The question this evening has to do with how one can find the way of being of service that is the most appropriate for that person at that time. Are there any techniques or procedures or ways that a person could make this information more available or discover this information in any way whatsoever?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet each of you with great joy and gratitude in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is most delightful to us to be able to have the chance to attempt to share our thoughts with you, but we must ask, as we always make a point of asking, that our words not be taken as unexamined truth, for personal truth is different for each person, and that which may help another may be a stumbling block to you. Consequently, take that which is recognized by your own discrimination and discard any other words which did not make personal sense. Trust not any source but yourself, for within yourself lies a far better discernment than you know. It is within the grasp of each to imagine, but what you know is not that of which third density is greatly privileged to know, and although our illusion is more transparent, yet still we also seek to learn, as we are still aware of our own consciousness, and we have a long process ahead of us. So we feel not in any way different from you, for all consciousness is one.

How pleasant it is to listen to the soft household sounds through this instrument’s ears. The melodies of your planet are beautiful, and we do appreciate them—the melody of your environment, the melody of your elements, the melody of the tone poem which is your incarnation. These are sweet, and sometimes sorrowed songs, yet they have called us to you, for there has been more and more a call among your people for information, resources and tools to use in the path of spiritual growth. We thank this instrument and all instruments for making themselves available to serve in this capacity.

However, we would, and not for the first time, point out that all services are dependent, not upon your assessment of your importance, but on the wholeheartedness with which you pursue that which is in your eye’s shot. At any particular moment your path of service is with you. It is in many ways very difficult, we realize, to grasp the nature of service. And it is appealing and interesting to wonder if one could become a healer, or a channel, or some other dramatic path of service that would consume the life. However, service is not graded, except insofar as it is sincere in the attempt and genuine in refusing to do work in consciousness until you have examined, satisfactorily, any blockages that might be caused by misunderstood, misused or misperceived catalyst.

The Creator’s thought was part and parcel of Its very nature. This thought is what we call love, because we cannot find any more appropriate word in your vocabulary. But it is a love of charity, of positivity, of creativity and of transformation. The main offering that you give in your incarnation to the world about you—and make no mistake, this is the density wherein one reckons with society, and all that it implies, for weal or woe—the first thing that you offer to the Father is yourself, your consciousness. The Creator, as described in older holy works, wished sacrifice. We ask only for the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving, regardless of circumstance. In this lies the main and fundamental service each entity has to offer to the planet and to the Creator, which is Love Itself.

It is difficult for an entity within the illusion in which you dance to believe that something as simple as consciousness could be your greatest service. Yet consciousness is only simple to those who have not begun to search for the truth, and above all, we do not wish you to stand by in opportune polarizing situations, and say, as Pontius Pilate did, “What is truth?” and then walk away. This is not an incarnation in which you shall walk away from the catalyst, the lessons, the personal service to yourself, and the service to others that stems therefrom.

Let us gaze upon this concept from a slightly different point of view. The love that you have within you is finite due to the limitations of the heavy chemical illusion and your physical body whose sensing equipment is designed more to make choices than to understand. So, what is necessary for you to grasp if you wish to be of primary service in this incarnation and at this time, is to, as frequently as possible when you find yourself drifting into a nonpolarized or negative emotional state, to think back to that meditation with which you began your morning. Remember that then you did stand upon holy ground, no matter what your conscious experience, for it is your intent, it is your thought, that is real in the metaphysical universe.

We realize that this is a bitter pill to swallow for those who wish to have a path of service, for in working to find your own definitive self, in the effort to polarize, is often implicit the suggestion that one must somehow radically alter one’s set of experiences and choose a path of service. This is not necessary, for you cannot leave the path once you are on it. You may sit by the roadside, you may walk, you may sing or you may cry. But once the mystery is perceived clearly for the first time, and once the nature of that mystery is gazed at clearly, one must see that, indeed, consciousness itself is chaos from which the mind, working like a computer, chooses this and that, this and that, to notice, but for most of the rest, not to notice. This is the physical and mental body complex’s way of protecting itself.

The most strengthening gift that you can cultivate in the regard of this most important and central service is the gift of persistence and unflagging acceptance of any and all circumstances, because it is only an illusion that lies between you and that which is the truth. To extend across the chasm between doubt and faith some entities need great structures to guide them. Other entities find their chapel in the woods, or in the mountain, however it is that you are most comforted by meditation. Therefore, a basic step, if you wish truly to accelerate the pace of spiritual evolution, is first of all to learn to honor, love and value yourself as an absolute whole and perfect being. All else is illusion. You within are imperishable. You will one day discard this physical vehicle in order to grasp by review those things which you have done in this life, so that you may, with guidance, whether you call it the Holy Spirit, inner planes aid, or contacts such as this one, [form a new life plan]. This inner guidance is most transparent when the meditation is daily, without necessarily being as long as this instrument informs us our messages are.

The next point that we would like to discuss is that of the seeming disparity of potential for service that various entities have. Some seem to have many gifts, and as each gazes at itself it realizes it is lacking somewhat. That thinking needs to stop right there. In order to follow the law, which this instrument calls the Law of One, it is quite necessary to be vulnerable and open to circumstance, guided always from within, and if that guidance is not seemingly forthcoming, patience is your next, greatest, resource as a spiritual seeker.

There are many whose voices have been heard who speak of prophecy and doom and planetary catastrophe. We do not cavil at these people’s messages, but only make note that where there is love there is not fear. If there is to be an opportunity for you to share that which you now are aware of as difficulties happen to cause those about you to remember that you are a spiritual seeker, then that is a beautiful service to offer—to answer the questions asked, to bear witness to the truth that you can have faith in, blind and unreasoning faith.

Now, we do not speak here of doctrine, of dogma. We would express our bias that these theologies are to be realized as structures available to people who find that particular structure to be the appropriate way to increase polarity, to drink of the water that shall never make you thirsty again, to eat the bread of eternal life. We use these images because this instrument is a Christian. However, these thoughts may be expressed in many variations of vocabulary, and perhaps the one that we would choose might be different. In each case where we speak we gauge the needs of the group, or gaze at the universal need that the group expresses by being more than two.


I am Q’uo, and greet you again in love and light. The instrument was experiencing catalyst which it could not continue channeling with, and we believe this is now back to an acceptable level. We shall continue.

In the event of what you call your catastrophes, the service-to-others entity will be given great opportunities for service, and bear in mind that service is action, is doing, as well as being, but the doing is not important, it is the frame of reference from which you approach each moment. We are not being mysterious on purpose, but the truth does not lie within our ability to offer to anyone without one’s free will being abridged. However, if one relaxes, finds merriment to be freely bubbling forth, finds a place where the joy of loving and being loved is immediately experienced, then each may gaze at whatever one does as being done for the love of the infinite One. And as the emotions of devotion are turned towards the environment of the existing life and gazed at with an eye to being one who offers the positive point of view, then you may see that in any circumstance an entity with a positive, affirmative and hopeful point of view may well be foolish, which is acceptable in third density, indeed, almost necessary, for who but a fool would take the leap of faith that would say “I do not need to be concerned about my path of service, for I see in front of me a dish to wash, a compost heap to turn, a child or a friend to hug and share love with.”

Develop the listening ear, for you have nothing to sell. We ask that it be considered whether or not evangelism is not an infringement upon free will. No matter how excited you may be over that which makes complete sense to you, it is not well to offer this to others without first dropping a few seeds, measuring things and seeing if the area in which you are interested is the area in which another is. If the two paths are mutually exclusive it is a kindness not to attempt to change others’ paths because you feel that you have found more truth. You have found it because you were able to hear it. Those who are not ready for this material, or any material, simply will not take it in, or will have a mistaken opinion of that which was said.

It is very difficult to face the great key that unlocks the path of service. Meditation is a matter of discipline, and is very important. Reading inspirational things is helpful; many things are helpful. But where the Christ consciousness is allowed to seek opportunities to serve, the self finds that it never has enough hours in the day, but that the work is worth it. It all begins with the journey from temporality to infinity, and you are most open to infinity when you stay in the immediate present moment, for that is eternity. When the resonance of each moment can be felt, instead of simply a river of time moving from birth to death and robbing you of all that you have and eventually your body entirely, gaze at this entire experience with a calmer eye. You are here not to be happy, but to serve. This was your choice, else you would not be here, for the number of souls wishing to incarnate at this particular time is large, and [incarnation is offered only to] those who, by what this instrument would call seniority of vibration, that is, souls old enough to take an active part in designing the life experience so that they may learn.

It is difficult to believe that it all begins with forgiving yourself. Everyone has a different perception of himself than entities do of that entity. In other words, it is our observation from the limited experience we have had with your people that your culture is such as to greatly discourage precisely that which you are doing. But if you can—and you can—move back always to the memory of that holy ground, then you will be open to murmurings of spirit. This entity experiences the will that is greater than its own as a kind of two-by-four hitting one between the eyes so that there is no question about what the choice of service should be. This is a sensitive instrument, consequently it does experience the touch of spirit strongly. Others have less success in discerning guidance.

Perhaps the second greatest service an entity can provide is the giving of self in relationship, for by this means each can mirror to each the perceived personality, thus enabling both entities, if both entities are honest and clear, to proceed much more rapidly than if they did not have a mirror, if they were not held accountable for self-deceit. Especially of service is the sacrificial care and tending of young ones, for if you are able to offer support, confidence in the small entity, and charity, the charity of the greatly opened heart, then you shall have done a service for this soul that redounds through many lifetimes.

In all cases, if the presence of mind is yours at a time, ask yourself, if it is your catalyst, “Where is the lesson, where is the love in this catalyst?” If you have an analytical mind, it is helpful to think about it. If you are one who moves directly from the heart, it is well, rather, to ask for clear dreaming, and to keep the dream notebook at hand. We realize that that which we have to say may seem to deny each entity the choice of service paths. Indeed, although the decision has been made, it was your own. What is remaining is for you to discover by whatever means native to your gifts are most excellent, how to perceive the urgings of the guidance of the Christ-self or the love within.

The journey of service is the journey of the servant. This is not an easy mentality for your culture, but in truth, having loved yourself completely, you are then free to love others with the same unconditional flowing of love. First yourself, then others. We do not say this to make you be selfish. Quite the opposite; we say this to make you effective. For if you embark upon work in consciousness in an unworthy manner, soon you shall be exhausted, and sit at the side of the road you shall, until you regain that blind faith that keeps you stepping out constantly into thin air.

We have circled back to the key concept that creates the possibility for entities to take courage and move forward. It is when the self has been learned to the best of one’s ability that one may be able to carry a more and more impersonal and all compassionate consciousness, trusting that although you did not make this up within your lifetime, as the arena upon which you would play your part, you did choose it, but there is no proof that you did chose this program. There will never be spiritual proof, for you are a being of free will. That is, there will not be truth itself, but you can be in the immediate presence of the most high, the most infinite, Creator.

Firstly, to love the Creator and to share it forth in your very consciousness in whatever condition, this is the first and greatest service. Secondly, in order to prepare yourself for service to others, the self who is going to be a servant needs to be well enough grasping of its own nature that it does not transfer the biases that it has towards the self to another. Thusly, we urge each always to give the first thought to clearing the self, polishing up the brass, washing the windows of the soul, becoming able to be a conduit for an infinite love, a resonant and creative love.

We feel that this is a beginning, and would now transfer this contact, due to the instrument’s fatigue, to the one known as Jim. We thank this instrument for serving, and all instruments who serve, and we would thank all entities who may discover their paths of service by looking in front of their face, and seeing for the first time that in a universe created of love, no matter what the illusion, all is alive, all will return the love you give, tenfold, a hundredfold, and a thousandfold.

At this time we would leave this instrument. I am the principle known to you as Q’uo. I am at this time transferring to the one known as Jim. We leave you in love and light through this instrument. I am the principle known to you as Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time we would open this session of working to those queries which may be upon the minds of those present. Again we would remind each that we offer that which is but our opinions, and though we offer them gladly and freely we would not wish any word that does not ring of truth to the listener to be kept within that listener’s mind. Take only those words which seem useful to you and leave all others behind. May we ask if there is a query at this time to which we may speak?

I have a question. Is the planet healed by third-density attempts to heal it?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We find that there have been for many, many years attempts by various individuals and groups upon your planetary surface to bring about the healing within this planetary vibration, a healing which would seek to mend that which has been broken and distorted by the careless and violent upheavals within so many of your cultures for so much of your history. Those angers and acts of disrespect for self, for other selves, and for your planetary entity itself, have the accumulated effect of causing these disharmonious vibrations to be accepted by the planet itself, and these vibrations then build up a kind of karma, if you will, that which is the wound within the planet. This is also added to by the carelessness of the manner with which the planet and its resources are utilized within the human process of evolution, industrialization, standardization and the large scale manufacture of items for convenience.

Though there are many efforts that have had marked success in attempting the rebalancing and healing of your planet’s ruptures, we find that there shall be for some period of time that is significant in your measure of time, a remaining evidence of this disharmony that will necessitate a continuation of this healing process into the fourth-density experience that has begun upon this sphere at this time. We encourage all such efforts at not only healing that which has been broken, but in ceasing to cause further damage by the conscious application of those principles of stewardship which each entity and culture creates and undertakes as a way of life and realizes as a standard of living, or of relationship, each with the other and with the planet itself.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Is the planetary entity being formed more by the passive sending of love and light than [inaudible]?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. It is quite correct that the planetary entity is greatly benefited by that which you call the passive sending of love, light and healing energy, which may be done in any number of ways, including the meditation, the imagination, contemplation, prayer and the simple attitude of right use which each entity vibrates as a tone of the being, shall we say, as it accomplishes its daily round of activities. These sendings, or thoughts, in the metaphysical sense, are things which are felt and which find their place within this planet’s web of energies and which work in an harmonious fashion with the planetary energies.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Is it better to accept someone who [inaudible] as they are even though it may be self-destructive, or to encourage change?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We find that it is helpful both to accept every entity that one meets as being whole and complete in the basic sense of being a portion of the one Creator which seeks to know Itself. That there may be apparent disharmonies within an entity’s thinking or behavior may become a means by which a relationship is established with this entity in order that both entities may learn of a balanced path. It is such relationships that allow entities to work upon that catalyst which is the life’s pattern and purpose, for as each partakes in the mirroring process it is as though each helps the other much as would the sculptor, in chiseling away that which is not desired, so that that which is the ideal becomes more clearly formed in each entity’s life pattern.

However, we must add that the most important ingredient in this relationship and process of mirroring is the acceptance each of the other so that there is no need for change to occur for the entity to be accepted. When this level of trust has been established the foundation work has been accomplished and the structure of the relationship then may be built upon this firm foundation, and when there are difficulties that arise within the relationship, as most assuredly they will as a part of the playing out of catalyst, it is well for each to remind the other that the foundation of the relationship is acceptance, that is, not conditional, and which is all-embracing.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Is the form of energy work that I’ve come across out here in Oregon beneficial for spiritual growth, and how?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. In this work, as any work which focuses upon the contacting of that shuttle known as the spiritual complex, is work which is beneficial to the evolution of any entity which partakes in it, for the most [inaudible] ingredient in any such work is not necessarily the apparent efficiency of the philosophy, the ritual or the practice, but is instead the intention of the entity which undertakes the philosophy, the ritual or the practice.

When the intent is strong and when the intent persists, then there is constructed within the entity a channel to those energies which are being expressed in whatever manner the practice sets up as a means of expressing these more subtle energies. Working as you are with the subtler energies that enliven and undergird the physical expression of spirit, you may notice that there is within the life pattern added a certain vitality which is as a resource or reservoir of energy which may be utilized according to one’s desires and will. This choice of use of subtle energy vitality is a choice which is crucial in the polarization of any entity, for the choice to utilize such energies in service to others will continue to enhance the evolutionary process.

Thus, the energies with which you work are powerful according to your intention, your perseverance and your choice of usage.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

I have one, which you may or may not be able to answer, because it’s specific, but it’s something that I’ve been experiencing for awhile and I felt that I should question you for any comments you might have. I keep waking up in the middle of a sentence. It’s very distracting, and has thrown me off a couple of times this evening because I must have sort of, without leaving my body, just gone very deep. And the question is, is this an artifact of my low vitality, or is it a sensitivity of some kind to something that you have in mind, for instance, [inaudible] the best state that I can be in without being in trance?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. Your latter assumption is more nearly correct. We are working with your instrument and your vital energy, especially the physical energy level, in a way which we hope may stabilize the contact at a level which is both efficient in the transfer of concept and relatively comfortable to you as you partake in this process. We would recommend that you not be overly concerned with the phenomenon of awakening, as you have put it, in the middle of a sentence or a concept, but continue as you have for lo these many years to step off the cliff without knowing where the foot will land. It is this willingness to offer the self wholeheartedly as an instrument which will aid any instrument’s progress as it seeks to improve its function as an instrument.

Thus, we congratulate you on your continued perseverance and practicing of your art and would comfort your concern with these words.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Just what is happening? I mean, am I going out of time, because to tell you the truth, tonight it was—I thought I’d been talking for maybe five minutes, and the recorder clicked, it was supposedly 45 minutes. I guess it’s the truth, but I wasn’t aware of most of it. What was I doing if I didn’t leave my body? I mean, was I actually going to sleep? I’m not overly concerned about it, I just want to understand it, in case it happens to somebody else that I have been teaching.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The process that is ongoing as you continue in your channeling is one which takes you deeper into the subconscious levels of your mind complex and which approaches that which you call the trance level without actually entering into this level of mind, for we do not wish to work with your instrument in that kind of experience, for reasons which you are well aware. However, that which we have noted within your conscious mind more nearly approaches what you would call the sleep state, or more correctly, the hypnogogic state that is associated with the rapid eye movement or dream state that is within the sleep state. This…

[Tape ends.]