Has to do with the season, more specifically, the birth of Christ, the life of Christ, and whether there may be any discrepancies in the time, place and what he had to teach, and a couple of side queries along the line of virgin birth, how it was accomplished, and the meaning of Christmas to Jesus.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose name and in whose service we answer your call. We greet each of you this evening and thank you for the privilege of being allowed to share our thoughts with you. We urge you, as always, to remember that we offer our personal opinions and our beliefs, not infallibility. Therefore, listen to us in good will, but lay down those thoughts that do not seem helpful.

We find that in speaking about the subject of Jesus the Christ, we must be more careful than usual to guard against infringement upon free will, for this entity is centrally important to some of those present, and we wish our words not to be stumbling blocks nor to be paths into an unproductive wilderness, but rather helpful disclosures for neutral information. There are some levels of understanding above that which you in third density enjoy which are necessary for the grasp of the full nature of Jesus the Christ for you who seek this entity shall be in part a mystery to the conscious mind, not because there was an intention to be mysterious, but because the nature of Christ is mystery.

We take this somewhat slowly, as we are working with this instrument for a more delicate balance with less control from us and more surrender from the instrument which enables a lesser amount of energy to be adequate for transmission of adequate thoughts. This will eventually, we hope, enable the instrument to work at a deeper level while still conscious. We thank you for your patience.

To continue. The entity known as Jehoshua, whom Greeks called Jesus, or rather, Jesu, was born closely upon the heels of midsummer, very few years before that year suggested by your histories, approximately five and one half years. We believe this is the correct measurement. We only may only say it was in the middle of the seventh month. We are sorry, but your numbering does not make enough sense to us. We understand your moons, but not your numbers.

We cannot speak about what this instrument calls the virgin birth, and invoke the Law of Confusion, saying only that each new soul first awakened to its perception of itself as an eternal being has experienced the virgin birth. The event was difficult, and the birth was indeed humble, though brightened by an optical illusion, shall we say, a most unusual configuration within the heavens, which caused there to appear to be for some of your months an unusually bright cluster of light in the night sky.

The combination of the Christ with a serviceable life channel was powerful, and many psychic events occurred before and after the event as well as at the time of it. Astrologer kings did indeed journey following the star, however the arrival was approximately a year and a half later. That, indeed, is a spiritual adventure you would do well to ponder as you approach your own stable looking for the newborn, guided by hope, the brightest star of you being.

The entity Jesus was loved and loved in return, but his mind drove him to be alone, for though too young to have established to his own satisfaction the nature of his being, he had tremendous hunger for wisdom. You would call this entity a child prodigy. The entity taught many, many more things than are written, and could continue teaching for an eternity, yet what has been recorded is typical enough of the teaching’s content in general that we do not choose to take this opportunity to adjust the teachings that are recorded. It is not only that there is some infringement upon free will, although that is part of our caution; we also do not wish to sway those who have not become interested in the Christ to alter their viewpoints.

For above and apart from any writing about the Christ, there is the Christ, and that which this teacher, channel and representative of the Creator called the Holy Spirit, call it what you will. There are many, many avenues in which the Christ speaks to each whenever the inner ear is opened and the ear harks, not listening passively, but leaning forward and truly harking.

The concept of the Christ was this—that intelligent infinity as experienced by the Logos and with the bias of the Logos would enter a third-density experience, not erasing the one known as Jesus’ personality or being, but coming into the closest possible harmony with that being. There needed to be one who wished to sacrifice an incarnation to the ever-increasing pleasure and agony of the Creator, experiencing what this instrument would call the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, for it is the nature of the Christ and the nature of third density that the two, perceiving each other, should react—the third density with a lack of understanding, and the Christ with wonder, joy and sacrifice. Such is the sorrow of your illusion and the joy of sensation and communion.

In the end, Jesus the man became so able to bear both joy and agony that this entity stopped experiencing the Creator and for long periods of time became the Creator experiencing third density. Such is the perfect channeling of love. The achievement of the perfect channeling was the mystery of union between Creator and illusion.

After this bonding, the burden of channeling rather rapidly began to tire the master teacher, Jesus. At the time of the crucifixion, as this instrument calls it, there were almost no tears left, there were no bones unbroken, there was no companionship that had not been betrayed in one form or another. Nevertheless, Jesus the Christ lived well and did not stop the channeling until the breath left the physical vehicle. We witness to this Christ with thanksgiving and joy, not suggesting that any worship or not worship, but celebrating the Creator poured into a channel who could share in full the nature of the Logos, the nature of love, the Creator’s powerful, terrible love.

You ask what Jesus the Christ would think of the way your people celebrate Christmas. My friends, Jesus is very pleased. He is pleased [to see] all that is given and received of love, generosity and cheerfulness. This entity never confused the personal life that he lived with the Christ he channeled and in the end gave way to completely, but always knew the source and called it the Father. Call it what you will. We have no dogma or doctrine, but celebrate love.

It is the Creator who is pleased that those who do celebrate the spiritual advent of light into the darkness. Yet that Creator will also celebrate the same event on another level in each of your lives, whatever your season of Christmastide may be, whenever your star beckons.

We find that the concentration has caused this instrument to become fatigued more rapidly than usual, thus we shall cease speaking through this instrument and attempt to transfer the contact, with apologies, to the one known as Jim, who is at this moment announcing to us in no uncertain terms that we are making the wrong move. We do not think so. We leave this instrument in love and light. We shall now transfer. We are Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each of you again in love and light. To finish that which we had begun through the one known as Carla.

We have come to the point in our discussion of the one known as Jesus in which we wish to share some information concerning the perceptions which the one known as Jesus would perhaps make upon the patterns and rituals of observing this occasion that is known as the Mass of Christ’s birth. Indeed, within each entity who seeks answers to the mysteries of life there is a season during which the activities of the entity cease and the focus of attention is pointed inward.

The fruitful time in the sense of experience gained is considered within the inner being to be likened as to a foundation for that which is to come. Within each entity that seeks these truths of experience there comes the time when there will be a new beginning. This is often preceded by the trials which test that which has been known and applied to experience. From these trials, then, the entity moves to the limits of its being, and through a sacrifice of its own knowing and unknowing, and a surrender of these to that force which is paramount in the life pattern, call it the one Creator or love or the Christ Consciousness, if you will.

With this surrender, then, comes the possibility of a new seeding of awareness and experience within the seeker. As each of your peoples then take part in the celebrations in the name of the Christed Jesus, each then does also partake in some fashion of this ritual of renewal and eventual resurrection of the Christed consciousness within each manifested vehicle which has the Logos as source and motivator in the great experience of evolution which each of you undertakes.

There are, of course, many distractions to any life pattern and celebration, such as the one which this season has provided once again.

At this time we feel that we have shared that which is congruent with our perception of your call. We would then at this time ask if we might speak upon any further topics or attempt clarity with regards to that which we have shared this evening. Are there any queries at this time?

Did I understand correctly that the birth of Jesus occurred in midsummer, or did I hear incorrectly on that?

I am Q’uo, and we spoke thusly, my brother. May we speak in any further fashion?

And the birth of Christ was approximately five and one half years prior the time our historians believe to be the actual birth of Christ. Is that correct?

I am Q’uo, and as accurately as we can perceive your measurements of time, this figure is relatively accurate.

May we answer further, my brother?

What was the name of the entity that gave physical birth to the baby Jesus?

I am Q’uo, and we find that the literal translation of this entity’s naming, as you call it, is not possible, but is approximated by the sound vibratory complex that is known among your peoples as Mary.

May we speak further, my brother?

From tonight’s lesson I think I understood that Jesus, before incarnating in third density, chose to incarnate into third density, but somehow was granted the ability not to go through the veiling process that normally third-density beings go through prior to incarnation into this dimension. Is this correct?

I am Q’uo, and we find that this has correctness to it, though we see some difficulty in a full explication of the nature of the awareness that was experienced by the one known as Jesus. This entity was able to retain pathways of perception, shall we say, in its incarnate state that were easily activated in a sequential fashion according to experience gained throughout the incarnation so that at a latter point within the incarnation this entity was able to channel and experience the love of the Father which you would call the Logos in a fashion which was in harmonious resonance with the personality, shall we say, of the one known as Jesus without obliterating that per…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. Since we had completed our response, we shall ask if there might be a further query upon which we could speak, my brother?

Why was it necessary tonight for the ones doing the channeling to do a deeper state of concentration, shall I say, in order to bring about this channeling tonight?

I am Q’uo. The reasons were two. Firstly, the topic queried upon was one which is central to the incarnational patterns of some within this group, thus there was some added risk in the possible infringement upon free will. Secondly, the nature of the queries was of a specific enough focus that in order to respond with the appropriate information there was the necessity of the ones serving as instruments to move to deeper portions of the conscious mind so that less static, shall we say, would be likely to interfere with the concepts being transmitted.

May we speak further, my brother?

Thank you very much. That cleared that up. I have just one more question. Well, first let me ask you this. Have there been further incarnations of the entity known as Jesus upon the planet Earth?

I am Q’uo, and we find that there have not been, my brother. May we speak further?

Will there be another incarnation of this entity on the planet Earth?

I am Q’uo, and we find that it is not the entity known as Jesus that shall appear again, but the Christed consciousness which shall move through those of your population which have prepared a place for this consciousness.

May we speak further, my brother?

I’m a little confused. Can you explain further about a place for this event?

I am Q’uo. We began speaking of such a preparation in the final portion of our opening message for this evening when we spoke of those seekers of truth who retire to the inner portions of the self to stand upon the foundation of what has been gained of experience and reach for that which is cloaked in mystery and attempt to bring forth within the incarnational pattern the proper conditions that will allow the same channeling of love which the one known as Jesus accomplished in its life pattern.

This “ritual of celebration,” as we called the process, is one which each entity observes in some fashion in this season during which the birth of the one known as Jesus is celebrated. The process was demonstrated by the incarnation of the one known as Jesus, eventually culminating in the resurrection of the Christed consciousness within the life pattern of the seeker residing within the third-density illusion. Thus, by such seeking and exercise of faith does the seeker prepare a place within the life pattern for this resurrection, shall we say.

May we speak further, my brother?

No, I think I understand. That’s all the questions that I have. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Are there further queries at this time?

I have a couple—maybe just one. Immediately after Christ resurrected from the tomb, was his body solid, or would it pass through doors, like a vapor?

I am Q’uo. The entity known as Jesus at the time of that known as the resurrection was able to channel the love of the Father or the Logos to such an extent that it was able to affect the structure of its physical vehicle in a way which filled it with light so that it was able to manifest both the characteristics of your third-density illusion when appropriate, and able also to refine its focus of light to the point of being able to move through what you would see as solid material of your third-density illusion.

May we speak further, my brother?

No, that cleared that up quite well, and the second question too. That’s all the questions. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

Could you explain the configuration of which you spoke, in the skies, that created the optical illusion of illumination or a cluster of light at the time of the birth of Christ?

I am Q’uo, and we pause in order to allow this instrument to move somewhat more deeply. The patterns of light that became obviously apparent to the physical eye of those within the vicinity of that known as the Holy Land were produced by an unusual alignment of both planets and constellations of stars that seemed to focus their brilliance upon a point which seemed far nearer your Earth planet by far than even your moon, so that there was projected from this alignment of celestial bodies a focus for their light that approached this planetary sphere at a focal point which was seen as a sign to those who studied the skies and more especially the stars.

May we speak further, my brother?

Was this configuration or alignment of the celestial bodies coincidental, or was it to fulfill the prophecy of the birth of Jesus the Christ?

I am Q’uo, and we may note that this alignment was a cyclical event which was an integral portion of the evolutionary cycle of your planetary sphere which provided a doorway of a kind through the metaphysical realms, shall we say, that was the signal for the opportunity for the one known as Jesus to begin its service in the fashion which became known as its incarnational experience.

May we speak further, my brother?

If this configuration is cyclical, when will it occur again?

I am Q’uo, and this particular configuration or opportunity for refining the focus of consciousness is that which appears near the ending of what we find many of your peoples call a major cycle of evolution, that which numbers approximately 25,000 of your years. This opportunity allows those of a planetary population who ready for the harvest or graduation, as we find you call it, to begin the final lessons that will allow such graduation. The refining of the focus of consciousness is the general opportunity which is provided to each in a unique fashion for each.

May we speak further, my brother?

Thank you. That clears it up. Have we pinpointed the exact spot of the birth of Jesus?

I am Q’uo, and we find that this location remains yet a mystery to your peoples.

May we speak further, my brother?

Would it be possible for you to tell us approximately where the exact location is, then?

I am Q’uo, and we are not able to move this instrument deeply enough in its own tree of mind for the transmission of this information, and we apologize for this limitation. Indeed, we find that the focus required for this particular transmission has begun to waver somewhat within this instrument.

May we attempt another query at this time?

No thank you, that’s all the questions that I have.

I’d like to ask one last question and then, with thanks, encourage you to go on, because it does seem like the instrument’s really tired. I know this was tiring for me, too. But I thank you for coming. First of all, two things. Just yes or no. Did you mean a 25,000 year cycle or a 75,000 year cycle, because you said “major cycle”?

I am Q’uo, and we meant to use the term “major” to signify the 25,000 year cycle, reserving the term “master” for the addition of three 25,000 year cycles.

Okay. The last question is just yes or no, but I have to go on for just a little bit because I’ve been pondering what you said earlier about mysteries. And the real mystery, I mean, you didn’t decline to answer that much, but there was one thing that you hinted at, but it was a real mystery. I mean, it was a contradiction, which of course is the nature of spiritual things, and that was this. That you had me thinking for awhile that Jesus was—well, we’ve gotten in other information—a wanderer that decided he was up to doing this job and came here, and in other information we’ve learned, he was awakened to some lifting of the veil and it kept happening and kept happening until he was real aware. So basically, he channeled the Christ throughout his life, but there’s always a distinction between Jesus the man and the Christ.

Now there was something that you said that hinted at the mystery, and that was, you said ultimately the Christ became Jesus, which would suggest more of like a walk-in situation where the Christ comes in and basically takes over the consciousness. Yet at the same time, you said that the one known as Jesus never forgot that it wasn’t he, it was the Creator that he was channeling. Is this the heart of the mystery that you cannot in any satisfactory way explain to third-density minds?

I am Q’uo. This is indeed the mystery, my sister, for within the third-density illusion, each seeker of what you call the truth places itself in a position of receptivity to that truth by the intensity of the seeking, the strength of faith and will, so that at some point within the cycle of incarnations, it is possible for such a seeker to not only discover that which it seeks, but to become that which it seeks. Thus is the meaning of the resurrection within third density. The seeker builds with mortal hands a manifested life that may be constructed in such a fashion in metaphysical terms that that known as love may move through the being in such a pure fashion as to shine as that which it is, the pure and virgin consciousness of the one Creator, moving to gain the experience of the creation which it has made of Itself, and doing this within the life pattern of incarnate third-density beings who have prepared this place within their life patterns and, thus, not only receive that which was sought, but become that which was sought.

May we speak further, my sister?

No, that’s food enough for thought. Thank you very much for an elegant answer.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. At this time, we shall ask if there might be a final short query before we close this working?

Yes. This is the true meaning, what you just stated is basically to my way of thinking—I’m asking if this is true—the true meaning of achieving Oneness, becoming One, in other words, the physical and the higher self in very simplistic terms, truly become One, when this point is achieved that you just described? Is that basically correct?

I am Q’uo, and this is correct, my brother, for the inheritance of each portion of the one Creator is the one Creator. Much there is that shall be learned during that time of incarnation within the third-density illusion where the veils of forgetting are moved into place to enable that experience within this illusion to be of an intensity that provides each portion of the Creator the fullest range of opportunity to know the power of love to redeem and resurrect even the tiniest portion of the one Creator. Thus, when each seeker moves to the point at which it may so perfectly channel the one Creator in its love aspect, then each portion of the life pattern takes on an holy appearance and all is seen as sacred.

May we speak further, my brother?

No, that was fine, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group, with our great and joy-filled thanksgiving to each for allowing our humble thoughts to be projected through words to each heart and mind. Again we remind each that we seek as do you, hopefully, faithfully, yet fallibly. Take those words with meaning and use them as you will, leaving those with none. We are known to you as those of Q’uo, and we leave you at this time in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.