(H channeling)

I am Hatonn. Greetings, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is, as always, a privilege to be with you and to share with you that which we have to offer in the area of, shall we say, enlightenment, on subjects which are vital to you upon your path of progression. We of the Confederation have drawn near to you at this time, for you have requested it. We are here to serve you in whatever ways that we can without violating in any form the choice of any individual.

This evening we would speak to you upon the subject of what you would call tribulations. As you are aware, those upon planet Earth are undergoing, shall we say, an experience of growth and one of learning. Your life in its entirety is an accumulation of lessons, lessons which you have designed to experience, lessons through which you can learn the truths and the application of those truths that will enable you to bring about the existence that you truly desire. And that existence, my friends, may be expressed in many words, but shall we say, [any] orthodox expression would be the existence within heaven.

Heaven, my friends, is wherever you place it. It is wherever you desire it to be. It is an eternal factor. Thus, it is not to be gained, but recognized and accepted. And in order to come to the realization that you indeed exist within that heaven which you desire, you must undergo what we have called tribulations. You have placed before you on your path circumstances which, when encountered, are somewhat difficult to comprehend. Circumstances which, shall we say, test your emotional stability, your intellectual stability, and most of all, your spiritual stability and dedication.

My friends, when confronted with situations which are incomprehensible through the processes of your intellect, accept it and face it, knowing that it has been desired by you as an experience for the opportunity of growth. Righteously confront that situation. Enter into the experience with an attitude of love, of love which contains no resentment or fear. Accept that which you have created, for indeed, you have brought it into existence. Know that, no matter how it appears, it is for the best. Know that within you is the ability to properly react to any situation.

My friends, when we say to know that this ability is within you, we cannot stress the importance of the factor known as faith at these given times. You have been taught that within you is that which you call the Creator. You are portion and particle of the creative force and vitality that permeates the universe. Attune yourself to that presence within you, through the utilization of your meditations, and learn what it is to truly know the ability within you. Your abilities are infinite. Your love is also infinite. There are no limitations placed upon you by your Creator. They are placed upon you by yourself, in your acceptance of them. There are no situations which you, as your own personal creator would place before yourself, that you could not properly confront and overcome.

Many situations will bring you to a point, being human, shall we say, as you are, to despair. Feel not guilty, for this feeling of despair is only natural upon your planet. During your trials, you shall, shall we say, be influenced by the mortality which you have chosen to possess at this given time. It is as the negative and positive poles, the mortal and the immortal, one knowing limitation, the other knowing infinity. Yet neither is complete without the other.

My friends, your existence within the Earth plane, and within physical environment, is vital and essential to your growth, for you have desired it. You have brought it into existence. And now that you have chosen it, you must learn, you must learn how, within you, the ability can be utilized to manifest the perfect experience within the physical environment. Many great teachers have walked your Earth planet and demonstrated that, even within the physical form, they could demonstrate the unlimited abilities of the Creator within them. “The kingdom of heaven lies within you,” so say your scriptures. Seek not outside of your form, deity. But know the deity that is in you. Seek not to experience those things about you which would deter that seeking of deity within you, for you are confronted with many situations, day in and day out, which titillate your senses and your desires upon the physical level. Yet these also, my friends, are trials which you have placed before you. And when you come to the day that all things may be offered you that at one time were tests to you, and you no longer even need to ask yourself if they are desired, then you shall walk with the masters and you shall teach with their assistance to your brethren on this plane.

My friends, to walk with those teachers, you must be above the influences of the physical level of existence, and yet remain in it. This is within you, the ability to bring this about. It is a long and tedious journey that you have chosen. Stamina, or shall we say, patience is of the utmost importance. And, my friends, once again: you must have faith in your Creator, and above all, in yourself. Know that you are divine. Know that you shall succeed. Know that you cannot be overcome by any negative experiences or incidents. You are the master of your universe. Go within yourself and know these things, and emerge in whatever form you would desire.

I shall transfer this contact to another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Hatonn, and once again I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator.

My friends, you may have asked yourself before this many times: “If indeed I chose these tribulations, whatever was on my mind when I did that? What was my higher self thinking about?” We cannot penetrate the nature of the Creator, nor would we pretend to. And if there is a reason that the white light and perfect love of the Creator was generated into what you have called the Word, so that entities may appear to people the cosmos, we do not know it. Nevertheless, that this is so, we do know. It is possible that, in infinite humility, the Creator offered to all of His infinite parts total freedom to remake that creation. This is, indeed, the option that was before you as you contemplated your entry into the physical illusion before your physical birth.

Before you came into the physical illusion, you were in an atmosphere where thoughts were obvious things, as real to you as the physical objects of your illusion are now. And the choices that you now find so difficult were not even choices. And you asked yourself, if you were put to the test, would you still know what love was? Would you still know how to serve your brother? Would you still seek the Creator with all your heart?

And so you came into this illusion. Perhaps one might think of what is in the mind of this channel: that in your armed forces, parents hope that their child will become a man. Service under these conditions is more difficult, yet under difficult conditions, one developed more rapidly.

And so it is with you, my friends. This was your motive. Whatever else you needed to do while you were here, your basic motive was to penetrate the things of this illusion with your discrimination so that you could see the love and the light, as you would call it, the heaven that penetrates all that there is. In order for you to see those things that are lasting, it is necessary for things not to always go, on the physical plane, perfectly well, for if your day-to-day existence was not at all troubled, you would perhaps be satisfied to live out your physical existence without seeking further knowledge. It is when things become difficult that you seek to know the reason.

My friends, in all space and time, wherever polarity of good and evil exists, those entities which the Creator tossed into the void have forever and ever turned back to the Creator with an instinct that cannot be denied. Whatever entities have attempted, however much separation they have attempted to put between themselves and the Creator, there is an instinct which cannot and will not be denied forever. Perhaps this is, in a nutshell, the answer to the riddle of why we are all aware beings. We are a timeless answer to a timeless question.

In your tribulation, in your difficulty, know that this is an opportunity for you to discern, to seek out that which will not rust and will not spoil, to unlock from within your heart those feelings which will long exist, while all more petty and mundane feelings pass away.

As always, we suggest meditation, for this is the kind of assignment which one cannot do by oneself. I would leave this instrument at this time, for one of my brothers, Laitos, wishes to condition several who are here. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and I greet each of you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I am one with you, and I thank you for the opportunity to be with you at this time. As my brother has said, it is my special privilege to work with conditioning those of you who desire it, and at this time I would like to pass among you and offer to each of you the conditioning wave.


We thank you for this opportunity. We would like to take just a little of your extra time, if you would be patient, and attempt to contact the one known as N. We have not used this instrument for a long time, and if he is willing, we would like to say a few words through him. I am Laitos.

(N channeling)

I am Laitos. I am now with this instrument. I greet you all again in light and love. I will not say many words through this particular instrument, but I would like to say that it has been a very great honor and privilege to speak to this group at this time. I will now leave this instrument. I leave you all in the light and love of the infinite Creator. I am Laitos.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I am again with this instrument. Before we leave you, we would like to open the meeting to questions. Are there any questions at this time?


If there are no questions, my friends, we will only leave you with the thought that you are as harps. You have the power to tune yourselves to harmony or disharmony. You cannot control the wind that blow through you. You can only control the sound that you can produce when the wind touches you.

My friends, the wind of experience can blow hot and cold, harshly and gently. Yet, you have the key: you may tune yourselves. Meditate, my beloved brethren, you are all one. You are all in harmony. It is only a matter of finding that sweet harmony.

I am Hatonn. I send you our love and the love of the Creator, and I leave you in His love and light. Adonai vasu borragus.