In our question today, we are looking to learn more about the metaphysical dynamics behind love. Ra mentions love in many contexts, including saying things such as “the great healer of distortions is love” [62.26] and “love is the great protector.” [63.5] We’d like to know, metaphysically speaking, how love can do these things such as protect and heal. And how does our experience of love, which may be described as a vibration, relate to the concept of time/space and our experience of time/space. When we vibrate closer to love, our experience of time seems to change. Is there a merging of space/time and time/space in this experience similar to that of higher densities and how does this relate to the dynamic of love in the time/space realm?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and we greet each of you in love and in light this day. We thank you for inviting our presence within your circle of seeking. It is a great honor and privilege for us to be able to join you here, for as you join your hearts together in seeking the nature of truth, you create a light which is most bright and easily noticeable within the spiritual realms. Many there are who rejoice at your gathering, your questioning, your seeking, your sharing, your very being of who you are, each a portion of the One Creator venturing out into the illusion of third density to find there the love and the light that are everywhere, and yet within your density seem to be so well hidden that many doubt their existence. We assure you, my friends, that when you gather together as you do today, you bring that love and light to the fore that all may see and share in its sharing of love, of healing, of protection, and of those qualities that you may call the intuitive perception of the nature of reality, for love has made all that there is. If you look upon love as being the primary energizing creative force of the One Creator, and that love is that which is the fabric of creation, and you see that unity that is reflected everywhere outside and inside of yourself for in all places is the One Creator.

Therefore, you asked this afternoon a number of queries concerning the qualities of love to be able to heal, to protect, to be able to express itself in both your third-density illusion of space/time, and in the spiritual or metaphysical realms of time/space. My friends, it is possible for you to look upon love and see a force which can do all things and not just those which you have mentioned, for there are no limits upon love in its basic nature. Love may be seen as the concept of what you may call the Logos, the primary energy or mover of the Creation in various portions that you would see as star systems and galaxies, for there are infinite Logoi scattered throughout the one creation that are themselves the creation of the One Creator. And these entities that you see as the stars in your sky at night and the sun in your sky in the day are doing the work of the One Creator in making it possible for the many portions of the One Creator to discover not only their own nature as individualized entities, but in the process of evolution to discover themselves as being a holographic image of the One Creator itself. Thus, the One Creator is able to discover more about itself through the free will action of each of those entities in whose care the various Logoi have been placed.

So how can the concept of love, then, that which you see as the open-hearted sharing of compassion and understanding, of acceptance, be able to protect one, shall we say, to heal one? In essence, these are two facets of one ability of the concept of love that moves from the green-ray energy center within each being who has opened the heart in the giving and receiving of love. When you love, you are awakening this same quality in entities around you, in the forces of nature, shall we say, that also surround you. If you can open your heart in the ability to love those entities, those experiences, and those qualities of yourself that you see reflected to you by all around you, then you are creating a vibration not only in your own heart and your own being, but a vibration which moves outward to those that are in your vicinity, those that are in the direction of your will, of your being, of the nature of who you are. There is a sympathetic vibration then set up so that the love that you feel for others is reflected back to you from them, for love speaks to itself, your love and their love is one love. This love, then, if you direct it to do so, may provide you with a kind of vibratory shield, shall we say, that allows in only other qualities of love that you may be desirous of experiencing in the form of protection or of healing. For each of you has chosen those experiences within your incarnation, and have chosen them previous to the incarnation in order that you might be able to discover more of the nature of love as it exists within your being, and as it can exist as you move further and further into the spiritual journey, into the reunification with the One Creator that you see all about you.

The love then, that moves out from you as a function of your free will to offer it to others, then sets up this sympathetic vibration that is able to vibrate in this quality of understanding, this quality of wholeness, this quality of healing, so that it moves back to you, and offers to you a sense of well-being, reawakens in you the sense of knowing that all is truly well, that if it does not seem to be so in your perceptions, then there is the necessity for reassessing, perhaps, your own perceptions within the meditative state. For you are indeed a portion of the One Creator. You have accepted various distortions within your being in order to work those out in a balancing fashion. If these distortions cause you seeming harm, disease, or lack of the feeling of well-being then there is work that you may do, profitably, in the process of furthering your own evolution as you come more and more into harmony with the basic quality of love that exists everywhere, my friends, most especially within each heart that seeks it.

At this time, we would transfer this contact to the one known as Steve. We are those of Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument. We would begin our communication through this instrument by thanking all here present, as well as this instrument, for the love expressed in the intent that caused each to arrive at this place of seeking, for in this convergence, we feel a love reaching out into the heavens, and this gives us a kind of carrier wave into your dimension that we may perform that service which it is our lot to be able to give for your peoples. This love, we would say, is a transdimensional kind of energy that is able to cross barriers or thresholds, shall we say, of light that otherwise maintain an existence which is discrete so that experiences may unfold within separate domains without being encumbered or overridden by experiences which, if they were taken on, would be a source of great confusion to those who are attempting to find their way. It is an unusual or extraordinary circumstance to engage in communications of this nature which cross dimensions, and we would suggest to you that the possibility of this kind of contact is one which is supplied by love itself.

When you reflect on the nature of love, then, you may say that it is an energy of a high nature which precedes those distinctions which make individual experiences possible. And in this regard you may say that love is a concept which has more than one meaning. In that experience which you enjoy, love can be seen as an activity which engages you and in which you engage. You love another, you feel loved by another, and in this kind of mutual engagement you are able to participate in a dance which enables you to discover moment by moment, day by day, year by year, incarnation by incarnation, that you are more and more fully that which you love, more and more fully that which loves you.

Now, the kind of love which is expressed and experienced by those who are individuated–those who are enjoying lifetimes in dimensions which have been ordered, as you say, by time and space–are those who participate in a kind of being which has its roots prior to time and space having arisen in the first place. It is for that very reason that love itself can be seen as a sort of transport from one domain or dimension to another, and it can also be seen as that characteristic which most clearly and most deeply defines the one original thought within the one original Creator. Now that Creator has undergone down through the ages an infinitely large number of distortions or divisions of itself–separations of itself from itself–and these separations are what we have given the name “free will” to. For each individual spark, or facet, or scintilla 1 of the one great original thought is charged in such a way that it will seek again its source, and so seeking, will bring back to that source a refined intelligence of itself. As far as we understand, my friends, that is the purpose of the creation. The creation is a continuous event placed within love, such that love goes out from itself with the express intent of returning to itself. But as this process has been reiterated time upon time upon time upon time, there has been created a system of illusions by means of which it has been possible for these scintillas of love gone out from the source to articulate themselves, to refine their balances inwardly so that the intelligence of the original love they bring back to that source may be more eloquent, may be more refined, and in that sense may be more informative.

As it happens, the very structures, according to which the individual source points of love may be further and further articulated, also give the possibility that each of these source points, each of these little Logoi such as you are, shall discover themselves to be without love, to be abandoned as entities floating on a vast sea surrounded on all sides by strangeness. And when each of these lost scintilla of love/light begin to find within themselves those resources which enable them to make a beginning of a journey back to the Creator, they can learn to give the name “love” to that energy which fuels them along the way, starting from this beginning and looking toward the end. Now, as a matter of fact, love is of such a nature that it can find itself directed in many different ways, and can find itself caught up in many different configurations, and can find itself frustrated because in the very many-ness of its directions, it can discover confusion; it can lose its way; it can feel that it has no way home. And in this extremity, love–and searching within for the end for that resource which can be its only healing, which can be its only sense of direction–can feel like, for the first time, it is sounding out depths in the nature of love that have lain long concealed, that have, in fact, in a way, never yet been revealed. And it is true, my friends, that each here has a secret love that is unique to it alone, and a secret love, shall we say, that the Creator, the one original source of all love, longs to have returned to itself as revealed.

Now, as you reflect upon this process, it can be staggering to realize that it takes place over eons upon eons of what you call your time. And yet we would suggest to you that there is a sense in which all of these vast eons of time that you undergo [through] your various incarnational cycles–moving from one density to the next, and to the next–that all of these eons of time are, in fact, as of one instant. For there is a sense, grounded in the nature of love itself, in which all time is always all together. That points to a quality of love which is rather difficult to grasp, particularly for one whose experience is measured out moment by moment, particularly for one who carries a sense of past time as memory and dwells in relation to future time as anticipation, and situates the self between past and future in such a way as to suggest that time itself is a fleeting phenomenon, an ever-moving phenomenon. Movement is an expression of energy that itself takes on structure, and these structures have proven to be rather useful in giving context for those intrepid souls who venture forth into the Creation, having lost the sense of where they came from, having willingly yielded the primary sense of connectedness to all that is, so that the particular features of being an individual center of love could be more distinctly explored, could be more distinctly refined, could be more distinctly related to other points of distinct loving.

You enjoy, at present, an experience in which the sense of remove from the great original thought is just about as strong as it ever will be, for you all have undertaken a series of lifetimes that have involved the veil of forgetting. The first effect of forgetting is the loss of the sense of who you are as a being connected in love to the whole. And it is for that reason that, for you, the experience of love itself generally involves an overcoming of a feeling of being unloved, and it often involves a feeling of engaging in activities that are not themselves of a loving nature. But, we would assure you that in the broader sense, in the sense which many of you are now remembering, love is all that is, and that is what is entailed in the realization you come to as you open your hearts–as you open your hearts to one another, as you open your hearts to the entire Creation around you, as you open your hearts to your innermost being–and find there that subtle whisper of a greeting from the one original source, that subtle whisper of “hello” from the Infinite Creator, reaching down through the illusory frameworks of space/time and time/space. Why, you might ask, are these illusory frameworks even in place? Why, you might ask, is there a distinction between what you have called space/time and what might be called time/space? And we would answer in this way: we would suggest to you that space/time is a framework in which you are able to achieve a great deal of focus in working with energies of a very finely developed nature, and by working in this focused way, you are able to gain a kind of penetration into what we would call the unknown frontier of the Creation.

The forgetting has been particularly useful in this regard for there are elements or features of the Creator that have come to light only in view of what has transpired in the realms in which the veil has been operative. You will note that prior to the advent of the veiling–which was itself a possibility that had to be discovered–there were no entities which had undertaken to polarize to the negative; there was no concept of being able to serve exclusively the self, for there was enough of a residual awareness of being connected in the primary energy of love that the complete sense of separation was not even felt as a possibility. So to have not only the possibility but the actualization of a way of expressing the Creator’s love as love of self exclusively was a piece of news, shall we say, brought to the Creator reflecting on a sense of itself that it had not previously had.

Now, it is our understanding that that love which confines itself to love of self is a love which is, in fact, self limiting, and which must, at some point in its development, learn to move past that configuration, and in doing so, acquires again, the polarity of other love primarily. But something in the meantime has been learned, something in the meantime of the nature of the Creation, of the nature of the Creator, of the nature of love has been learned, and will be learned more and more as the Creator itself expands in its awareness of what it means to be a source of love capable of differentiating itself into loved and loving, capable of being the one who loves, the one who is loved. And since that capability is grounded in the original creative act of freewill, it gives also the possibility of being the one who is not loved or the one who does not love. In the ultimate sense, love has no opposite, and yet when love is conceived as an activity, it does exist in a world of possible opposition. And so, love, rediscovering itself as unity, finds that it is through the overcoming of opposition, through the overcoming of displacement, through the overcoming of a sense of being lost, that love finds a depth previously unreachable within its very self. So it can easily seem to be a paradox that love, in order to be love, has needed to traverse the realms of the unloving, has needed to lose itself in order to find itself, but we find that this is precisely the nature of the Creation, as best we have been able to understand.

What you call your realm of time/space is a realm in which the sense of unity is more prevalent, the sense of being surrounded by love is more prevalent, and it is a place where those who have ventured forth into those domains of space/time in which they work in a more focused fashion, may find respite and restoration.

We are those of Q’uo, and at this time we would return to Jim to inquire whether there are questions still on the minds of those present. I am Q’uo. Adonai.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument and we ask if there are any further queries at this time?

I have short one, Q’uo. There are many in this group who are avid gardeners and I was wondering if you could just give us a few words of the metaphysical dynamics behind gardening and sharing love and communion with second-density plants?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Indeed the second density is as aware of love as is the third density though perhaps able only to express it in certain limited functions and fashions. As you partake in the gardening experience, the tending of the plants, the planting, the weeding, the tilling and the sending of your own love to these entities, they are aware upon a very basic level of the nature of love itself, and are able to connect this reception of love with your presence, and are able to then shine forth this love in their production of the flowers, the fruits, and the very quality of their own being that is a beauty of balance and of the second-density approximation of the One Creator. There are also those spirits about that you may call the nature spirits, the devas, each of which has a certain kind of, shall we say, mentorship or relationship to the second-density creatures, so when you are gardening, you are not only interacting with the second-density plants, you are also interacting with those devas and nature spirits that are in charge of certain portions of the plant and animal kingdoms. These also contain the One Creator in abundance as the One Creator is everywhere at all times expressing itself in various ways to those who have ears to hear, eyes to see and hearts to understand.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

I’m not quite sure if I’m going to say this right, but when we are in our gardens, or when we’re feeling love for a person, or having these types of experiences, there’s a spaciousness, an openness, that we sense and which also happens in meditation sometimes. I wondered if we’re touching on the metaphysical space when these events happen—when these experiences happen?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. In the experiences of which you speak there is a common denominator, shall we say, of the removing of the intellectual barrier that seems for most of those in third density to separate them from the inner qualities of the spiritual world, the sense of the spaciousness of which you speak, the sense of the metaphysical nature of the reality in which you move and live and have your being. When you are able to reach this state, whether it be through the gardening, through the exercising, through the meditating, through contemplating, through prayer–however you reach this state– you are indeed touching upon the truer nature of reality as you are able to experience it. For you have then reached a point within your own being where this being can reverberate in its natural interconnection with all that this. You no longer have the need or ability at that time to cut yourself off, shall we say, from the world about you, from the Creator that exists at all times in all places. So, if you are able to reach this state in the gardening it is most helpful, not only to you as an individual entity, but also to those beings with which you move in the gardening experience, the second-density plants, and as we previously spoke to the one known as Austin, the devas and the nature spirits as well.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Will these types of experiences be more common and easier to obtain when we are in higher densities, especially as we’re approaching fourth-density experience here on earth?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. Indeed this is so, for in the higher densities you no longer must deal with the veil of forgetting. The veil of forgetting is very helpful for the third-density entity, for it allows you to have experiences that would not be as likely to have in the higher densities, for in the higher densities you are quite aware of the unity of all Creation, of the love that is the energizing force of all Creation, but in that particular type of environment, it is oftentimes more difficult to find a reason to move from the perfection in which you exist into new expressions of your own being. Thus, the third density, where you forget that perfection offers you the opportunity to move into more intense polarization, shall we say, more intense expressions of the love vibration as you respond to the difficulties in your own life experience. The problems and the challenges of your life experience are those gifts that allow you to call upon the spiritual nature of your own being in order to solve them, to balance them, and to internalize the love and light that you find all about you. Yes, you shall find the higher densities offer you more experience within the spiritual realms, in the metaphysical realms, but forget not the great offering and treasure of the third density, for it allows you to find that which is the pearl of great price within an illusion which seems to contain very little of beauty for many at this time.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, that was very helpful. Thank you to both the instruments today, this has been really good. Thank you.

I am Q’uo and we thank you, my sister. By calling upon us to serve as you do, you allow us to progress further along this same trail which we share with you.

Is there another query at this time?


I am Q’uo. As we appear to have exhausted the queries for the nonce. We shall take this opportunity to once again thank each present for inviting us to join your circle of seeking. It is a great honor and privilege to be here with you. Only by your inviting our presence do we have a beingness within your third-density illusion. Though much of the treasures and the pleasures of the One Creator are covered within this illusion, indeed those which show through your very being are a true pleasure for us to witness. Your calling upon the One Creator in everyday life experiences is that which is a true calling to the source of all being that is here, and which wishes to express itself through you as you are moving along your path of the incarnational journey, the spiritual journey of the doughty seeker.

At this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and of this group. We leave you as we found you, in the love and in the light of the One Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, adonai, my friend.

  1. scintilla (noun): A small spark or flash; a small or trace amount.