(K channeling)

[I am Laitos.] We greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We are pleased to see the conscientiousness with which this instrument has gone about the challenging process and are pleased to have established a firm contact with her. We are also pleased that she was able to perceive our greeting to her personally which helps strengthen her confidence in the contact.

We have enjoyed working with this instrument and feel that she has made good progress. It is our privilege to have worked with this group over many of your years for the purpose of working with new instruments and aiding their training, shall we say, as vocal channels in the service of the infinite Creator. We are pleased to be a part of this process with you.

At this time we wish to address a few words to the instrument, even though she will shortly be in Venice. [Inaudible]… It is our wish to be able to communicate clearly with this instrument and as she is uncomfortable with this taking place through her, we transfer the contact at this time. I am Laitos.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and we greet each again through this instrument in love and in light. We have been very grateful for being able to work with the instrument known as K, and we are aware that she is desirous of continuing her practice in the art of vocal channeling. We feel that there has been a good discussion upon this topic between those of this group and our comments are meant only to augment those concepts which have been presented thus far.

In general, it is a helpful thing for a new instrument to have periodic exercise in the presence of an experienced instrument so that those small and sometimes medium-sized difficulties which occur in the practice of vocal channeling might receive the attention of experience and a sure hand at the appropriate time. This is the ideal situation and one which we endorse whenever it is possible.

We are aware that the one known as K has moved quite a significant distance in her experience and practice in serving as a vocal channel, and has in many ways achieved enough proficiency and confidence that the exercising of her instrument would be possible in a carefully guarded situation, shall we say, in which there was not present the more experienced instrument.

However, we would also suggest as has been suggested that this guarding of the situation would take the form of utilizing the presence of at least two other entities who were not only in harmony of a stable nature with the one known as K, but also felt the open-hearted acceptance of this type of information and this means of its transmission. This kind of a situation is not that which is easily obtained, for the vagaries of the seeker’s path and the choices that may be made upon it by any who travel it make gathering such a grouping of entities somewhat difficult.

Even if such a situation were available to the one known as K, it would also be our recommendation that this new instrument also avail herself of periodic contact with this particular group for the purpose of reinforcing those basic principles which she has gained in this period of study and for the answering of those queries which are undoubtedly a part of her practice of this part, for as the practice continues, new experiences arise and there is often confusion in the mind of the new instrument as to the most appropriate means of resolving each new experience, be it simply new and untested or a difficulty of some kind.

If the one known as K does not feel that there is available to her a stable situation of the nature which we have described, we might recommend that there is still work that can be done in the practice of a portion of the art of vocal channeling. That practice does not, however, take the form of the actual vocalizing of our contact as is ongoing at the present moment, but would rather take the form of setting aside regular periods of meditation on a preferably daily basis, during which our conditioning vibration might be mentally requested and we might continue to familiarize ourselves and our contact to the one known as K and allow this new instrument to refine her ability to perceive our contact though there would be no transmission of thought other than our identification. The experience would be primarily one of recognizing our contact and experiencing the conditioning vibration…

[Tape ends.]