Ra spoke of those of us in third density as parents of that which is in the womb, the Earth or Gaia. They said at that time, in 1981, the delivery was not going smoothly. We relate to Gaia as our mother, providing everything we need in this incarnation, including our bodies. On the other hand, perhaps our individual evolution might be facilitating an easier transition for Gaia to fourth density acting as her mother of sorts. It seems as though there is a polarity one could describe as parent/child and child/parent in respect to our relationship with Gaia, as we experience our relationship with our own children. Would Q’uo speak to this possibility? How is the extreme political polarization we are seeing in our country affecting the delivery of Gaia’s physical fourth density? How can those of us who would like to be of service help with the birth now in 2016, both personally and as a group?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and we greet each of you in love and in light. We are most honored this afternoon to be asked to join your circle of seeking. You have created an harmonious group full of love, of light, of seeking further truths. It is a part of each path here traveled today. We would ask you, as we always do, to take those words which we speak that have meaning for you and leave behind all others that do not. In this way we seek not to be a stumbling block to any seeker of truth, but only to aid those who may find value in that which we have to share with you this afternoon.

Your query concerns the nature of the birthing process of the planet upon which you dwell, that which some call Gaia, the mother of all entities upon the planet, for from this planet all that you know of in the physical realm has been made. You are a part of Gaia and she a part of you.

As you have surmised, there is a very close relationship between you as regards the parenting or teaching, and the learning or the growing as the child. You are, indeed, as the offspring created from Gaia, that force that has lived upon this planet for the past 75,000 in many forms, many billions of entities who have taken their sustenance from the mother of all. In this relationship there has been much interaction, not always of a harmonious nature as you are well aware. Many upon your planet have found it necessary to join the third-density experience here as those who have failed to learn it elsewhere. They have brought with them the symbols of their difficulties to be played out again in the great stretches of time and experience in space that create for you the opportunity for incarnation after incarnation.

As you have incarnated so many hundreds, even thousands of times within a third-density experience, either here or elsewhere, you are familiar with how this experience proceeds within each entity’s realm of choosing the lessons to be learned in each incarnation. These lessons have the hoped-for outcome of resolving the disharmonies for many of the population of this planet that have led them here and have caused them to reproduce the inharmonious relationships and situations that have existed throughout recorded history and before, and which are so obviously playing themselves out upon the world stage at this time at the end of the third-density experience.

Each entity that incarnates here wishes to become a blessing, shall we say, to the mother that has produced it and all that it is in the physical sense. This desire to bless, to love, and to serve Mother Earth and those fellow entities upon it, then must pass through what you call the “veil of forgetting,” in order that there may be a pure opportunity for making the preincarnative choices, possibilities, realities, blessings, offerings of love in the most basic sense of the nurturing of the life force of the planet, of the life force which moves through each entity, of attempting to see the Creator within each other entity, in attempting to relate to each as if you and the other were one.

This is not an easy lesson, my friends, as obvious as it is before incarnation, as you pass through the veil of forgetting, indeed there is a forgetting of the basic truths of all of the Creation, that you are all part of the One Creator, that the Creation in which you move and live and have your being is made by the power of love, and is formed of that which you call light, the photon vibrating at various levels and angles of vibration. All of this is obvious before incarnation; afterwards hardly supposed, dimly surmised, hopefully discovered at some point.

Those of you who are conscious seekers of truth have brought yourself to a point in your own incarnational experiences that you are able to access much that you chose to learn before the incarnation began. You know the general theme or outline of the energies and experiences that you offer to others and to Gaia as well. Most of the time there is the concept of love contained, of making well that which has been broken, of healing that which has become sickened or diseased or distorted in some way because of a difficulty in relating with harmony to all, including the self, and as you pursue these dim recollections to flesh them out, shall we say, to give them color and life and vividness, you share with those about you in what you would call a teaching fashion so that you are able to work together to piece together the puzzle that is the primary aim of the incarnation for all entities, the great puzzle of existence, the great puzzle of being, the great puzzle of progression into unity with all, into unity with the One Creator.

Thus, you gather together in groups such as this one, and many others around the planet, and share that which you feel, that which you believe, in some cases that which you are quite sure of, and in such a fashion you provide the ability for each entity within the circle to be enhanced, enriched by that which you share. Seeds are planted by each entity within all so that there is the possibility of your becoming more than you were before you came here today, and in like manner, as you move into the world around you offering yourselves in either conscious or unconscious service to all those about you, you plant further seeds into entities that may be conscious seekers as well, or may be not be conscious of the process of the seeking for truth, of the revealing of the self to self, of revealing the larger self to the smaller self.

Many there are upon your planet at this time who slumber, who move about in an unconscious fashion reacting rather than creating, responding in ways which may be defensive, offensive, confused, difficult, disharmonious, lacking a picture of any overall description of what the life is about, of whether there are purposes to life—is there more than the daily round of activities ambition pursued, of money obtained, of status and position exercised, of power over others. By your seeking, by your sowing the seeds of that which you have found within your own life experience and shared with you and by you with other seekers of truth, you provide the opportunity for there to be a revealing of that which has been hidden, a purpose for all entities upon the planet to lend their services to the planet, to plant their own love as a seed in each portion of the planet with which they come in contact. This can happen in any number of ways. Imagination is the only limitation in this regard.

If your desire and your intention is to be of service to others, to aid Mother Earth in her birthing of that fourth-density being which is you and many, many others at a future time, as you would call it, then you may see the opportunity to share love in any amount, in any form, with any entity, at any time, for indeed, each moment contains love. Part of the great riddle of your existence is to find love in all moments.

It is quite easy, as you know, in most; some moments seem to contain none. If it seems to you that there is no love in any moment that you experience, perhaps it is your opportunity then to offer your love to that moment. We do not ask you become evangelists or proselytizers; we ask you to simply radiate that which is the heart of your being, for in each heart there beats the rhythm of love, the revelation of light, the truth of unity, the Father there rests within. Seek the Creator within yourself and all other selves in whatever form that has meaning to you, whether it be love, whether it be service, whether it be light, whether it be potential realized, whether it be hopes yet unrealized, whether it be the dreams of a more harmonious experience upon the planet.

Yes, all of you are both teacher and student to your Mother Earth who is both teacher and child to you. This is true throughout the One Creation upon every planet that has any type of intelligent life upon it. My friends, we assure you that each planet has some form of intelligent life, for all is made of the One Creator of intelligent energy.

At this time, we would pause that any refining query might be asked, to which we may respond.

Q’uo, is the current political polarization going on in the United States affecting the birthing into physical fourth density at this point?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. Indeed, all that occurs upon your planet at this time has the purpose of aiding in the birthing process, even those activities which you might find somewhat distasteful, destructive, disharmonious in so very many ways you see upon your television and read within your newspapers that which is the bad news of the day. Indeed, those plays, shall we say, with actors upon the stage that are being enacted now upon the world stage in this country and others, are those, shall we call them offerings in the round, lessons of primacy, lessons of potential, lessons of desiring to find another way. For often times the particulars of a play may provide a provocation to do opposite as to what the play is describing. In other words, oftentimes there are those who are, shall we say, offering themselves as a bad example so that other choices may be made by those observing—those within the audience, shall we call them.

You see within your larger presidential election process that has been so prevalent (prominent) in the news for the previous year as so much has been objectionable to a large portion of the audience observing, so much has been confusing as claims and counter claims are made from opposite directions, and those who support one claim or candidate decry the other, and the lines seem more sharply drawn and the polarization more vividly expressed.

At some point there is the opportunity for resolution. At some point, there will be an election, there will be a new president, there will be the opportunity for reconciliation, there will be the opportunity for those who have followed each candidate to reach out to those who followed the other candidate, to find a means by which there may be a working together, a moving forward, for indeed, all are of one country, are they not? All are concerned about what is well or not well in this or that area within your country. Each time there is a difficult type of expression of energies, of ideas, of actions, there is also the opportunity for the reaching out to those who do not agree to become a larger person, shall we say, with a more open mind and with a more open heart.

These are potentials, these are possibilities. Whether they shall occur is up to each individual. Each of you, as you move through your daily round of activities, will have the opportunities in many ways to do the very same thing with problems and difficulties of a smaller variety, shall we say. Each family, each community, each church, each business has a political system, for the politics within your illusion are always involving people and how they relate to each other; how power is shared or not shared; how the wealth of what is available to the group is shared with all within the group. The politics of your people is the process of people interacting with each other. You may affect that which is yours to affect. Your family, of course, your community as well—church, business, those who you know, those whom you do not know.

If you go forth with the light of love within your heart and seek to share as best you can that which is yours to share, then you have done what you can. What more can you do? Go forward to see the Creator in all; to love the Creator in all; to be a person with a large enough mind and an open enough heart to include all within your prayers. Pray for those who feel they are your enemy; pray for those who despitefully use you. Pray that that entity may become one with you and you with it, for all are truly one. Eventually this truth will be born within your illusion. The fourth-density population of this planet will come forth. How long it will take depends upon the choices your people make.

Is there a further query at this time?

I was curious if there was any way that we could tune into the crystalline grid or how we, as a group, could utilize this in helping the birthing of the fourth density.

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. This grid of energy about your planet is a network of portals that allows the passing through of energies from what you would call your sun body, the sub-Logos, the intelligent energy of this entity of love. It moves through each portal and is, shall we say, accelerated or enhanced, especially at this time of the transition into the fourth density, so that those who are open to the concept of love and understanding, the primary qualities of the fourth density, may then share those qualities with those about them, especially in the meditative state or the contemplative state using visualization or however you choose to do it.

You may see the energy from the Logos, the sub-Logos, your Sun Body, moving through these grids of crisscrossing lines of power and entering the planetary web or surface and becoming available to those who are in need of love, who have a dearth of that quality within their being, who call out for assistance in confusion, in pain, in difficulty. You may see these portals enhancing the love available to all such entities, and then, in another fashion, these portals are also available for those who are now moving through that transition which you call the dying or the moving into the larger life. As each entity then is able to move through such portals, the light coming through these portals is that which the entity moves toward in order to gauge its, shall we say, harvestability, or ability to be graduated into the fourth density. It is the ability to welcome and enjoy this enhanced level of light and love coming through the portals that will determine each entity who moves into larger life as to where the entity is placed by its own ability to welcome and enjoy the enhanced love and light.

Is there a further query at this time?

Could the traumatic things that are happening on the planet, could they be related to labor pains of the birthing?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. Indeed, there are labor pains occurring across the planet as a whole, for each time there is a group of people, shall we say, the immigrants from the Middle East, that suffer the difficulties within their own country, the bombings, the terrorizing, the killing of those who do not agree with the prevailing point of view—any time there is a pain or anguish of this nature, you may see it as equivalent to a labor pain. Whether it is entities who are being discriminated against in another country for their race, their sex, their political beliefs, their religious tenants, these also produce a pain that could be seen as a labor pain. Any time there is a disharmony in any group or individual that has the lack of love, the lack of understanding, the lack of acceptance of such an entity, it produces a pain of a mental nature, a spiritual nature, an emotional nature, a physical nature. All these pains at this time could be likened to the labor pain of your Mother Earth, for you and she are one, you are made of her, she is your mother, she is birthing that which is your child. The relationship between all of you is that of oneness, is that of unity. Such pain is felt by all at some level, perhaps not consciously, perhaps not mentally, most usually in the spiritual sense so that within the meditative state you may tune into the level of pain that is occurring upon the planet if you are willing and strong enough to feel and empathize with such pain, perhaps a small degree would be enough, to reveal to you the nature of such a mass experience of pain upon the mother to all.

Is there another query at this time?

Q’uo, in #17.1 Ra is describing the transition to fourth density, and they say “there will also be a sharp increase in the short run of negatively oriented mind/body/spirit complexes and social complexes due to the polarizing conditions of the sharp delineation between fourth density characteristics and third density self-service orientation. Those who remain in fourth density upon this planet will be the so-called positive orientation.”

That thought is echoed elsewhere in the Confederation’s philosophy: Earth will be a fourth-density positive planet and there won’t be a home here for the negative orientation. So, my question is: How does the service to self meet its end? Does it find a climactic finale before it is no longer available here? Does it dwindle out gradually from existence? If Q’uo could speak to that please.

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Though there seems to be a great deal of negative energies in motion upon your planetary sphere, those entities who are actually of possible harvestability in the negative sense are individuals rather than groups, and are much fewer in number than those who are positively harvested, or harvested possibles. Thus, the individuals expressing the negative polarity of service to self will be busy about separating themselves from those around them, attempting to control those around them, and doing so usually from a position that is not publicly visible, for it is much more easy for such negatively oriented entities to move in the shadows, shall we say, and do their work in an unseen fashion, and have their work done for them by those who are minions of such entities. Thus, you will see certain activities or movements of energies on a larger scale than the individual that will seem to contain much that is disharmonious, much that is of a dark nature, much that is of a separative nature, and even those that are visible carrying out these plans may not themselves be harvestable to the negative polarity; but those who are guiding them, those who are inspiring them, those who are sending them forth to do their work are the ones who may find their own harvestability, shall we say.

These entities, as they pass through the doorway of death, as you call it, will harvest themselves to another planetary influence that will be their home planet in the fourth density. There they shall engage in what you may call a struggle for the power over others aspect of the negative polarity. The struggle will be with entities of similar nature in the fourth density, so that at the end of this war, shall we say, of the mind of light being sent forth to do its work in the negative sense, when all such power struggles have been completed and each agrees that the alignment is as it should be, then the social memory complex shall begin its experience upon that fourth density negative planet.

Is there a follow-up query to this question, my brother?

If I understand, Q’uo, you are saying that in our space/time experience upon this third-density sphere, those of negative orientation will complete the term of their incarnation, move on elsewhere, and they won’t be replaced by newly incarnating entities of negative orientation, so it is by that mechanism that there will be a decrease in the negative polarity. Is that correct?

I am Q’uo, and this is correct, my brother, for the negative polarity has a requirement that is quite strenuous. Ninety-five percent of its thoughts, words, and deeds must be successfully polarizing towards the negative pole, whereas the positively oriented entities need only demonstrate 51% of thought, words, and deeds in service to others in order to be able to graduate to the fourth density. Thus, there would not be enough time, shall we say, for new fourth-density hopeful entities to become incarnated in the time that remains upon your third density here. Thus, they are not able to do their necessary work, shall we say, in the time that remains.

I am Q’uo. We find that this instrument tires; its concentration is beginning to become diffused. We would suggest that we now take our leave of this instrument. We thank each, as always, for inviting our presence to your circle of seeking. We are most honored to be with you. Because you have invited us, we are able to have a beingness among you and to enjoy your loving and light-filled vibrations. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave you in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends, Adonai, vasu borragus.