Today we would like to explore the topic of self-worth. Can you elaborate on the role of self-worth on the seeker’s path as well as the obstacle of self-doubt. For instance, what is it we are worthy of, and what does it mean for us to have infinite worth? Any guidance in this area is appreciated.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. We are honored to be called to your group this day. We are well aware of the work each has done this weekend as you, too, seek to become channels of love and light through the impression and speaking of the words of your language, for each of you is a channel in this respect and in many others. The life you live you channel; the love you give you channel; the thoughts you have you channel. There are many blessings upon you that have been given to you because you have drawn them to you as channels of love and light, the blessings of friends that are now gathered here—of those whom we have become close to throughout the years—the times and places, the families of each, the pursuits of your interests. All of these are blessings of the Father upon you.

It is here upon the Earth that you have taken residence at this time. It is not permanent residence, and your identity is not your true identity, it is but a small portion of that which is at your heart and within your soul, that which you could barely comprehend if it were all exposed to you at one time. You have come here within this third-density illusion from a place within the Father’s Creation that is your true home—the world of the spirit. There your true nature is free to express itself in infinite ways in seeking the serving the One Creator as do you now here in your own way [inaudible] you have chosen in order to enlarge upon that which is your destiny, your desire, your service through all time: to seek the one that is within you already, to seek the one that you have ever been, that you shall always be. There is no other choice, you see.

You are of noble birth, a crown of the Father is already upon your head. Why would you take birth in such a limited illusion and risk forgetting, in fact, must needs forget all that you are? In this way, as you know from your studies within this circle of seeking, you may pursue greater understandings in a, shall we say, much more intensive fashion than is possible in your home density, for each of you here is a wanderer, and you well know that, or we could not speak it to you. You have come here to discover how to live a life of seeming limitation, and yet, by various types of limitation that seem so real to you, can you truly expand your service to all to the One Creator, your love for all for the One Creator; for when you forget that which you are within this illusion, then little by little you have the opportunity to discover small bits of the truth of yourself and the mystery begins to unfold.

And as you move in harmony with that mystery, you find that there is much more to be discovered, for this takes a good deal of effort and what you call time. This effort over time produces a polarization in your consciousness that is considerable. It is achieved in a much smaller, shall we say, increment of time than possible in the higher densities. Believe it or not, my friends, it is hard for those in the higher densities to progress quickly, for they see the truth of the Creation about them at all times. There is little doubt against which to push; little veiling to move out of the line of sight as there is so much of it here in this illusion.

The struggles you make to go beyond the seeming limitations of yourself are those which make you stronger in the spiritual sense, you see. That is what you are here to gain—a spiritual strength. A strength that will allow you to penetrate more of the illusion about you here in third density and to share what you have found in the spiritual journey who you meet on the street, in a friend’s house, at a gathering, wherever. You are beings of light, you conscious seekers of truth. Your light shines at all times, and you can direct it as you will.

So, as you look upon yourself in the larger sense of your origins, of your destiny, of your choices to be here, you are indeed, beings of infinite worth. I laugh because it is so obvious to us, because we do not see the boundaries that are helpful to you and yet difficult for you, and we understand this. We have sympathy for you; we too, have traveled this trail. It is not easy, but it is valuable, it is powerful, it is full of opportunity to serve, to learn, to love, to become light.

At this time we would transfer this contact to the one known as Steve. We are those of Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo and I am with this instrument. You are beings, as we have said, of infinite worth, and yet this can be the most difficult realization for you in this density of seeking. For you are behind a veil that, for the most part, shields you from a true understanding of who you are. And for all the world it seems that who you will become must be based on what you have done and, therefore, if you should become worthy it will be based upon deeds that render you worthy; it will be based upon accomplishments that render you worthy, and it will be based upon the recognition in the eyes of your fellow human beings that see you as worthy. Worthiness is something, therefore, worth striving for. Worthiness is the name for that which all strivings can be understood as belonging together in a single ultimate unity. So whether you strive for excellence in the job that you have undertaken, whether you strive for excellence in the performance of those services to family members, to loved ones, whether you strive for excellence in personal attainments of a more discrete fashion, shall we say, you strive ultimately to achieve a position which, in your own estimation, counts as worthiness.

Now, we would like to begin by calling your attention to the very nature of such striving, for one does not strive for what one feels one already has. One strives for that which is perhaps almost within the reach, but not quite. And inasmuch as your life is a perpetual striving—and that, my friends, we can assure you it is—it seems as if that for which you are striving, namely worthiness, is bound to be forever just beyond your reach.

Now, there can be a certain heaviness, a certain weightiness to the experience of the incarnation which you now enjoy. Depending from the very fact that worthiness is the single most important thing for you to achieve. Indeed, in the area of achievement, worthiness is the single thing least likely finally to have been accomplished. Once again you strive, perhaps you attain, but having attained, it occurs to you that there is yet more to strive for, and so you strive again in the realization that your attainment has been yet inadequate, yet imperfect, and this imperfection can be worn as a mantle of shame, which can, if you let it, tinge the experience of your entire incarnation.

We now turn, with the permission of this instrument, which we would like to say was reluctantly granted, to the example of this instrument’s life, for it is true that this instrument has struggled mightily with the question of worthiness. It has been a long and arduous struggle, bravely undertaken, and we will say, undertaken with what this instrument only reluctantly will call determination and a little bit of grace. And yet, this instrument has spent an inordinate amount of time gazing into a sort of abyss, feeling that everything to which it has turned its hand, every goal, every project, every effort to aid those it loved, beyond the measure of the love it had for itself, all this seems to have turned to dust. All this seems to have come to naught, to have been a vast featureless plain of disappointment. And so, for what has all the effort been spent? And so, for what has worthiness been placed upon the altar of aspiration only again and again to have the fondest hopes cruelly dashed, and the fondest expectation that there might sometime be the right action taken, that there sometime might be a redemption of all effort spent, that there might sometime be a sparing of the despair that can be the lot of one whose attempts to serve seem to have come to naught.

My friends, we will tell you what we now attempt to tell this instrument—that it is well not to look at the results of your doings in order to discover the true measure of your worth. It is well, rather, to realize that a life well-spent, spares no effort to be of service but does not judge itself harshly for that service which seems to have gone awry. For it is in the opening of the heart and the giving from the very depths of the most precious resources one can bring up to offer that the true service lies.

It is not for one who lives in the veiled condition, that is the lot of all who dwell in third density, to judge of the worth or the unworth of any effort made to serve. It is true that service as a requirement, as a need, as a calling, does not come to an end and, therefore, there is always more service that can be offered. One is never done or completed in one’s calling to service. The effect that true service, truly offered, has is that it does empty out the whole of the being of the seeker little by little, so that that which is carried of an unnecessary nature in the end needs no longer to be carried. When you have given your all, when you have opened your heart in love, without reservation, there is no more that could be asked of you, and it is not necessary to carry the heavy weight of judgment if, in your perception, the gifts you have had to offer have borne no fruit. That is something that is beyond your capacity to control. Your love may have effects far beyond their intended range of application. Your loves are always well spent just by being loves.

And so, the worthiness we would suggest to you that you seek lies not in the realization of the effects you have sought to achieve through your service and through your seeking, but rather in the nature of the service and the nature of the seeking themselves. Your worthiness does not depend on any reflection you might be given from the world concerning any excellence to which you may aspire. You discover your worthiness in opening your heart to service and opening your heart to love, and allowing that great cosmic energy which is the gift to all who are incarnate to flow through you and, doing so, to find its destination where it will.

Where it will, will be as wild and unpredictable as the wind. You may praise the wind, you may praise the mystery of the Creation, and in that praise, which is also a prayer, you will find the whisper coming back to you that envelops you with the sense that you may participate in the worthiness of the whole Creation. It is your birthright. As we have said through the one known as Jim, the crown, indeed, is upon the head of the worthy seeker.

We are those of Q’uo and we would at this time return to the one known as Jim, that we may speak to those questions that may still remain on the minds of those present. Adonai, my friends, Adonai.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and we are once again with this instrument. We would ask if there might be a query remaining to which we may speak.

Q’uo, in the preparatory process of the channel what are the fundamental actions needing to be accomplished up to the point of receiving contact?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. You have studied well this weekend the listing of these actions created by the one known as Carla. The most important of those in the list, shall we say, is the honing of the desire to serve, and using that desire as a motivator to accomplish the, shall we say, techniques. That is, the tuning of your own instrument as you may be able to receive information that is of a spiritual nature, and of such elevation, shall we say, that it has an enlightening effect.

There is also the need for the moving into a deeper portion of your own mind in the meditative state so that you may offer this tuning in a way which has meaning to you. There are prayers, there are songs, there are incantations, and various rituals that one may use to, shall we say, configure the mind in the way of the heart. The prayers that you have used are those that are most effective, indeed, for most entities gathered here. However, each may look to any other source of prayer or inspirational literature to also bring about this movement of the heart energy into the mind.

There is the need to make a contact, shall we say, that is helpful and supportive, whether it be with a guide, with your higher self, with an angelic presence with whom you have previous contact and appreciation, with those entities of a discarnate nature who are of great love vibration themselves and which can impart to you an enlivening equivalent vibration.

You have learned to move to this deeper level of your mind in the meditative state by techniques that may be said to be of a trance inducing nature, the hypnotic repetition of words or phrases, the moving down of the stairs or steps into a deeper portion of your own being, your own subconscious mind; and there are, within the deeper portions of your mind, resources that you may call upon, connections with the universe about you that you may open yourself to energies such as we now pour through this instrument, and which each of you now have tasted but a bit of.

This opening of the self to the deeper level of the mind is that which is best approached, shall we say, in a ritualistic fashion so that you are seeing the releasing and revealing of universal energies, not only from without you, from the cosmos itself, but from within you where you may make contact with intelligent infinity through the indigo ray into the violet ray. When you pray certain prayers, these become the ritualized vehicles that configure your mind which is enriched by your heart in such and such a fashion as to make this contact with intelligent infinity possible. In this way, you also complete your tuning so that you are able to not only receive these impressions of concept from entities such as are we, but you are able to offer your challenge to entities who wish to speak through you.

Thus, you are armed, shall we say, with a sense of yourself that is infinite, that is powerful, that is loving, that is desirous of serving. These are the qualities that you seek to enhance within your own being as you move into the role of an instrument—an instrument that is used by others, such as are we, who have the same desire as do you, to be of service to the One Creator in whatever form or fashion or function we may be. We find that there are many ways to serve and that the way in which we are now offering ourself in service is one of the most gratifying, for we know that you will take that which we have to offer and not only use it for yourselves, but will share it with others in your means of communication to those who regularly seek from you such inspiration and information.

Do you have another query, my brother?

How does the new channel grow, develop and become a better instrument?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. We have three words for you: practice, practice, practice. As in all skills the repetition of the skill is that which develops within you a certain, shall we call, it muscle memory? Shall we call it mental configuration of ineffable qualities? Shall we call it the ability to renew and reinvigorate your continuing desire to be of service to others? It is the desire that causes the intention to service. It is the desire to offer yourself in full to the One Creator, to do the Creator’s will at every turn however you may perceive it.

This intensification of desire and intention is as important as the practice, for it fuels the practice. When the heart can imbue the mind with the limitless love for all Creation, a gift of the Father, then the spirit is reached in such a fashion that it becomes likened to a shuttle to make that penetration of intelligent infinity possible for you in the channeling process. For that is what you do when you channel. You make that contact. This is a holy contact. This is a sacred contact. Not just because it is a contact that produces words from those such as are we, but because it allows other energies as well to move within this opening, this contact—the energies of the One Creator, the energies of love, of light, of unity, of power, of service, of seeking, of compassion, of curiosity, of investigation. All of these are facets of the very jewel that is the Creator living within you.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Thank you Q’uo. The Confederation has had an evolving policy with regard to how to offer service to those of Planet Earth, and it has been understood from the early years of this particular experiment that channeling was foremost among those means. At this present space/time is the opinion of the Confederation the same with regard to channeling, and are there other, equally efficacious means now available to the Confederation?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. We see the treasure of a contact such as this one as that which is most helpful not only in the information that we are able to transmit through instruments such as those are here gathered, but, because of the nature of this particular group and organization, there is the possibility of disseminating this information around your globe through the means of the electronic transfer of information over your internet system. We seek communication in whatever form is the most helpful means of aiding the population of your planet in its progression towards harvest. We feel that whether the information is channeled, is offered, or wherever it comes from, if it is that which speaks of love and light contained within every being, if it speaks of the sharing of that quality of love and light with all others in order that the heart center might be opened, this is the information that is most helpful.

There are also means of providing healing at this date in your evolution being so near to the end of your third density. There are many, many more entities who have the ability to offer healing practices and to teach such to others so that the healing may be not only of the body, but of the mind, and perhaps even of the spirit, and may serve as a kind of illustration or symbol to others of these qualities of love and light, for the true healer works with the one to be healed in a loving and compassionate fashion; and aids that entity to be healed in healing itself as the healer is able to offer its contact with intelligent infinity to interrupt the red/violet ray that holds the degree of ease or disease within the one to be healed.

Any type of giving of love to another entity in whatever form, be it spoken words, be it written words, be it healing, be it the smile on the street, whatever means of sharing love and light is possible, is that which we see as being most important at this time. There is no way of sharing love and light that is not important. It is the intention with which it is shared we find to be of greatest importance. We find that the intention here within this group is very pure and is very powerful, and we take a great deal of pleasure in observing the light which emanates from this group. We are most grateful for your calling of us to be of service to you today.

We would ask if there might be one final query at this time.

I have one, but I turn first to the group to make sure. J?

Q’uo, often when I access deep mind, and especially when I attempt to accept the contact, such as today, I experience a great deal of anxiety. Can you speak to this?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Yes, you are the runner before the race and you are eager to do well, to run the straight race, to run the swift race, to reach the goal, to reach the finish line, to complete that which you have begun. In the beginning these nervous energies, these jitters, shall we say, are noticeable because it is a new task which you are undertaking. Do not be overly concerned about them to begin with for they will, in their own way, power you forward. They will, in their own way, focus your attention so that you are aware quite concretely and minutely of that which it is that you are doing, that which you wish to do. It will give you an enhanced awareness. Over time and practice your experience will become so firmly established within you that these anxious energies shall no longer find a place to function within you, for it will be, shall we say, an “old hat” to you. It will become comfortable to you.

May we speak to any further nuance of that query, my brother?

No, I’m very grateful, Q’uo.

We are those of Q’uo and we are also grateful to you, my brother, for when you ask us a query, you provide us a means of service. As you move further and further along your own journey of seeking, you will discover that serving others is the most rapid way of polarizing your own self, and the greatest sense of satisfaction can become when you know that you have offered that which is your highest and best in you to each person that you meet. You may serve all entities that you meet, at all times, whether it is simply with a smile, a helping hand, a conversation, or part of your sandwich. There is no way that you cannot serve if your desire is to serve, so go forth my friends. Go forth in the love and light of the One Creator which is what we are preparing to do now. We appreciate so much your calling us this day. We leave you in that love and light as we found you in that love and light. We leave you in the love and light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.