How can we work with relationships and feel safe in doing so?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and are again with this instrument. We find ourselves much amused by your difficulties with the crying baby and the crying tape recorder. We send best wishes to both sensitive media and hope that all is well.

We were speaking of those text books that you are to each other, learning those lessons of love that you have come here to learn, for, indeed, each of you has come here not only to serve others. The call to the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow who have become wanderers upon your plane of existence have truly hoped to be of service but also each who incarnates within your Earth sphere as a wanderer comes with a hope of doing work in third density that may lend clarity and crystallization to that entity that you have evolved into through the vibratory levels to that of your home density. You see, each goes through this school of love in third density without learning everything, without achieving perfection, but merely tending toward the direction of service to others and unconditional love to the point where you may enjoy and bask in that fuller light that characterizes each succeeding density. So each of you has been through the school of love before, some upon this planet, others upon other planets. But wherever in the infinite creation you have matriculated into third density, you have graduated from it without attaining perfect understanding. And as the densities succeed and as you progress upon your path you find yourself feeling the lack of one or another of those inner strengths, those cores of steel that constitute a real experience of realization of one or another aspect of those lessons of love. So each of you has asked of the self in incarnation at this time that it go back and attack with appetite and enthusiasm those remaining little tangles of feeling and emotion and sensitivity and self-awareness that have knotted and been snarled throughout succeeding densities, lessening in confusion through time, and yet the self is aware that it has work to do, and in the higher densities there is not the opportunity to work through faith alone that there is in third density. In higher densities the veil is lifted and you are able to remember all that you have done, all incarnations that you have enjoyed and experienced, and so you do seek to refine that choice of service and love that you made in third density.

And yet you have not been able to unsnarl that lack of understanding. And so each of you has a real hope at the unconscious level that you will undergo the ordeals which set up the situation for learning about loving and about being loved, about possessing and about being possessed, about caring and not caring. There are many seeming drawbacks to third density, specifically, the veil that traps the conscious mind within the context of a life bound in flesh, able to move only one step at a time, able to think only to the self and not in communion with others. It is as though in third density you are dumb and blind and numb and all the sensations that are so clear in the mind have a confusion in the experiencing of them. And, we hear you say that, “This is a good thing?” And we say to you, yes, the confusion, even the terror of living without proof, without knowledge, and by faith alone is a good thing, it is in fact a thing so prized that there are, shall we say, lines waiting to get into your third density at this time for the opportunity of service and personal growth is excellent among your peoples in your culture at this time.

Now let us explore what it is to live by faith. The floor under the entity that is yourself is hidden from you. We have heard the one known as R speaking of the difficulties of getting to know your own self well. There is tremendous confusion that would hit any entity when he cannot see his feet before him, when he cannot see the terrain through which he is traveling. An entity within your density cannot see the lines that link person to person to person, cannot see that flowing oneness that takes the illusion of flesh and moves through it as through the medium of your air. The fact that you cannot see the connections betwixt yourself and other selves is certain. The fact that, nevertheless, each entity is one with all that he meets is also true. The only way that the seeker then can walk is without looking at what the appearances of things are, for the appearances are that each entity is a monad. Each entity walks alone, and this feeling of isolation is a tremendous source of suffering among your peoples and yet when an entity stops looking for his feet and simply moves ahead, step by step, an unusual and unpredicted thing occurs, and that is that the steps of one who has stopped trying to see connections are more assured and livelier than those who are pressing with urgency against that envelope of blindness that surrounds the metaphysical self. So the suggestion of the one known as R to relax, to allow, to let things be, is an excellent suggestion. It is, in fact, the only procedure which gives the element of faith its proper centrality.

To live at all is to live by faith. Now consider this, what if one day your system decided that it did not wish to function. Does your heart simply stop beating? Do you simply forget to breathe? Never. For that second-density body which has offered itself up to carry your infinite consciousness, untroubled by self-awareness continues. It does not forget to make the heart beat or to make the lungs breathe, or to make the blood collect all that it must collect and take it to all of those places within the body that calls for each element. Nay, you can have faith that you shall breathe, that your heart shall beat, that your sense of balance and so forth will allow you to move about your illusion anywhere your free will chooses for you to go. And this total trust, this complete unerring dedication to that nature of self, has the potential of working within seekers such as yourselves in much the same way except then that you are working with your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, and with the emotions, with the mentality, with the spirituality the entity who wishes to know the self must first make connection, make contact with the sense of rightness and trust and faith in those finer bodies that are part of the complex of vibrations that is you.

It is not to those who speak many things and write many words, necessarily, that self-knowledge comes, but rather it is to the one who has learned to trust in the energies and sweeps or ranges of energetic cycles that self-awareness shall come. Perhaps we could use this instrument’s example of the watched pot that never boils. Living in faith is turning on the fire under the water and trusting the water to bubble when it is ready to bubble. There is the human desire, perfectly natural to an entity imprisoned in flesh, to wish to control the processes that have to do with survival and comfort, and certainly there is tremendous discomfort in the processes of learning those lessons of love which you have come to learn. The natural reaction, when there is pain, is to draw back, to contract against it and to guard against further contact with it. And yet the process of learning is one which does cost the entity learning that energy which it takes to apprehend and work with and grasp that changes are taking place. There is, as far as we know, no way to avoid some degree of suffering. Indeed, it is one of the beauties of your density that you are in confusion and pain much of the time, at one level or another. And, therefore, are more open to rapid learning than one who is not in pain, is not suffering, and knows the score, shall we say.

We speak from experience, for we had in our third-density an unusually easy time of it because the ethos of our people was more loving. Therefore, there were depths which we did not learn in fourth density because we had not enough difficulties and confusion to take our human pride, shall we say, and break it. For you see each of you has an inner idol which needs to be cast down and broken. You can name it one thing or another. This instrument would call it pride, and this instrument works upon its pride very consciously. However, it has to this moment found no answer to its difficulties, for pride seems to grow upon itself.

Each of you has this sterling opportunity to break through the defenses, the shells, the masks that each has gathered about itself to defend itself from those pains which it fears. And the answer to these pains and difficulties is simply to accept them, to embrace them, to walk through them by faith, working in each case to see the love that is in the moment and to be a part of that which is good for all those whom you meet. You see, the confusions, the difficulties, the suffering are symptoms, shall we say, of the process of change or transformation when you have incomplete information. Each of you has woefully incomplete information in the conscious mind.

There comes a time when an entity has disciplined the personality to the point where it sees its own suffering. It sees the pain and the confusion and at the same time rests in peace and in faith in the knowledge, that knowledge that comes to the open heart without proof that beyond all of the appearances the one thing to focus upon is love. This is at its most important when the entity faces itself, for only when an entity has learned to love and forgive its own self can the entity turn open-heartedly to embrace another in intimacy of spirit, of mind, and of body. Until the self is seen for that creature that it is, with dark and light mixed together, can the self move from self-absorption into radiating as does the lighthouse, as does the fire upon the hill. Your lighthouse self, that self that you came to share with Earth, awaits that moment when you turn from all the confusion and simply embrace the moment, looking at that moment with the realization that all is well and that all shall be well, whether it be life or death, good times or difficult times. Still and always you are loved. You are held in infinite care in the tender arms of the Creator whose nature is unbounded love.

We ask each to see the self as a fortress, that fortress of flesh that defends and guards and has fears. And to see the hope of the incarnation being that process of dismantling the armament, of taking off one mask and then another, one layer and then another until the self is transparent and empty, and is a vessel through which love may flow.

The deeper that you are able to take this process of becoming naked the more intimacy you shall be able to endure, the more of love that you shall be able to channel through yourself. The controlling, fearful seeker wishes to give love and receive love. The entity whose pride is dust simply is and in that bare being lies infinite unbounded love. So when the striving is over and the heart has room and time to open, there is love itself and in that love there is all the awareness and understanding that is needed. So, indeed, the next time the seeker feels itself reaching and grasping or pushing away and defending we ask that seeker to remember that nothing is as it seems but all things are full of love, even those which seem the darkest. There are many distortions, but beneath and above and around and penetrating all distortion is perfect love and there is within that holy of holies, within that open heart that each of you has in potentiation, that perfect instinct for love.

You may think of your life in faith as a process of mining where you bring up the ore and sort out the dirt from the gems. Each of you is a marvelous, beautiful gem. You are simply in the process of tapping away the dirt that surrounds it. And that tap, tap, tapping will continue as your years increase. That tap, tap, tapping of life working upon you to refine you. This is what you came for. This is what you thought was a glorious chance, though there is pain associated with this learning. We encourage each to allow the pain to be, for it, like any other sensation, is your sister and your brother. And as you are able to open, to be fearless, to be simply yourself, with no masks, so shall you come closer and closer to that center of self which is infinite and eternal.

We would at this time open the meeting to questions. Is there a query at this time?

You seem to be with us before the session begins. Do you also stay with us after the session is over?

We are those of Q’uo, and we certainly can share comment on the process of speaking with each other for we find that each is of great aid to each other within the circle, and we encourage the sharing that you do within your group. We are pleased that each wishes to invest time in seating these thoughts that we share and we wish all of you much fortune in enjoying each other’s thoughts and company. You are correct, my brother, in thinking that we are with you as you gather and speak before we channel. We, indeed, are often with those within this circle of seeking, for all that we need is the mental thought and we are there. That is one of the pleasures of being within other densities of creation. The ability to be intimately aware of each other is very much enhanced and we do make use of that ability to be with each as we are called. Because it is an infringement upon free will we are not with entities until they request or think of our presence, but if it is requested we will be with each at any time. We do not attempt to share concepts with our presence but rather function as a kind of carrier wave undergirding and strengthening the basic vibration that is the essential entity.

May we answer you further, my brother?

I see you as different from my guides but all still of one source. Could you correct my thinking there?

We are those of Q’uo, and believe that we grasp your question. The character of a personal guide is much like the character of a Confederation entity, so it is easy to think that they all are the same. However, shall we say, inner guides and ourselves have a different address. The guide that is a personal, shall we say, angel or advisor to you lives within your planet’s inner densities and comes to you as one who has experienced the Earth plane and is in relationship to you and has been in relationship to you at other times. These inner guides have the perfect right to infringe upon your free will to the extent of giving information specific [to] subjects such as other incarnations, the problems with diet, and other kinds of specific information that would be to us an infringement upon free will. We are one of many entities and groups of entities that comes to your Earth plane from elsewhere and do not and cannot claim Earth as the home of our particular spirits. Because we are not of the Earth we have clear guidelines as to that which we can offer without detuning the contact which we have with this or other instruments.

May we answer you more fully, my brother?

I still have some confusion. I’ll think about it and ask more later.

We are those of Q’uo. We also wish to thank you and encourage you in these approaches of thoughtful inquiry, for these are fruitful areas to ponder.

Is there a final query at this time?

In the upcoming Aaron/Q’uo workshop how can I help Carla maintain her energy levels?

We are those of Q’uo. We would say to you that by your concern there is automatically a conduit opened which this instrument may draw on without any conscious thought upon your or her part. Beyond this basic aid which is the greatest part of being the battery there is simply that loving attention which suggests rest when it seems appropriate.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Do you mean rest for myself or rest for Carla?

We were referring to the one known as Carla. However, it is a good point that to care for another is not so helpful if one is not caring for the self also.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No. Thank you.

We thank each as well. We would encourage each to go forth rejoicing, for love is all about you, and you can walk by faith with a merry heart. We leave you in the light and the love of the one infinite Creator. We are of the principle known to you as Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.