(Unknown channeling)

I am Oxal. I greet you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. We are most pleased that this entity has perceived our vibration, which is not as readily received by this instrument, because of a strong bias towards wisdom upon our hearts, and a strong sense of compassion and wisdom in configurations that are not within our grasp at this time.

However, we are most thankful to be called by this instrument, because we find our ability to communicate with the instrument known as S, and the instrument known as Jim, to be far nearer congruency, especially in the case of the instrument known as S. We would, therefore, greet you through this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as S, expressing as helpful the information that we are a strong but somewhat more narrowband vibration than some others. And, therefore, this instrument subjectively perceives our contact as moving into the energy web of the physical vehicle farther back upon the crown of the head. We leave this instrument at this time and are most willing to be patient if the one known as S must adjust and acclimate its instrument for comfort in our contact.

I am of Oxal, and I now transfer to the instrument known as S.


(S channeling)

I am Oxal, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the infinite One through this new instrument. It is with a great feeling of warmth that we find that we are able to have our thoughts expressed by this instrument. For, indeed, as this instrument has already come to suspect, it is as a homecoming for us. We feel very much at home within this energy web. And the opportunity to find a voice within this web of energy gives us a life within your density that we have not known for some time. We find that there are many things that could be spoken today, but none perhaps so appropriate as the words of joy and of welcome that we feel through our depth, as we seek the resonance within the body complex and the mind complex and the spirit complex, who is beginning to open now to the more subtle reaches of our particular kind of greeting.

We are Oxal of the wisdom density, seeking to find our way to the density in which wisdom is blended with compassion. And we are among those fifth-density social memory complexes who have undertaken to study with those magnificent golden beings you know as Ra. We work cooperatively with others known to you, of our own density, those being the ones of Latwii, with whom this instrument has begun its experience of becoming acquainted with the art of opening to receive the channeled messages. We have found that, since our energy tends to be rather heavy, and in this sense is a somewhat challenging energy to carry for the new instrument, that there was appropriateness in the beginning with the gentler Latwii, whose turn towards compassion has already well begun. And who, therefore, has been shown to be preeminently fit for the role of comforter to those beginning the process of opening to become an instrument for the expression of the love which may pour forth from the realms that to your realm seem higher

It may be subject, as always, to the free will self-determination of this entity, that we would be called in the future to the sessions which have begun upon a regular basis. For the energy match with this instrument is great. And even now, we feel this instrument rejoicing at this match as we rejoice ourselves. The way of the path towards excellence in channeling, as all here have already surmised, is perfectly analogous and, in fact, of a relationship of identity with the thought of general spiritual development, and excellence in becoming an instrument depends almost entirely beyond that certain point at which the elements and the skill have been acquired. Depends almost entirely, as we say, upon the achievement of those disciplines of the personality which mark the growth of the spirit, so that it may find increasing expression in the illusion which is uniquely characteristic of third density.

We feel that we bring no new information to those of this group in announcing that all here are native to densities that are other and therefore are related to this one in an unique fashion. For in addition to those lessons which are learned in a manner native to those who work through the third density for the first time, those who are, what you call, wanderers bring a certain task and a certain responsibility, which may be viewed as operating so as to put into an unique light, a particular slant or bias, those precise lessons which within third density all must learn. And so, in a sense, the task is compounded proportionate to the unique gifts which have been brought from other densities, so that they may be laid down in service to the souls which seek, so hungrily, to reach beyond the limits which are those of third density, a density of choice.

We wish to be clear upon one point, absolutely and always, and that is that we ask that all of our thoughts and our words be understood solely in the light of the need to make and to constantly reiterate the choice, which is the choice of polarity. We feel that all within this group have made this choice, some exquisitely so, and are in the process of discovering that the choice made seeps down to the roots of [mind] and triggers a process of recollection of who you are. Had this process not been well begun, we would not be able to make contact with any of this group. We rejoice in this, and we encourage you to be ever watchful and ever scrupulous, for the pitfalls are many and sudden. And no vigilance is ever too much vigilance when addressing the issue of how the spiritual path shall be preserved. We find great wisdom tempered with great compassion already available as a resource within the thinking of this group. And we commend you to drink of this delicate and fragrant brew whenever the opportunity affords.

As we find, this instrument is suggesting to us that enough is enough, we shall proceed, if we may, to transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. I am Oxal.

(Jim channeling)

I am Oxal, and greet each in love and light once again through this instrument. It has been some time since we have been with this group, this instrument, and with this opportunity to speak our thoughts. For this we are very grateful and would offer ourselves in addition, at this time, to any queries which may be upon the minds of those here gathered. Is there a query to which we may speak?

I have a question, but it might involve the law of free will. I have concepts which I could suggest to a girlfriend of mine who is handicapped and her abilities are limited [inaudible] multiple sclerosis [inaudible].

I am Oxal. We scan your mind. Though you exist in some degree as a teacher to this entity, you are as one with her, as you are with all third-density entities upon your planetary surface at this time. Therefore, we see no difficulty in any suggestions that you might make to this or any other entity. For each is free to accept or to reject any such suggestions.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Not on that point. I am extremely pleased to hear this [inaudible].

I am Oxal. We thank you as well, my sister. Is there another query?

Yes, Oxal. I wonder if you could tell us a little bit about yourself, whatever you think is appropriate on this occasion.

I am Oxal. And as are all contacts which this group has experienced within its past, we are a social memory complex. Thus the “I” and the “we” are one. We have for a great portion of time traveled through the density of wisdom, seeking as a group to perfect our understanding of the nature of the creation and of our place and purpose within it. We evolved upon the third-density level in a far more harmonious fashion than we observe the evolution upon your planetary surface to be expressed. It was our experience in the density of choice to move through each of the major cycles of experience in an increasingly efficient manner so that at the end of the third cycle we were seeking as one.

Thus, we moved into the compassion of fourth density with relative ease, and were blessed with success upon the expression of unconditional love—both the offering and the receiving. During our experience within the density of light, we have studied carefully other third-density experiences and have found that, though most proceed in a similar fashion to our own, there are those which have difficulty due to many reasons. The experience which your planet now passes through is one which has interested us for some time, for we seldom have the opportunity of partaking in such a direct manner as we do now with you, with third-density planets that are what you may call the repository of those who have found the need to repeat this cycle of experience. Thus, your planet has been influenced by many other planetary entities of third-density vibration which have completed their own cycle upon, what you would call, their home planet and who have found your current planet, that location and vibration which is most helpful to their own repetition of this experience, with the desire for achieving fourth density graduation. Thus, we work in a light-filled environment looking at the nature of your experience with regards to the introduction of significant amounts of disharmony within individuals, groups, races, nations and, indeed, within the planetary entity itself that you now evolve with.

We seldom have the opportunity of speaking our thoughts in this manner, for though we are within the evident reach of many of those of your peoples who choose the career, as you may call it, of service as a vocal channel, we are narrowband enough that our signal is usually perceived only upon the subconscious levels by the deeper portions of individual minds, and this most often within the sleep or meditative states. Thus, our service most frequently takes the form of our sendings of undifferentiated light and love to those who call for such.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Yes, one more. You’ve said on the onset that you have spent a lot of time seeking the nature of the Creator and your place within the creation. Is it the case that the place within the creation—of individual mind/body/spirit complexes and of social memory complexes—is unique, each to each, so that the conditions of the search and of the character expressed in the search are unique, each to each, and in such a way that individual mind/body/spirit complexes would naturally gravitate towards others that show similar characteristics, as they come to the point of joining themselves into one social memory complex?

I am Oxal. It has been our experience, through both observation and our own evolutionary process, that as entities become more aware of that which they value and that which they seek, that there is a natural drawing together of interest, which is not necessarily bounded by either what you call time or…

[Side one of tape ends.]

Yes, would it be possible to characterize those differences which exist, such that it makes sense to say that some are “like unto like,” while others are “like unto other likes.” In a general way, what comes to my mind at this point is “earth, air, fire, water.” Do individual social memory complexes work within principles or lines of energy oriented or distorted in some fashion or another?

I am Oxal, and am again with this instrument. If we have correctly perceived your query, we may say that there are deeper and deeper or more and more harmonious affiliations between entities according to the accumulated experience of each entity which then becomes the primary motivator for the further gathering of the experience and the balancing of all experience. Thus, as entities find certain lines of inquiry of interest and pursue them to the point where there is mastery of a field or body of knowledge, then there is also a natural brotherhood, shall we say, which develops around the focus or points of interest.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, I don’t think so. That’s enough for now. Thank you very much.

I am Oxal and we thank you my brother, once again. Is there a final query, at this time?


I am Oxal. We are most honored to have such a happy and open reception from this group, and again express our great joy at having made contact with the one known as S in a manner which will allow a further exploration of this contact on both our parts. We cannot express our gratitude in words sufficient to describe its depth and richness for this opportunity. We thank each for voicing our words during this gathering and we shall leave this group now. We are known to you as those of Oxal, and we leave you in the boundless love and the limitless light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.