(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet each of you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We are sorry for the delay. However, this instrument spent only the requisite, appropriate time removing itself from the world of delusion and reorienting itself to the world of love. There was work to be done in the yellow ray. There was the greeting of the instrument in a new way which the instrument took the time to decipher and finish. And there was then the calming of the mind once again.

We apologize, yet all of this was appropriate, and we suggest that each instrument be likewise careful, cautious and trusting of its deeper hunches and instincts. Far better would it be to speak not a word than to speak [when] in doubt of the source of that word. For where we speak, words have no power. Our thoughts do not need such inadequate clothing and are clear in their fuller conceptual form. However, upon your sphere there is third-density illusion and words have a great deal of power. That is what created the opening for the greeting.

This entity was preoccupied with the movements of power, forgetting, momentarily that there is only faith. It is not faith in an outcome, whether it be preferred or not, but faith in and of itself, absolute and whole. It is appropriate to do those things which are given for you to do within the illusion, it is, however, inappropriate to find your trust invested in people or institutions. For people shall die and institutions shall crumble. But all will be as it is and as it has always been, quite perfect. How the illusion pulls at you and how easily you yield to it. Is this a necessary portion of experience? Yes, it is necessary that each err and be mistaken as often as it takes in any present moment to affect a change in consciousness for those who polarize as we do towards service to others as an expression of their love for the infinite One. This renders appropriate concern and prayer for all involved. For in creation there is no separation. All that seems separate is illusory and temporary; all are held in utter safety and may rest in [the] Creator if they have faith.

We do not mean to suggest that if one has faith outcomes will always seem favorable. We only speak of larger truths because the larger truths overshadows and renders inoperative lesser truths. This one truth is, overall, the truth of the one great original Thought. In the I AM there is only love. To suspect otherwise is to move away from serving and towards fear, separation and a path of that which is not. For upon a path of that which is not you may experience a universe created of fear. And in so far as you accept fear, you shall be victimized from one incarnation to another. In love there is no room for fear. Although you identify yourselves with a house of flesh, yet you may dissect all portions of this clothing of flesh and find no consciousness, no evidence of life, or love, or passion, or thought.

All beloved and unbeloved, through error, entities are in the end one. One is a victim and a thief. One is both things. As your mind strays from this certitude, so shall your polarity decrease. Thusly, in time of trouble or woe equally as in time of [weal] or gladness call to the same faith, encourage within yourself the same compassion. For in you is both victim and criminal. And each, this equal for each, is one, with all the barriers. When the illusion seems to cage you in, realize forthwith and firmly that the cage is transparent, that you may slip in consciousness through the bars and render them needless as you lift up your gaze to the one infinite Creator in praise and in thanksgiving. For you have been created, you have been given life and consciousness, you are now in an arena. It is to be taken lightly, as all things and never with other [than serenity] yet it is to be taken passionately and seriously. For in this arena, you may use the allegory of life and death. You do the battle within your incarnations. Each of you has the scars to verify this and if you are successful, you shall not kill by thought, by impulse, or by idea. That to you is life. That which is one is [precious ambition] and pride of self is loss to your imperishable self.

So rouse the self from its daze with a shout of joy and stand in glad acceptance that you shall do all for love and in that giving you may perhaps have one outcome or the other. But whether the little life of flesh is ended or is preserved, then you shall be with the Creator. Take these opportunities to polarize, to experience unconditional love, to experience a deep forgiveness of all concerned, and most of all of yourself for being dazed by the illusion once again.

We will now move on to the exercising of each instrument. The message given was given primarily for the further tuning and inner ear of the one known as Carla. We thank you greatly for giving us this opportunity to work with each of you. We humbly accept this request. For it is not only a pleasure to be with you, but it is also our method of learning more. For as we serve you, so you [will bless] immediately ten and a hundred and a thousandfold, infinitely, and we are much blessed. We shall be moving about and will not stay very long this evening, for there is a low energy level within this instrument, and we do not wish to outstay the instrument’s stability and, indeed, by this instrument’s request we are not able by the instrument’s free will request to stay longer than the instrument is completely stable. We shall not be predictable, for we wish each instrument to gain independence and sensitive contact, thusly, we shall simply say at this time we would transfer this contact. I leave this instrument with thanks in love and light, I am Hatonn.


I am Hatonn, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. We have spoken at some length this evening about the ability to remain centered within the heart and faith as the world about oneself moves in unpredictable ways. So it is as one wishes to serve as a vocal instrument. It is necessary to find that quiet room within, where one may remain quietly alert as the contact is awaited. The first perception of contact is noticed and allowed to speak the feeling to the instrument as the instrument listens carefully. There is the temptation to feel at one’s own thoughts or at the door. However, if one is careful to remain centered in the certainty of the self and one’s ability to sense stimuli, one will then develop the patience to allow a contact to be established in a careful and secure pattern. We shall transfer this contact. I am Hatonn.

(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn, and we have…

[Microphone difficulties. Telephone rings.]

…as this instrument was most scrupulous in its challenging procedures. This is all to the good. For it is one of the great dangers of the beginning instrument to leave oneself open to those energies which have not been examined and scrutinized as to their origin and their polarity. We find in this instrument a willing student and rejoice that this is the case. For the creation abounds plentifully with those who would take pleasure in the tuning instruments, such as this one, who have earnestly dedicated themselves to the fight of the positive path. The practice of channeling is like any art, in so far as a certain skill is obtained in maintaining a dutiful and watchful state of attention which is sustained by a confidence that one’s activities are adequate to the task at hand. No channel who channels truly is ever fully familiar with the contents of that which is to be channeled. And it is a mark of a channel that begins to make some progress that a willingness to allow what is unexpected to come within the area of the mind to be spoken out, plays a greater and greater role in the process of the vocal channeling. The practice of channeling is a constant succession of re-centering and re-tuning, as a myriad of distractions are available for those within your density. [And] every cell of the body, it sometimes seems, rebels at being put through the task which is not well understood by that second-density vehicle which carries you about. The increasing dedication to the art of channeling is at the same time a commitment to spiritual growth in all of its facets as, indeed, the process of tuning is a process which is analogous to the disciplines of the personality which are essential to spiritual growth in all of its energies.

The experience of tuning is an experience of finding a calm and stable car behind and beyond that which is tremulous and that which is variable with the shifting currents within the illusion. More and more this stable car becomes the living reality of one whose experience is assimilated to a higher spiritual vibration. And the higher the spiritual vibration the instrument is able to bring to the practice of the vocal channeling the clearer and the more direct may be the message that comes through. It is a process which may never be forced, and there are times when the information given to be channeled does not agree with what the channeler expects or wants from the session to which he has committed itself. And in this situation the channeler does well to understand that the will of the channeler is temporarily suspended in favor of that message which is brought forth.

We say that the will is suspended in favor of the message, but never is it the case that the instrument is without the power of discernment concerning whether or not it wishes to continue with the message which is at hand. There is a “yes” or “no” proposition at hand. That is, if for any reason the channel begins to suspect the nature of the source which is being channeled, it’s quite appropriate to end the session and to turn to a process of silent meditation wherein a calm center may be obtained. There is much that this new instrument, [as in the] old instruments, has to learn upon the subject of the vocal channeling. We do feel that a good beginning has been made and that an earnest commitment has been taken, and this is a cause for rejoicing for us. For it is a happy occasion, indeed, when we find that the horizons of those we may serve have been broadened, as they are always broadened, with the addition of the new talents and abilities of new channels. At this time we would return to the one known as Carla.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and greet each one again through this instrument in love and light. We would thank each for the integrity of honest and single-hearted effort. We bathe ourselves in your desire for the truth, whatever the highest truth is that may be seen. We are most happy to have been able to share in your vibrations and meditations and the love for love itself that we have shared this time.

How noble is the aspiration of the treasure that is held in the prison of flesh. May you always, each, look through the [bars] of this temporary confinement, to behold infinity, dropping millennia like pros, scattering by the thousands. We would at this time close the contact without the question and answer period, for we do feel this instrument nears the end of its stability and tuning. We leave you as we found you, and yet, leave you not at all, in the love and in the light and the source and mystery and the wonder of the infinite Creator. Take heart and go your way, in peace and compassion. We are known to you as Hatonn. And with thanks we leave you, Adonai. Adonai vasu. Adonai.