Today we would like some information on addictions, whether the addictions be of food, drugs, friends, rituals or whatever. Is there any value to addictions? Almost everybody has some addiction. How do we work on addictions? What is the proper attitude to take with an addiction? Do you try to solve it, correct it, or accept it? How do you know that you are getting anything done when you work with an addiction? Is there any value in working with addictions or in addictions themselves?

(Carla channeling)

Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those of the principle of Q’uo, and we greet you in the unstopped love and the limitless light of the one infinite Creator. We wish to thank each of you and to bless each of you for calling us to your circle this day. You have given us a precious gift in asking us to blend our vibrations with your own and asking to hear our opinion concerning addiction. As we speak through this instrument we will offer you some thoughts, and we ask that as you listen to them you take those which please you and which have the subjective ring of truth to them and to leave the rest behind, for each is upon an unique journey. Each has an unique path and each has his own personal truth. Your discrimination is all-important. It is well always to trust that instinct within that knows and recognizes its own truth, for others may feel strongly that their opinion is correct and yet you are the only one who actually knows what is correct for you. Some truths last a month, some a year, some a lifetime, yet all will one day be overshadowed by a higher and broader truth. So the relationship betwixt the seeker and all of those opinions that come from the outside is that of the connoisseur who chooses just those fruits and vegetables that are ripe. You know which truths you are ripe to receive. So shrug off any thought whatsoever that does not satisfy you.

In speaking to you about addiction we would like to begin by working with the word “addiction,” for this word is to your people what the word “vice” was in a previous age. Both describe the condition wherein an entity feels driven to do or use or be some thing, or some way. This calling of vice addiction makes it sound more vulnerable to, shall we say, the quick fix, and, indeed, for specific addictions there are quick fixes. However, the nature of addiction or vice can be seen to be that which takes a good thing and simply overdoes it. What drives entities to addiction very simply is the instinct that the body, the mind and the spirit has to seek comfort, enjoyment and peace.

As each spirit enters incarnation it is without preference because it has had no experience. Immediately a soul is born into flesh and breathes the air it begins to weep because it is cold, uncomfortable and hungry. All of those needs were met within the womb, but now here is life given to a baby in full complement with all of the ins and outs of the character that it will learn how to express as it grows older. But in the short run this entity is helpless. It knows only when it lacks comfort, and when it lacks that comfort it learns to express displeasure and need. And when the parents hear that innocent cry they quickly learn to feed, or bathe, or change the infant that is squalling and thus upsetting the peace. The only tool that this young entity has to work with in the manifested body state is its inarticulate voice, and so the trials of incarnation begin with the sobs of the newborn.

[Transcript ends.]