-to-day existence more loving.

At this time, I would like to open the meeting to questions. If anyone has a question, please ask it now.

Can you get an exact time on the catastrophe in California?

We still feel that there is a critical time in the near future, and that it will be before winter.

Thank you.

Before we leave this instrument, we would like to go very slowly around the room and give each one of you our energy. If you would desire contact with us, we would wish to send you our love and our blessing. We will pause to do this.


I am Hatonn. We would like to close through the instrument known as B, if he would avail himself to us.


We are sorry for the delay, my friends. We are having difficulty in establishing contact, and so we close through this instrument. We ask that you imagine yourself standing in a field of flowers, with the light shining down upon you, the birds singing, the beautiful fragrance of the flowers all about you. You stand in the love of the Creator, my friends, and if you open the windows of your spirit, my friends, you offer the beacon of that light to all that you meet. It may not be in very dramatic ways, my friends, that you show this. It may be in a tiny little thing. Yet, in this, shall we say, schoolhouse that you call planet Earth, it is understanding the love that resides in everything we do that is the great lesson. Love is not anywhere else, love is here, in whatever situation you are, in whomever you meet, in all emotions and in all circumstances. See the love, my friends, see the creative power, see the healing. Meditate—and then open those eyes. There is great joy upon the path of all of you, and it is very close, always.

If at any time you need the assistance of the force of spiritual love that we represent, call upon us and we will be with you, for we hear at any time that you may call. It is our nature to hear not as a single person, but as millions of ears, for to us there is no space and no time, and we are here for the specific purpose of giving you our love. I leave you now, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I am known to you as Hatonn. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.