(B channeling)

Greetings, my friends. I am Hatonn. I greet you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. As always, it is a great honor to share with you in your meditation.

My friends, I would speak with you tonight on the subject of progression. For, my friends, since you have started on the path, so far away now, you have sought after that knowledge which is accompanied by progression. My friends, in fact you have done well. As you know, you were all brought together in order to teach, and learn from, each other of the knowledge of love.

But, my friends, once upon the path you cannot sway from one side to another. There are many things to do, many things that must be done. And, my friends, as you know, there are many experiences along this path. In order to help you attain even more knowledge as time goes by, the vibrations will grow even stronger and you will grow to a great extent.

But, my friends, you have to keep walking upon the path. For some, it is enough to obtain knowledge of this path and to sit idly by. But, my friends, in order that you may grow ever stronger, you, like ourselves, must aid others; thus, you may gain the knowledge you would learn. Your every wish for help, my friends, is placed at your disposal. Within your experiences you have gained the knowledge of much love. My friends, walk within this path and rest within the knowledge that may be obtained.

I will leave this instrument. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am with the instrument. I am Hatonn, and again I greet you in love and light.

We speak to you about progression, for we know that you will progress, for that is inevitable, as all things progress. The only question open is the direction of that progression. There is a quality to experience which greatly aids progression, and ignoring this quality in your experiences will cause your progress to be minimal. Moreover, this quality of experience is one which is often ignored by your peoples, for they do not understand the need for rapid progression nor the technique for obtaining this rapidity.

Consider that experience, as you see it, is an activity such like eating a piece of fruit. The piece of fruit, being the experience, has an edible part which you immediately take into your system. When you finish with the easily eaten substances you are left with the seed of the piece of fruit, and this you throw away. You must understand, of course, that while the flesh of the fruit will feed your body for a day, if you do not plant the seeds you will not reap the long-term benefits of the living consciousness. In experience, that which you experience at the moment is much like the flesh of the fruit. It may be sweet, in which case you eat it greedily, savoring every morsel. It may be sour, in which case you will not eat it, or you will only eat part of it. In either case, whether the fruit is sweet or sour to the taste, the seed is the important part for your progress. In each experience there is a seed of wisdom, a lesson which was implicit in the experience and which you must plant in your consciousness in order to progress.

Taking your experiences into meditation is very important; offering them up to the consciousness within you, not in a judgmental way, but simply as a desire that you truly learn from each experience, not just for the day, but for the future of your spirit. On the level of your intellect, it may be helpful for you to ask yourself the following question with regard to your experiences: in this experience, was I of service? In this experience, did I want to be of service? For the seed, as we have said, which will enable you to progress rapidly, has as its key love expressed in action. And the closest we can come to giving you this concept is the concept of service.

Service, as you well know, is not always a thing, but most often an attitude. To be of service is often simply to be non-judging, to be loving, to be willing to see the possibility in another of the Christ-consciousness and its progress in that person. Insofar as you have been able to bring into this experience that attitude, you have already planted the seed as well as eaten the fruit. And as you take experiences in which you have not done this into your meditation even your failures will teach you and the seed will be planted.

The world itself, my friends, will never progress for you are the world. Only you can progress. And you can only progress by offering up your little human self to the Christ Self within you. You cannot influence the world and most especially you cannot influence the Creator. Yet this [is] not necessary, for the world is as darkness and the Creator is light. If you can ask the Creator to influence you, it will be as light turned upon darkness and the darkness will be no more.

I will transfer to another instrument after a brief pause.


(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I am Hatonn. We were attempting to make contact with the one known as B. However, we are satisfied that this is not a good time and we will attempt again at a later time. We would like to pause for a moment and send energy, for there are many among your group which are fatigued at this time and there are those who are not here who are thinking of this group at this time, and to all those we also would send energy


It to a great privilege to us to be linked in this great circle of energy, the light pouring through us and through you, to each other. We are all one.

I would at this time open the meeting to questions.

M1 Can you tell us about the second coming of Christ?

We are unable to express through this instrument this question. There are many concepts which we can speak on and a few which are so highly charged with emotion within the mind of the instrument that we have difficulty in giving a clear message. We are sorry.

Is there another question?

M2 Yes. What are your thoughts on children, especially their guidance and spiritual growth?

We find it much easier to speak on this subject through this instruments for the subject does not have highly emotional feelings about children. Therefore, we shall, as you might say, skip right ahead.

Children, as well as adults and old people, are spirits. Into this world they come, extremely vulnerable within their manifestation in the physical, yet as eternal and as complete as any one of those on the planet. What the parents do for their child is right, as long as it is an attempt to be of service. An understanding of the basic freedom of all individuals is, of course, very important.

The Father-Creator has given the family as an understandable symbol of the relationship which is between all of the children of the Father and Himself. The Nurturer and the Creator—the Spirit and the Father. In this relationship, the Nurturer—who is the Mother—and the Creator and Provider—who is the Father—grow to understand divinity and love, for the love that will flow is pure, far more pure than any love that can be discovered by other relationships. It is a deeper and simpler lesson.

And so it is for the parents. This lesson is a great lesson and we know that it will bring you much joy. Know that this is the Father, the Creator, expressing through you as instruments the love which makes up the universe.

More than what you do as your child grows, it will be what you are which affects his understanding and his progress. If you truly seek the spiritual, and if you live your lives according to the path which you seek, if every day you expressly make room for spiritual seeking in your meditation, in your prayer, your child will understand from the very beginning the purpose of life and the path. It is not necessary to ask him to participate. It is never necessary to encourage a small, growing being to choose one way or another. It is only necessary for a child to know that there is such a thing as the spiritual path and that it has given joy to those who are closest to him.

Beyond this, beyond the giving of love and the offering of the spiritual path, that whole and complete being which you have been given to care for will express to you himself that which he will need.

Does this answer your question?

M2 Yes.

Is there another question?


How many things you see, my friends, things of surpassing beauty. How many things you think that are sublime! Truly within you, there is divinity. Trust yourself, please, trust yourself, my friends—have confidence. In every sincere impulse, every honest desire to progress, let that have weight within you. Take yourselves seriously, and let that joy that you feel from time to time take root and grow, until your life itself is transformed by your knowledge and understanding of love. It will happen, my friends. Not all at once—it is a progression. And we wish you great joy upon it.

Your brothers leave you in the love and light of the infinite Creator. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu borragus.