Our question today is about cycles of light and darkness. When we begin entering periods of perceived darkness or destruction and chaos, we have a tendency to reach for the comfort and the light. But is it more appropriate to embrace the darkness and disharmony as a way to accentuate and balance the distortion and allow for transmutation? What is the most beneficial way for us to approach these periods of seeming darkness as [individual] seekers and a culture?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each of you in love and in light this afternoon. We are grateful to each for having called for us to join your circle of seeking this day. We thank this instrument for his challenge to us and assure him that he did well. Today you ask the question whether or not one should embrace the reality of the darkness as one may perceive it, or whether it is perhaps better to attempt to provide light to shine through the darkness before dealing with it.

My friends, you, in your question, begin to retrace the steps of the evolution of the Creation around you, for in the beginning there was darkness, there was that which was unformed, that which blew and burned incandescently, 1 and then there was light that came into the darkness, and the darkness knew it not, and yet the light caused the darkness to become radiant and reflective so that there might be what you now know of as a creation of stars and planets and life in many forms throughout infinity.

And here you are on Planet Earth at this time, once again recapitulating that basic scenario—a feeling that there is more confusion, more darkness, more difficulty, more disillusionment than you have known before upon your planet. And yet, my friends, we tell you that what you know now is but the palest shadow of what has been before, for many times have the populations that have come to this planet to repeat third density caused darkness to heavily rest upon the peoples of various cultures, so that the history of your planet is one of bellicosity, adversarial relationships, and separation of entities from each other so that there was not any unifying force that could bring all together.

And, indeed, for much of the history of your planet and its progression through the various major cycles and minor cycles of evolution culminating now in this great master cycle, there has been predominately a separation dividing nation from nation, religion against religion, community against community, families against each other. It has been a theme, shall we say, and everyone seems to know the song. And yet we say to you within this great vast arena of darkness, there shines in each individual heart which you may liken unto a seed, indeed, for it is made of light; it has potential to grow; it has the desire to be released. If only certain confusions within the mind and the emotions of the entity holding it could be untangled and brought into a more understandable configuration, then each could plant the seed. There have been many, as you know, who have been able to move the intelligent energy of the One Creator through their energy system and clear it to such a degree that they have been able to share light with those about them, these are your prophets, your mystics, your revolutionaries, your thinkers, your creators, your musicians, your poets, and in many cases mothers and fathers raising children to reproduce the light they find within their hearts.

So what do you do now, my friends, what do you do now? You have felt a great disillusionment descend into a kind of darkness within your own being and your culture; yet not all see it in this fashion, for some love the darkness, some love the light. Each pursues that which has meaning to each. And so we look at you now as beings of light with freewill paramount in each experience, with the ability to direct that free will in whatever direction you wish. You are, indeed, as free as you wish to be.

At this time we would transfer this contact to the one known as Steve. We are those of Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument. We would like to greet this group sensing that there is amongst you a sorrow, and that this sorrow gives rise to concerns that are of a deep-seated nature, because there has been a sense that a movement well underway towards a lightening of the planetary vibration has, in fact, been undermined to some extent, has been invaded, if you will, by a kind of a counter movement that undoes what has been so difficult in the first place to do. And so there arises a great deal of frustration and dashed hope among those who have been able to gather themselves to some form of seeking of the light.

The precondition, as we have said, for this seeking of the light, is that one should have liberated oneself through a realization of the free will that each seeker enjoys. At the same time, we would suggest that each free will entity also understands himself or herself to be part of a larger whole and to be engaged in a process of integrating the energies of that larger whole—which is your social energy complex, such that there can be—in the communion of free seekers of the light, a strengthening of that seeking to one harmonious purpose with a sure sense that this harmonious purpose can come to serve as a resource for the all.

Now, the all of which we speak cannot be exclusive of any, and yet, again and again, you discover that there seems to be a fracturing of community; there seems to be a circumstance arising which pits one will against another even when these wills all independently conceive themselves to be seeking the light. When the fracturing occurs, it can seem as if the light itself falls apart; the light itself is cast into such a pit of darkness that the darkness becomes almost something real in itself, capable of swallowing up and extinguishing the light. The situation is further complicated by the fact that there are some who are prepared to believe just this. There are some who are prepared to act upon the premise that the darkness is a palpable reality and can be mobilized as a resource for seeking along a pathway which most of your citizens, and we believe all those here present, find to be contrary to their own aspirations.

The path of darkness is not a path which seeks harmony, it is rather a path which embraces chaos, and treats chaos as if it were the highest value and goal of the seeker, because there is within this chaos a kind of restlessness, a kind of forcefulness, which seems to have the capacity to enliven, in a way that more harmonious beings do not do. And so the effect of those who seek upon this path, when mixed with those energies which are attuned to harmonious co-existence, can be very troubling and disconcerting for those of the latter disposition.

Now, chaos itself is not something to be utterly despised, for it is an experience known to every soul to have undergone periods in which there is a dissolution of structure, in which there is a personality breakdown which, upon occasion, can lead to a positive result. The circumstances in which this is true are those in which the personality has become so set in stone, as it were, such that it finds energies stuck within it, unable to move, and can be in a configuration in which further growth seems to be stifled almost completely. Under these circumstances a personality breakdown may be required in order to allow these energies to gather to a new principle of organization through a process of natural discovery. It is not, therefore, the chaos itself that one embraces, but rather one does not object to having to endure a kind of chaos as a point of transition to an order of the personality that is more satisfactory.

Now, that which holds true at the level of the individual can also be said to hold true in a somewhat different way at the level of the social complex. There are times in which principles of organization of societies, in effect, stifle the creative growth of that society, and when it is discovered that this is true, it is sometimes useful to break down these older structures so that something new and more vital may grow in its stead. This is a natural process at the social level, even as it may be said to be a natural process at the individual level. And there is a portion of your individual consciousness which is already invested in the social energy complex, and therefore, there is not a bright line between individuals within the complex, or an individual and the complex itself. There is, my friends, a blending.

Now, so far as it is the case that all members of a society seek along pathways that are essentially able to be coordinated with each other, that is to say are of a polarity that is the same, the process of dissolution, when it is found to be necessary, need not be seen to be terribly troubling. For if there is, at root, a common commitment to moving toward the light, we have found that given time, this is precisely what tends to happen. However, it is also the case that there are some with a legitimate claim to being part of the social energy complex which you enjoy who have not followed the intention of developing in a manner that is harmonious, in a manner that is welcoming and cooperative with other selves, but who prefer to take the view towards society which suggests that it is a place of contest, a place where wills test themselves against the resistance provided by other wills, and in this constant contest hone their energies to finer and finer effect. The food of such growth is as we have suggested—chaos. It is a chaos that is relentless, it is a chaos that is restless, it is a chaos which is unfathomable. There is in this chaos, it has been our experience, nothing to embrace because it is, in itself, nothing.

And so, we cannot recommend to those who have chosen to serve on the path of service to others that the darkness itself, the chaos itself, the disorder or disharmony itself, be actually embraced. It can be seen to be, upon occasion, a temporary state through which one passes, and upon those occasions it is well not to attempt to resist the chaos, because we find that the very attempt to resist it creates an echo of the chaos itself in the resistance, and that can reverberate well down to the roots of one’s being, and the effects of that can be profound. And so when it happens in your own life that the carefully constructed structures that have been built up around your patterns of interaction, around your patterns of self-expression, around your disciplines of everyday life, have for one reason or another met with such difficulty that their order can no longer be maintained, we find that it is well not to try to force an issue, but to accept that, for the nonce, 2 a kind of chaos will reign. And you may take up a patient attitude of awaiting, as deep from within your natural processes that we have called self-discovery, [new truths] will begin to manifest themselves.

Now, there can also be a correlate that will happen in a similar way at the level of your social complex, and indeed, my friends, we have seen this occur over and over again, so that out of an apparent evil, there can emerge into manifestation, a much greater good, and it is to that hope, my friends, that we would commend you. It is to the patience and the loyalty to your sense of purpose that we would commend you in awaiting the fruits of this hope which it is always good to hold In your heart.

You are entities of very great power, my friends. In your free will there is a possibility of transformation, not only of yourselves, but of your entire planetary sphere, and the greatest seed of this transformation is the hope which you cherish in the silent core of your heart.

We would suggest to you that in this silent core it is not so much the darkness of chaos that reigns, but a light which shines inwardly, and gathers itself to clarity of purpose, to fullness of intent, slowly, slowly, slowly, unseen, unsuspected at first, but capable of emerging into such a glorious flowering that it can be an experience of great awe to witness; to witness the silent stirrings of intent to heal, to give to others, and to glorify the One Creator. These are the seeds that will allow your hope to blossom into a new reality that beckons.

We will not say that the birth will be easy. It is sufficiently clear now that it will not. There will be dark times, there will be confusion, there will be many opportunities to turn away your eyes in despair as you gaze upon the deeds of your fellow human beings. Know, however, that you are an unquenchable source of love. That is the gift that you bring to the party, so to speak. And when you join with another, your gift is redoubled, and redoubled again with the addition of each new soul that joins with you.

So you begin your song silently, perhaps it bubbles up within your heart, and makes its way to your very lips, whereupon it becomes a melody which inspires a memory, another to sing along with you, and when the song becomes a chorus, and when it begins to fill the ears and the minds and the hearts of one more whose memory resonates with this song, that energy complex will begin to vibrate differently, will begin to vibrate as a social memory complex, and then, at that point, you will be well on your way towards entering a new dawn of experience.

It is the dawn that awaits you, it is the dawn that lies on the other side of this darkness. The darkness can be seen as impediment, or the darkness can be seen as prelude to this dawn. As we have suggested, the choice is yours. You are creatures of free will, you are creatures each of infinite worth, and it is our hope for you, and it is our confidence in you, that you will find your way.

We are those of Q’uo, and we thank each here for giving us the opportunity to address you on this important and timely subject today. At this time, we would leave this instrument in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator and return to the one known as Jim to inquire whether there are further questions we may address. I am Q’uo, Adonai, my friends, Adonai.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument. May we ask if there be another query this afternoon for us?

Q’uo, I have one, but if there is anybody with a question related to the group question, they can ask it first.


Okay, our friend E sent in a question that says: “In 49.5 Ra says to attempt to raise the locus of this kundalini meeting without realizing the metaphysical principles of magnetism upon which this depends, is to invite great imbalance.” My question is: how does one know that he or she has done enough work and is ready to explore kundalini energy? When someone feels various energy flows, specifically ones that are induced by breathing and movement meditative practices, what would be a way to explore and study these energies safely and without inviting imbalance, and what would be signs of danger?“

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. This is a substantial query with a great deal of preparation that we must make. You may look at your energy centers, red through violet, as a means of shining your light, shall we say, in short. When the Intelligent Energy of the One Creator moves from the Logos, from the Sun, to your energy field, the magnetic attraction of this energy through the red ray energy center, is that which begins your appreciation of catalyst in your life experience according to the choices that you have made previous to your incarnation. The lessons that you wish to learn are all embodied within various of the energy centers, and as the Intelligent Energy of the One Creator moves within your energy centers, you are then able to perceive it according to the, shall we say, coloration or choices made previous to the incarnation. This energy seeks to move upwards, arising into eventual union with the One Creator in the indigo ray energy center. For indeed, at this center, the crown is already upon the head and you are potentially, the Creator, for the Creator resides there waiting for your discovery.

As the energy moves into the red-ray center, it is concerned with that which may be described as the survival, in a physical sense, of your being, of your body, of your incarnation, as well as the reproduction, sexually speaking, of other entities perhaps, if you have chosen this service for this incarnation. As the energy moves further upward to the next center, the orange ray is that which is concerned with the individual expression of your power or your emotions on a one-to-one basis with other entities. When this has been accomplished to a sufficient degree to allow the energy to move higher, then the yellow ray energy center is that which is awakened, and which concerns itself with your expression and your energy upon a group level, with families, with communities, with the workplace, with teams and so forth.

If you are able to balance your energies in the yellow ray energy center to a sufficient degree to allow further movement, then the movement occurs into the heart energy center, the green ray center. This is that which expresses your energies upon a universal nature, in love that is given to all with no expectation of return. This may be seen as a steady state of the One Creator, for all is seen as that which is deserving of love, and able to give love. The giving and receiving here is balanced. This energy center is that which marks the harvestability of an entity within the third-density illusion. When you are able to open this center to a sufficient degree, and give more love than you receive, shall we say, then your harvestability grows nigh.

As the energy moves further into the blue ray energy center, communication is that quality here of an inspirational nature, that one is able to give in great abundance to those about one, again expecting no return. This is the first truly spiritual energy center, for it gives as does the Creator, freely and inspirationally and continuously. If the energies within this center are balanced and open, then the indigo ray energy center becomes available to the seeker of truth. Here lies the power of the One Creator. If this energy center may be opened, activated, balanced and then utilized to release the spirit as a shuttle into the violet-ray energy center, contact with the One Creator or Intelligent Infinity is possible.

This is the rising of the kundalini to its height, where the entity realizes itself as the One Creator. However, if at any lower energy center— most especially the magnetically charged in the, shall we say, negative sense, of the negative pole of drawing unto the entity energies of the red, orange or yellow centers— [have] not been balanced sufficiently to withstand the impact of the rising of the energy to the indigo center, then there will be imbalances in the experience of this energy as it moves into the indigo-ray energy center. These imbalances may be detected by an entity which has experienced some anomaly, shall we say, in the experience of the rising of the kundalini. The anomaly may be that which is confusing, is surprising, unexpected, and which gives one doubt. This is the sign of, not necessarily danger, but of imbalance.

One may investigate the nature of the lower energy centers by utilizing the catalyst which is present in the daily experience. We may say that it is frequent that these lower energy centers are sometimes not necessarily ignored, but not given the importance that they deserve, for it is seen as more, shall we say, grand or glorious, to work upon the higher energy centers, perhaps not working upon the negatively oriented centers, 3 the red, the orange and the yellow, which are negative magnetically speaking, in that they draw unto the entity those energies of the Logos, the Intelligent energy.

Looking at your daily round of experience in the meditative state at the end of the day, is a good means by which to appraise the balance and the openness of these centers. Look, therefore, to those experiences that you have with others on a one-to-one basis, also upon a basis of the individual self that you are in relation to groups in which you participate. Look to see the nature of the use of power in these two centers. Is there an attempt upon your part in any way to exercise, unduly, a power over others on an individual basis or upon a group basis, for this is where the imbalances can occur that would create a difficulty in the entity experiencing the free flowing of energy through all lower centers as it makes its way to the indigo center.

Is there a further query upon this subject, my brother?

No, thank you, Q’uo.

We thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

I have another one sent in by our friend T, who wrote to us saying in Chapter 7 of Secrets of the UFO, Don described how ETs imprinted their message on Puharich’s tape recorder. This blew T’s mind, especially in consideration of all the severe risks that, as he describes her, “Lady Carla” had to endure. So he wonders, wouldn’t it be “wonderful and risk free to ask the Confederation to simply imprint their messages on some recording device?” And he asks further, what the pros and cons are between these two methods of human vs. tape recorder.

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. This is an interesting query. We find that the nature of the group receiving messages from supposed extra-terrestrial sources, or the individual receiving messages, is based upon the qualities of the group or the individual: their strengths, their desires, their determination to be of service to others, and so forth. There are some entities, such as the one known as Andrija Puharich, that have a love of the riddle, a love of the untangling of that which is put in symbolic form and not presented, shall we say, in the normal manner. This entity received information from sources which were, shall we say, not always of a positively oriented nature. These messages received in a fashion which was meant to, shall we say, glorify the puzzle-solving abilities of the one known as Andrija, thus the tape recorder was used. In other instances, other mechanical devices were used with this entity. We suggest that for those entities who are positively oriented, as was the one known as Andrija, and who have abilities to reflect this positivity in its most pure aspect, that there is no machine or technology more efficient for the reproduction of contact with those of a positive orientation than the human mind. The human mind which has been tuned to its highest and best qualities to transmit information in a stable fashion is far superior to any mechanical devices.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, not in regard to that one. Thank you, Q’uo. We do have one more from T who writes: “Dear Q’uo, as far as I learned from those of Ra, one Holy and Creative Logos is in every star/sun, like a soul in one’s body. If that’s the case, I wish to know the metaphysical meaning among three kinds of star systems: that is, the single star system, the binary star system, and the multiple star system. A side question in my wildest imagination: If our solar system was a binary star system at the very beginning, does it mean that the balance between yin and yang would be much better than the current situation?”

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. We shall do our best to transmit our response through this instrument, though it is, shall we say, unfamiliar with the type of terminology that would be necessary to transmit this information with clarity and precision.

The nature of various Logoi within the Infinite Creation is various, shall we say, for each has the free will to provide a means by which the One Creator may know itself with greater variety and intensity, for indeed this is the reason for the Creation. Thus, there are some Logoi who have chosen to join forces with others in which you may call “an experimental basis,” to see if there might be more variety or intensity of experience possible by the joining of these forces.

Each Logos has the ability to create a system of planetary entities that will provide it with further means by which to offer to the Creator experience that reveal itself more fully. Whether there may be two or three or more Logoi involved in such an experiment is up to the free will choice of those who share this desire to join together with others of their kind to provide an experience that is enough at variance from what could be produced by a single Logos, that the experiment is undertaken.

We cannot begin to describe how the effects of more than one Logos within a galactic system, or as you would call it, a solar system, would enhance the experience of the Creator by the Creator and each of the entities within the care of the single Logos, the multiple Logoi, or what have you. We apologize for not being able to be more precise in our descriptions, but we have a language to work with which does not include the various qualities that would be necessary to cover in the description of such binary systems or trinary systems, shall we say.

As far as we are aware, the sub Logos that is your sun body has always been singular in its expression of its creation for the One Creator.

We find that this instrument grows somewhat tired and we would suggest that we conclude with our farewell to you as is our wont. Again, we thank you, my friends, for calling for our presence this afternoon. We have greatly enjoyed our experience with you. The light that you shine outward and inward is most brilliant and full of the dancing energies of love, of unity, of joy, of experience well achieved, and of the hopes and aspirations for future service to others. We are those known to you as Q’uo. We leave you now, my friends, as we have found you, in love and in light. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. incandescent [adj]: a term which means “glowing or white with heat,” or, similarly, “intensely bright; brilliant.” The word seems here to be used to describe a property or quality of darkness, or the chaos within the darkness. Though used well in a poetic sense, it is debatable whether or not the word was used correctly in its relationship to darkness and/or chaos. 

  2. for the nonce [phrase]: for the present; temporarily. 

  3. “… the negatively oriented centers.” This phrase is not intended to denote that the lower chakras are natively negatively polarized, as if they are centers of the service-to-self polarity, but rather that these centers function as does the negative pole of the magnet. The negative pole attracts to itself. These lower centers attract energy and experience to the seeker. The energies of those chakras may be used for either service to self or service to others.