17 December, 2016

Saturday meditation

Today, we’d like to discuss the topic of anger. What is the role of anger on the spiritual seekers path? How can we understand the root causes of our anger? How can we balance this anger and utilize it as catalyst for our spiritual growth?

3 December, 2016

Saturday meditation

Our question today is about cycles of light and darkness. When we begin entering periods of perceived darkness or destruction and chaos, we have a tendency to reach for the comfort and the light. But is it more appropriate to embrace the darkness and disharmony as a way to accentuate and balance the distortion and allow for transmutation? What is the most beneficial way for us to approach these periods of seeming darkness as [individual] seekers and a culture?

19 November, 2016

Saturday meditation

Our question today, Q’uo, concerns activism. On one hand, we have statements from Ra like this one from 34.9 where they say: “There are some few whose desires to aid society are of a green ray nature or above. These entities, however, are few, due to the understanding, may we say, of fourth ray, that the universal love freely given is more to be desired than principalities or even the rearrangement of peoples or political structures.” We also have reminders from the Confederation that the most powerful and fundamental service is one of being, not doing. That is, the radiation of realization of oneness with the Creator. On the other hand, we hear from voices like Martin Luther King, Jr. and others studying oppression that, in a societal body, silence and non-resistance is tantamount to tacit support of unjust or perhaps even tyrannical policy. Can you please speak to these seemingly competing ideas and how the seeker who wants to contribute positively to creating a positive society can be of the greatest service?

6 November, 2016

Special meditation

Today we would like to explore the topic of self-worth. Can you elaborate on the role of self-worth on the seeker’s path as well as the obstacle of self-doubt. For instance, what is it we are worthy of, and what does it mean for us to have infinite worth? Any guidance in this area is appreciated.

15 October, 2016

Saturday meditation

Ra spoke of those of us in third density as parents of that which is in the womb, the Earth or Gaia. They said at that time, in 1981, the delivery was not going smoothly. We relate to Gaia as our mother, providing everything we need in this incarnation, including our bodies. On the other hand, perhaps our individual evolution might be facilitating an easier transition for Gaia to fourth density acting as her mother of sorts. It seems as though there is a polarity one could describe as parent/child and child/parent in respect to our relationship with Gaia, as we experience our relationship with our own children. Would Q’uo speak to this possibility? How is the extreme political polarization we are seeing in our country affecting the delivery of Gaia’s physical fourth density? How can those of us who would like to be of service help with the birth now in 2016, both personally and as a group?

1 October, 2016

Saturday meditation

Our question today has to do with an individual’s relationship with the Creator. Ra and others from the Confederation speak about the self as the Creator and greater spiritual awareness coming from this realization. However, some of the greatest mystics and spiritual teachers have belonged to spiritual systems which teach about an external objective or even personified version of the Creator. Ra themselves even speak about a yearning between the individual self and the Creator. Is it beneficial or maybe even necessary for spiritual growth within third density to have this objective and external perception of the Creator?

17 September, 2016

Saturday meditation

There is a paraphrased quote from one of Rumi’s poems that reads: “Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.” The Confederation seems to echo the same thought in their philosophy, especially with respect to the workings of catalyst. They say that in the earlier phases of the entity’s development catalyst is initially offered to the self by the Logos, but that as the entity becomes more conscious of its evolution, catalyst is eventually created entirely by the self for the self. Can you speak to this notion that this universe or life is working not against us, but always for us? Also, how do we use this understanding to take responsibility for our own creation, and as Ra describes, empower our progress?

4 September, 2016

Homecoming meditation

The Confederation sources stress the importance of seeing the love in the moment, any moment. Can you help us by suggesting approaches or strategies for making a positive identification of love when it's not readily apparent?

7 May, 2016

Saturday meditation

Spiritual information often suggests that our spiritual growth is a consequence of the suffering we go through and that we should not avoid it by running away, but rather it should be embraced, and we should always try to bolster our faith and patience as a catalyst runs its course, especially as much catalyst as pre-incarnationally chosen. Another school of thought states that our experiences are due to our thinking and feeling and that it is our duty to create better conditions for ourselves. The implication is that if we don’t like an experience, say, poverty, sickness, etc. we can change it by concentrated and focused thinking and feeling. We figure that both positions are probably accurate but there seems to be something of a contradiction between the two, and we would like Q’uo to shed some light on the subject.

16 April, 2016

Saturday meditation

In our question today, we are looking to learn more about the metaphysical dynamics behind love. Ra mentions love in many contexts, including saying things such as “the great healer of distortions is love” [62.26] and “love is the great protector.” [63.5] We’d like to know, metaphysically speaking, how love can do these things such as protect and heal. And how does our experience of love, which may be described as a vibration, relate to the concept of time/space and our experience of time/space. When we vibrate closer to love, our experience of time seems to change. Is there a merging of space/time and time/space in this experience similar to that of higher densities and how does this relate to the dynamic of love in the time/space realm?