Concerns the harvest and the nature of the harvest, whether there is a physical death of the vehicle, and the types of entities that go through the harvest, the effect upon wanderers that have come here from elsewhere to be of service during the harvest. And so forth.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a privilege and a blessing for us to share the vibration of your meditation with you this evening and to join our beings with yours. We greet and bless each of you and especially those who have traveled far to hear our humble words.

It is a great privilege to be called to your group and to behold your light among all people, for those who seek are indeed the light of your illusion, and your call and desire establish within your illusion those sources of light which may be shared with others who seek that they too may find, and that they in turn may shine for others with the effulgence of the Creator whom we all serve and Who offers through any channel that will open itself to light a radiance that is much desired by those upon your Earth plane at this time.

You have asked about the harvest and so we shall speak upon that subject, first begging you to grasp the fact that we are not without error, but are in fact as you, seeking upon a path which takes us into mystery, and when we understand that which we did not understand before, then we find a greater mystery. So we have studied mystery upon mystery, and study still, and there is great mystery before us. How could we be infallible, we who are seekers upon a path as you, we who are your brothers and sisters? Just as you reach your hand to teach those who request the teaching, so we come to you with our experience and our thoughts, yet we would not be a stumbling block before you, and we ask you to use all discrimination in listening to our words. Accept those concepts which have use for you, and leave without a second thought those which do not.

You have chosen a large subject for this evening, and we will attempt to be tidy and brief in our discussion. However, we hope that you will forgive us if we ramble a bit, for there is some ground to cover, for the subject of harvest is not one subject, but two, and we would discuss the concept of physical change separately from the concept of harvest in the metaphysical sense.

You who dwell within the illusion of chemicals are very fond of your chemical arrangements, and, indeed, feel a great dependency upon them, as you should within the illusion. Yet you are confusing yourselves when you wonder what will happen to your physical bodies at harvest. We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are concerned with the harvest of your spirits, that is to say, your mind, your body, and your spirit in their most unified and true form, this you call the spirit or soul.

Your physical Earth has moved at this time into an area of space which is fourth density in vibration, and your Earth is having some difficulty, due to thought implantation of tension and stress moving into the planetary mind, accepting fourth-density vibration. It is possible that there shall be geological disruption and meteorological confusion which exceed even the state of discomfort you have achieved at this time. This is a mechanical manifestation of changing energy web patterns and does not have significance insofar as your soul’s harvest time.

The third-density chemical body can for limited amounts of time, according to the unique vibration of an entity, exist for some portion of your time and experience within fourth-density space/time. Consequently, your physical bodies shall not all be removed in a trice, for harvest is a process rather than an event. Barring the use by your peoples of hostilities which could indeed destroy a large portion of your planet’s entities’ bodies, your incarnations and your children’s incarnations shall move to their conclusion in a physical sense, although you have already seen and will continue to see evidence of the difficulties which physical bodies have to finer vibrations, for the density which with your third-density eyes you cannot see yet impinges upon you more and more and represents an unseen but very real source of light which may indeed be too full of life energy for portions of your physical vehicle and of those about you.

We move now to discussion of harvest, a subject more nearly central, we feel, to that which may be of service to those who may listen to us.

How do you prepare to be, my friends? Is there any preparation for being? Perhaps you can see that there is indeed no preparation possible, for you are being at all times. We are here to inspire you not to be, but to take yourselves seriously as beings, in order that you may be more and more conscious of the value of your basic vibratory patterns, for it is your consciousness which shall be harvested, the consciousness that has striven and learned and borne fruit, the fruit of adoration and service and giving to the Creator and to the face of the Creator in all that there is.

The concept of an instantaneous harvest has not been helpful, we have observed, and we would discourage each from contemplating harvest as an event, for although we who are not within your illusion see your harvest as what seems to us to be, shall we say in your terms, an afternoon’s excitement, a cause for rejoicing that is all too short, yet we cannot translate our time to yours, for your time is that of planets revolving about a sun, and it is not the time of the timeless One which dwells in infinity and moves in light. Your time is a separator out of time, a unifier. How greatly you desire to know when you should be ready, when you should be prepared, and yet we say to you, it is this moment that you must be prepared and that you must be ready, and if you be not ready now, then you must work now, pray now, meditate now, surrender now and ask now to be channels for the love and the light of the one original Thought of love which is the Creator.

Let us look at this in a slightly different way. Each of you moves down streets and into buildings through your work, your chores, and your social life, meeting one entity after another, entities which hope to receive something from you or avoid you, entities which may ignore you. It is unknown to you in advance whom you shall meet, and what that entity may wish from you, yet that entity may be desperately looking for love, not the love of the glad hand and the pat on the back, but the total and accepting love of compassion, the love without judgment, the love that flows through rather than from, each of you.

You may have only one moment to be a channel of love for the infinite Creator, to show His face to this entity. One moment, my friends, no more. Shall you be a channel for love, then? We know that you hope so. Yet if there is a moment when you are not a channel for love, then we ask you to go into mind and heart to search out these things which have kept you from being such a channel, and do your utmost to bring your consciousness to the consciousness of love. You do not know when your harvest shall come, yet we have been speaking with you and urging you to understand that these are indeed the final days of your third-density experiences.

Are you eager for fourth density, and do you wish to graduate? Then rest your anxieties and your burdens about the future, a future which may never come, and gaze instead upon your being that you may channel love now, for if you are not ready for harvest at this moment, perhaps the next moment may be too late. We do not wish to suggest, as this literal-minded channel wonders within her all too analytical mind, that we may be hinting that the harvest is now. No, my friends, not even next Tuesday, not next month or next year. We are not able to suggest these things to you, for when one moves from dimension to dimension, when one describes events that are indeed processes, when one speaks from time to time, the translation is at best approximate and fuzzy and unsatisfactory.

We wish only to train your mind upon your mind, upon the goal, to urge your legs to be strong to run the race, to urge you to actual present effort, not for others, but for yourself, for you cannot harvest another, but only yourself. Yet the harvest of yourself depends upon your relationship with the Creator and with the face of the Creator in yourself and those about you. And so in order to be more and more of the consciousness of love, it is well to pay great attention to the way you perceive your other selves, your own selves, the Creator incarnate all about you.

There are many who have incarnated among you from higher dimensions due to the lateness of the hour and the nearness of what you would call the midnight of the last day. There is much distress among your peoples and among those you call wanderers who have come to aid you, for we see that many are taking the concept of the harvest and turning again and again back to the illusion in order to express their desire for love. One cannot, among your peoples, mate two pears and receive an orange, nor can one improve outer things and receive inner blessing. Those things which you feel may make you comfortable and content, loved too dearly and valued too highly, may create for you a wavering of attention which denigrates and diminishes your being.

Try, then, to focus your energy, your desire and your seeking upon those things which are eternal, upon those values which are infinite, until you are so full of praise and adoration for the Creator, that you are indeed a channel for love. It is well not to be dispassionate about your consciousness, nor about the Creator of that consciousness. Do you not love your parents, are you not grateful for the opportunity of experience that has been given you? Think, then, upon the value of knowledge, realization and understanding, if it does not end in love for the one infinite Creator and in a grateful desire to be for your Creator the hands that express love and the mouth that speaks of joy.

As we understand your time, the harvest shall be an event which is in process for many of your years. You shall come to it naturally, unless by your own artifacts you remove yourselves from your bodies. Be ready to die now. Be ready for harvest now. And then you are free to live for the Creator and in His service for however long you draw breath within the physical vehicle which loves you and has given itself to your use. Love it also, and see it as the helpful thing it is, but do not be its slave.

We rejoice with you that you experience third-density illusion at this time, that you have these choices to make, that you seek realization in darkness, in unknowing, and in great mystery. Know that no matter how rocky the road may seem and how blind may seem your choices, you are never without aid. You are never without comfort. You are never without confirmation. For the source lies within. The entire infinite creation exists within each of you. Each of you bears all that there is within the universe, for all its illusion is a thought, and you have thought it. And as you think it, so it shall be, from the smallest to the greatest. Let your universe be as kindly as the Creator, as full of love.

You cannot do this upon your own, for you are finite within your density at this time. Yet infinity lies within you, and you may choose to channel an infinite love which does not fail. The more you are in contact with this infinite love, the more you may manifest it and so bear fruit, not fruit that you may judge as fruit, but fruit which adds to your beingness which the Creator shall see, bless and amplify.

Go into meditation regularly and faithfully and never condemn yourself for your lack of skill therein, for one instant’s tabernacling with the infinite One is all time and all space insofar as your deep mind is concerned. It is not length of time in meditation, but intensity of desire to seek the face of love which will draw to you a deeper and clearer perception of that one great original Thought.

You have companions along the way, my friends, and you were given them for a reason, for those who seek together may help each other, exhort each other, admonish, encourage and praise each other by turns, and every mistake that is made by one who is admonished or by one who admonishes falsely is made up for by the love which prompts the caring, the giving, the sharing, and the supporting.

Above all things, my friends, love each other, for you shall feel love only as you love others, only as you truly love yourself, not that which you see about yourself or others, but that which is beingness in yourself and others, that which is by definition perfected and whole, without flaw. You are acceptable to the Creator, for you are the Creator, my friends. Each of you carries the creation within consciousness. Your vibratory pattern, unique to you alone, is a unique holographic representation of the face of the Creator. How distorted is that face, how close to love has your perception, your beingness, your consciousness, come?

Within the holy work you call your Bible, there is the parable of the maidens who await the bridegroom, who watch and pray and trim their lamps. Some there are who think perhaps they have a little time before the stroke of midnight, yet midnight comes, and the lamp, the light—the love—has not been lit, and it may be a long day before that midnight comes again, though come it will and there is no shame in studying a bit longer.

Thus, now is your harvest time. Now is when you shall be ready. And when you are ready, you shall be free, truly free in the service of the one infinite Creator as are we. We wish you the joy of that happy realization that you are through preparing. Celebrate your consciousness. Affirm it in all that is good, and if you feel that it is amiss, amend it, but do not prepare as for that which is in the future. Prepare as though, if we may use the same metaphor, the bridegroom knocked upon your door this minute, this hour, this night.

We have greatly enjoyed speaking with you upon this subject and would be glad to speak further, however we feel there are questions within the group, and would transfer the contact at this time in order that we may speak through the one known as Jim. Therefore, we would leave this instrument with thanks for its service. We are those of Q’uo, and we would transfer at this time.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each of you again in love and light through this instrument. At this time we would ask if we might be of further service by attempting to answer those queries which may have risen into the minds of those present. Is there a query at this time?

Yeah, I have a question, and that is, what happens to all the soul/mind complexes that are not ready to be harvested into fourth density, who after the, really, the end of the 75,000 year cycle?

I am Q’uo, and of these entities we may say that there is an infinity of time to utilize in the progression into fourth density. These entities small at the completion of their experience upon this planetary sphere find another planetary sphere which is beginning its third-density cycle of evolution and move there upon that sphere and within its influence…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. May we answer in any further way, my brother?

That’s all right now.

Q’uo, in the moving to another planetary existence, would these third-density persons feel that they were still on the so-called planet Earth and feel as though they were remaining on the same planet that they are acquainted with?

I am Q’uo, and we may respond to you query in two ways. The first is to suggest that the lessons provided by any third-density planetary sphere are those which are ever and always the same, the learning to give and receive that which you call love without condition. Thus, the lessons will cause a remembrance and a familiarity of remembrance within the mind/body/spirit complex as it is called of each entity during the incarnational portion of each entity’s experience. In the inner realms, shall we say, which are inhabited between the incarnational experiences, these entities will be aware that the entity they now inhabit as a planetary sphere is unique unto itself, and is that which provides the new environment in which the lessons of love may be attempted.

May we answer further, my sister?

Thank you.

I would like to ask a question about the so-called “star children,” if they are different from wanderers, and in particular those who have a fourth-density body in actuation, what is the difference? Is there a difference in their energy?

I am Q’uo, and of these entities we may suggest that there is inherent in their incarnational experience a greater depth of resources which may be called upon to fuel the incarnation, shall we say. These entities would not properly be called that which you know as the wanderer, for this sphere, your own Earth as you call it, is their home vibration for the fourth-density experience. They, however, are entering this planetary influence at an earlier time, in your terms, than is usual for a population which is to begin a fourth-density experience.

The honor of an early entry is for the purpose of aiding those of the planetary population who have yet to achieve the level of ability to give and receive love without condition. The atmosphere, shall we say, or nature of experience which is now available upon your planetary sphere as it nears and experiences its own harvest is of such an intense level that these entities may not only aid others in their progression towards third density, but say also greatly accelerate their own beginning into that density of love and the perfection of that love.

May we answer in any further way, my sister?

Yes, please. Are they, then, entering just now into the fourth density themselves for the first time?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. This again touches upon the entire concept of the harvest for your planet and its population. This process is one which is in its beginning stages, and you may see your planetary sphere as that which is being born into the fourth density at this time, as you would call it. Thus, this illusion begins to take on new properties where thoughts tend more to become things and the power of the mind to influence the environment about it is more obvious and is of an increased nature. Thus, these entities of which you speak, those who have moved through a harvest from another third-density sphere and who have joined your own planetary sphere as the beginning population of its fourth-density experience, have entered the beginning of this experience which coincides with the completion of the third-density experience. Thus, the experiences overlap and it becomes somewhat of a semantic difficulty to describe whether it is of one nature or another. We have chosen to describe it to you this evening as the beginning of the fourth-density experience.

May we answer in any further way, my sister?

No, thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

I’d like to follow up on a previous question. There was a question about that when third-density people went to new planets, would they know that they were on a new planet, or would they think they were still on Earth. And I thought I heard in the answer that there would be some awareness of newness, and I was confused because, who knows, you know, where we were before this, because of the veil [of forgetting] and I would have thought that there would be the same veil on the same feeling that, you know, that this is just the way things are, then as there is now, regardless of what planet it would be on, it would [be] home, you know? And I wondered if you could clarify that for me, because I was a little puzzled.

I am Q’uo, and we have attempted to describe this experience as one which has a dual type of recognition of the experience of third density, that is, the recognition which partakes of the broader point of view available to those who await the incarnation within the inner realms…

Oh, before incarnation—thank you.

I am Q’uo, and if this point has been recognized, we shall discontinue the description. May we ask if there might be a further point upon this process to which we may speak?

No, thank you, my friend. I do have one further question which is on another subject. It came up tonight and I was rather interested in it, and didn’t know the answer, really—I was guessing. Are you a representative of Q’uo, having all of the information available to the group consciousness, or are you an impersonal principle, representing the best of the group consciousness in this service to Earth?

I am Q’uo, and as an individualized portion of a larger grouping of beings who seek in an unified fashion—which you may understand as a social memory complex—we have the honor of speaking to this group. When the concept of social memory complex is described in your terms, there arises the difficulty in distinguishing the singular individualized entity from the group of which it is a part. Therefore, the terms “I” and the term “we” are used interchangeably and each describes that of which we partake.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, that’s fine. I understand what you’re saying, but I’m glad that there is an individualized person representing the social memory complex because I feel a lot of love from you, and I like to be able to return it, seeker to seeker. Thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

I’ve got one more little question. Well, actually it’s two questions, but, for instance, if I should die tonight, and, you know, my soul/body complex was harvestable to fourth density, would that, that would indeed take place, I assume without having to be reincarnated back into the third density. Okay, I assume that is right, but now, if that is, then what if I wasn’t harvestable, and I needed to be reincarnated again, or I was chosen to be reincarnated one more time, at what point, then, would I cease to be reincarnated as the third density itself ends?

I am Q’uo, and as the third-density experience upon your planet moves to its completion, there are available to those yet seeking the harvest to fourth density the opportunities to enter incarnation for as long as third-density conditions, for what you call the life patterns and physical vehicles available, pertain. We cannot give a specific length of time, for this is unknown depending upon the choices made by all those who currently inhabit your planetary sphere and its influence. We can assure you however, my brother, that there is as much time and opportunity available for any entity’s progress through the third density which would culminate in harvest as any entity may need. The specific location or choice of planetary sphere is, shall we say, incidental to that overriding fact of evolutionary possibilities.

May we answer further, my brother?

Maybe what I should have said a while ago was, say like the third density, say like it ended one year from now. Okay, and add that in the meantime, would I go back and be reincarnated again just for a few brief months possibly?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We might suggest that this is possible, as are many opportunities of various natures possible. We suggest that one not worry overmuch as to how the specific functioning of the ending of a cycle occurs, for all movement of experience is enabled and ennobled by the love of the one Creator which exists within all things. Within your illusion, much is hidden from sight, yet if one may remember and have faith that all is truly well, for all is, indeed, one, then one may move most easily in harmony with all cycles which provide the opportunity to know the one Creator in each moment that presents itself to your notice.

May we answer further, my brother?

No more questions. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

Well, you spoke about service to others and the importance to others and having just one moment to show love to somebody else, but a lot of times people don’t react at all consciously to any kind of love that you show them or anything like that. You have absolutely no control over whether somebody’s ready to see love or whether his mind is somewhere else, you know. It’s really rare that you’re reflecting love and really in the groove and the person sees it that way all at the same time. Does that matter? I mean, when you were talking about bearing fruit, I thought to myself, “Well that’s tricky.” Could you comment on that?

I am Q’uo, and we may suggest, my sister, that you cannot know the result of any action or the fruit that shall be born from intention. That which is of importance in your own evolutionary process is your intention which motivates any thought, word or deed. To cast the bread upon the waters, then, without regard for whether they shall return in one form or another, or return at all, is that which is of most importance, for within your illusion, you only begin to see, and much is mystery. And that which you call faith, powered by that which you call will are the truest guides one may call upon, and all action and thought and word then which is activated by the intent to be of service and to share that which you know of as love become ennobled by that intent to love without condition. This cannot be affected or changed in any way whatsoever by how another might view that thought, word or action.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, Q’uo, thank you very much.

Q’uo, in the knowing that we are all one, that the love for all creates the One, does that not seem to be, does that not put an insurmountable load or cause for us to be very active or to be—it’s very difficult for me to say this, because it comes so unusual. To accept all as One, how can we thus aid all as One? How can we be of assistance in our love? How can we bring love to all as One?

I am Q’uo, and, my sister, since all are indeed portions of the one infinite Creator and move in harmony with that Creator, whether the harmonious pattern of movement is known consciously or not known consciously, one may have faith that the life pattern has been described and conceived in a fashion which will bring to one those opportunities to be of service to all which come before one’s notice and to share what you call love in a fashion which is most appropriate for each moment. Thus, it is not necessary, my sister, to look past the present moment and wonder at how it shall be possible to be of service and to radiate that love which one seeks in one’s life pattern, for that has been given to you to recognize in each moment if one will but turn the desire to seek the truth toward each moment and continue to find the face of the Creator in each face which meets yours, and, indeed, within your own face and within each portion of the environment which supports and surrounds you at all times. Thus, you have as a life pattern that which has been designed to provide you with opportunity after opportunity to give that which is possible and to find that love which is there.

May we answer further, my sister?

Thank you. I think you have answered it. It seemed to me the suffering on the Earth was more than I could handle, because I could seem to do nothing about it. And I think you perhaps you have given me a clue as to how to think on those things.

I am Q’uo, and we hope that we have been of some small service in that direction, my sister, for we realize the difficulty that any seeker of truth meets when looking upon the illusion which is your world. There is much of sorrow and suffering which seems without just cause and even more seemingly tragic without a possible resolution. We can only suggest to each that one attempt to look beyond the outer appearance of any situation and see the heart of all entities and events as being the one Creator knowing Itself in yet another way that might seem incomprehensible, yet in such mystery lies infinite potential for love to be found, for, indeed, there is no thing or being made of any other substance.

Is there another query at this time?

I’d like to know the condition of the instrument.

I am Q’uo, and we find that this instrument is available for another query or two before the fatigue removes its concentrative abilities. Is there another query at this time?

Yes, I’d like to ask a question. I’d like to know what differences the fourth-density body would have compared to what we know as our third-density physical vehicles?

I am Q’uo, and we may describe in somewhat insufficient terms the nature of the fourth-density vehicle as being that which in your terms would be far lighter and more mobile, shall we say. However, in terms of the light which is contained within such a vehicle, we may say that it is more densely packed with this light, which gives it then the ability to demonstrate greater flexibility in travel, shall we say, and in the ability to project and receive thought impulses. This vehicle is one which will resemble the third-density vehicle which itself is patterned after a certain portion of your second-density population, that is, the ape form, which moved from the quadrupedal positioning of limbs to the erect position, and then achieved further modifications that enabled the further and fuller development of the mind complex. The fourth-density vehicle will continue in providing the opportunities for the development of the mind complex so that the effect of the mind will be more immediate and will provide a more instant feedback, shall we say, to an entity so that its learning experience will be greatly accelerated.

May we answer further, my sister?

Yeah. It sort of touched on that veil forgetfulness. When we enter the fourth-density bodies, will that veil then not be so? Would we be able to look backwards and see more of where we came from and possibly even forwards as well?

I am Q’uo, and, indeed, this ability—which we may describe as the far-seeing ability—shall be greatly enhanced, and the removing of that which is called—we find in this group—the veil of forgetting, is that which proceeds as a conscious process whereby the veil, having a large tear, shall we say, now allows the movement of consciousness through this tear so that the conscious efforts of an entity may continue in the dismantling of that which seems to separate one from another and the one Creator from the self, so that all begins to be put into a more unified perspective as a result of conscious efforts.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you, but I wish to say that I really appreciated your answers and your love. Thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister, for the honor of responding to those queries. Is there a final query before we take our leave of this group?

I’d like to be really rude and ask the last question. I feel like the person at the banquet that takes the last roll. But I’d really like to ask this question because we’re thinking about bodies and I’ve wondered this before and forgotten to ask it.

I’ve noticed that we’re discovering a lot of subatomic particles like quarks and charm and nobody knows exactly what to do with them all, and there are all kinds of hare-brained ideas going around right now in physics. I know that the photon is a sub-sub-subatomic particle, and I was wondering, in fourth density is it possible that instead of a body being made out of atoms and molecules of elements and inorganic compounds, the way these bodies are, is it possible that fourth-density bodies are made of subatomic particles, held in the infinitely many graduations of electromagnetic fields that make a body, that hold a body together? Is it possible that the interpenetration of the fields is nothing more than the particles which make up those fields, being quite a bit smaller so that they interpenetrate because of the huge holes left by the distances the magnetic fields have between them in the third-density physical universe, seen from the perspective of a subatomic universe in a higher density?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We find that with this query you have moved into an area that partakes not only of the metaphysical realm, but of that which your scientists refer to as the physics of creation. We have a difficulty finding the proper terminology that we might transmit through this instrument to properly respond to your query. We find within the query such which is perceptive and which has begun to grasp more fully the nature of the construction of the fourth-density body.

The photon, which is the describable portion of light which makes up each portion of creation, within the fourth density begins a rotation and frequency of rotation which is stepped up from that which was experienced within the third-density illusion. The increased vibration, then, of the subatomic particles or photon, as we may generally refer to these particles, allows for what you have called an interpenetration of particles. The more dense placement, then, of these particles within a vehicle causes that vehicle to be more expressive of the properties of light. In your terms you would see this to becoming more radiant and more able to funnel or channel the intelligent energy of the one Creator in a specific fashion as a result of conscious intention.

May we speak in any more specific fashion, my sister?

No, I won’t strain the instrument at this time. It really helps to see that I’m on the right track here, because it’s always puzzled me that fourth was described both as lighter and denser. But I can see where if it were subatomic particles as opposed to atomic particles and molecules and chains of molecules, getting rather large there, that it would be a lot easier, a lot lighter to—a lot lighter matter. And also a lot easier to move around, which would explain the fourth density’s ability to create things by thought much more easily than we can. It explains a lot and thank you for your answer, and—I know I speak for all of us—thank you very much for coming.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. We indeed thank each present for inviting our presence this evening. It has been a great honor to be able to blend our vibrations with yours. We again humbly remind each that we are your brothers and sisters who move upon the same path as do you. Take that which we have given which has value to you and leave that which has no value, for we do not wish to place upon your path any stumbling block to it. We at this time shall take our leave of this instrument…

[Tape ends.]