30 December, 1990

Sunday meditation

The question this evening has to do with what may be various stages or steps in the path of seeking. When the first feeling of passion for a path occurs, it seems like the seeking is more active in a worldly sense, and then it either begins to cool or calm down, it mellows with age. Is this due to a passage through the energy centers and differing kinds of expression of this passion then coming forth, is it due to getting tired and having old age set in, or is it due to perhaps natural progression of the stages of seeking? Is there a progression of this kind, where an entity is more on fire to start with and then begins to move more inwardly as the path continues?

16 December, 1990

Sunday meditation

The question this evening has to do with what Q’uo would say to a person who is just beginning the search into the area of metaphysics. What are the salient, most important concerns? What should you focus on, and are there any things that we should not consider, should avoid? What should be the most important considerations of a person who is just beginning the conscious seeking into the area of metaphysics and the so-called New Age phenomena?

2 December, 1990

Sunday meditation

The question this evening: what happens, from the metaphysical view, as a channel and supporting group begin to receive a positive contact? What happens in the way of attracting negative temptations and attention, and why do so many groups end up with such a strange mix of information?

29 November, 1990

Intensive meditation

Q’uo: Each of you works with a personal system of processing that utilizes both similar and dissimilar means of interpreting catalyst. Each is able to make a certain kind of sense, shall we say, out of those activities that occur as part of the day’s natural rhythm, that many entities, less aware of the evolutionary process, fail to notice or would notice in ways which would not be to the heart of the meaning and purpose of the catalyst. This is not unusual, for most entities will satisfy themselves with penetrating but the outer shell of experience and in this way will remain somewhat at a distance from the transformative effects of catalyst that has been well used.

25 November, 1990

Sunday meditation

The question this evening has to do with how one can find the way of being of service that is the most appropriate for that person at that time. Are there any techniques or procedures or ways that a person could make this information more available or discover this information in any way whatsoever?

18 November, 1990

Sunday meditation

The question this evening has to do with how individuals and groups, or any people that are in relationship with others, can work through the blockages that seem to get in the way of sharing as fully as possible the feeling of love, with ourselves, with each other, and with the group. How can we remove those patterns of thinking and behaving that tend to drain away, or even keep us from seeing the feeling of love and compassion for others?

17 November, 1990

Saturday meditation

Oxal: We are most pleased that this entity has perceived our vibration, which is not as readily received by this instrument, because of a strong bias towards wisdom upon our hearts, and a strong sense of compassion and wisdom in configurations that are not within our grasp at this time.

16 November, 1990

Friday meditation

Hatonn: We are sorry for the delay. However, this instrument spent only the requisite, appropriate time removing itself from the world of delusion and reorienting itself to the world of love. There was work to be done in the yellow ray. There was the greeting of the instrument in a new way which the instrument took the time to decipher and finish. And there was then the calming of the mind once again.

15 November, 1990

Intensive meditation

The subject is “joy.”

11 November, 1990

Sunday meditation

We continue on this evening with information on the concept of worship.