20 December, 1986

San fransisco meditation

Q’uo: You ask us about the companionship of money and spirituality. It is written in one of your holy works that the love of money is the root of all evil. We would like to point out that it is the love of money, as it is any idolatry, which is at the root of separation, whether it be the separation of true worship of the great divine mystery because of pieces of wood and stone or the separation of one’s focus from that same mystery because of the love of counting. It is not the money itself which is contrary to a life led with a spiritual center, but the idolatrous love of that which is builded by man in imitation of the Creator’s abundance.

14 December, 1986

Sunday meditation

Has to do with the season, more specifically, the birth of Christ, the life of Christ, and whether there may be any discrepancies in the time, place and what he had to teach, and a couple of side queries along the line of virgin birth, how it was accomplished, and the meaning of Christmas to Jesus.

30 November, 1986

Sunday meditation

Concerns the harvest and the nature of the harvest, whether there is a physical death of the vehicle, and the types of entities that go through the harvest, the effect upon wanderers that have come here from elsewhere to be of service during the harvest. And so forth.

23 November, 1986

Sunday meditation

How can I better utilize my being?

16 November, 1986

Sunday meditation

What do you say to people who are considering a divorce, ending a commitment?

9 November, 1986

Sunday meditation

Q’uo: Those things which we say are the best we have to offer through a particular channel at a particular moment, and we would not deceive you, thus we speak as truly as possible within the limits of spoken language. Yet each word has many meanings, each concept can be heard with many ears, many attitudes, and many predispositions. Those things which do not seen appropriate for your growth at this time must needs be left behind without a backward glance. The answers lie within you, not within us. We are those who would inspire each of you to seek, to ask your questions with more and more care and love for the search itself, for your answers, as all answers, shall turn out to be illusion and with each revelation and transformation you shall discover that you have pushed back the frontier of mystery, only to find that same mystery beckoning from the new frontier. There is no information so complete and so satisfying that it constitutes the ultimate answer, for if it can be said, it is not the truth and he who says it has pride, not understanding.

2 November, 1986

Sunday meditation

Q’uo: The presumption of the seeker is that all parameters are to be understood and searched out and that there is trail of wisdom to the stars, a series of questions that will lead one to infinite wisdom. This is not so. Wisdom is born of suffering, dilemma, contradiction and pain. The so-called happy times that you experience within the illusion are useful as randomly as are the difficult times, and the intrinsic value of happiness is quite low.

22 October, 1986

Special meditation

Q’uo: I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. We are pleased to have shared in your life stream, and shall speak at this time about those things which are upon your mind. Although many are the concerns which you have, perhaps the one you hold most in common is the desire to know more about meditation. Each of you has consciousness. That consciousness is greater than you may perhaps have perceived. You may associate consciousness with your ability to reason, analyze and think. Many are the questions which yield to the excellent tool of your waking consciousness. Yet, let us gaze upon the frontiers of rational thought with care to examine the ultimate nature of the knowledge gained through reason.

19 October, 1986

Sunday meditation

Q’uo: When you request information on enlightenment and appropriate methods for attaining it, you are speaking of attaining a manifestation rather than an essence, for enlightenment can only be seen by its reflection. Just as light itself is the creature and creation of love, so also is enlightenment the creature and manifestation of the thought of love which an entity has made his own.

15 October, 1986

Intensive meditation

Laitos: We greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We are pleased to see the conscientiousness with which this instrument has gone about the challenging process and are pleased to have established a firm contact with her. We are also pleased that she was able to perceive our greeting to her personally which helps strengthen her confidence in the contact.