The question this evening has to do with free will. We know from the experience of others and from our own experience that the power of our will, when focused, is great, perhaps the greatest power in the universe. Considering the extreme power of the will, why is it that we do not automatically and always polarize towards service to each other and the seeking of the Creator and the serving of the Creator? Why is it that we have to work our way through so many, it seems to be, difficult choices, choices off the path of service, choices that seem to be other than service to others, realization of the self and realization of the Creator in all?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. It gives me great pleasure to greet each of you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are so grateful to you for allowing us to share your meditation and your thoughts, and for calling us to speak upon this question. We will attempt to keep this instrument speaking loudly enough for all to hear, and would ask that any unheard words be questioned for repetition, as this instrument’s voice is not naturally very loud. We also ask a favor of you. We ask you to take our words lightly, for we are not authorities, but pilgrims as you are. The mystery that fascinates all seekers recedes infinitely ahead of us and you. We have been upon your path, and perhaps we are more experienced that you, but we are completely equal, and completely full of knowledge, each equal to each, for all are one, and only one, creative thing, love, created into manifestation by the use of light. This is why we greet you in love and light, for that is all that there is; the rest is illusion.

We come to these questions wishing to step with careful feet, for it is a central question, a guiding question, and we could expend more time upon it by far than this instrument prefers. We will, however, attempt to heed this instrument’s request for brevity.

Let us begin by laying the foundation for our response to your query, always remembering, please, that each person has a personal truth. Some truths are ageless, and some have their age and then fall away to a greater point of view. Thus, take all that we say, and toss away without a thought that which does not strike within you recognition, for you do not learn wisdom and love, you only encounter the catalyst to remember it. It is all within yourself.

It is our understanding that each spirit, or soul, or entity, according to the vocabulary, is created prior to any stage for manifestation. It is created by the action of free will upon an infinite but tiny portion of the vast infinity of intelligence. This intelligence, were it to have a name besides Creator, indicating One Original Thought, would be Love. However, a love of such a fiery, creative, disturbing and magnificent nature can never be confined by language, so we must make do with the pale shadow of the reality of this Logos, this Creator.

The method of this creation was to place finity within the infinite. Thus, a spark of love was given an infinite and equal spark of free will. We realize that these are paradoxes, and have no choice but to say them anyway. Again, your language has its limitations. Just as love is infinitely and ever the same, so is free will infinitely and ever various. Thusly, although each of you is as a snowflake, unique in pattern and color, so are each of you snowfall, and part of the whole cycle of the year that you experience as your island home circles about your sun.

Equipped with free will, you set forth on a journey through illusions. These illusions, in our understanding, make use of the illusion of time, so that lessons may be taken in order, and all possible aid given to each density of light, or classroom. The first density is that of being—the earth, the air, the fire and the water. Consciousness first rests there, and awakens to its surroundings, is warmed by the sun, is blown by the wind, and gradually each spark becomes aware that there is a darkness and a light, and it conceives of the idea of movement because it is attracted to the light.

And so comes the second density, as the elements grow in consciousness and become capable of expressing the Creator. As they express the Creator they express perfect service, a beautiful and complex dance of bird and butterfly, leaf, flower, the breathing out of that which you breathe in, the breathing in of that which you breathe out. More and more in second density do entities begin to become more than instinctual, more than creatures of love and service and instinct, to begin to be aware of themselves, usually, because third density entities have ministered unto them and loved them.

And when they have learned the instinct of turning to the light, their graduation is at hand and they become self-conscious sparks of the infinite One. But in this grade, and only in this grade or density, is there a brevity of the time allowed for learning, and a great veil drawn across most of the mind. It is intended that this illusion be so heavy, so earthy, so entrancing and distracting, that it would be completely obvious to the casual observer that we are brief incandescent beings, alive so little and dead so soon.

At this point the entity is asleep to the choice that is the business of this density, the making of the choice. For you see, there are two paths to the Creator; they are both valid. We do not teach the path of negativity, often called the path of the left hand, or by us the path which is not. It is, however, a valid path, though very difficult compared to the service-to-others, or positive, or radiant path. This choice must be made blindly. Thus, there will never be, has never been, and is never any objective proof, that is, objective enough to be objective to a scientist, of the possibility of anything but that which can be felt by the senses by a living entity using the senses that limit it. It is in this darkness, by blind faith alone, that a leap is taken from the safety of sleep to the risk of being awake.

Now, each of you knows the sacrifices that he has made to be listening, or reading, these words, not that we are the prize, but that only those who truly are seeking would be interested in what we have to say. Most entities are not highly oriented toward thinking, feeling or dreaming the ideal within your culture. Your culture is highly situational in its ethics. It is a culture in which the end always justifies the means, and within the illusion there is little observable justice or truth.

This is not the Creator’s idea of either a dirty trick or the way things should be, but rather a carefully planned schoolroom. You may leave your rulers, your protractors, your pencils and paper at home, for this is the lesson of abundant life, and homework is written in the heart, sometimes in true blood. Each of you has painfully come awake, and made the choice to search. You have not stayed in the garden. You have chosen to come forth and experience, and out of this experience you begin to see what is obvious to you now, that was at first perhaps a shadow compared to that which is the star of your life now. You have encouraged yourself and others.

Now, the lesson of this density and the choice you are to make is all about loving. One may love in one of two paths: loving the Creator by serving others, or loving the Creator by serving the self, and manipulating and controlling others that the self may be aggrandized, and as the self is aggrandized, so all glory is given to the Creator. We teach the positive, or service-to-others, path. We believe that this choice of service to others offers the swiftest road of spiritual evolution, spiritual evolution being evolution itself, from this time forward, as you have completed the evolution of the particular physical vehicle in which you move about at this time.

Let us glance ahead, for this too begins to explain why relatively few entities seem hungry for the food that satisfies each of you so, so well. Looking forward, we see in the next grade, or density of light, a density called the love or understanding density, in which the lessons of love are perfected, and there is study of the lessons of wisdom.

At the end of this density, graduation moves into a density in which the ways of wisdom are perfected, and the ways of learning compassionate wisdom begun. And when an entity has graduated from this density, the next classroom is the classroom of unity, where the lessons of compassionate wisdom are perfected, and the return to the Creator begun.

Graduation out of this density moves into the seventh density or grade, which is the grade during which the entity makes its final preparations as social individuals, or social memory complexes, offers its best back to the Higher Self of its third-density self, and gains enough spiritual gravity to be pulled into the unmanifest, where you are no longer the snowflake, but part of the snow; no longer the bubble, but part of the sea.

And creation beats its heart, and rests in timelessness until the next creation. And what the next creation will be, we do not know, though we have had brief acquaintance with those few who move from creation to creation. Of those we cannot speak except to say they exist.

This, you see, is the path of spiritual evolution. Thusly, in your grade or density of light, your interest as a spiritual seeker is in tuning into love. Love, that much misunderstood word, in our definition, is unconditional. It does not judge; it only supports and appreciates, listens and has patience, consoles and pardons. Does love do this because of what it has given the entity in third density? No. If this were so, then all would be saints, and free will would not be to be reckoned with as it is, for free will begins as willfulness—it is completely various, unpredictable. It is an absolute, just as love is an absolute; they are given to you equally.

As long as the entity is willing to get along, to be asleep, it may be very comfortable. It has not polarized, of course, because it does not value sacrifice, and to polarize by serving others seems, to those who have not yet done it, a very hard task compared to pleasing the self one way or another. But for everyone there comes a moment, and one must wait for that moment in all cases, when the soul must awaken for that individual, in the rhythm of that individual’s destiny and story. And in that moment the choice becomes clear—to serve the self, or to serve others; to be put simplistically, as so many of your society would, good, or bad. Except that there is no good or bad. Realizations such as this continually rock the foundations of the seeker’s cultural conditioning.

Think about this for a moment or two. What is your cultural conditioning? Were you taught the value of love by those who were your first teachers? Were you face to face daily with worship and joy and peace? Is there aught in this society that seems to be worshipped but vain idols: money, power, position, genius? Who are the healers? Were the carefullest health lovers correct, the highest and most advanced beings would all be splendidly athletic. Somehow, that is not often the manifestation of love, for love is of the heart, and those who have learned to offer not their love, which is finite, and which is in short supply in any third density entity, but the love of the Father that flows through the seeker who is open and has emptied itself out, then that love becomes the love that is available for the seeker to manifest.

Then has that seeker begun its life’s work, lightening the consciousness of this planet at this time. No matter what dramatic talents and gifts he may possess, no matter how well one may do anything that is manifest, the greatest service in this density of the search for the lessons of love is being itself. Your essence—to put it another way, your magical personality, or to put it another way, your metaphysical reality as a light and imperishable being—is completely at the mercy of illusion here.

So, you see it is intended that this choice be difficult, and that the rewards of service to others, the rewards of a servant of all, never be guessed at until after the fact. For you, and almost all entities, are born into the world in a state of utter and complete forgetting of who they are, whence they came, whither they go. The nature of the Creator or their relationship to the Creator, or even of their own nature—all of these things are unknown. And it is against this backdrop of unknowing, of scenes occurring which begin to test the individual’s ability to love, that the drama, which stars, you, which has as its chief critic, you, which has as designer of sets and costumes and props, you, which has as its author, you, begins its act upon the stage, which is this illusion. You have free will, but that does not necessarily mean that you understand the free will.

It is not easy to understand that you are not this being or that being, not this self that has so many idiosyncrasies, but under different circumstances would be anywhere within the 360 degrees of third-density activity and manifestation. Who is the killer, who is the rapist, who is the forgetful parent, who is the man of war, but you, and you, and I, and all of us? The essence of the reason that you are not given an instinct for purity is in this understanding of free will. The discipline of the personality is the greatest tool for coming to understand and to forgive the 360 degree self, to acknowledge and love that self, that self that must be loved. This is a key that many miss. You must love yourself; you must forgive yourself for the thoughts that you have thought, the errors that you have made, those things you wish you had done but did not. Subjectively, you feel that these make you unworthy. You could be anything about you that you choose not to like about yourself, and to that extent you fail to love the Creator, the creation, in all of its love, all of its Christ, all of its holiness.

Now, how does one discipline the personality? Our brother spoke most beautifully upon the subject. It is most difficult to live with complete freedom and always to make what you would subjectively feel to be the correct decision. One of the great traits of the seeker is its persistence, for gathered persistence is absolutely necessary, for the failures self-perceived, not perceived by anyone but you, seem so many, and if you do not forgive yourself, how can you expect to forgive others, and how can you bless others if you do not forgive, if you do not feel healing love pouring from you? Whether this entity is known to you or unknown, whether this entity may be subjectively described as friend or enemy, the same love is needed by all. For the needs and the behavior caused by the variousness of free will, and the variousness of man’s understanding of it, there is love, and only love, and it is always and ever the same creative Original Thought.

Thus, in a dark time and in the shadow of death that you call life, you seek to forgive, and pardon, and love, and turn darkness into light wherever you see the way, and to serve, if not to please. You may all be judged because you do not please, but those who wish to serve often do not please, and if you are reviled for your love of the Creator, then you have done something right, and you are beginning to create the catalyst for fear among people that are already fearful, because they do not wish to change, because change is uncomfortable.

Pilgrims upon the path of seeking are always uncomfortable, always changing, always seeking. One cannot say to another, “Come with me on this journey, it will be all rose petals and ambrosia, there will be nothing but good times, for the Creator is love.” The best that you can say is, “Come suffer with me until we learn that there is no such thing as suffering, but only pain, and not my pain and not your pain. Come die with me, that we all may live. Come, let us empty ourselves of self, that we may be earthen vessels filled with treasure, dust in the presence of the Creator.”

You are on holy ground at this moment. Let us pause, that we may share this ecstasy.


I am Q’uo. I am Q’uo, and we thank you for that incandescent experience. It is a joy to be with you.

The first choice that one makes may be seen to be the fulcrum, or the crux upon which the remainder, not only of this incarnation, but of many, will depend, and each pilgrim knows that that first choice is the hard one, for it must be made with no prior experience. It is not until some time has been spent, on faith alone, attempting to live in faith, and by that we do not mean a belief, but simple faith, faith that the Creator is love, that we were created out of love and because we are loved, and because we were loved first it is natural to love in return, faith that anything that occurs is part of the lesson of love, and offers us opportunity.

When you are stymied, and your free will wishes to circumnavigate a situation, allow the choices you have made to polarize toward service to others to make you strong in your will. Allow yourself to remember your previous choices, and how, although they seemed hard, they were one hundred and one thousandfold rewarding. For it is not until there has been some time spent in sheer persistence of effort to listen to the will of the Creator that there comes a hunger for that silence that speaks louder than any words.

In a lifetime of choices you forged in yourself a life of faith, a gift for your Father, the gift of a poem, of a tapestry, rich, lovely, filled with high ideals and high hopes, against all odds, filled not with happiness, for only those things that turn to dust are happy things, but filled instead with joy, joy within sorrow, sorrow within joy, until you are blissful, and gentle, and willfulness had become willingness to love and serve the Creator and the Creator in every person.

Subjectively then, you begin to be rewarded only after you have made your choice; that is the cause of the illusion’s being this heavy, this thick, this opaque. The Creator, in giving free will, gave it without stint.

There are hints in one’s own deepest inward thoughts, in the very nature of this very polarized environment in which you live with hot and cold, winter and summer, light and dark. But they do not speak unless you wish to listen. And as you listen, and as you change, you must change so much of yourself, that which seems to be your self, that is, in reality, the programs that your own brain/computer has set in place for your survival, shaped by the culture which has almost no impulse towards holy things of the Creator, but only towards beautiful things of man. The spirit within must sense its own reality, and choose freely what seems to be the great sacrifice of taking up the cross, the carrying on of the endless journey that ends by the water, the water of life, crystalline love.

We realize that we have spoken longer than this instrument requested. We hope, not too much longer, and we ask all of your forgiveness. We have a poor concept of your time. We would, however, cease speaking through this instrument with thanks to it, and, if the one known as Jim is available, we would like to transfer to this instrument in order to close the meeting. In love and in light I leave this instrument. I am known to you as Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. It is our privilege at this time to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to any queries which those present may find value in the asking. Again, we remind each that that which we share we share with great joy, but do not consider ourselves to be in any way infallible. Therefore, we ask that you take our words lightly, and use them in the way that feels most helpful for your own journey of seeking and of service. Is there a query at this time?

[Inaudible] love, light, Infinite Creator, Hare Krishna. My query pertains to faith, the actual definition of faith in relation to hope, and when an entity after some time travels [inaudible] on that leap of blind faith, [inaudible] hope come in to awaken the soul so that that faith becomes “solid ground.”

I am Q’uo, and we are aware of your query, my brother, and we greet you in that same joyous love and light that you so willingly share. Concerning your query of the maturation of hope into that which is faith, we would suggest that each entity begins with that spiritual food, as you may call it, that it can digest with comfort. For many this beginning is in that term or concept that is known as hope. The entity with hope is aware that there is more to the earthly existence than those things which seem to comprise the earthly life, that there is more to the purpose of one’s existence than completing a daily round of activities after another daily round of activities, and completing an infinite number of such days, and accomplishing the tasks that come with them, that there is a Self which is greater than the self, that there is a binding force within all of the creation, that there is indeed a purpose which gives the life a nobility and a shining quality, a strength to continue and to find a more fully realized conception of that which is life, that which is direction, and that which is service.

This entity, however, being somewhat young in the spiritual childhood, as it may be called, is tested by the passage of days and the catalyst that is contained within each day that will, as the fire tempers the metal to strengthen it, will also temper the spirit of this entity as it is manifest in the personality. And as the entity continues on in the hope that there is a purpose behind all of its actions and all of its desires, the entity grows in this inner knowing that it has first called hope.

As it continues in growth and grows in strength, the entity begins to enter that concept or area of the metaphysical or spiritual self which is called faith. The quality here which differentiates the faith from the hope is that when the faith becomes developed within the entity it has a sureness that comes not only from the experience that the entity has gained in its own growth, but in a feeling deep within the self that is like unto the iron filing as it approaches the strength of the magnet. The entity begins to feel that it is drawing close to a power that is far greater than any power it has found within itself or its own experience before.

Thus, the entity begins to feel and experience this quality of faith and finds that its feet are placed upon a firmer ground with each step that it takes, each testing that it passes, shall we say, for all of the experience within this illusion serves as a kind of catalyst that will allow the entity to become a crystallized being so that there is a strength and clarity to the purpose for such an entity’s life pattern.

Thus, we would say it is the experience of the entity that moves it closer and closer to a realization of its oneness with all of creation that eventually changes the entity’s philosophy, shall we say, of the life, from that which is guided by hope to that which is stayed by faith.

Is there a further query, my brother?

[Inaudible] project [inaudible] city of God, and if so [inaudible] may be a part in helping very many people in polarizing towards service to others and love and at this time/space, space/time [inaudible] now.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We scan the minds of those present and can confirm that, indeed, this project of which you speak is most helpful to all those which are a part of it and all those which may come within its influence, for there is an openness in the seeking and in the sharing of that which is the purpose for the life, the learning and the seeking in that location which shines as the candle in the darkness, the beacon upon the shore for those which are cast upon the sea and who seek a clear and safe harbor in which to find a place to seek in their own way and to share in their own way that which is theirs to give.

We cannot speak highly enough of the effort that you partake in, and we would suggest that there are those within our density of experience who take great joy in observing this experiment in creating the new human being upon your planet. We bless and send our joy to each that the efforts may be doubled and redoubled, for it is as each light upon the planet shines more brightly and makes a web of light around the planetary surface that this planetary sphere shall eventually be moved into its rightful place within the evolution of the population that seeks so earnestly for that which has always rested within each heart awaiting the earnest pilgrim.

Is there a further query, my brother?

We thank you for your blessing.

I would like to ask if there is a need for [inaudible] Q’uo?

I am Q’uo, and we feel that though the energy of the group begins to wane that there is enough energy and harmony for the remaining queries.


Is there another query at this time?

Is it much easier living in amongst a community of like minded souls, [inaudible] energy for polarization of [inaudible] takes place much easier?

I am Q’uo, and as you are aware from your own experience, my brother, and the experience of so many others within your community, such a community is a great aid to each seeker that is part of it, for those who of like mind together seek shall far more surely find.

Is there a further query, my brother?

From scriptures, various scriptures, [inaudible] particularly those scriptures revealed to [inaudible], that in different ages a different process of self-realization is recommended, and that in this particular age, creative [inaudible], the recommended process is to attempt the calling [upon] the name of God. How do you perceive this, how could we [inaudible] enlighten others, [inaudible] of thanksgiving [inaudible] culture, and possibly within other traditions in the world?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. Each entity, as it enters the incarnation, has placed before it a pattern of experience that will allow it to learn those lessons which have not been well learned in previous experiences, and will then allow it to take these learnings and share with others as one who teaches. Thus, learning and service lies before each entity as it enters the incarnational pattern.

However, there is the necessity, in order for the learning to occur in the most efficacious manner, for the entity to pass through that which you may call the veil of forgetting, so that only the most basic remembering occurs within the incarnation. The incarnation then becomes a process of discovery of seeking that which is mysterious, that which is hidden, that which has a price and that which, when discovered, also has the reward, the broadening of the perspective, the point of view, the ability to accept, to love.

However, each entity has the incarnational personality which is, relative to the soul, undisciplined and within the Earthly illusion subject to distraction, temptations and, shall we say, some degree of laziness. Thus, it is necessary for each entity in some manner to discipline the personality.

There are various ways of doing this disciplining of the personality. There are traditions within each culture, and within each religious heritage, that have called upon those practices which you have mentioned as being most helpful for the primary, or foundation discipline, for each entity that seeks to learn those lessons that are appropriate to it and to share them then with others as a service to others and to the one Creator within all. The chanting, the use of various devotional songs, dances and other rituals are most helpful in beginning this process of disciplining so that the expenditure of the inpouring prana, or cosmic energy, may be most efficiently accomplished, for this energy is much like the power of the water that moves through the hose. If the nozzle of the hose is turned in such a fashion as to cause the diffusion of the water to move through in a spray there is little power achieved. However, if the nozzle or the attention is turned in such a fashion as to cause the water to move in a small, boring, forceful fashion, then there is far greater power possible to achieve with such a focus.

Thus it is with the focus of consciousness. If the entity is able to discipline the personality to such a degree, then it is able to move in greater harmony with the cosmic energies that are available to it and to utilize these energies in the accomplishing of those lessons and the giving of those services which are the entity’s incarnational pattern.

Is there a further query, my brother?

I have a query. The names of God which we repeat [inaudible], we tend to focus on to align and balance our being in harmony with divine will, are spoken of as being absolute in nature, they are non-different from the Creator Himself. Are you able, from your density, can you perceive that absolute nature in the sound vibration? For example, Krishna, or Allah, or Adonai?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The one Creator is described by various sound vibration complexes in order to cause a certain facet of the one Creator to vibrate in resonance with the entity calling the Creator’s name. It is our humble experience to partake in this seeking process, and it has been our experience that, though many names reflect many different facets of that one jewel that is the Creator, that there is no one name which can capture all of the essence of the one Creator which is mysterious and beyond capture, shall we say. Each name, however, allows a certain sacred quality to be awakened within the seeker which vibrates the name. This harmonic resonance, then, begins its work in the appropriate energy center or chakra within the seeker and calls forth from the seeker that quality which is embodied in the name of the Creator which it vibrates. Thus, when properly vibrated within the seeker it is as though the creation sings. This vibrational quality is that which each seeks as it vibrates whatever name of the Creator is sacred to it, or is utilized by it at a certain time in order to enhance that quality within the seeker.

Is there a further query, my brother?

I have one. I [inaudible], and other people have to suffer so hard, [inaudible] confused, [inaudible], and live so long [inaudible]?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. There are many qualities for each entity which are either well expressed or poorly expressed depending upon the incarnational pattern that has been chosen and the incarnational patterns that have been utilized previous to this incarnation. Thus, some entities bring into succeeding incarnations those talents which have been well developed, those which have been reasonably well developed and those which yet await development. Each entity will have an unique pattern to pursue during each incarnation. The hallmark of an infinite Creator is variety; therefore, one may expect to find an unique pattern of experience, of lessons and of services within each seeker of truth. Thus, each need not be the same to be equal in will and in faith.

Is there another query, my sister?

No, no really, I just [inaudible] why some people have [inaudible] because they can’t deny their faith, while other people, [inaudible] hope [inaudible]. Perhaps could it be that some types of faith [inaudible], just different types of faith?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. In some cases this is so. However, it is more generally the case that as each school will have the beginning, the middle and the higher grades within it, there are students for each grade, and each student will pursue a different course of study, in many cases while being within the same school. There are those who have learned some lessons well, and have not learned others as well. These are their challenges; these are their path; these become their service. Each learns at his or her own pace. Thus, each may serve as teacher to another that travels the same path.

Is there another query, my sister?

No, thank you very much, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you once again, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

Can we engage in some chanting together?

I am Q’uo, and we would recommend that this would be well. We would suggest, however, that the channeling portion of this meditation be completed.


I am Q’uo. We have chosen this vibration for this particular group. It is spelled in your English language with a “Q,” then your apostrophe, followed by a “U” and an “O.” This group was curious as to the meaning of this vibration and after some period of time asked us about it, and we responded that we have chosen this vibration for this particular group in order to cause it to ask “Who was Q’uo”, for within your Latin language it was discovered by this group that “quo” was “who.” We are an amalgamation of two social memory complexes or races of beings which have answered the call of this group and which takes great delight in being able to speak through the instruments in this group and be of whatever aid is possible for us within your illusion.

At this time we shall take our leave of this group while watching, shall we say, and partaking in our own way with your chanting. We leave each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.