7 November, 1982

Intensive meditation

Hatonn: My friends, we are taking our time with this instrument for she is somewhat fatigued and we are aware that there is a calling for some information and some inspiration which this instrument is capable of channeling given the slow method of communication, for what we have to say is not what this instrument expects. Indeed, we are often a “Johnny-One-Note,” as this instrument would call us, sounding ever the theme of meditation, for only through meditation or a parallel resource of being can you find that original Thought which each of you seeks. This evening, however, we would speak to you of several seemingly disconnected items: of mirrors, of families, and of the definition of home.

28 October, 1982

Intensive meditation

Hatonn: As we observe the vibratory complexes of each of you, it occurs to us that perhaps the most helpful form of aiding each instrument in building its own skills at this chosen service at this particular time would be the technique of the telling of a story through all instruments, each telling only a small portion, knowing neither beginning nor end. This is a technique which is reserved for more experienced channels due to the infinite possibilities of panic upon the part of [the] new instrument which does not yet have the confidence to simply speak without analysis of those thoughts which are brought before it.

24 October, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: Tonight we will exercise all those wishing for practice as vocal channels speaking a few words, a thought to each. We are indeed privileged to have so many who wish to serve in this fashion. We of Hatonn wish to ... We are having a slight bit of difficulty with our contact. This instrument has not been practiced for a while and we would pause for a moment to strengthen our contact ...

17 October, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: Each of you has had and will have concerns about progress on your spiritual path, but let me assure each of you that you are making progress. You do not see the small baby growing moment-by-moment, but over a period of time the growth is very obvious. You have a tendency to become impatient, and you want to see things happen quickly, but if you will think back you will recall experiences and dreams that have fit together and have guided you on the path. So may we say do not be impatient, but be joyful and cheerful as you [inaudible] continue day-by-day as you think of time.

3 October, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We would speak on a topic we have spoken on many times in your gatherings, the topic of love, which is essentially intertwined in everything that we bring to share with you. Love for one another, love of a country, for your world, and of course, an important love you must have for yourself.

26 September, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, it behooves us to bring before your attention at this time the great amount of excess involved in the accepted ways of your peoples. More specifically, the excess of supply, the excess of interpersonal politeness, and the excess of spiritual hypocrisy. How much, my friends, do you need to give you that diaphanous, unshaped and inchoate thing called happiness? What of this world’s belongings are necessary to the establishment and the perfection of your being and your seeking? How soft and how many must be your beds? How redundant your raiment? How filled your rooms within your dwellings and indeed how many rooms do you find necessary within them? Look you to the society with which you have commerce. What do you require of those to whom you have said, “I shall love you”?

25 September, 1982

Saturday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, it is often difficult to experience those passages of time in which one seems to have lost an awareness of the path which one treads. For as those of you [who] have traveled through the forests of your planet are aware, the most pleasurable segments of your travels are those within which events of significance are discerned: a particularly beautiful flower, a joyous song, a passing bird, an impressive outcropping of stones—each of these is an easily discernible landmark of your journey, one which may be easily reexperienced at a later date. But, my friends, was not the greater value of the journey acquired as one quieted oneself in anticipation of that which was to come? Is it not true that the greatest value derived from such a trip is not determined by those seemingly significant objects or experiences, but rather the balance one retains through the journey?

24 September, 1982

Intensive meditation

Hatonn: It is a great pleasure to speak to this group. We have been working with each and find ourselves in the position of several instruments being eager to courteously step aside for each other’s practice. This, my friends, is a very good practice except when carried to the extent that there is no message due to an excess of courtesy.

19 September, 1982

Intensive meditation

Hatonn: If you will start your day with a clean slate and give your friends and your so-called enemies the same privilege, you may inspire yourself and others to change. The past is as dead as the trees in winter. The only difference is the trees will return each spring, but the past is gone. Giving yourself a clean slate helps you to change for the better. Giving your friends a clean slate and also your enemies inspires them not to repeat their mistakes.

9 September, 1982

Intensive meditation

Hatonn: We thank each entity present for the desire we feel within each to be of the service which you have called the vocal channeling. We would begin the process this evening with the newer instruments so that we might devote the greatest amount of what you call time to their initial contact. We shall be working with our brothers and sisters of Laitos this evening, and at this time, for each new instrument who is desirous of feeling the initial contact from the Confederation, our brothers and sisters of Laitos shall pass among you and begin the conditioning process.