As seekers who wish to be of service to others at this time of transition where there are increasing energies and our lives seem to be increasingly busy, often to the point that we feel profoundly overwhelmed, we have difficulty in finding the time and space to work upon ourselves so that we may, in turn, serve others. Can you please help us understand how we may manage in these times to best integrate parts of ourselves and become complete beings in order to offer ourselves in service to others?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and we greet each of you in love and in light this afternoon. It is our great privilege to be here with you, to be called by you, to have the opportunity to attempt to be of service to you. In this attempt we would ask you to help us by using your own discrimination for each word that we utter and taking only those which have meaning for you, leaving behind all that do not. In this way we may speak freely without worry as to infringing upon your free will, for we are not authority figures that are without error. We are much as are you—your brothers and sisters who have moved somewhat further along the path of evolution that you, also, are upon. We have more experience in seeking the One Creator and in dealing with the catalyst that brings us closer to that One within us all, and we are happy to share this with you at this time.

You asked how to deal with the increasing energies of your third density vibration as it nears completion, and how to find those portions of yourself that seem lost from time to time, and bring them forth, and aid your total effort of processing catalyst seeking the one Creator and serving others. As you know, my friends, this is a large task, but you are those doughty seekers who have been upon this path of seeking, not only for a great portion of this life, but for many lives previously. You have been faithful seekers of truth and servers of the One within.

And oftentimes upon this path there are more difficult places, bends in the road, shall we say, rougher places in the terrain which offer more challenges. These are the increasing energies of which you speak. How to find the time to deal with that which is placed before you, how to find those portions of yourself that can help you process all of the catalyst, all of the experiences that now are making themselves more apparent in your life pattern. These are most important questions, my friends. The fact that you are asking them means that you have the possibility and the opportunity of being able to answer them for yourself—with perhaps a little help from your friends. It is that little help that we hope to offer you today.

In order to find time when your day is fixed with only 24 hours within it, oftentimes one must prioritize the expenditures of energies that one is making. This is made more easy by reevaluating how you spend your days, for there are, within each seeker’s pattern of experience, various ways in which there is the possibility of expanding your concentration upon your spiritual journey by removing some focus upon other areas that are perhaps more extraneous.

Thus, within your meditations, we would suggest that you look at your daily round of activities—that which has become a pattern for you, a ritual or a rule of life, shall we say—looking for those places where perhaps there is an indulgence of energy which is excessive, is unnecessary, is perhaps that which can be replaced by a focus made more clear by your intention to become clearer channels for the One Creator, more pure seekers of truth, more economical in your energy expenditures.

We would suggest that as you look at your schedule of energy expenditures, you find a place, perhaps one or two more within each day, that there is extra time and opportunity and desire to focus within, to take, shall we say, a survey or a temperature of your spiritual progress for the day, your focus for the day, that which seems to be a theme for any particular day.

The beginning of the day is an excellent time for looking at that which lies before you within your meditative times. After those periods of silence that are so nourishing as means by which you listen to the one within, then take some of that inspiration and focus it upon the upcoming day, looking for ways to find just a few minutes to refocus yourself upon that which is truly important in your life—the seeking of truth, the finding of the One, the serving of all, and see if there might be a way to do this in your normal activity, shall we say. Can you imbue the business of your being with a certain kind of love and compassion that is as, shall we say, the atmosphere that you breathe? And share with those who are your co-workers, the clerks in stores, the friends upon the street, all whom you meet? Can you find a way to open your heart in all of your endeavors of the day, so that the love and compassion that exists there might color and make whole that which you are engaged in with all those around you?

If you feel yourself frazzled by the tensions of completing your tasks, can you take a few deep breaths, close your eyes for a few moments, re-focus your inner field of vision to refresh your outer field of vision? Can you make it a practice to find ways to share the love that is within you with all those that are about you?

Perhaps this is the way to make up for the time that you do not have, by increasing the focus that you do have. If you can find time for an extra meditation, an extra contemplation, an extra consideration of some kind that will refocus you, that is also a great assistance, but if the time is truly so short that you feel it is not possible to do anything worthwhile in the time that you have, then look upon the possibility of using your refocused conscious intention to open your heart and share what is there, so that what you do in your daily round of activities is, shall we say, marinated in this loving vibration that each of you has.

Ask for assistance, you have guides, friends, teachers … there is the Holy Spirit, there is the One Creator … you are surrounded by entities who are willing to help, but they must be asked. Ask, and then let that energy of love and acceptance of compassion flow through you so that you may imbue all that you do with it.

At this time, we would transfer this contact to the one known as Steve, and continue with our thoughts on the question upon the day. We are those of Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument. We would like to begin our communication through this instrument by thanking this instrument and the group for the dedication it has put into this seeking. This instrument has requested a wall of light be placed around this group that it might feel the freedom and the safety of blending open hearts in a mutual seeking and, shall we say, celebration of the love of the open heart. This group is well aware that not all of the creation resonates with the open heart, and in your experiential nexus it remains true that there are some who seek in ways which, at your level of seeking, seem antithetical to your own; and you have also found that within your own persons there are elements of your being that are increasingly coming to light as the energies of your planet have begun noticeably to accelerate to the point that aspects of your being that have long lain concealed from you now no longer can remain concealed.

Therefore, as you seek to be about the business of opening your hearts, you will find that there are elements, you might say, of your past catalyst that have not been able to be processed, still residing within you in such a way that they are like impediments or blockages to the energy which in the open heart you would gladly dedicate in service to others and in praise and thanksgiving to the One Infinite Creator. These residuals of difficult catalyst not yet processed can be very challenging for the seeker who finds that it is like opening old wounds to allow these to come forth into present experience for purposes of healing.

Indeed, my friends, we will tell you that the pain involved in this process can be very real, and the difficulties that you face can be quite challenging. Now, it is also true that you face challenges not only of your own making, but of the making of those around you; and at a time in which repressed energies are being loosed right and left, so to speak, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed, and think yourself to be without resources sufficient for managing these diverse, and very often disharmonious, energies.

We would invite you to begin by recollecting a simple point, but one which, in our estimation, bears consideration: you are all things. You, my friends, are the One Infinite Creator in one of its infinite faces. And as such, you have the full resources of this infinite Creator upon which you may draw. We would put to the deepest of these resources a simple word, and that is love, and we would say that as you turn your attention to the effort to process catalyst which can come upon you as apparently unprocessable, that you begin by recognizing that it is you, my friends, you who are all things, and the disturbance in your force field, shall we say, is your disturbance, and as your disturbance, it is subject to that wee small will to heal, which arises within you as your innermost desire, your innermost aspiration.

Now, we are not saying that finding this desire to heal within yourself will immediately issue in a result which will affect the whole of your planetary experience, but it can affect that portion of your planetary experience which is immediately present to you, and by attending to that which is within the intimacy of your personal reach, you are performing a service to the creation which, we would suggest, should not be underestimated. By loving that little bit of energy which is present to you as unlovable, you subtly begin a process whereby that energy is transformed [so] that catalyst may be moved to a higher plane of encounter, shall we say.

And in this way, slowly but surely, you can begin to create for yourself—and, we would add, for those around you—a safer and safer place of encounter where more and more of the distraught energies of unprocessed past catalyst can be allowed to announce themselves, and to present themselves for healing and for blessing.

It is also true that as you begin to make headway in the processing of those energies which have lodged themselves within secreted 1 portions of your own being, you may more and more allow unprocessed energies, secreted within portions of your social energy complex, to come within range of your healing touch. And when you do this, when you allow a person with whom you are in close contact, to be a little fragile, to be a little stubborn, to be a little oppositional without reflecting back a like negativity of response, you give this energy—which is, in itself, seeking liberation—an opportunity to move past its constrained condition, and to find life in a new and more welcoming form, in a new and more welcoming expression.

You may well be surprised by the suddenness of transformation that thereby becomes possible. And just as when your own difficulties and your own traumas are given the opportunity to be expressed, to be felt, to be loved, you can find also that those that have entered the general admixture of energies which constitute your social matrix 2 can find themselves also healed, and sometimes in a rather abrupt way. To be sure, not always is the healing so sudden, and it can be the case that one layer of trauma merely conceals another, and another yet again, so that you have maybe worked assiduously in order to make progress only to discover that the progress that you have made opens the door to much more progress still in need of being made, and you can find yourself utterly overwhelmed at that moment of first recognition.

Then, my friends, it is sometimes well to step back and to admit to yourself that you cannot do everything all at once, that you cannot heal all difficult energies, all troubled emotions, all traumatic fragments of personality that seem to be so utterly dis-integrated. Each here is a work in progress. Each here has volunteered to take on, shall we say, a certain portion of the processing of the planetary energies.

This will not be work that is done in a day—this is work that you have undertaken with some degree of ambition. And what that means is that you need to be able to work over a long period of time, and during this period of time there will be periods in which you must be able to step back and rest; you must be able to withdraw long enough to regenerate your strength, long enough to recollect yourself, long enough to recreate yourself so that you have again the strength, the enthusiasm, the joy for the undertaking, And if you find that you are in a period in which rest is required it is well that you should be forgiving of yourself; it is well that you should allow yourself that room for regeneration that you need, so that when you do come back to the task you will come back with your full resources available and restored to their more optimal strength.

Now, it is the case that you will very often find that there is some confusion with respect to where your efforts might be best applied. We would say that these efforts, when there is not an obvious circumstance standing before you requiring your full attention, are well situated in the activity of working the remoter corner, shall we say, of your own heart where you feel that it is not fully available to you, or not fully open to your experience, or somewhat numb, which is a rather common experience in your stage of development. The numbness of the heart is a rather difficult circumstance to address, and it is very frequently the indication that there is a blockage of sorts, a personal difficulty relating to past issues not fully taken up, not allowed to be fully experienced. The acceleration of your planetary energies has brought many of these to the fore in such a way that it can seem to be overwhelming, and sometimes that, too, can cause a certain numbing effect so that you can feel quite paralyzed in relation to what seems to be required of you.

Now, this is an area which we have ourselves studied carefully over long generations of observing your planetary struggles, for it seems as if there is a good deal of stuck energy, shall we say, that it is difficult to move, and the slightest provocation can thrust those upon your planet who seek back into a kind of catatonic state where it is difficult to discover within the self the energy and the inspiration to continue to work to clear this energy, to continue to work to open the heart. There are the sacred songs which you may sing, there are the group encounters which you may undergo, there are the public sessions of worship that feed some of your peoples. These are activities which we find can be very helpful because they give reassurance to the solitary seeker that help is available, and that the problems which each faces alone, are problems which are not unique to any in a context of group seeking such as the one you enjoy here today.

You can find encouragement, you can find hope, you can find support such that the impossible can begin to seem just a little bit possible and, my friends, the first break in the wall that has been forming the blockage in place for many a long season, can begin a process whereby the wall begins more and more steadily to crumble, allowing energies of a freer flowing nature to come through.

This, my friends, is what you need, for the healing energies that come through you from the earth itself will do a great deal of the work that needs to be done if you but let it. If you but let it, we say, while recognizing that this simple letting go, the simplicity of the open heart is, in fact, the most difficult work that you are called upon to do. The simple fact of allowing that which needs to be allowed—which, in many cases, comes to you with a tincture of pain needs only to be accepted, needs only to be allowed a part in that drama which is your life. When this does begin to happen with less and less obstruction, you will find that the pain that you need to experience in order to process those repressed portions of the self will become less and less over time, for the less that you resist that which pushes through for expression, the less that pain will build upon itself.

A trauma is an event which is so overwhelming that at its inception it presents too much catalyst to be taken in and processed, and while it is always more efficient to process catalyst just as it comes, there are very few who are able to process all catalyst in the immediacy of its presentation. And, therefore, the ability to find some means of address for energies that have become repressed is a skill which it serves you well to acquire.

There is an additional act that must be invoked in order to achieve a productive relation to repressed energy, and that is, in addition to the difficulty of the initial experience, one must find a way to forgive the self for not having been able to process that experience, so there is a second moment or a second element overlaid upon the first that now has to be part of the processing.

What is true at the level of the individual is also true at the level of your social complex. We find that there will be those upon your planet who act out in ways that seem most unacceptable to you, and it is one thing for you to recognize that in doing so they are merely attempting to free up energies within themselves that also have been long repressed, and that within these energies there is a great deal of pain, and that this pain, in being expressed, seeks to mirror itself back to itself once again in the modality of pain, and you can have thereby great pain released into the world. My pain then becomes your pain and I see in your pain a reflection of that pain which has been mine, and which I have given you as a gift as a part of my process of exploring what lies secreted within.

Now, as one gazes upon this kind of event, it is difficult not to recoil in horror when one encounters troublemakers, shall we say. It is difficult not to lay a heavy judgment upon those who perpetrate difficulties and create pain in those around, and this difficulty remains even when one comes to understand the nature of what is a afoot, that is to say, that there are these troubled energies which seek to be unbound from their dark strictures.

The first act, therefore, in addressing a situation in which trouble has been made, in which pain has been inflicted, is the act of forgiveness. This involves forgiving one who has stirred up the reservoirs of pain within one’s own self, and within the body politic, shall we say, so that one does not build judgment upon judgment, pain upon pain; one does not, in short, make the situation worse. It is well to keep in mind, however, that while complete forgiveness is the access to complete acceptance, and complete acceptance is the first step towards complete healing, that each is dealing with a capacity which is not fully developed in this regard, and, therefore, one has to understand that there are, indeed, limits to one’s ability to process difficult catalyst.

Hence, it is well to see oneself as a participant in a dance which, at some points, is quite energetic, but that allows its participants the opportunity to recede into a more quiet mode, a less energetic expression for a portion of the dance, and in such a way that there may be, during these periods of rest, a regeneration. We would invite you, however, during these periods of regeneration, to engage in one simple exercise, and that is the exercise of non-judgment. When you recreate, let the waters of the earth speak to you, let the fragrance of the air surround you, let the warmth of the sun warm your bones and simply allow yourself to regenerate. When you feel that you may once again step up the pace, shall we say, at that point you may task yourself with those energetic acts of forgiveness, those energetic acts of engagement, both of self and of other, and once again, participate in the great drama that is unfolding upon your planet at this time.

We are those of Q’uo and we thank you, my friends, for joining us and for inviting us to join you upon this occasion of your seeking which shines a beacon into the very heavens and is a source of joy for many. At this time we would return to the one known as Jim to open ourselves for those further questions that may still be on your minds. I am Q’uo. Adonai

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am once again with this instrument. At this time we would offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to any further queries which those present may have for us. Is there another query at this time?

Q’uo, several in the circle have reported an experience within the past week of feeling either the recipient of strong psychic greeting, or becoming aware of a negative energy approaching the group, or other strange phenomena. Seeing a pattern of this sort emerge is very unusual for us, so we’re prompted to ask: can Q’uo comment on whether what we experienced has a common source, and if so, is there anything that can be said regarding the underlying purpose of such experiences?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The experience which you have described are those which may be expected when entities of a positive nature have made significant progress upon the path of seeking. Those entities of the negative nature are aware of such progress, for it is a kind of power seen upon the metaphysical realm, and is that which is desired by the negative oriented entity to be either controlled by them, or to be stopped by them, for those entities within this group have been successful in many areas of their own personal and shared endeavors of serving others, of renewing and reviving and reenergizing their own spiritual journeys.

There is at this time a great deal of both positive and negative oriented energy in action upon this planetary sphere, for there are many opportunities now that entities have presented to them to take steps in a, shall we say, accelerated manner in their own process of seeking. The vibrations of the planetary sphere itself are well within the fourth density, in both time/space and in space/time. This presents an energy of transformation that is offered to all those who are available for it or to it.

These entities of a positive nature, then, are offered the chance to use the stepped-up vibrations of the planet itself in continuing in whatever direction of service to others, and of renewing the seeking for the self which may be presented to them or by them.

Thus, as you are more and more successful in your seeking and your serving, these energies that allow that must also be balanced by the opportunity to be, shall we say, challenged, or nullified, or tempted, thereby bringing again the positive polarity to a more neutral level. However, we find that those entities within the circle have refused to be tempted, to be stopped, or to be swayed in their journeys forward, thus they are able to send love and light energy to the negative oriented entities and thus blunt their attempt at stopping positive movement forward.

Is there a further query, my brother?

A somewhat related query. In our seeking we sometimes encounter a situation that becomes difficult or problematic or strewn with obstacles, and we can be of two minds about these difficulties. We can say to ourselves “Ah, this must mean that I should not pursue this particular path.” Or, we can say, “This must mean that I should redouble my resolve and push forward and overcome this obstacles.” Is there anything that can be said about how to discern between the two?

We are those of Q’uo and are aware of your query, my brother. We are afraid that our answer may be that which you have heard from us before, however we shall state it again. The meditative state is that place wherein you tabernacle with the most high, the holy of holies within your holy ground. Go, therefore, you to this ground and seek the answers that are most important to you. Do not attempt to decide with your mental faculties important questions of spiritual nature. Go there within to the heart of your being to find those answers there in the meditative state. Is there a further query, my brother?

Though repeated before, that is always good advice, Q’uo, thank you for that and the previous answer. No further query from me.

We are those of Q’uo. We thank you my brother for your queries. Is there another query at this time?

Q’uo, I wonder if you could speak to whether there is an advantage to seek out unremembered and sometimes perhaps traumatic catalyst from our childhood?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. If you, in your path of seeking, find that there is indication that such exists, that it is indeed a hindrance upon your path, taking journeys aside that are best spent remaining focused forward, then we would suggest that you look into those areas that you have mentioned—those earlier areas of your childhood or earlier years when there were measures taken to, shall we say, form you in such and such a way which may or may not have been harmonious with you or for you. It is salubrious to take such investigative measures.

But we would suggest that you look again with both mind and heart to see of the indication of such, if they exist within you. To simply go back to those earlier times and look for a nebulous possible occurrence that has had influence to you, and has continued to have influence for you today, may not be worth your effort. Thus we turn the question back to you to ask if you have clear indication of such experiences which might yield further clarification of your present frame of mine, shall we say, or openness of heart.

Is there a further query at this time, my sister?

No, thank you, I’ll think about that.

We are those of Q’uo and we thank you my sister. Is there a final query at this time?

Q’uo, I’ll take the opportunity. The grouping of social memory complexes and other members in your group refer to themselves as The Confederation of Planets. Why the word “Confederation”? What does that say about the way you arrange and ally your services and work with power?

We are Q’uo and we are aware of your query, my brother. As you look upon the word “Confederation,” the beginning of the word is that which means in the Latin “together.” Together we are a grouping of entities that seek to be of service to the One Creator. However, we are federated in a certain fashion so that each of us has, you might say, particular abilities or specialties so that some may be those who offer energies of healing to planetary entities, some may be those who offer energies of assistance to individuals, to wanderers, to particular efforts of a, shall we say, philosophical nature to which many entities may be dedicated themselves and in need of assistance clarifying the means by which such efforts are offered. Thus, we together, seek to serve the One in the many. Does this answer your query, my brother?

Yes, thank you Q’uo.

We are Q’uo and again we thank you, my brother, for the blessing of your queries. We would at this time take our leave of this group, rejoicing greatly in the opportunity to have blended our energies with yours for a short portion of your time/space and space/time.

Your efforts at seeking and of serving are a great inspiration to us, for you seek within a difficult circumstance, and you serve in the same. The third-density experience is one which is most difficult to navigate, for you must begin in some fashion to penetrate the veil of the forgetting that is ever with you, and ever blocking you from the full knowledge of your nature as the One Infinite Creator yourself. Thus a portion of that One Creator in your personality moves in the murky waters of the third-density experience and does a great service to all of us who observe this movement as you ask for our assistance, as you continue your own movement, and as you are so carefully focused in your efforts to seek love and light within all that you see, within all that you are, and with all that you serve.

At this time we shall take our leave of this group, thanking each again for inviting our presence. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. secrete (verb): Meaning both “to release” and “to hide.” From “When you squeeze a lemon, it secretes juice. When you stuff your money in a mattress, you secrete it there.” 

  2. “the general admixture of energies which constitute your social matrix”: presumably referring to the relationships of your life, from family, friends, loved ones, colleagues, neighbors, frenemies, etc.