The question this evening has to do with how individuals and groups, or any people that are in relationship with others, can work through the blockages that seem to get in the way of sharing as fully as possible the feeling of love, with ourselves, with each other, and with the group. How can we remove those patterns of thinking and behaving that tend to drain away, or even keep us from seeing the feeling of love and compassion for others?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings to each of you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We thank you most humbly for allowing us to share in your meditation and for calling upon our people to offer what information it is within our grasp to offer. By this we mean to imply that we are not without error ourselves, for we are brothers and sisters along the infinite path.

We have had your experience, and you do not think that you have had ours. That is an artifact of your perceptions of time. Time, space and all that dwells in those areas are illusions. Not relative illusions, but absolute illusions. Were one to be able to see with the eyes that pierce flesh and see spirit, we would see beings of light surrounded in a matrix of energy vortices. Each of you is an unique being, yet one with all that there is. It is when one finds paradoxes such as this one that one realizes most clearly that one is treading on fruitful metaphysical ground, for paradox and mystery are the signs of the infinite One.

You wish this evening to know more about the alteration of behaviors in order to operate affirmatively and positively. We would ask you to move one step backward with us, for it is not your behavior, but your being, your consciousness, your inner choices, that dictate with a ruthless certainty that which you shall perceive and notice, as you are not within the density you enjoy aware that the illusion is so complete it is easy to identify consciousness with behaviors, and gaze at the behaviors instead of finding the root of those behaviors. Now we have said to you before that the biocomputer which is your conscious mind is designed to make choices. In reality, your consciousness has the very basis of the illusion, that is, thesis and antithesis. So let us turn our gaze inward, and realize that our biocomputers have been programmed for this incarnation on a continuing basis; however, as it is popularly suspected…


I am Q’uo, and greet you once again in love and light. This instrument was much distracted because it required a liquid. We shall proceed. Those decisions made early in the incarnation when one was quite behind hand in grasping the larger truths concerning the great difficulties those you know as parents experienced. You were therefore victimized by whatever patterns of their negative influence were at that time present or at any other previous place in your flow of time present; further, much of the popular culture of your people given as the absolute understanding of “they,” as in “they say,” “they think,” you have purchased, without reading the ingredients, metaphysical food that you may find giving you a metaphysical stomachache.

The most common legacy of the childhood in your culture is low levels of admiration and love, nurturing and forgiveness of the self. The entire world of personalities you may well be willing to forgive; but you yourself are often dazed by such excellent [conditioning] that there is no way to please the self, each having internalized in its own way the negatives of parental disapproval and lack of understanding, verbal and physical abuse, often in subtle ways, that you have experienced. Once these patterns have been set up, and this occurs quite early in life, usually, the rest of the incarnation is spent upon an arena which has been constructed to challenge you with these seeming self-destructive and limiting programs within the biocomputer. After these biases are in place, more and more the entity will notice and be aware of those things which are relevant to its self-destructive concerns. We ask you to allow the inner feeling of self to become crystallized at this time, and we shall pause.


Do you see the treasure that lies within you? Which do you think is reality? Which do you think is illusion?

The first step towards altering one’s state of consciousness is the honest and actual realization that you are not that which begins and ends in this incarnation or within this illusion. This begins to distance the self, that is, the consciousness, from that beloved animal of second density which sacrifices a great deal to carry you about. It is well to be a careful and generous steward to your own physical vehicle; however, it is your ally and your friend, rather than yourself. When you have clearly made that distinction, you may begin to see the absolute subjectivity of perception, which is your own.

The environment gives you a thousand messages, a hundred thousand, a million, so quickly, so very quickly, and the computer chooses that which it will notice, that which it will perceive. However, most are not aware that they have, at some point in the past, chosen to program the computer in such a way as to offer detuning, depolarizing and the heaviness of blocked lower energies. Instead of feeling helpless, instead of watching your behavior that you may behave correctly, take thought of your spirit and realize that all choices that have been instrumental in creating existing programs are your own.

Listen. Can you hear the sounds of the household? Were you aware of them before we asked? Feel the slight breeze that drifts languidly in warm air currents across your skin. How many millions of receptors there are. Think of all that you have seen as you came into this environment, this domicile, and met those in the circle of one, some for the first time. How much of that which you saw did you perceive? Perhaps two or three percent at the most, for the computer cannot carry the full sensory stimulation and create aught but chaos. Thus, choices are made which enhance, or seemed at one time to enhance, one’s ability to survive, to cope, and to behave. That which has been programmed can be reprogrammed.

Now we do not speak as if the Creator has nothing to do with this process. However, we believe that it is the will, passionate and joyful and complete, of the seeker to become an authentic being, that allows one to reach a state of mind in which the seeker may gently, sweetly and lovingly move into the deeper mind to find the seeds of the low self-esteem, the tendency to repeat patterns of addiction or abuse of various kinds given by parents which seemed godlike. Inevitably, either imitation or refusal to imitate figures of seeming authority in childhood forms the essence of your programming. One, having discovered to the best of one’s ability the nature of the trigger of self-destructive behaviors, can then, with enough passion, will and grace, reprogram the biocomputer.

Let us give an example well known to this instrument. This instrument has a physical vehicle which has been created by its own choice in such a way that it shall do inner work. These seeming limitations, on the other hand, have been seen by this entity as opportunities. This leaves that artifact known among your peoples as pain. The instrument, therefore, realizing the distracting nature of pain, spent some time recently in reprogramming in order to fail to notice pain. In this way, when there is enough need, when there is a perceived suffering within the self, then one is motivated to do the very disciplined work necessary to reprogram.

Remember that each of you is a co-creator. You have been created, but you have not been created imperfect. You have chosen to leave the house of the Father, to travel the circle path from source to source, from mystery to mystery. There is a program which can only be reached by one who is willing to do meditation and persevere, for in most cases this does take time. As one sits in meditation, day after day, year after year, one slowly becomes aware that one is more able than previously to discern intuitions and deep hunches. Thus, not only are you programmed for the tangible things, but, perhaps more importantly, for the intangible.

Quite often, entities within your culture have a native programming of working hard, creating a safe amount of your money, and seeking that which is known as happiness. Happiness is entirely a portion of your illusion. For if the Creator is absolute, then so are you, [joy] is absolute. Have you found it today? Have you looked for it? You may encourage each other, exhort each other, comfort and console each other, and so minister to each other, that each mirrors a more and more accurate reflection of the other self and the self, so that there is constant opportunity to learn, to consider, and, when a behavior has been identified as not being congruent to the being, to move into that behavior and remove it from your programming, with the help of the deep portions of the mind, where dwell what we might call a metaprogram of divine inspiration, and a deep awareness of all that there is, then one may work in consciousness.

One may have come to this point from different agendas. One entity may wish to be of more service, another may wish to avoid suffering. The reasons are as many as entities are. But truths do remain simple, and that which you seek, you shall find. Thusly, if you but persevere in the reprogramming, and request the aid of that vast metaprogram of enhanced knowledge not available to you as a personality, you become more and more able effectively to create your experience.

The old question of the tree in the forest that we find in this instrument’s mind is quite apt here. That which you do not choose to perceive does not exist for you. Thus, it is quite important for the seeker of truth to identify those things which separate it from others, which cause distress to the self, and which limit love, and so speak to that necessity that effectual transformation results, more real, again and again, on ever deeper levels of bias, that may well be self-destructive in your own opinion, for you in your free will are anything but simple.

When the programming, however, is to be tackled, it is well to become simple, single-minded and wholehearted, because you are asking yourself, in a subjective sense, partially to die, and to be no more. Thus, your faith that all will be well, and your will to continue spiritual evolution are the strengths and resources that bring you to holy ground, whereon the Creator, that lies so deeply within, in the metaprogram of love and infinite peace, is made available. Again and again you must seemingly retrace your steps. However, it is our opinion that this seeming repetition is in fact the peeling of the onion, layer by layer by layer. Many things which are self-destructive have only been kept because the programming is so deep. There are so many layers with which one must work, and one cannot fully reprogram one’s biocomputer unless one actually and in truth is ready to allow that portion of the personality to die. However, it is in that death that you find larger life, in this incarnation, or in any illusion.

We would at this time transfer this contact, offering it first to the one known as K. It is perfectly acceptable if this instrument does not wish to speak, in which case we shall transfer to the one known as Jim. I leave you through this instrument in love and light, and with great joy. I am Q’uo.


(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument and we find that neither of the other channels within this particular group wish [inaudible] this instrument wishes to complete the main message. This is acceptable to us and we shall continue through this instrument in love and light.


Greetings again from those of Q’uo. We have said that the most difficult thing one can do is to forgive oneself utterly. Most entities require some kind of structure, which seems to dispense understanding, enlightenment or redemption from without. These forces are without and within and as you are the only inhabitant of your creation and everything else is perceived through the ruthless economy of your biocomputer there is little or no hope of discovering truth using only an object which symbolizes worship. This is quite appropriate and acceptable as a path of inspiration, as a guide.

However, you yourself are indeed in dominion over that which you wish to have in you. That which this instrument calls the Holy Spirit—which many call guidance, or guides or inner masters—is able at all times to allow one to rest and to be comforted. When one allows oneself, finally, to love the self very deeply and passionately, one is then ready to serve. For the one known as Jesus spoke—we must pause. I am Q’uo. This instrument is having some difficulty.


I am Q’uo, and we are again with this instrument. The master known to you as Jesus said that it was not he but the Father that strengthened him. So it is with you, eventually. You are more informed and more powerful in a personal sense than you realize quite often. You have by the grace of the one infinite Creator enlightenment, redemption and love of self alone, for the two requests that the one known as Jesus made to replace entirely the Ten Commandments were to love the Creator and to love other selves as the self. Consequently, it is essentially important to work with the self in consciousness until one realizes that regardless of the illusions in one’s own spiritual temperature-taking, it is not selfish or service to self but indeed necessary first to find charity towards the self. For you contain all within and if you do not feel self-forgiven how then can you feel in truth the joy of all being self-forgiven? How can you feel joy for the truth that is someone else’s and not your own?

The hardest work that you can do within this incarnation is work in consciousness. Yet this work in consciousness is by far the most effectual means of accelerating in any spiritual evolution, innovating, enlightening the consciousness of your sphere, when you have no solemnity, no love, that many enjoy and so shall you, each of you, as you find you truly are a person to be esteemed, a person who has gifts and whose only desire is to offer them to the one Creator. Is this not a beautiful thing? Can you not step back and see the courage involved in having faith where there is no evidence to support it? Nor can there ever be, for this is the density of choice, blind choice. You work in the dark, you suffer, then discover the suffering, accept it, grasp its nature and eventually reprogram it over and over and over again, moving away from suffering and towards mindfulness not because you have behaved differently but because you have told your mind to register different portions of catalyst. Have you ever, for instance, purchased an object which you had not seen before but thought well of and then found in every nook and cranny someone else who had found the same thing. They had, of course, been finding that all along but you had not. So the information was not relevant to you and was simply [deleted] from conscious thought.

[Side one of tape ends.]

We find that as this instrument’s fatigue is great, it is well, in addition to each entity’s sore derrière, [that] we leave this instrument. We would like to attempt to crystallize the material we have offered you. Your universe is completely subjective and consists only of energy and magnetic fields. Within those vortices of magnetic fields rests by a slender thread an infinite consciousness. Your power cannot be seen by you, for you dwell in clothes of flesh and bone. Yet this power is within you. The mind is a kind of computer. It may be analyzed as to what choices it has made that are disruptive, unpleasant or inappropriate. Yet, one cannot change oneself from the outside in. One must first find the truth of oneself and then the truth of consciousness. Moving from that point, more and more aware of love being all that there is, the courage slowly becomes gained to allow self-destructive portions of the self to die that a new and more harmonious state of mind may be the response when one is faced with the choices of what to perceive.

Never judge your behavior or your thoughts but rather be compassionate, openhearted and above all, persistent. And as you discover your beautiful self so will all others become beautiful. As you discover that you are all things possible, including all the negative things—the thief, the rapist, the killer—you then become aware of that great importance of choosing again and again for you cannot only perceive good so-called, you perceive in a full circle and have a full complement of abilities to act negatively and positively in the normally understood sense of those words. Take the leap of faith when you are ready, not before, and certainly not after for the adventure in this arena becomes much more interesting, we feel, for those who create rather than accept their own universe—we correct this instrument—universes. May you create yours and recreate yours gradually, persistently and with great love for the self as a spark of the infinite One until at last you are hollow through and through with no blockage to keep infinite light and infinite compassion from flowing through you.

You are not a victim, but it is your choice which determines your perception. Choose well that which you desire, my friends. For as the cliché goes, yet it is true, “seek and ye shall find.” Be therefore careful of that which you seek.

We are those of Q’uo, and would at this time transfer the contact to the one known as Jim in case there are any questions upon the mind of any present.

Again we leave this instrument in love and light and service. I am Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to those queries which may be upon the minds of those present. Again, we remind each that we do not wish to be considered in any degree infallible but wish to offer our thoughts and opinions freely, asking that you take those which ring of truth to you and use them as you will, leaving behind all others. Is there a query at this time?

This is one that we use. We were taught and it has been very effective in my experience to use the holy name of God to concentrate our minds at all times. It seems that from this type of doing I’ve been very much able to get rid of a lot of bad programming as we’ve been speaking of. How do you all view this?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. When one uses the sound vibration complex that you call name for the one Creator and give to that name your own acceptance and adoration then you provide for yourself a channel or a gateway into that portion of your being where this is true. For within each has the one Creator hidden Itself that through the expression of the individualized self the one Creator might know more of Itself and each portion of Itself might then partake in this discovery, one for the other, as the yearning for union grows.

Is there another query, my brother?

Also, you spoke earlier of acknowledging the negativities or the positivity of one’s being in the programming of the biocomputer. This is not very clear. Could you restate it in another way so I might be able to understand it more easily?

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of your query, my brother. It is often the case for many of your peoples as they look consciously and carefully at themselves that they will see those portions of behavior that they do not appreciate and consider to be less than worthy of study, those portions which may be seen as inability to love, the ability to give insult and injury, the less than honest expression of truth, and so forth. Oftentimes these characteristics are ignored or discarded, hoping in the ignoring of them that they will disappear.

We suggest instead that they also be honored as portions of the self which have a role within the larger scope of the incarnational process and that such character traits or behaviors or beliefs might be followed to their source in order that the entity might discover a more complete picture of the nature of the self and the specific kind of balancing that is in process in the entity, for it is oftentimes true that the negative expression of a character trait is merely one end of a pole or a range where a more positive expression may be found if first the roots of both are uncovered.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Thank you for that.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query?

I’m not sure but I think my brother may have been asking about the idea of the—each person can have all various personality traits [inaudible] the full range [inaudible]. Correct me if I am wrong.

The answer that was given was very good. I understand it to be that we have to follow those negative aspects of ourselves to find out from where they arise and in doing so we gain that greater knowledge of each of ourselves. I assume that’s what’s meant by exhibiting negative characteristics [and] outward demonstration.

I am Q’uo, and this is correct, my brother. Is there another query?

My query is what density are you operating on and do you have access or perception of all other densities either through travel or exploration?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We of Q’uo are what you might call a group mind or more correctly the blending of two such group minds for the purpose of making an entry into this particular group for the purpose of being able to communicate our thoughts in response to this group’s queries. This is the reason for the blending of two such groups in our case. We seek at that level of vibration which you would equate with the fifth density of experience or that which is of light where the limitless light of the one Creator shines in such a fashion that the truth of unity is without doubt and the relationships between various portions of the one Creator might be more clearly seen.

We of Q’uo seek the lessons of unity, those lessons which are found within that density numbering six where those we call teachers reside. We may travel in thought to such locations and experience a portion of what is available there and as our point of viewing or ability to perceive is expanded by our own learning and experience then more of that which lies ahead on our path becomes available to our perception. Thus, we can speak from experience only through the density numbering five and must rely upon that which has been told to us by our teachers and those bits of our own perception where we have traveled in thought in relation to densities beyond our own.

Is there another query my brother?

I was wondering, I have a teacher in this density also [that] I hold with great reverence and adoration. I call him by the name of [inaudible]. In what density is he vibrating now on this planet? Or what density has he come from or descended into this incarnation, if you have that information? I am curious about that.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We find a difficulty in giving a direct answer to this query for we do not wish to infringe upon the free will of any who revere this most positively-oriented entity. To describe such an entity by the density to those who honor this entity would be perhaps in some cases to skew this appreciation in an undue manner, which would obscure perhaps the message this entity had to offer. Each entity of this nature comes to serve those of this planetary vibration by hollowing the self in such a fashion that it becomes a pure and clear channel for the one Creator in order that information and inspiration of a certain nature may be offered. This is the message and the purpose of the incarnation for such an entity and each such entity wishes that the message might be delivered as clearly as possible with as little tendency towards distortion as possible. We humbly beg your forgiveness for being unable to give the density of this entity for we wish this entity’s message to remain as clear as possible.

Is there another query, my brother?

No, I appreciate that answer. Thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you once again, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

Just on the off chance that you might give suggestion—when I do a reprogramming [inaudible] out what I wish to change and the reason involved and a kind of object that makes it, I suppose, more real psychologically and as I write it I vow and I request my mind to accept the new program and to dump the old one. Is there a number of different ways to do this or is there one that you would recommend? Have you any suggestions upon it?

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of your query, my sister. There are as many ways of reprogramming one’s biocomputer as there are entities wishing to do so. The most potent program for any entity is that one which has been constructed from the pure desire found within the heart. The expression of this desire is that which gives form as a channel to that desire. This, however, is secondary to the successful reprogramming. The generation of this desire so that it is complete and fills the entity and overflows the cup, shall we say, is that which is of primary importance in the root—we correct this instrument—in the reprogramming of any thought or behavior pattern.

If, as in your case, an entity finds it is helpful to form this desire by writing it upon the paper, by speaking it as a vow, by dancing it as a dance, praying it as a prayer, or meditating it as a mantram then this is the form that is appropriate for that entity. It is well to use those tools which one has been given in which one has found a certain degree of mastery in previous use in order that a form which is most effective might be utilized in giving the clear voice to this heart-generated desire for a closer approximation of love within the life pattern.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, I’m done. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and again we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

You mentioned the deep mind and I was wondering what are the symptoms of reaching the megamind or the infinite intelligence and whether one can actually be in that awareness or consciousness all the time within this density, third-dimensional density? And the symptoms, of course, you can elaborate on and can maybe give a clue to the path to tapping into that gateway that we can manifest greater love and light of the infinite Creator which I call Krishna. That is my question. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we are most appreciative of this question which ranges quite broadly within the field of the evolution of consciousness. To give a full answer would be the work of many sessions such as this one but we may give a, shall we say, a crystallized response and ask that further queries be given if there is more information desired.

The ability of any entity to reach deeper levels of the subconscious mind and move therefrom to other levels of mind which would include the racial, the planetary, the archetypical, and the universal mind depends upon the ability of the entity to still the conscious mind to such a degree that silence is able to prevail and open a door that is more clearly seen, or shall we say, felt, due to the lack of interference in the activity of the mind. This ability to move through this doorway to deeper levels of the mind is a, shall we say, product of work done upon the personality.

This includes work at each level of existence that corresponds with each chakra or energy center as you know them within the physical vehicle, each center allowing the entity the opportunity of more fully expressing the intelligent energy or prana of the one Creator. It is within each center or chakra that various blockages have been programmed before each incarnation to bias the learning of the entity in such and such a fashion.

As this learning proceeds apace the entity is able to see the self, all other selves, and the creation and experiences about it as those expressions of love which have for some time been disguised as other than love. Therefore, the greatest indication or symptom of an entity able to move through deeper levels of mind is the ability of the entity to see love in all portions of the creation. This is a product of a great deal of work over many periods or incarnations for the seeker of truth.

We feel that this is a great deal of information which if added to at this time might be somewhat confusing, therefore we shall allow any further query that you would have at this time.

I have one more query. The bias towards learning or the biases that are created within the consciousness for learning I’m being taught more is, even though [it] sometimes creates in our experience pain—what we experience is pain or the illusion of suffering is also perfect in the eyes of the Creator and the consciousness of the higher self…


I am Q’uo, and we feel that we have the gist of your query and would agree that though much learning partakes in that which appears to be great suffering, disease, poverty, pain and separation one from another that these are often the most effective means of directing the attention which has not focused clearly upon the lessons at hand. The catalyst of pain, for example, is that which grabs your attention and points towards an area which contains the opportunity for uncovering a portion of the self which waits to be born. With each birth there is the pain of the delivery. That which is old and has been replaced by that which grows anew oftentimes must be allowed to be removed in a painful fashion.

Since the illusion in which you move has many veils across the far-seeing ability of any entity, it is necessary oftentimes that the eyes which see only dimly be given the assistance or the reminder that trauma and suffering provide. However, when the pearl has been won, no price or pain is too great.

At this time we feel that we have extended the energies of this group far enough that it would be well to give rest. Therefore, we shall once again thank each for inviting our presence and shall leave this group as we have found it in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.