(C channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I am now with this instrument. My friends, it is always an honor and a privilege for us to speak to you. It is somewhat easier when you journey with another along the path. It may at times seem easier, but so much is lost when there is not the sharing and the learning that is generated by the interaction with others. Energies of a group strengthens forces. When you share freely, give your energies, your love, you form a more powerful vehicle in which to journey.

As you know, at this time on your planet the number of entities is increasing rapidly. Entities striving to complete lessons. As the number of entities increases you may see an increase in those who seek to separate themselves from all other entities. They will try, but ever increasing numbers will act to bring those seeking to separate themselves to look at the self through different eyes. For each is separate; each is also one with the Creator and increasing numbers are inclined to offer to all the chance to give themselves to their brothers and sisters for the needs …

I am Hatonn, and would now pause, for our contact is not a good one, and this instrument has been receiving another contact as well as our own. We are adjusting. I am Hatonn. We have now readjusted our contact, and this instrument has pulled himself back. We would ask that this group please retune themselves for the various stages of alertness are causing the energies to wane. If you would retune, we would again try to speak to you. I am Hatonn.

[Chanting, with group.] Omm.

(M channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. I greet you with the love and the light of the infinite Creator. You have been especially among people very healthy. [inaudible] Some of your people get so disturbed over insignificant situations. They treat them as life and death matters where it should be considered a [new] life and a [inaudible] experience. They so overcharge their emotions that they do not learn from the experience. When they return to a normal state they need to re-experience the situation. The forgetting process is necessary for learning. But if you can take the long view of the situation, you can learn as you first experience it. It is not healthy to over-involve yourself in a situation. Remember that your whole life is a learning experience. The insignificant details are there to teach but not to overcome.

I am Hatonn. I now leave this instrument.

(C channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am once again with this instrument. We regret the interference, but now we seem to have a much better contact. We would caution those who seek to act in the service of channeling to always remain within themselves. To channel, you need not surrender. To channel is an act of free will. If the one seeking to channel begins to drift, so to speak, to reach out beyond and separate even partially from the physical being, then that instrument is open to others who would speak. The interference could quite possibly be to information that would harm instead of help. We know that you wish to be of service to all, but caution you to remain in position where you choose, where you are not used. Your free will is extremely important to your learning, to your experiencing freely the lessons that you have chosen to learn in this incarnation.

If at any time as you act as a channel you seem pulled, please take time. Collect yourself. As you begin channeling, we and my brothers and sisters of Laitos suggested that you open yourself to speak freely without doubt and analysis, but as you speak any of the words, the thoughts are not comfortable, take time …

Who is speaking, Hatonn? C, answer to your name. C?


Okay. Get close enough to L to put your hand under his leg or under his arm or hold his hand or something like that. L, don’t hold on to him hard or anything, just keep contact.

C, do you feel all right?


Okay. Relax. There is no longer any possibility that you will leave your body. You’re grounded to L. That’s why I always hold hands with Jim. Does anybody else feel any problem? Excuse me, Hatonn, please go on through another channel and let C relax for the remainder of the evening.

(L channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. We are appreciative of these difficulties being experienced by the one known as C, and extend our apologies for over-using the instrument that he so generously provided for the purpose of our communication. We were unaware of the extent of disorientation resultant from the higher disturbance caused by a negatively-polarized entity seeking simultaneously to be of service. We commend the one known as Carla for her perception, and are also appreciative of her service. It is apparent to ourselves and an increasing number of those present that there has been a sustained effort toward the disruption of the efforts towards positive polarization of this group this evening. We are confident of the ability of this group to sustain both its polarization and self-possession, so to speak, and would desire to continue with our message. However, if any present desire a cessation for any reason, we shall pause at this time to reopen this possibility for the expression verbally. Are there any present who desire the cessation of this contact?

I don’t desire the cessation of the contact, Hatonn, but I would appreciate the opportunity to give C some remark.


(L channeling)

I am Hatonn.

Would it be better if I left the circle for awhile? Would it help [inaudible]?

I am Hatonn. My friend, the strength that has sustained you in [the] recent past is that strength which also sustains those present and is a benefit to those present that your presence is included. However, we would not desire to imply that your presence is required, should it be your desire to depart.

I don’t want to interfere, so I’m going to go outside for a little while.

I am Hatonn. We thank you for your decision.

[C leaves.]

We would suggest that consideration be given to some accompaniment for the one known as C.

[Another person leaves the room.]

I am Hatonn. I am again with this instrument. My brothers and sisters, here is a force that feeds upon and is strengthened by itself. If you would desire, the continuation of that sensation would be a wise choice to maintain a conscious—correction—consciousness of that which you fear and thus be rewarded by its reinforced presence. However, should your desire be to flip that fear behind yourself and progress beyond it, a wise selection might be to extend—correction—cease extending your life force to the support of that construct. The universe within which you live, my brothers and sisters, is of your creation, and responds to that which you reinforce.

At this time we shall relinquish our use of this instrument that our brothers and sisters of Latwii might extend their service as well. I am known to you as Hatonn. Adonai, my friends.

(L channeling)

I am Latwii, and I greet you, my brothers and sisters, in the love and light of the infinite Creator. And might we suggest, my friends, that attention be extended to the maintenance by all present of the attunement, or variations of a severe nature may be accomplished in the attunement of the group by a reduction in concentration among those present. At this time we would offer ourselves in the service of answering questions, if there are any questions tonight.

Yes, Latwii, I have a question. We were talking about the poltergeist tonight on our way out, and we continued talking about it a little bit in here. Could these thoughts have been a distraction and could that have been a … had some part in what happened in the group tonight?

I am Latwii, and I am aware of your question. My sister, the variation in attunement experience was the result of several factors. However, we would downplay the significance of the conversations on this particular subject prior to the attunement.

May we answer you further?

No, thank you.

We thank you, my sister. Is there another question?

I’m aware that the relaxation technique caught an extremely good hypnotic subject by surprise in C, and wonder if it would be going beyond the bounds of free will if you would scan the group and let me know if there is anyone else in the group …

[Side one of tape ends.]

[I am Latwii, and am aware of your] question and your concern, my sister. We may say that we are quite confident that at this point we have the vast majority of each individual present’s attention at this moment due to unforeseen circumstances. We might suggest however, that in addition to the entity known as C encountering some difficulty, the instrument we are currently using “went right under” in his terms, but was able to make a gradual comeback.

May we answer you further?

Does he need further aid?

I am Latwii. We have examined this instrument quite carefully prior to setting foot inside, so to speak, and it is not only wide awake, but curiously well rested.

May we answer you further?

Oh, good. Thank you.

As always, we thank you. Is there another question?

Did you have a message for us tonight? I’m really missing the spiritual inspiration.

I am Latwii. I am aware of your question. We had not planned on the delivery of an impromptu sermonette, and in all sincerity find that the current atmosphere is perhaps too highly keyed for our liking for such an undertaking. We would prefer to beg off until a more suitable time might occur, if that would be acceptable.

I’ll take a light check.

We thank you, and may we say, that was lightly put. Is there another question?

Yes. I’m … Having worked in a mental hospital for a long time, and observed how—what can happen to human beings, it’s my belief that too much thinking can break the barrier between, shall we say, the barrier between reality and non-reality. Would we not be better off if we had a little more levity, and a little more humor to counterbalance the seeking? I don’t know if I’ve made myself clear. If not, I’ll try it again.

I am Latwii. My sister, a significant facet of love is humor, for it is through humor that we encounter the exuberance of the Creator and His creation. There are many among your peoples who seek deeply and earnestly, yet manage to overlook the simplicity of that within which they exist. It is possible to travel from one point to another by many routes and arrive quite exhausted and depressed by many of the longer routes, yet we find that there is a strong correlation on the path we have traveled between lightness and levity.

May we answer you further, my sister?

You may not be able to answer this, and that’s quite all right. As you scan my life, didn’t I go through a period when I was about to go off the deep end, so to speak, and maybe lose contact with reality on this plane? And I’ll understand if you don’t want to answer that.

I am Latwii. As you surmised, my sister, we are very reluctant to undertake the extension of interpretation of an individual’s life path. However, we would be willing to say in general that most individuals who consciously follow a path will often encounter side roads that seem quite attractive until traveled sufficiently to reveal their potential destination. At this point, many will simply retrace their steps to their original path, and continue to follow it.

May we answer you further?

No, that’s fine. Thank you.

We thank you. Is there another question?

I have a couple of observations, but I would enjoy your confirmation or comments on them if that is possible. Thinking about what K said. First of all, I’ve known several people that came through this group that were pathologically mentally ill either during or after the experience with the group, either for a small amount of time or permanently. And it was my observation that the seeking that they displayed in my group was entirely different from the seeking displayed by those who are, in the context of their lives as a whole, going at it day by day, week after week, in that it was almost a symptom. It was a compulsion that they had sort of caught on, and what it was doing to them had almost nothing to do with what they said that they were seeking, but was driving them into an intensity beyond which the mind cannot rebound. Which really has nothing at all to do with seeking, it has to do with intensity. Can you comment or confirm this at all?

I am Latwii. We again are reluctant to undertake the description of individual cases known to those present. However, we would observe that there are many forms of addiction within your world and very few of our vantage points seem to be of a contributory nature.

May we answer you further?

That was a good comment. Thank you.

We thank you, my sister.

The other observation that K sparked off in me—I was thinking back through what happened to me since I consciously determined to live a life of seeking. And what’s happened to me within various periods, there has been what almost might be called an initiation period where things were very, very difficult for a time, there was something I had to learn. Once I figured out what it was I had to learn, sometimes I had to dwell within that learning for awhile to indicate to myself that I did learn it indeed, and then it was over and the path was free and easy again. But I would not be surprised if every seeker didn’t go through these times that are simply a part and parcel of the transformational process as you work through change. And change is never completely easy. Would you comment on that?

I am Latwii. As many present are aware, it is quite difficult to establish a new path through dense undergrowth that requires large amounts of sustained effort. However, once the path has been firmly established and used quite regularly for a period of time, one might leave that particular path through the undergrowth and perform other tasks for an extended length of time and return to find the path still easily trodden.

May we answer you further?

No, thank you.

We thank you. Is there another question?

Yes. If new channels remained opened too long, doesn’t it give negative entities a chance to enter where they are not experienced enough to have the real intensity necessary?

If any channel, no matter how well intentioned, should overextend its abilities, the potential is always present for an interruption or confusion to be interspersed with the message attempting to be channeled.

May we answer you further?

Well, I think you mean then that new channels can became overextended more easily than more experienced channels. Is that correct?

I am Latwii. As your original query was concerned with the possibility for distortion to occur, we desired to indicate that that possibility was present when any individual desiring to be of service as a channel for messages overextended their energies. We acknowledge that in most instances the lesser experienced individual seeking to be of service in this manner will tire more quickly, and thus be more rapidly accessible to distortion, but we would not suggest that this be regarded as a—correction—as an inflexible rule, for there are many factors which can affect the endurance of one seeking to serve in this fashion.

May we answer you further?

No, thank you. That answers my question.

We thank you, my sister. Is there another question?

Yes. One other question. Regarding the positive polarity and the negative polarity. Since I’ve been in this group and I’ve thought about this more, it seems to me that what we are seeing in the Middle East is simply—well, I don’t want to use the word conflict … well, I’ll use that word anyway—a conflict between the positive and negative polarities. Is that true?

I am Latwii. My sister, the answer could well be true or false with its outcome dependent upon the perspective of that individual who evaluates the situation to which you refer. From our own perspective we perceive that the majority of those participants are neither positively nor negatively polarized to any appreciable extent, and from that perspective would feel it correct to state that your assumption was false. However, as with any situation such as the one to which you refer, there is always an effort by those of a negative polarization to take advantage of the situation to extend their own services and, as you might well guess, there are those of the positive polarization who simultaneously seek to be of service, as the objectives of each polarity is the same, that is, to be of service, but their efforts are directly at odds, so to speak. One might also interpret the situation as a struggle between the positive and negative polarities. We would suggest as an overview that the awareness that both positive and negative polarities are based on service.

May we answer you further?

No. That helps. But I can assume, then, that the preponderance of entities in that area are just not polarized in either direction, or the large majority of entities in the Middle East are not polarized in either direction. Is that assumption right?

I am Latwii. We would agree with that statement, and extend it to include the majority of the population of your planet. May we answer you further?

No, I think maybe that’s why we’re all crazy. Maybe that’s why we’re in such a mess. Thank you very much.

We thank you, my sister. Is there another question?

Would the term “mixed polarity” be more accurate, in that many people who are fighting on both sides believe that God is on their side, which is positive. They believe that they are being patriotic and doing the right thing in helping their buddies and saving lives, their buddies. And on the other hand they are shooting people which is not right, so they sort of cancel themselves out. So would the term “mixed polarity” be part of what you mean by saying they are polarized in neither direction?

I am Latwii. We find your observations of the confusion existent within the given situation to be particularly apt. However, we will graciously refrain from supplying any labels because of the potential for personal distortion that so often occurs.

May we answer you further?

No, thank you, Latwii.

Is there another question at this time?


I am Latwii. As there are no further questions, we will take our leave at this time. Adonai, my friends. We are known to you as Latwii.