(H channeling)

[I am Hatonn.]… you have many times heard me speak. You have many times understood. Yet there have been many messages which contain great value which you have not completely comprehended. And we have given to you the clue, time and time again.

The clue, my friends, is understanding of meditation. Meditation, and the knowledge that you receive, shall be clear and unmistakable. For we can say to you, in order to penetrate that which you call your intellect we can only achieve a portion of true understanding through the intellectual processes.

You, as brothers and sisters on the planet Earth, have an obligation to one another, and that is to love one another. And you may ask, “How is it that I am able to learn to love those who would not return that love?” It is, my friends, to be known that love is something that is contained within you, in infinite abundance, and it is replenished and multiplied by sharing with others that love that is within you. Love is not of a selfish nature. Love possesses nothing. Love asks nothing in return. Love is a state of, shall we say, consciousness which is pure and unaffected by its surroundings. Once you truly understand this, then you can truly begin to know the concept of love.

You on the planet Earth have come here for this purpose: to learn, to understand the concept of what we call love. You have been given the opportunity to grow, one with the other, and you have been given the opportunity to share, one with the other, your experiences and your knowledge. As you are aware, you face a period of time in which, shall we say, your growing processes shall be speeded up. The love which you have come to realize shall now be put to the test. You, as the instrument of the infinite Creator, are to love all things constantly and infinitely. You are not to ask for the return of that love. You are to go into those situations that influence you in the world that you are in, knowing that you shall come forth after the completion of that experience still loving those with whom you have learned and experienced with.

In your life cycle you shall know many whom it shall be difficult to love. But, my friends, if you are truly to know the entire content of this concept, then it is necessary to have these experiences, for it is easy to love those who would return that love, yet it is difficult to love those who return what you would call hate.

My friends, you must realize that the love that you give shall indeed be returned. It may not come quickly, yet a portion of love, with what you call patience, will come. Be patient and you shall receive that which you have earned through your right actions, through your sharing of love. Turn to one another. Do what you can to help each other. Know that you are perfect; know that you are love. And be the exemplification of the love that you desire to receive.

For, my friends, in this universe like objects attract one another, and for you to receive the love that you desire, it is necessary that you be that love, without fault. For if your love is faulty, so shall be that love that you receive. You are the creator of your experiences. This we have stated many times. It is time that you understood the creation in which you have placed yourselves.

Guard your thoughts, my friends. Purify your thinking processes. For your thoughts are your creations, and with them you must live. And if you desire to live in a constant environment which is agreeable to you, then so must be your love. It is possible for you to achieve, and it is your birthright. You are here to learn these things. You are here to receive what you learn, and, my friends, in this lifetime you can [learn] all that you desire. Discipline yourselves. Be the masters of your environment. Receive the assistance that is being given to you, and place not barriers about you—barriers of doubt, barriers of confusion. Know that you are protected by the infinite Creator’s love [inaudible]. Know it without doubt. Know that you shall achieve your desire. And in truly knowing these things, they shall be done.

I shall transfer this communication. I am Hatonn.


(H channeling)

I am once again with this instrument. We are attempting to communicate with the instrument known as B, yet there is some difficulty in that the instrument is analyzing his reception. I would once again attempt, if he would please refrain. I am Hatonn.

(B channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. Again I greet you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator.

My friends, we have been together for a period of time in which we have attempted to make understood to you many new concepts. Now, on your plane, you may attempt to go to what is known as a school so that you may develop much knowledge in the hope that you may someday acquire enough of this that you may teach others.

My friends, the time flies by, to even a quicker pace. You have learned much. Now, my friends, I do not say that you have learned so much. But it is now your place to go among your people and to teach. For, my friends, many things are understood by you which cannot be put in proper phrase. As you sit and meditate, you feel this energy called love, but yet you cannot properly define it. I grant, as yourself, that it has taken us, upon many journeys, to learn the truth we have now developed.

My friends, as always, we are at your disposal, and will help you in any way you would request of us. We remind you again, my friends, that when you leave this room, you will attempt to keep this energy vibration which you now experience at a high level throughout your day. As I have said earlier, like entities attract each other. You will find this very valuable in acquiring new information that you will need. I leave this instrument now. I am the one known to you as Hatonn. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.