(Carla channeling)

I am Oxal. I greet each of you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. We of the Brotherhood are, as always, most privileged to be with you. The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator is indeed a brotherhood, my friends, and our purpose is one: to share with you our understanding of love. We are of one purpose, although we are quite different, one from the other.

But we have learned, my friends, in our travels what brotherhood is. If we could share with the peoples of your planet this understanding, those troubles which each of you has with your brothers would be no more.

We ourselves know that we are not perfect beings, and that we cannot judge or be judged by any of our brothers. There is no way, my brothers, of judging yourself or others in a spiritual manner. You can never know precisely how you are doing along the spiritual path, for those things which signify to your eyes as being one way or the other, good or evil, positive or negative, may in the eyes of the Creator signify something quite different.

It is a difficult thing to give up, that judging of yourself and of others. It is a difficult thing to love yourself and others in a totally trusting way. Yet this is precisely the key to understanding. If we could offer you this understanding of yourself as a being who is capable of many, many imperfect acts, yet whose heart is perfect, then we would have succeeded in a great thing.

For you see, my brothers, brotherhood is only possible to be unified with your brothers through the Creator. You will never be one with your brothers on the level of man to man, or man to woman, for imperfections breed discontent, and misunderstandings always occur. Yet, by the grace of the Creator within you and within your brother, there is a link so strong and so perfect that it can make the most opposite and diverse personalities one. It can cause the most unsympathetic situation to come into harmony. And this transformation occurs when a brother stops seeking a brother in love, and seeks only to rejoice in the Creator who is in his brother, be he a friend or a foe.

There is such a confusion among your peoples, such a terrible, noisy confusion, in which you speak incessantly of right and wrong, in which your peoples judge and accept judgments and spend endless, endless time in discussion. Yet harmony will never come on that level; right and wrong will never be discovered on that level. From the smallest relationship to the greatest of your nations’ relationships, brotherhood can never be achieved by reason, but only, as you would call it, by prayer and meditation.

People are not alike, yet love has created them all. And the Creator within them is lovable, is love itself, and can speak to you of love in the face of the most inharmonious aspect on the outer plane. The spiritual path is not an easy one. You have known this, my friends, for some time. And when we say to you that our message is simple, we do not for a moment think that it is a simple thing to put into action. It has been written in your holy works that the master who teaches the consciousness of Christ brought not peace, but a sword. And this is the sword we ask you to accept in your lives, the sword of not judging, the sword of even willing to be foolish in another’s eyes. For when one does not judge, when one is willing to trust to the Creator, those around that person may think of him as foolish. Moreover, there is a great satisfaction on the love of a personality in, shall we say, vengeance or getting even. But what you are doing, my friends, when you answer those who judge you with an answering judgment, is collecting your karma, as you would call it, there on the spot. Yet your karma to them has not been collected, and you will answer for that karma. Far better that you allow the karma that has come to you to die, as you forgive, and in that forgiveness, the karma that is reflected from you is satisfied.

Whatever one has done to you, let it end there, my brothers. Brotherhood is never an equal partnership, for each brother will give more than half; so it will seem to him, for this is the way of learning. You are your brother. Do not think of equality; think of [inaudible] finding more room in your heart for forgiving and understanding and compassion. You are not doing this for another. You are doing this for your brother, who is you.

I am Oxal. I would like to speak through another instrument at this time.

(H channeling)

I am Oxal. I am now with this instrument. We speak often of brotherhoods and of love. We speak often of many things, yet it is most often that we speak of the need for personal, shall we say, progression through the proper utilization of your experiences, and through the advocations towards your meditations. It is for you to realize that you progress not only for yourself but for the benefit of the universe, for the fulfillment of the Creator’s will. For as you have learned, and as we speak of it, all things are indeed one with each other, and one cell, shall we say, cannot live without reflecting that growth upon the others. The universe is forever expanding, and it becomes more illumined, as do you. You, my friends, are the reflectors of the light of the Creator, and as your capacity for reflection becomes greater, that reflection of light throughout the universe is enhanced, in order that it may spread to the farthest reaches in order that it may be shared by your brothers.

You are the mirror of truth and of light. Each individual must take upon himself the responsibilities of what you would call light, and that is to progress spiritually, and to allow the love to take form within you, and to be shared with those around you. It is your responsibility to refrain from those avenues of expression which will be negative, not only to yourself but to those around you. You should not indulge in mental, shall we say, activities that are harmful to you or your brother: activity such as judgment, activity such as possessing, or limiting in any way the thoughts or actions of another.

My friends, you are unlimited beings, and you lead an unlimited experience. You may accept upon yourself those limitations by which you unconsciously desire to learn, yet when you are done with them, you shall release them and realize the capacity within you to create and to become equal, or shall we say, become aware of your equality with all mankind, and all things within the universe. What you do unto yourself is not only done to you, but it is done to all around you. The Creator finds no separation between you and your brother, for your energy fields coincide and enmesh together to present a group energy field that reflects the light and the wisdom that is contained within it. Self-motivation upon your path of evolution is important. It cannot be for yourself that you desire to progress, or for your fellow man. It should be for the benefit of the Creator and all of the Creation, knowing that you are a portion, that you are important, and that you are capable of assisting [in] bringing about the love and the light in greater clarity throughout the universe.

You are instruments in many, many ways and you can choose what forms of instrumentality you desire to use. Yet know that what you choose to do to be perfected, and that in order to perfect it you must allow it to flow freely from the Creator. Do not block your instrumentality through lack of faith in His ability to work through you and His willingness to perfect you. Fear not, my friends, for fear is the creator of that experience. Lack of fear brings about harmony in experience. Experience [inaudible]. The fear that we find in your people reflects about them, and draws to them what it is that they fear.

This, my friends, is one reason that we must communicate with you in this manner, for we are feared by your peoples and our presence would heighten those fears. And this is not our desire. We are servants unto ourselves and unto you, our brothers, and above all things are servants in the name of the Creator. When it is made known to us that we can dwell among you in harmony and be accepted as your brethren, we shall remain, serving in what ways that we can, and bringing forth to you, the people of Earth, our knowledge and our light. Call upon us when you will, for whatever assistance that you need, and we will provide that assistance which is of the will of the Creator. Ask nothing in your prayers, either of us or of the Creator, that is of a selfish nature. Ask to be guided as a servant and all that you need shall be provided. Seek not spiritual awareness, but a demonstration of truth; seek that spiritual awareness in order to become truth. In order [for] you [to] receive the right to demonstrate to and share with others the truth that you are, you must first become that truth and understanding, and merge entirely with it into the universal aspect of light. You must be one with the Creator, for He is the truth, and through Him, you shall reflect that truth to others.

You are not alone, my friends. You stand with the Creator and your fellow man upon the brink of a civilization which is to be brought about in your actions, a civilization in which man may draw close to one another in the ways which have been intended: in harmony and in service to one another and in tune with your Creator.

We of the Confederation give you our thanks for accepting us into your consciousness. We assure you that we shall only endeavor to do that which we feel to be of the greatest benefit to your peoples. It has been our privilege to be with you this evening, and we look forward once again to meeting with you. Yet know that we shall always be with you, within your heart. Call upon love, and we are there. In the love and the light of our infinite Creator, we leave you at this time. I am known as Oxal. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. It is our special privilege to work with conditioning rays in attempting to condition new instruments, and at this time, if you would be patient with us, we would like to attempt to work with the one known as B. If he would relax, we would attempt to send him a very few simple thoughts. If he will relax, and attempt to speak our thoughts as we give them to him, without analyzing them, it would be our privilege to make contact with him. I am Laitos.


I am again with this instrument. We are having some difficulty making contact with the one known as B, due to a very common type of difficulty with this type of communication…

[Inaudible section.]

…again, without hesitation. In this way, the flow of our thoughts will be uninterrupted. We would like to attempt once again to speak just a very few words through the one known as B. I am Laitos.


(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. We thank the one known as B for the opportunity to condition him, and we assure him that contact will take place. It is only a matter of becoming familiar with our technique of voicing our thoughts. If you will bear with us, we will also attempt to condition and contact the one known as P. Again we say relax, and open yourself to our thoughts. As you receive a thought, simply speak it out, without regard to what you may think of it, for in this way, we can speak through you, and in no other, without using a more physical type of ray than the one we prefer to use. We wish to speak only a very few words through the one known as Paula, if she will relax and make herself available. I am Laitos.


(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. As this instrument would say, while we are at it, we would like to condition the one known as G. We are aware that at this time he is not desirous of becoming, shall we say, a vocal channel, for he is still attempting to reassure himself as to our presence. Therefore, we will simply attempt to give him energy in such a way that he may be aware of it. If you will bear with us, we will condition him.


I am Laitos. I thank you again for having the patience to let us work with you. This particular contact-type of communication is somewhat boring to learn, we are aware, yet without these channels being developed, we would find ourselves sadly short on channels when needed.

Before I leave you, I would like to open the meeting to questions. Are there any questions at this time?

Can you tell me something about the civilization, the great civilization?

Are you referring to a civilization in the present time? On this planet?


We are sorry. The instrument does not know what you are talking about, which makes it more difficult to give the answer through this channel. But we will attempt to.


We are having difficulty with this channel, and due to that, we would attempt to answer through the other instrument. I am Laitos.

(H channeling)

I am Laitos. As many of you are aware, civilization as you would call it upon your planet has taken many forms throughout the ages. There have been those periods which have been considered as golden eras within those civilizations. There have been golden eras known in many, shall we say, of your national civilizations. There have been empires of great magnitude throughout your histories of which you are aware. Yet there has been upon your planet, as many of you have accepted, that era which you refer to as having been that of the Atlantean, a place and time upon your planet in which man evolved hand in hand with his Creator. A time when there were no limitations as to your expressions, and there were no transmutations or implications within those expressions. A time of great, shall we say, ability, technically and spiritually.

The time is dawning upon your planet. The peoples of that era are you. That era, my friends, was brought about between an experience of destruction, because it was made known that if you had indulged, and begun the transmutation [inaudible] and begun the physical, shall we say, indulgences throughout the people of that time, they brought about or upon themselves what you would call a karmic liability, to once again evolve through the experiences which would bring them back to the realization of that golden era, an era of perfection upon the physical plane.

My friends, once you achieve absolute, shall we say, harmony, it is still your choice to return, and while under the influences of the sensual and physical, you are continually bombarded by this choice. This brought about, shall we say, the destruction of that golden age, yet it shall not stand in your way [inaudible] age. For man upon planet Earth—those who are, shall we say, of a serious nature—is dedicated to absolving those experiences which are destructive to bringing about that day of love among all on your planet. Is this sufficient?

[Side one of tape ends.]

(H channeling)

…shall we say, of what you would call telepathic communication. We initiate and send to the instrument thought. And as the instrument sits and clears his thought processes, the reception is made. And generally, upon receiving thought from us, the initial experiences of the…


…if indeed the thought is from an alien source, shall we say, or one self-initiated, and this in itself is a communion of our thoughts. Yet it brings about confusion, for there is the expression of that. In order that you may receive clearly, what communion of thought that is experienced should not be one of question, but one of receptiveness, and you should rely upon your ability to know that it is ever present to transfer the thoughts that you receive properly and promptly [inaudible] instrument.

And you must understand that we communicate conceptually: as you progress, and as you receive the concept, it must be filtered through your intellect, and through your storehouse of vocabulary, the expression of that concept is brought forth. And this is the communion of thought that is desired. And you must not be afraid of your own ability to discern the source from which the information has come. You know from within yourself whether you desire to accept or reject the concepts, and you as an instrument are free to nullify any reception by purely desiring it to stop and refusing to express it. Many times, our instruments, while learning, and at times those who are well-established, interject unconsciously portions of their own thought. Yet, my friends, if those portions interjected were, shall we say, detrimental to that which we wish to express, then we would not utilize that instrument. If you should investigate that type of instrumentality of which we are speaking, you shall find that there have been many that wished to achieve the contact, and that the greatest portion no longer express this form of communication. Many have chosen upon their own to refuse that flow of information, and many, my friends, have been refused by us when they have misused that information they have received. We stand not in judgment, but we shall not allow the misuse by our instruments of that which we wish to share.

Is this sufficient?


Are there any other questions?


If there be no questions, we shall leave you. We are grateful to be with you, and always we shall remain. Our love and light and that of the Creator be with you. I am Laitos. Adonai. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.