[The quality of the recording is low, and thus the transcription is not entirely certain.]

(Carla channeling)

[I am Q’uo,] and I greet you, my children, once again in love and in the light of the one infinite Creator that moves within each heart and within each creation. We thank you for the gift of your calling to us, for it is in serving entities such as you that we are able to work towards our own progression, our own further understanding of the one great original Thought of love. Our consciousness is full with the joy of your company.

You ask us about the companionship of money and spirituality. It is written in one of your holy works that the love of money is the root of all evil. We would like to point out that it is the love of money, as it is any idolatry, which is at the root of separation, whether it be the separation of true worship of the great divine mystery because of pieces of wood and stone or the separation of one’s focus from that same mystery because of the love of counting. It is not the money itself which is contrary to a life led with a spiritual center, but the idolatrous love of that which is builded by man in imitation of the Creator’s abundance.

The love of power is understandable within your illusion, for quite purposefully did you design your physical vehicles to be nearly powerless in any natural sense, shall we say, against the greatly powerful forces of your illusion’s environment. Indeed, you were given both the instinct for survival and the challenge of survival as the foundation for your learning in third density. The love of money is a sub-type for the idolatry of power, for among other things, the having of this artificial substance which mimics true prosperity causes one to be able to manipulate the environment about one in a simple arithmetical formula: more money equals more time.

You will note that those who have experienced the having of large amounts of your money have virtually no consciousness of idolatry towards that substance, but instead, having become fully aware of the ramifications of the having of artificial abundance, seek instead for truer reality, a clearer picture of the nature of the self. It is not that the fear of the loss of power is not there in potential, for all alike [out of] true sheer [habit], even artificial abundance can create a consciousness of prosperity which automatically generates abundance. However, because this removes a large portion of catalyst from the illusion, most souls which choose to incarnate upon the Earth plane elect to manifest in situations in which a consciousness of true abundance is absent and concern for survival creates consciousness of lack. How easy, how understandable, how logical to love money when the lack of it has caused numberless discomforts in one’s person and vivid experience. Thus, we say to you that you must not waste time being concerned that so many have the love of money fighting with the realization that true prosperity does not equal the idol called money.

Perhaps the most helpful thing we can suggest is that through meditation the consciousness of abundance may be encouraged, and as truth always drives out falsity, as love always drives out fear, so true abundance drives out the false idol. The consciousness of abundance does not mean that all that one wishes will come immediately, or at all, within any particular length of time or any incarnation. It means rather that there is an awareness that that which is to be shall come to one through natural plentifulness.

Observe those who have found abundance. Some may be wealthy and some quite poor, but what they have is an awareness of the excellence not only of life, but of the very life which is being lived by them. This is most often earned rather than given to them, especially among your people who are perturbed with great earnestness by their consciousness of lack. There are those whose happiness lies in children, those whose peace lies in love, others who find satisfaction in learning, still others, those who have the gift of being who they are. It takes a certain level of comfort to achieve the consciousness of abundance for most. It is difficult while starving to death to rejoice in the plenty all about one, yet there be spirits who have done so and gone to their graves singing in praise and thanksgiving for all the blessings which abounded in the creation of the Father.

Perhaps the second thing that we can offer to those who wish to be free of idolatry is a consciousness of other’s needs, for if stewardship of any gift and talent is expressed, then the gates of abundance open and one is flooded with plenty. We do not ask that you see money as a means to an end, we do not ask that you stop thinking about money. We do not ask any system of intellectual training whatsoever—we ask only that it be recognized that worship of that which is known is idolatry and is not a satisfactory way in which to polarize one’s path or to accelerate the pace of one’s journey upon it.

Seek first the consciousness of love through meditation and analysis of action and thought, and that which is needed shall be given unto you according to the circumstances needed by you in your own opinion before this incarnational experience. All shall be given to you, for you see, no matter what the illusion of manipulation and manifestation may be, all this can be given unto you. All is indeed free. And that which is not, will not be. Each has designed for himself a special incarnation offering powerful experiences of lack and plenty, pain and peace. If you have little money, think not that you do not deserve more. If you have much money, think not that you deserve less. But whatever your environment, fill it with your love of the Creator and allow that love to reach to the infinity of the Creator’s laughing face, that His light may shine infinitely through you that you may become plenty to others.

Money is relevant in your illusion. Enjoy it if you have it, seek it if you must, disregard it if you can, but manifest plenty and the consciousness of love.

My friends, we are most pleased to speak with you and thank you for this great privilege, asking only that you take our voice lightly as brothers and sisters and not as authorities. We would leave you for now in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. May all shine upon you, through you, and from you in plenty. Adonai. Adonai. We are those of Q’uo.

[Tape turned off and then on again.]

Well, let’s have a batch of questions.

What I would like to know is everything and anything pertaining to the facilitation, both for myself and then passing it on to other people, having to do with the process of [writing down] all of the work having to do with contacting intelligent infinity, getting instructions, getting the, if [that takes any] guidance, having to do with the advanced work of enlightenment.

Okay. You don’t want much, do you?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are most grateful to this instrument’s sensitivity to our needs, for there is some difficulty as has been mentioned within the group.

As each moves closer to the seeking of light, there will be the equal opportunity given for those who wish to give a darker message and the sadder one. And of ourselves, we can only wait and hope and ask that those who act as instruments for the forces of light may be vigilant. This instrument does not see into the darkness of this particular visitor, for it is not this instrument’s visitor, and so we are grateful that the instrument paused and responded to our request by tuning the group. With your strong and unified dedication to light, with your unified consciousness of love, there flows betwixt us and you an impregnable road, a highway of light through which information may flow. We ask that you guard that highway for us and for this instrument. Be vigilant in your consciousness and channel this to the best and truest that you know. We shall proceed, thanking the instrument also for not losing the contact when we told her a private joke, for this instrument is given to fits of giggling and it would have broken the contact which we had just reestablished.

The question of how to achieve contact with intelligent infinity for oneself and for others is certainly an interesting one. Perhaps we should begin with a story.

There was once a woman among your people whose life was too filled with luxury and too barren with desolation and [non-physical] deprivation. This entity hungered for all the things for which young women hunger—admiration, beauty, the camaraderie of friends, and the achievement of those goals prescribed by your peoples as needful for an adequate experience of prosperous and normal adulthood.

Yet this entity found herself in love, in love with someone she knew better than her mother or her father or herself or any friend or enemy. This entity called this man her savior, and knew that for this man, who was more real to her than flesh and blood, she would live and would gladly die. The entity joined a convent and worked at menial tasks as do those who adopt the bridal ring of poverty, chastity and obedience. That for her was the knowledge of the scholar. Yet, as she touched, she healed, and so she was sent to be a nurse.

The order to which she belonged was not a rich one, except in ideals, and so it turned itself to the aid of the most poor. The entity found itself upon the streets of cities in India, as you call that portion of your planet’s surface, kneeling day and night in the streets where homeless have their homes and the hungry ate no bread except death and ruin. The entity touched faces half-eaten by vermin, scabs and pestilence and saw the face of her savior husband. This entity walks among you. This entity could be you. And each of you knows that.

Yet each of you knows, too, that it was not given you to love the face of the Savior more than flesh and blood. We say to you, my friends, that if you wish to make contact with intelligent infinity, you must know what you love more than flesh and blood and your own life. Look deep in the ideal for the mysterious One whom you may call a savior. And when you find that face that you can love and love [wholly], then you shall find the gateway to intelligent infinity. There is no knowledge or understanding that will move you upon the journey to behold the face of the One who will save you from death, the death of limitation in consciousness.

Thus, you must examine day after day, and in meditation seek endlessly day after day, love itself. You cannot serve others and find the face of love—first you must know love, you must have subjective validation. Light and love must become real to you and more precious than all those things which you shall be asked to surrender and give up for the sake of that which you cannot see and never shall, that which is closer to you than your own breathing, dearer to you than any anything of which you may think. How can you love a face you shall never see? How can you personify the unfathomable mystery of creation? Love has as many faces as there are consciousnesses to behold love. Your savior will come to you when you have sought with [it]. Each day, each moment is pregnant and fecund with the infinite possibility of the full realization of the love for which you would gladly surrender all. Yet it is not known by any what moment you shall choose to open at last to love itself.

We can say that if you can think only in terms of action, by all means seek the face of love in action, but know that each hour that you spend acting in manifestation of the search for love needs to be matched in twice or four times the intensity, whether in duration or in simple caring, by the seeking within of the silence. For in developing your consciousness, in disciplining your personality, you shall at last draw near to an irresistible infatuation of puppy love, an innocent, crazy calf-mooning after the Creator. If you are not capable at this moment of falling in love, then the gateway of intelligent infinity is not yours at this moment, for you are not extravagant enough to know of love. Love is folly, for only folly could create the wonder that you see all about you. Only folly would wish to know itself. Only love can see life.

We are sorry to have no techniques to offer you, save one. Seek, and seek, and seek again, patiently, persistently and extravagantly. Find ways to laugh and bless your tears. Attempt to see love in everyone and everything and forgive yourself when you do not. Never let any seriousness, guilt or unhappiness divide you from your seeking for the love of love. Knowledge is not of your illusion. You [seek] to choose fully, to know the face of the Creator by a love that is full of compassion and service to others, a love that is radiant unto them, and so you must love and enjoy and cheer each other and know that if you bring each other to the resting place another may desire, it is love that has lead the way and not your knowledge. Seek, my friends, love, in love, for love’s sake. All else will follow.

We find that this instrument grows fatigued, and we would suggest that the instrument rest before continuing any more channeling. The instrument informs us that this is intended. We are pleased. We wish all of you a…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

Thus, the consciousness that comforts lies everywhere and you are not alone, that wherever you are upon the path and whatever lonely thing you must do, there are these seen and unseen who witness and offer comfort at every turn and who pillow your head upon the [inaudible] of infinite patience, for it is a kindly universe in which the Creator has only [one] Thought and that is love. The gateway to intelligent infinity is the seeking of that love.

We are those of Q’uo, humble messengers and friends. Never confuse us with those who know something, for we are only your brothers and sisters. Yet insofar as we have any poor opinion, we share it with you gladly, thanking you for the privilege of the call you give us. We leave you in the love and the infinite light of the One Who Is All. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.