(B channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with you. I greet you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. I am Hatonn. My friends, as you know, we usually try to cover matters which are requested for the good of this group. My friends, there are many questions within your minds this evening and we will attempt to answer them, all we may.

We are aware of the new members to this group and we bid you welcome, for you are here seeking. For that is the reason we are all gathered.

As you spiral upward in your meditations, you are more and more aware of the truly infinite amount of knowledge which you must receive in order to obtain, shall we say, a mastery of your existence and all that surrounds you.

I am experiencing difficulty with this instrument and will attempt to return to this instrument at a later time. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am with this instrument and I greet you once again in love and light. As I was saying, my friends, to attain mastery on the physical planet a great deal—sometimes it may seem an infinite amount—of knowledge must be gained. It is, of course, an aspect of your physical illusion that it does seem as though a certain quantity of intellectual information will constitute the knowledge that you do need to attain understanding.

We speak to you tonight to attempt to correct this impression. Yes, my friends, you are on the path, but, my friends, you are the path. You are that which the Creator may flow through. It is written in your holy works that the one known as John the Baptist cried in the wilderness, “Make straight the way of the Lord.” My friends, each of you [inaudible] of chaotic thoughts and actions and being, memories and hopes. And your one goal, to attain understanding, is to make a pathway, as straight way, for that Creator, love, to flow through. You will never organize that which you call your self, for your physical self is in itself and of itself an unruly thing. It was born and it will die and in your physical life you will adhere to this process, whether you wish to or not, for this is the correct nature of the physical being.

Yet within you, my friends, there is a pathway, and as you meditate, you may seek and find it, and open yourself to it, and lo, the crooked will become straight and the uncrossable mountains of your life will become as plains.

You see, my friends, in our approach to knowledge we assume that that which you are seeking, you are. For that which you may be seeking, though it may seem to be, as we said, an infinite amount of knowledge, it is in fact a truth of such total simplicity, that you, sitting there now, embody it totally. A truth so simple that many, many of your kind have missed it and will continue to miss it. This truth is that all things are one. That all is love. Its understanding is the straight way.

It also helps, my friends, as you attempt to bring the straight path into your daily experience, to realize that in truth you are not living in a universe which is composed of more than one thing, and that therefore there is no such thing as power. As you attempt to bring the straight way into your chaotic existence, you can easily perceive those things with which you are having trouble as being powers against you, or as having power against you, and you can see yourself as needing a power to overcome them.

But, my friends, nothing has power. For instance, my friends, you may think that in healings the spirit overcomes the power of disease, and yet, my friends, if there were a power to disease, then there would not be a possibility of its being healed. Yet sometimes disease has power and sometimes it does not. In truth, the consciousness of love is not power. It is simply the understanding that there to no power, but that all is one. Instead of reckoning from the standpoint of power against power, attempt to keep in your consciousness the truth that there is no power, that there is only love, so that you see those things that are difficult for you as a type of love which you may understand if you contemplate it, and which you can love in return. In this way, the currents of that creative love are set up. And since you do not recognize the illusory power of your difficulties, they do indeed begin to disperse, sometimes in very unexpected ways. Sometimes you find that a situation which you felt had power against you may well stay just as it was before, yet in your consciousness you now understand that there is no power in that situation, but only love. And this understanding transforms your experience. Many things occur by interpretation only, within your mind, so that if love can be applied and the idea of power removed, you can see your interpretation in a new light, and the problem disappears.

We know that you are all here seeking, seeking something that may be true, some one thing that you do not have to dismiss as being another part of a disappointing world. And we say to you, that which you seek, you already are. Be still, my friends, and begin to discover yourself. Be very, very still. There is music within you and around you. Your own physical vehicle makes patterns of energy, tiny sounds that blend harmoniously. Love is flowing between you and those about you. Within this room, all are one. Be very still, my friends. Imagine that at the very top of your heads there is an opening, and the hunger is being filled, the hunger for light, for love, for truth. This food of the spirit is pouring into you, and going from the top of your being, spreading through each iota, each atom of your physical being and of your spiritual being, and flowing out again into the room, so that you share with all those around you in a community of love and of light.

Do not forget, my friends, in the stillness, to let that light out again to all those troubled around you, in your nation, in your world. You are all one being, my friends. You are all brothers.

At this time we would like to attempt to say just a few words through the one known as M. If he is willing, we ask that he relax and allow us to speak our thoughts through him. I am Hatonn.


I am again with this instrument. We are very happy for the opportunity to attempt to contact the one known as M. It is of course sometimes difficult to relax enough to achieve a first contact, and we will attempt it again in the future. I would like to transfer now to the one known as B. I am Hatonn.

(B channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am with you again in the love and light of our infinite Creator. My friends, we have touched upon what is known to you as trouble. We wish to go into this in small detail. We feel there is much understanding to be learned from this concept. My friends, as you know, everything that happens around you is caused by your desires. As you might have noticed, everything that you have desired will eventually come to pass. For, my friends, your existence is based upon this reaction, and you in turn must learn to control it. My friends, you must understand that if you were immediately given everything you desired, it would not mean anything to you for very long, for, my friends, it has been proven many, many times that you shall, we may say, appreciate only that which you have worked for. For this reason, my friends, those types of learning such as trouble and sorrow have been placed upon your paths that you, my friends, might grab hold and place it back.

Now, my friends, you must understand that although we have said love is all there is, there is, indeed, much negativity within your existence. My friends, you will see it upon your whole path, for, my friends, it has been placed in front of you that you may help yourself or those about you by dealing with these lower energies. Now, my friends, we might add this note of advice: realize that all that has happened to you is placed upon your path so that you may learn. So we say, whenever you are confronted with any type of challenge you do not understand, think first, my friends, of what the reason might be for this obstacle, what you might learn from it. My friends, if you put these sorrows in their right perspective, you will find, even in the deepest pit, that there is indeed a light up above that you may climb to, and thus dwell within the love and light of our infinite Creator.

My friends, many entities such as yourselves have allowed themselves to become stagnant because they do not face their, shall we say, troubles and deal with them. My friends, we are indeed aware that this is much easier said than accomplished. But, my friends, you must attune yourself to this train of thought so that it becomes a, shall we say, automatic occurrence. There is much to be learned, my friends. And there are many who wish to be of help. As we are here, my friends, in order to help you, that we ourselves may evolve, this opportunity is also given to you, that you may evolve through the helping of other people. My friends, this help cannot be acquired for others until you yourself have dwelt within this light and love, that you may learn.

My friends, remember also that we are with you and await your request, that we may help at any time. It has indeed been a great honor to share with you in your meditation. And as I leave this instrument, my friends, we will pass among you that you may feel this great energy we call love. For, my friends, since love is all there is, there can be no sorrow. You yourself have put this name upon the experience you are passing through. If you will but look around you, you will see many, many things to, shall we say, remind you of love. We leave you now in the love and light of our infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos. I greet you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. I wish to speak briefly with you, my friends, about the energy that we do send to you. Each of us in the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator is here for one reason only, and that is to send you our love. We do this in many ways: we speak with you intellectually through channels, we send to your planet as a whole our vibrations of love, and to specific groups and individuals, when they request it, we send a type of energy which has sometimes been called the conditioning vibration or wave.

This conditioning is one of several types of carefully beamed vibratory energy which we can send. We prefer to send this type rather than the more physical types of energy which have been used for some channels, which involve actual physical control of instruments, because other types which involve control are somewhat uncomfortable and because we do not feel that it is as important to give you specific information as it is to give you total freedom as a channel to choose at any time that which you wish or do not wish to receive.

Our conditioning wave is a wave which is designed to enhance your own meditative spiritual wave. As we have told you many times, my friends, you are very much like a radio, in that your brain is capable of receiving and sending on various frequencies of electromagnetic vibrations. These frequencies vary from what would be called lower vibrations of energy to the higher, finer or more spiritual vibrations. We enhance the vibrations that are comfortably within the spiritual realm, so that you can pick up in a much stronger sense the spiritual thoughts that may be coming to you from various spiritual sources. We, of course, are not the only voices on that particular wave-length, as you might say. You yourself have a higher self which may wish to speak with you at any time, especially when you are in some doubt as to your course of action. It is difficult for a person to come in contact with his higher self in a conscious manner. The most common way for one to become aware of his own higher self is for one to dream, and then, upon awakening, interpret that dream. Many communications are had in this way. And yet, meditating, you tune into the spiritual source closest to you, which is your own higher self. You have guides, my friends, such as you would call angels, watching over you. This has been said in scripture and is indeed true. You have not ever been, and will never be alone. You truly have those who care for you on every plane of existence.

You may tune into the brothers on this same length. This is the vibration which we send to you. If you do not wish to become a channel, there are still many uses, as you see, to this vibration, and we send it very gladly. You need only request it mentally. If you receive the vibration and for some reason it is uncomfortable to you, request mentally or aloud that it be discontinued and it will immediately be discontinued, for that which you desire is above all things important to us.

We thank you for this opportunity to explain the energy which we send to you. It is the energy of love, and yet it is a tuned energy, and this we wish to make known to you. Before I leave, I would like to ask if there are any questions?


If there are no questions, I will leave you now. I wish you joy upon your path, my brothers, great joy. Love one another, my friends. I am Laitos. Adonai vasu.