Tonight we’re taking potluck.

(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. Greetings to you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. It has been so long since we have spoken through this instrument on your regular meeting. We had to undergo a most rigorous challenge [inaudible] as the instrument had its doubts and we thank the instrument for its doubts for it is indeed [inaudible].

We are with you this evening because you have asked and we had our freedom of what to say to you. With the permission of [inaudible] we shall be speaking concerning spiritual principles not in parable as we are talking to those who need no parables. But as is somewhat unusual for us solely concerning spiritual principles and to use… to use in this walk that you take that is called the spiritual path, or the path of the prodigal, or the path from the source to the source. Within your American Indian lore it is simply returning to the Great Wheel. We will be moving between these two instruments to give both an experience which is new to the one not as [inaudible] lack of use, in working to use the best of each person’s unique experience, vocabulary and knowledge to tell the simple story that we have come to share.

It is well to remember that the greatest function of philosophy and religion or mythology is to tell stories that have archetypical resonance. That is, if the story does not seem to be relevant to the acceleration of spiritual growth, then it has not been fully examined, for there is that in seeking the truth which is not usually and cannot ever be discouraged by the fact that there are no answers. It is the job of this particular entity not to have answers. Those who have answers are the very ones who are perhaps soon to be repeating third density. Those who are humble before the mystery of their own creation and see the dust on the path and the blazing sun and the cold desert night in the times of no stimulation, when all is calm in the dark night of the soul. The times of overstimulation, when you can’t be uplifted one more notch, accept what you are.

In all of these cases, the most important thing about them is your opportunity. In truth, the Creator thinks not as many would have the Creator seem to think, of vengeance, of protecting of one against the other side. That the Creator would be of one side and not the other… this is not our understanding [inaudible] and I hope that it is not an understanding of your own function as a seeker to stand in judgment. To use discrimination is necessary; to judge and to close the mind is not necessary, nor is it preferable to one who wishes to [inaudible] when the object of division [inaudible] self the damage to the self is incalculable.

It is a spiritual journey and we are on it. Those who know they are on it and those who do not know. Yet how… how can the ideas and ideals which are the deep truths that enable humankind to [inaudible] and to have faith in the infinity and eternity of the spirit. How can these things be true of every situation? How can that be? Each of you has asked this at different times. Two entities here have asked themselves that question during this week. Varying by guilt or disappointment in the self inappropriate by the self as is not [inaudible]. We encourage people not to do that but it is very difficult for entities to avoid judging themselves and yet that one mistake… that one simple error is at the heart of so much [inaudible] on your sphere.

We would now transfer to the one known as K.

(K channeling)

I am Hatonn, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. It is a widespread concept among your peoples to view the self as being less than worthy in many situations in which you find yourself in your present illusion. Each of you have been taught this from your earliest childhood. The crying baby, the spilled glass of milk, the simple and myriad things that each child experiences from day to day with which each parent gets exasperated and may, in moments of not thinking clearly, berate the child [inaudible]. In each of these situations, the message comes very clearly to the child that indeed it is not worthy. Not worthy of the love of the parent, not worthy perhaps of the love of itself, for from whom shall it learn of this love if not from a parent? The child as it grows older continues to receive these messages from parents, from teachers, from siblings, from playmates. And it also observes those same parents, and others with whom it comes in contact berating themselves when they fall short of [inaudible]. Thus these behaviors and attitudes are learned early and are well reinforced until they become, not second nature, but first nature, with most[inaudible].

Is it any wonder then that you have difficulty in attempting to unravel the tangled threads of these tapes of messages and messages that have been given to you and woven into the very fabric of your being? We suggest to you that it is unrealistic in the extreme to expect yourselves to be able to do so merely by trying. You cannot change the pattern of a lifetime in an instant by decision, but you can start to do so. And when you fail, as you inevitably will, we can but urge you to look kindly on yourselves—to choose not to reinforce the messages which you have received from those exasperated, overtired and overworked parents from your infancy, to choose not to repeat the messages you heard from all those others from your early life, and continue to hear in your present existence. For when you berate yourself for your failures, you are doing just that, thus negating the very work you are attempting to do on yourself.

It will be most difficult for many of you to begin to be able to accept, to truly accept, not in the sense of merely acknowledging, but in the sense of taking into the self with the sure knowledge that it is indeed truly alright to fail, according to your present perceptions. For we see that many of you, in your attempts to change your attitudes about yourselves, about the way you view yourselves, in your attempts to accept yourselves as you are, what you are really attempting to do is to change yourselves, to make yourselves alright, and therefore acceptable to yourselves. This is not where you must begin my children. This is, as the saying goes, placing the cart before the horse. That is, as we have suggested, only reinforcing those very patterns you are attempting to change. So we would suggest to you that your goal is not to not stray from your ideals, but to truly accept that you do so because it is your nature. And as you are able to fully accept those qualities in yourself, then and only then will you realize that they are beginning to change. Because only then will you truly have begun to unravel those messages at a deep enough level to effect change in yourselves.

This process, as you know when you view it clearly, is the task for most not only of a lifetime, but of many lifetimes. And as is the case with all monumental tasks, the tendency for those of you who desire perfection in yourselves at least, if not in your environment as well, would be to want to give up in despair, because the goal seems unattainable. This is the nature of the spiritual journey, my friends, for the mystery recedes ever before us. Were we to look only at the ultimate goal, we would never take that first step for it would seem pointless. This is no less true for us than for you.

We urge you therefore to view that which is before you to do. It may seem small. It may appear to have no relevance to the grand scheme of things, with your desire to be congruent with your ideals, and yet in whatever is before you to do, you have an opportunity to continue the process of learning about yourself, observing the self, learning your true nature, and accepting whatever it is that you find there. Whether you personally at that moment approve or disapprove of that, your approval or disapproval is not relevant to your spiritual growth at this time. What is relevant is your accepting of yourself. Judgment of yourself is never productive for positive growth, but only a reinforcing of those old, undesired patterns.

It is a challenge indeed to approach this task from outside the framework with which you have been taught to [inaudible]. For the tendency is to use the same old tools that were given you by your parents and those other early teachers. It is indeed difficult to discard those tools, feeling then that you have none with which to work and to discover totally different approaches to working with yourself. We urge you, my brothers and sisters, to throw away those old tools of judgment and condemnation for they have never been of any value to you. To drop them by the wayside and continue on your way, unarmed perhaps and ill-prepared for any work you would like to do, but continuing on with new faith that new tools will be given you, or that you will find new ways to work.

At this time we would transfer again to the one known as Carla.

(Carla channeling)

And what are these tools [inaudible] would suggest? Faith is one of the resources that may be developed from a continually closer look at the nature of self. Let us look at [inaudible]. Each of you have the [inaudible] you have the entire human range of human emotions, which are tempered only by biases hard won through many incarnations [inaudible] listen[inaudible] but the leap of faith with no net, no doctrine, no dogma, is an act of spiritual courage. It is a statement of the self to the self [inaudible] blessed holy nature of the Creator, the universe and yourself. Or to put it in a simpler way, Creator and all of His parts. The infinity of the Creator is not active. It has not been directed [inaudible] yet remains the Logos, the thought, the created thought of divine love.

The tool with which this faith is [inaudible] may be summed up in three words: praise, prayer, and thanksgiving. It is well to live life in these modes as we just listed. As if life itself in this illusion are complex and ever changing—a kaleidoscope of images [inaudible] becoming emotionally involved perhaps [inaudible] but if you seek with a full will to do the will of that Creator, which is [inaudible] self [inaudible] all burdens will be dropped and you have only to [inaudible].

Now all of this can be accomplished without recourse to a story of redemption, and this is why we encourage each, if the world religions or philosophies do not fit the path that you are on, this is why we ask you to make up a path, for the important thing is not recognizing the path, but persistent praise of all that you see and hear. Along with that, prayer mostly in the form of silent prayer as you listen within to the silence that moves deep inside the unconscious mind as you live bringing forth fruit in its [inaudible]. All of these things you cannot do without that faithful leap into the abyss of the unknown, into the void, the mystery.

Many choose to turn towards the miraculous things that indicate that there is a mystery. We suggest to those interested in spiritual principles that the attention fundamentally be kept upon spiritual principles, for it is by those that you gradually do change the programming of your life.

We realize that some this week in this group have had difficulty and we ask, did you see each difficulty as a difficulty or as an opportunity? Had you faith that the Creator had placed this particular situation in front of you so that you might find the love in the unlovable and acceptance in the unacceptable and hence polarize in compassion and purity of emotions as is your heart’s wish on the path? You cannot help but be upon the path of the pilgrim when you decide to know what the culture believes is good and [inaudible] you have chosen the long way back to the Creator. Not everyone at the end of second-density harvest wishes to [inaudible]. Content to rejoice in the moon and the sun and nourished by rain [inaudible] in your wild state, untamed, that you may be in touch with that you too are a second-density creature. Your consciousness lives in one. This consciousness that lives for you and houses your consciousness has far more wisdom than you are privy to in the half-remembered vista of all that there is, for it is a [inaudible] memory and there is no path.

That mind of which we speak is indeed deep inside the subconscious and becomes semi-permeable, more or less, depending upon the ability of the entity channeling to feel the love that is being transmitted [inaudible] by voice. Language transmits that love that is between one. The beginning of moving from one place to another is to know where you are and where you are is defined well by whether you have given praise or whether you have spent time tabernacling with the One on holy ground and how you have seen catalyst within [inaudible].

It is not good to take your spiritual temperature even if you may feel that you have completely lost contact with that self which was transcendent to life as you know it now. Even those who dwell comfortably and peacefully in a faith which they do not feel pressured to explain, knowing it is a mystery, have many times when they cannot [inaudible] and are instead caught in these old programs of the mind given in childhood which convince so many that they are not worthy nor shall they ever be. Let us shake off the dull [inaudible] of unforgiving memory. You have no need of that baggage. Your arms and shoulders and back ache from carrying it. Lay it down beside the peaceful waters of your own self. For are you not Christ within, Christ without, Christ [inaudible] and Christ [inaudible]? Are you really a second-density animal that makes people recognize? It hardly seems likely.

To love one another, just to love, is an enormous gift, one which lightens the consciousness[inaudible]. Not to love the self is to reduce by far the amount that you can love others. You can only love others insofar as you love and have compassion and forgiveness for yourself.

The path, once it has been taken—and it was taken long before this incarnation—to incarnate, to experience and to polarize in service to the Creator, either to others or to the self, is a monumentally great choice, [inaudible]. The gift people find it easiest to give is the activity: volunteering for the homeless, the [inaudible] soup kitchen, arranging [inaudible] clothes people who need it. And all of this is indeed an integral part of worship. Yet you are steward over your very soul for it is not you, only your freedom as you [inaudible] your freewill that is so often impulsive and so often [inaudible] there is a time for all when the decision is made to step forward into a new realization and this decision allows you not only to do things that seem helpful. This decision to find the love and the opportunity in every challenge creates a consciousness capable of [inaudible] spirit on which you live [inaudible] and in aiding the human race, for the human race is as sick as the planet that it has [inaudible] the plunderer the second [inaudible].

[Side one of tape ends.]

I am Hatonn, and we [inaudible] continue. The doing of the active service, whether it be parenthood, being the peacemaker and “cheerer-upper” of those with whom you work, whatever may be your condition in life, you will find it easier to do nice things for people than to attempt to do sufficient inner work to dwell in eternity while you are [inaudible] the mundane. A portion of your mind that is the artistic or intuitive portion is underused in many in your culture’s age of fact and [inaudible]. You are here to offer other options to entities who did not know they had other options. What are you to yourself? Are you love? What relation do you feel you have with the One? What relation could you have, if love created all there is? And why then, from all these choices, free will is indeed a distortion but is necessary for manifestation. For in this choice lies the very clear objective in reprogramming that within yourself which may resist commitment, worship, practicing the presence of the one Creator, and so forth. So many actions, so many opportunities. Let the meditation be only a touchstone for each day that is spent whenever a sharp sound is heard remembering the encapsulated form, that state of mind that held you enthralled in the light during those fifteen precious minutes that you give to the Creator each day. This is your basic gift. This is your basic method of being of service to others as catalyst. So often it is not what you say, but the person that you are that makes the words that you say substantive.

We find the one known as C has given into complete exhaustion and feel that there may well be few if any questions. However, questions or no, we would like to ask if [inaudible] speaking through the one known as K. With thanks to this instrument and to the one known as K for making themselves available to us and offering their uniqueness for us to find new ways to say these simple truths. We thank each and at this time [inaudible]. We are those known to you as Hatonn.

(K channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am again with this instrument. This time we would ask if there are any questions upon the minds of those still present here?

I just have one that I ask over and over again because occasionally I learn something new. In what way could I improve my teaching of not just your thoughts but of how to hear them? If you have any comment, I’d be glad to hear it.

I am Hatonn, and, my sister, may we say first of all that we are most pleased with the methods you presently employ both in your own rigorous tuning challenges, processes and the continued focus of attention upon our contact with you as well as your communication of these concepts as you understand them to those who [inaudible] of learning these concepts [inaudible].


It is, as you know, our privilege to be able to work with those such as you, and we would suggest at this time on the continued focusing of attention upon that which you already know. We are aware of your desire ever to seek that which is new and would encourage you not to be tired, shall we say, of these same old methods for in our opinion these same old methods are most effective, if only they had more continued attention, as it were.

Thank you.

May we ask if there are any further questions?

No, thank you [inaudible].

I am Hatonn, and we thank you, my sister.

[Inaudible] questions [inaudible].

I am Hatonn. We have been saving… savoring the correct [inaudible] the last few moments of being able to share your journey with you for we, as always, have enjoyed our contact with this group but are most appreciative of [inaudible]. At this time we take our leave of this group, leaving with you our blessings and encouragements upon your journeys which at times [inaudible] difficult to you. We look forward to being with you in the future whenever you should desire to call us and are, as you know, with you in all other times. We are known to you as those of Hatonn, and leave you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.