(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to be with you and I greet each of you. We offer you our love. What we offer you, my friends, O men of Earth, what we offer you is more precious than any treasure you can imagine. And yet we mourn that so few know of the treasure of love. O men of Earth, we speak to you now in sorrow, that so many of your peoples value only those things which cost what you would call money. O men of Earth, you spend your time seeking after so many things that do not advance you on your spiritual path. How long will you sleep?

We speak to you in this manner, my friends, for we know that you, too, spend time in mourning over that soul within you that cannot be given its place in your own universe. We know that you, too, mourn for your planet. But your planet, my friends, shall we say, in general is in a very difficult position at this time, for the desire and the thought of those upon your planet have caused the situations to arise in which war and the government which provokes war seem to be a totally unchangeable set of parameters, out of which there is no way whatsoever.

Yes, O man of Earth, we do mourn with you. But, my friends—and this is what we are here to tell you—if you know who you are, at all, you can begin at this moment, at any moment, to seek out the miracle which that which you would call Christ-consciousness may do for you. It is true, my friends, you cannot save your planet. In general, the thinking has been aligned in an incorrect manner and many, many upon your planet will not achieve enough understanding of love to go on, but will have to repeat this cyclical experience.

But you, my friends, each of you, if you know at all who you are, you know that the miracle is very near, is close, and can be right now. In your holy works, it was reported many times that the one known as Jesus performed miracles. He opened ears that could not hear and allowed the blind to see. And yet, how many of you, my friends, suffer in a spiritual manner from stopped ears and blind eyes and closed hearts? Have you gone through this day in some degree unhappy? Frowning? Struggling? Then you have need of a miracle, my friends, and the miracle is very close.

What we are saying to you is simply that you can, at any time, make a change in your consciousness, not by yourself, but by what you would call the grace of the spirit of love. We have said to you so often to meditate and we say it once again. Not only is it difficult to live with a consciousness that is unhappy, irritable, frowning or afraid, lonely, in other difficulties—not only is it uncomfortable for you, but also your higher self mourns and this seeps into your consciousness, and you feel sad for your own difficulties.

Now, this moment, my friends, take your birthright! No man need change. The saints were only conscious of the reality of love. That human personality will continue on, with your encouragement or without. Yet if you seek love, by grace you shall find it. I will transfer at this time. I am Hatonn.

(H channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. When we speak of the reality of that which you call love, we speak of a universal concept. We speak of a concept with which all things have been created. We speak of a concept which contains all things that you experience. And man of Earth looks about him, and he sees about him that which is disagreeable to what he would desire. And he labels it, what you would call, to be bad or negative.

Yet in essence, my friends, that too is the love of which we speak. For in order to look upon any situation, any experience, or to receive any knowledge, and to have the ability to accept or reject through your own analysis that situation, is truly a gift of love from the Creator. And in order to properly do so, it is necessary that you [have] the balance of the concept of love. For each and every experience there is that which is what you would call the opposite, and through the knowledge of each, you then have the experience of being able to bring into balance both positive and negative aspects in your learning process. Without the knowledge of each, it would be of greater difficulty, or shall we say, even impossible for you to proceed upon your path of truth and enlightenment. For, my friends, without all things that exist within the universe, our creation would be incomplete, and so would our experience.

And indeed, though it be infinite, my friends, our experiences are complete. They are complete, insomuch as they are the manifestation of the concept of love, brought forth through the Creator and His gift of creation to us.

Love, my friends, to those who truly understand, is the tool by which they create. It is the tool or the law by which they live. It is the words they speak and the thoughts that they project. Love, my friends, is that which the Creator is and always shall be. In order that you may come into a clearer understanding of this concept, it is not only necessary, as we speak, for your daily meditation, it is also necessary that you go through the experiences and lessons of your life, and that you meet that which is placed before you, whatever it may be, as a stepping stone upon which you must tread—lightly, regularly and knowledgeably. Meet that which is placed in front of you. Do within that circumstance the best that you know how. Love the experience entirely, whether it be painful or pleasurable. For, my friends, in all things there are lessons that you must learn in order to progress. And placed before you in life there is nothing of coincidence. There is only that which is intended to be learned.

There was one upon your planet with whom you are familiar, whom many call Master. And, my friends, that name can be yours. That concept that he represented, of love, can be yours. Learn to meet head-on all things in the light of love and you shall learn to master all of your emotions and thoughts, and you shall learn to generate within you a brightly luminous flame from the spark of divinity that is within you. Radiate from within the love that you learn, the love that you are, and the love that you know you shall be. For love is ever-growing and never-ending. Love never is depleted nor divided. From within you comes all things, all things that you desire. For indeed, that love within you is the creative force within the universe. You are an extension of the creation, you are the creation, and you are the Creator. You are the light. You are the way, the knowledge, wisdom and truth. You are in the Creator as He is in you, and though you do not understand it through the utilization of your intellect, in true essence you are all things.

I shall once again transfer this contact. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I will open the meeting now to questions, but before I do, my friends, I would answer a question which is on the minds of several, including this instrument. We are aware that some of you question how we can communicate through instruments when there are members of the group who are sleeping. 1 Very quickly, we can speak to any group of people in which there are people who are resting, in which there are infants who are resting. Our difficulties in speaking to groups come only when there is a person within that group, of any age, who desires not to hear what we have to say. If there is one such person, then we cannot speak.

Of course, my friends, it is not necessary that a person be fervent and faithful before hearing us. It is only necessary that he be open to hearing our words.

Are there any questions?

Can we receive personal guidance from you when we are alone? Can you direct us in our actions?

We, as the brothers of Hatonn, will not direct or give advice at any time. However, at any time that you desire our aid, we will send to you a vibration or wave which is sometimes called the conditioning wave. This is, shall we say, a general all-purpose spiritual frequency. As we become more familiar with you, we will tune it to your own need. It is designed to intensify your own vibrational pathway to your higher self, which dwells within the Creator. This higher self, which is the Creator within you, may then speak to you, and it is the higher self which most certainly will direct and guide and give and enrich your spirit. We are only instruments, shall we say, shepherds. We can offer you the waters of wisdom and in telling you to meditate, we point out the location of the stream whence that water flows. But you, and only you, may drink and be refreshed.

Therefore, seek us, indeed, in meditation, and we will endeavor to aid you. But never in any way will we advise you. This is the prerogative only of your higher self.

Does this answer your question?


Is there a further question?

Can meditation provide technical insights?

Each upon your planet has access to an infinite amount of knowledge. Each, through his various experiences previous to this one, is peculiarly suited to receiving certain types of information. The answer, in general, is “yes.” Any type of information that is desired may be obtained. However, the knowledge of your deepest, shall we say, talents will guide you to seek that type of information that you are most well suited to receive. You may think of the repository of information as part of an infinite mind, to which you have access through meditation.

If you are seeking specific information, seek in the name of the Father, as you call Him, and seek to do service by this information. Then, become very aware of those daydreams and dreams within sleep that you may have, for the channels through which information flows from the infinite mind, through the subconscious, as you would call it, to the conscious mind, are quite often the intuitional daydream and the visionary dream. Does this answer your question?

Yes. Thank you.

Is there a further question?


We would say one more thing, and that is: to be healed of any disease or any pain, it may be necessary to understand that there is no power, none whatsoever. The Creator is not a power, for if there were one power, there could be others. The Creator is all things, in infinite quantity. It is the realization of the fact that disease of any type has no power that allows harmony to reassert itself. The basic force in the universe, if you wish to call it that, is love, and it has an infinite amount of energy, at all time, automatically attempting to adjust all things to harmony. You may see this as the power of good, and yet we say to you, it is not power: it is all that there is. In a universe that seems many times to be pulling apart, and falling into disorder, it may seem that disorder is a power, yet on the inner planes, become conscious that all that there is is the Creator. And give the disease to this “power,” if you would call it that, and the healing will take place. Lift yourself off of this Earthly plane, my friends. In your mind, rise far beyond your dreams and schemes and troubles. The infinite universe, with infinite worlds and planes, awaits your consciousness.

We leave you in that consciousness, in that harmony, in love and in light. I am Hatonn. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

  1. A member of the group had fallen asleep early in the meeting and was breathing heavily.