The question this evening: what happens, from the metaphysical view, as a channel and supporting group begin to receive a positive contact? What happens in the way of attracting negative temptations and attention, and why do so many groups end up with such a strange mix of information?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, whose name, though ever unspoken, and unrevealed [in] its nature, [is] the source and ending of all that is, all that has been, all that will be, all illusion, and all of that which we know not, yet hope [for], that lies beyond the mystery, unknowable by personality, words, consciousness or activity. We speak in the name of the unnamable, we speak in adoration and worship of a mystery we cannot plumb. We are humble, and we are also humble before you, that all of you are to us the beloved self that holds that mystery, as do we for you. Yet we cannot give it to ourselves, we must give it to others, and you give it a hundredfold and more to us. We are your brothers and sisters.

We have made a major concession to this instrument, for it has requested repeatedly that we assign ourselves more than the name we have given, and, indeed, less, for this instrument is not gazing and searching for new models. This instrument is provincial and archaic, and requests that we use the term “angels” as we greet you. It increases her ability to channel, and aids each of us in the other’s polarization. We have found in this instrument no taint of personal bias in the worship of the Creator, but only in its usage of myth to focus upon the mystery. Consequently, we may say to you that we are those of the Confederation of Angels and Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator, and so we shall attempt to address ourselves to this instrument, but we do not ask you to accept either our angel status, or our extraterrestrial status. We care not. Think that we are of this instrument’s mind alone, that would satisfy us, and it would satisfy this instrument.

And so we move, hopefully without breaking the seamless thought, into the question you have asked this evening. The first temptation to a channel is the temptation to channel before the creation of a mythical pathway that one holds personally sacred, that one holds to with passion, with dedication, and if necessary, with life effort, for all of you strive and age and die in your senses and your physical vehicle. Yet only those who know why they are living, and for whom, or for what undying principle they would stand firm, [can endure] against every temptation, every deceit, every anger, every grudge, every human emotion that rips the positive polarity from the soul of the minister of the word. It is essential to the achieving and the continuation of a contact which has a lifelong integrity, or any duration whatsoever on a stable basis, that the instrument be an instrument who is an advocate of the mystery, and is no longer struggling terribly with “why.”

Those who must sail are sailors, and others would do well to stay upon land. Those who wish to use spiritual contacts such as this one with purity over a period of time must continually practice that which they focus upon as their mythical path, from the past and present and future to the timeless infinite, the spaceless everness of the One. The centrality of this cannot be overstated. We mind not by what end you choose to make your stand. We care only that you have chosen, and that your choice is made in utter blindness. Never, ever, make a choice because of someone else’s path or someone else’s truth, for all paths lead to but one place if they are efficacious. And one which you create knowing yourself will accomplish, if there is worship, adoration and the purification of emotion, the same end as this instrument’s quite prolific, many-peopled, greatly-historied myth. Indeed, this instrument does not carry what many Christians would call the Christian myth, for many Christians do not realize that myths are created by those who know their importance, that Jesus the Christ intended ever, from the beginning of this entity’s ministry, not to create understanding, but to create confusion and challenge and mystery.

And does any true spiritual path, proven efficacious to many, ever offer proof, or specificity, or any claim to know what lies beyond the veil of deity? Who claims to know the Creator in any but experience? That one you will watch carefully, for there is a personal bias, there is a limit, there is an intolerance. How great the difference between those who have the religion of fear and those who have the religion called love. That is not religion, but life itself.

Given that the instrument is prepared, has dedicated itself to a ministry in which it knows ahead of time that it shall be stripped of much of its humanity as it gains experience in joy and forsakes the glamour of happiness, then that instrument may listen further. But we imagine many would stop just now, and say, “Perhaps I have some work to do, perhaps I have a self to examine, a life choice to make, and perhaps there is too much at stake for me to choose now, for I do not know whither I go. I must be moving on for I have not found my path home.” Let those who seek and yet feel a dedication to ministry move on blind faith, but not for any other reason but the feeling of vocation, the love of people one at a time, never humankind, but individuals such as yourself. That is who listens to you, not humankind.

That is the first and greatest temptation, to think that you can save the planet. My beloveds, there are many of us here, numbers you would not understand. They have not been able to do anything except talk to people who are all ready to awaken, and this is the season of the year in which, although all that grows in second density has buckled down into the earth to gain sustenance over a long sleep, you humans, yearning for the light and warmth that seems so reminiscent of the Creator, seek the hardest and look the hardest for the truth. This season of darkness is the perfect beginning place for faith. It is not possible to see, but then, since one cannot see or sense in any way the truth of the mystery, one needs one’s heart, one’s strength and one’s life, and a dedication to serving in the name of love.

The first temptation is to be more than a servant, more than a foolish—we find this phrase in the instrument’s use greatly—religiously preoccupied person, more than any hysteria could account for. Those who are not able to withstand being foolish shall never be able to offer others any description of Holy Ground that is provocative enough to create an area of thought in which people may begin to feel the concepts we cannot speak in words. Concepts are helpful, but they themselves give no understanding in this density.

Thus, anyone who comes to you with specific information that has been channeled may be carefully studied as to the source of this information and the history of the group, for it is not of the Confederation to move from the role of aide and helper, comforter and succorer of the lost and wandering, to speak of specific events. Would that not be to infringe upon the free will of many for nothing? Is there some reason that we should interrupt the Creator’s harmony? Yes, it looks to those who live within the flesh. But there is a time of terrible trouble already in motion, and within your illusion this is so. But is it not clearly seen that it is in the dark ages, the dark times, the perilous situations, that one is minded of mortality and likelier to think upon the possibilities that their candle shall not be blown out when the flesh ceases viability? So then the channel must be ready, not to predict safety for the body, but safety to the soul.

Now why do instruments choose to ignore our simple refusal to answer from a Confederation channel? You who are not as precise in your terminology would call this an ego problem, but since that is only a jargon term used by a most biased healer, we would not choose that. We choose simply to offer what we can to those words, “ego problem,” which are further made specific with our terminology as difficulties in the various energy centers of the lower body. That is ego, the blocked, overactive or otherwise imbalanced or obstructed lower energies. For only they can stop the full flow of love, energy, power, illumination, transformation and vitality to the heart, for the heart must bear the greater part of this incarnation for each of you. Each of you seeks to learn lessons concerned with love. There is an intellectual love, but it is a folly of the mind. The wisdom of the deep mind is an open heart, and love has never made any sense, nor can you make it make sense.

Consequently, any ego blockage will cause a new instrument, or even one who has much experience, to wish that it had an answer for this question or that, or perhaps the channel itself wishes to speak a concept, and when it perceives a refusal from us, decides that it would do no harm, since it is such good advice, to offer it, while not in the flow, not being the servant of love.

Those who do the best channeling make their requirements known as they make the connection, with fastidiousness and dedication, only to that which they call master, to that love of which they are the servant, and can be proud of being the servant. There is no energy except faith, call it hope, or love, or faith, or charity. The open heart is the protection against this single most telling detuning mechanism, and that is the interference of the channel itself.

Look at as suspect any prophesying, and as very suspect any prophesying which has to do with your numbering system, for we have always confessed to you each social memory complex that has moved through this instrument has expressed the difficulty, which approaches impossibility, of dealing with your local geometry, arithmetic and numbering system. It is, indeed, an artifact of human observation, quite relative and quite local, as you shall undoubtedly discover when, and if, you are able to plumb the deeper riches of space as you see it.

Think of it. How many among your peoples are not in some way bound by fear, or attachment, to this physical incarnation. It is understandable that people would come to you, the channel, with many, many questions, for they do not know where to begin. Each culture has chosen in its religious practice so to divide and multiply that unity is so far from being within even any one religious system, that each belief oddity vies with each other artifact of humanity and logic, and all fall by the wayside, with endless wrangling and division. Nothing could please what this instrument would call the loyal opposition more, for any leaving of the unity of nonjudgment in persons not immaterial leads to division in thinking processes more basic that a simple error caused by bias.

Examine the way you look at people. How do you judge them? For the terrible cultural penalty of being poor? Your culture seems to have abandoned most of the Ten Commandments, but that is the one commandment it does not seem to be able to do without, “Thou shalt not be poor.” But those who are not poor in heart, as the one known as Jesus said, among you will find yourselves all too entranced by the human condition, all too full of desires, whimsies, fancies, needs, supposed or real. We judge not, but only note the incredible shortness of the time you have here, the incredible amount of work there is to do within, and as witness to love in whatever way each person feels is appropriate.

Where is love and service if all is wasted and spent upon vainglory, the feel-goods, position, power, ambition—what are these things but uses of ego, as you would call it, those to unbalance the self and to live through one’s relationships and one’s position. My friends, each of you is better than that, stronger than that, more single than that, less needy than that. Each of you has every basic qualification to be a living saint, as this instrument would put it, to be a servant of love that is not swayed. But, oh, the work that lies ahead of one that stands at that choice. Yet we say to you in each moment that is the choice: to do very hard work for eternity, or to be ambitious within this school. If things come to you, their value may be the richest person in gold or power or position, whatever there was. But if you have an attachment to it, insofar as that attachment lies, that deeply shall you be tested.

The testing is the second area. In testing, you are not yet tempted, you are simply offered ways that are difficult and ways that seem easy. Look out for the easy way, for the way that is glib, and simple, and short, and painless. Look out for the weekend that will change your life, or the seminar that will awaken your consciousness forever, for what you seek you shall get, and you must be ready to deal with that responsibility, for with each honor does come responsibility, with each learning does come the doing.

One who channels in dedication and quietness of heart is itself one who has abandoned much. Let those who are positive channels tell you individually their stories. We assure you they will not feel that they have given anything up. It has flowed into their lives and away from them, and the less they have resisted it the easier it is.

Pain is always there for one who follows what this instrument calls the Christ, and what we feel comfortable in calling Christ consciousness, for we would not be a stumbling block before any, nor seem to blaspheme, for we are lovers of the mystery, and honor Jesus, this master who opened the doors of perception to eternity for any who choose to take up the cross of life and live it as if it were the last three hours of your life. Burn that hot each day, and you will see various ways in which the humanity within has been burned away, not to be replaced by indifference, or a lack of perception, or care, or compassion, but rather purified somewhat, and able from that stance to have at least an idea of what it takes to tune the self to the highest that it can be tuned. It is this dedication and this realization that may keep you who wish to channel purely from testing. But each new realization, each new piece that is found in the strife within of humanity versus eternity, will be tested.

We do not deny humanity. It is precious, every moment of every life, precious beyond telling, for the Creator chooses here the nature of Its experience, and you are the spokesperson for that consciousness within you. You, light itself, love itself, carried about by an animal, a greatly sacrificial animal that has offered its pure, excellent, instinctual life of non-suffering and non-self-awareness and bliss, that it may serve that which it sees to be that which is closer to the infinite One. Love your body, bless your body, care for it, cherish it, but do not be attached to it one way or the other.

If an entity is hesitant, or troubled, or moves into negative emotion when it has polarized to the point at which it has attracted the loyal opposition, then it may experience the next level of detuning influence which is personal, and although clumsy, not unclever, and ever ready to use existing biases that separate, that destroy—either the self or others within the mind as perfectly acceptable—the temptation comes. These opportunities in a polarized being are precious to those who wish to offer a different view of the New Age that shall be and is now becoming so. They wish to focus the mind upon those things which people fear, because they identify themselves as those who look such and such a way, talk such and such a way, think such and such a way. If all this has not been considered, the temptations will be very easy. You will be tempted in weak moments to give opinions to those who are new to the path, opinions too strong for their fragile faith.

Any judgmental opinion of any spiritual work offered to a new soul, one newly aware of the choice and of the path, is creating a disservice to the one infinite Creator, for all information is placed there because someone desired it. The great preponderance of negative information is a cultural artifact of a lack of passion, a lack of belief, faith, dedication, hope or sense of destiny, that involves anything to do with eternity. [Inaudible]. Many seek wisdoms which would make one feel special, elite, different. Well, each of you is different, each of you is unique, there is only one you in the entire creation. And when you say to the Creator, “Listen to me. I am—” and you name yourself, it does not matter what name you use; it is the way in which you use it.

If there is a desire within any to appear a better channel than another, to appear a cleverer or more advanced studier than another, to have a more advanced level of understanding, ah, those things make one ripe for the picking, for there is no message that has come before your people that has not been requested; even those of negativity cannot sell their wares where there are no buyers. Those who do not fear will not buy fear. Those who do not buy love will buy fear. Let those who fear pay attention to channels that have been taken over by fear and are causing fear.

We do not say that this or that channel is true or false in terms of this illusion. We say only that this illusion is very short, and that you are not attached, except by choice, to it. You came here by choice. You do not leave here by choice, but by destiny. You do not move from one moment to the next, from one heartbeat to the next, from one breath to the next. You cooperate with destiny, or you do not. And as you resist, so the forces of separation test and then tempt the faith that you have begun with. So make sure that you are standing upon a faith you can live with, and if necessary die for, because, and we do not say this lightly, there is the tendency of those who are fools for love to find their manner of living and their manner of dying unusual, so that it may be remarked that so and so gave one’s life for love, for divine and sacred love. We do not speak only of martyrs, but of all those who have lived and died in faith and never remained, always to be forgotten by history, but always at home in their path that has opened to them the gate of eternity.

There is a chasm which cannot be crossed except by faith, and the stirring up of faith is that with which all ministers, lay or clerical, are concerned. Any other business is that of emptying the self to be an appropriate servant, for we must use the purest pipe we can, to…

[Side one of tape ends.]

I am Q’uo, and I speak again through this instrument in love and in light. We continue.

For we must use the purest instrument in order to offer the purest contact, and thus be of the service that we most humbly came to offer you, and for which we are so grateful.

We see by the clicking of your tape recording machine that we have once again spoken what this instrument has explained carefully is the limit this evening, for this instrument. We have been so, so glad, so blessed by your call and your beautiful company. We offer you the joy of communion in love, and in oneness, and we hope that you may go forth in joy, shining like the sun, ready to gaze with humor and a light touch, and always invoking merriment upon any occasion, as you wend your way through what would otherwise be rather jagged territory. This is third density, the density of choice. Have you made your choice, and having made it, are you a witness of your own truth? We do not just ask this of vocal channels, to whom this message has been dedicated, but to all, for all channel something, as this instrument has often said.

We now leave this instrument, and transfer to the one known as Jim, to close the meeting, for which we greatly thank you again. We are known to you as those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each of you again in love and light through this instrument. We would close the meeting this evening by, as always, offering ourselves to any queries which those present may find helpful in their own seeking. May we ask if there is a query at this time?

Did you really let me say “angels,” Q’uo? I want to make sure I didn’t [inaudible].

I am Q’uo, and we did indeed, my sister.

That’s the nicest Christmas present anybody ever gave me, Q’uo, thank you, [inaudible].

We are happy to offer a gift which is wrapped in a paper that is more joyful, and we thank you for your service. Is there another query at this time?


I am Q’uo. We are also very grateful for this opportunity to welcome one who has been in your terms long absent from this circle of seeking, and we greet her in love and in light. We find that her journey has been one that has taken her a great distance from her normal surroundings, and we look upon her with joy and send our blessings as her journey continues, to move her both in the outward and in the inward sense to those places where light is needed and light grows ever more brightly. We thank each for offering us a means to which to speak thoughts which we offer freely.

At this time we shall leave this instrument and this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.