(A1 channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. I am pleased to be called to your group once again so that we might bring forth a message. It is just a small message with great meaning to some. It deals with living in your illusion, and with coping with those many, many lessons you have chosen to learn. There are always those times which seem to have no meaning but at times there must be endurance so as to get to a bigger and better time. But care should be taken to look at every detail of the lesson, and to be aware of many facets which it holds. It could be wanting—not having loved another—to love oneself, it could be the lesson of patience or of endurance, it could be learning to see God in each person, seeing the oneness of the world. There are many things the lessons have to offer and in those times when there seems to be no point in staying in that one particular lesson you might want to look at it one more time. It is like looking in the mirror one more time to see yourself again to make sure you are there, and that you have forgotten to pardon yourself. When you see yourself, see the other, know that there is a oneness with all, and remember with patience and with the will to learn the lessons you have chosen to experience will be beneficial, and you will grow in oneness with the Creator.

We would at this time like to transfer this contact to another present in the group. I am known to you as Hatonn.

(L channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you once again, my brothers and sisters, in the love and light of the infinite Creator. My friends, it is often difficult to experience those passages of time in which one seems to have lost an awareness of the path which one treads. For as those of you [who] have traveled through the forests of your planet are aware, the most pleasurable segments of your travels are those within which events of significance are discerned: a particularly beautiful flower, a joyous song, a passing bird, an impressive outcropping of stones—each of these is an easily discernible landmark of your journey, one which may be easily reexperienced at a later date. But, my friends, was not the greater value of the journey acquired as one quieted oneself in anticipation of that which was to come? Is it not true that the greatest value derived from such a trip is not determined by those seemingly significant objects or experiences, but rather the balance one retains through the journey?

So also, my friends, is the path you tread, on which you periodically encounter the beauty of re-experiencing to a greater or lesser degree the oneness with your other selves. It is this oneness that is the sharing of the Creator’s love, the perception of the Creator’s light that makes your path worth seeking. Yet, my friends, do not be dismayed if your path reveals few landmarks. Rather, be attentive to the fact that in following the path one opens oneself to listen, to see that which is often overlooked, to be that which one has the potential to be. My friends, the glory of your journey lies not in its landmarks or its completion but rather in its undertaking. It is the constant undertaking of oneness, the constant desire to be that which is, instead of that which appears, that is the true reward of the path you follow. Therefore, my friends, be not dismayed that your path has many persistent stretches between the sharpened pines and the regrettable ravines, for each step can only be taken with consciousness and each step, my friends, is a step closer to oneness.

At this time we will take our leave, that our brothers and sisters of Latwii may perform their service. Adonai, my friends. We are known to you as Hatonn.

(L channeling)

I am Latwii, and I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator, and we desire to communicate to those present that it is an exquisite pleasure to be able to strut our stuff before such an elite group. For it is never so frequent an experience to have visitors as to become humdrum, as you might say, and we are at this moment relishing the task of undertaking to display our eloquence. We assume that the gentle peals of laughter are merely vociferations of anticipation, and we shall hold you in suspense no longer. Is there a question we might answer?

Well, Latwii, I have a question. Since we’re so eager to be with you tonight, and you’re so glad to perform, I was wondering if you have any small message which you would like to share with us at this time?

I am Latwii. I am aware of your question. We desire to communicate to those present that we are—and speaking for our brethren and sistren of the Confederation as well as ourselves—quite pleased that those of this cadre who have traveled such a great distance have displayed such dedication to the hobbling of their personal paths and desire to commend them for their attentiveness to the task which they undertook in entering your illusion.

Is there another question?

I have a question about those who come into the world to aid others and how do they—it seems like some people come in groups, such as in families, but the group seems to go its separate ways and come back again. How does this separating and gathering disturb the energy of the family or does it?

My sister, if we may be allowed an analogy, we would refer to those cycles on your planet which are called by you seasons within in which many things are accomplished as that which presently exists seems to be in a process of splitting asunder. The order of creation is in a sense circular in nature, yet the circle must not be too constricted in nature or those who the circle serves will become stale and less perceptive. In the situations such as you describe it is often possible for two tasks to be accomplished: the service rendered unto others as you have described, as well as the service rendered unto others that is accomplished when the entity withdraws so as to extend the entity’s own series of growth experiences. As you pointed out, quite frequently the growth experiences enable the entity to approach the former work or a new type of service with a renewed enthusiasm, and a rejuvenated desire to serve.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you.

We thank you. Is there another question?

We have been gifted with a new entity. Although I speak with maternal bias, this entity seems very special. Do you have a suggestion as to how we can provide an environment which will further enable this entity to flower?

I am Latwii. I am aware of your question and would extend our commendation for the sincerity of your intention. While we are aware that this subject has been the object of much soul-searching for yourself, we would suggest, generally speaking, that the newly arrived entity has perceptions quite dissimilar from those who have occupied your illusion for a length of time, for this is the case with all newly arrived entities. It is the process of daily education through interaction with brothers and sisters of your planet that tends to distort the perceptions of the newly arrived entity. As you are aware, it is the will of the occupants of your illusion that establish the parameters within which you and your other selves exist. Therefore we would suggest that for any individual who seeks to assist a newly arrived entity the maintenance of an awareness of the potential for unity between oneself and one’s other selves be attempted, for the newly arrived entity has chosen its date of arrival to participate in the harvest which will occur, and will be greatly assisted by being initially programmed, so to speak, with the correct data. The atmosphere of love without judgment is strongly recommended and the emphasis upon an awareness of the Creator’s role in all areas of life would also be recommended, for the young entity would be benefited by such assistance in overcoming the distortions that will later be encountered.

May we answer you further?

I wish so much to learn, not only for myself but that the information I pass on be accurate information. I know so few other ways than to attempt to figure things out for myself. Have you any suggestion?

I am Latwii. My sister, the striving of which you speak is the catalyst that will promote communication between the universe, so to speak, and you own subconscious as you consciously attempt to decipher that which is confusing or that which is not understood. It is wise to determine intuitively whether one is satisfied with the answer arrived at in the logical fashion to which you refer. If there is within one’s soul, so to speak, an instant awareness of the truth of the answer arrived at, one may safely rely on that information. However, if there is some question in regards to the accuracy or the completeness of that which is determined by the logical process, we would recommend that one simply drop the pursuit through logic for a period of time so that the communication of the desired information may be accomplished by the subconscious mind. When reexamined later one may often find that the conscious mind has quite suddenly developed additional and surprisingly accurate information.

May we answer you further?

Thank you. You have been surprisingly helpful. I will contemplate your response.

I am Latwii. We are grateful for your response, and we would add in the words of this instrument the rejoinder, “Shucks, ma’am, twarn’t nothin.” Is there another question?

Yes, Latwii. Is there anything you can say, comment on, shed some light on in the area of what’s been going on with A1’s physical problems that have been coming up, and any way she could see how this is a catalyst, and see direction and ways in which to use this?

I am Latwii. I am aware of your question. As you are aware, it is undesirable in our manner of service or in the manner of striving which each of you pursues to provide free answers to the pop quizzes. However, we will extend ourselves a bit upon the limb by making some general observations on this subject of physical impairments. The nature of the physical impairment is the key to the spiritual imbalance or lesson that must be learned or addressed. Each of you is able to formulate within your own awareness such examples. We would therefore suggest that the entity known as A1 consider the nature of the physical impairment as well as the locations which are affected, for this entity is oriented toward the perception of symbolism and therefore is capable of afflicting herself within specific regions of the physical vehicle so as to provide clues in the deciphering of the lesson.

If we might return to generalized comments we would offer such examples as difficulty in the legs or feet might often refer, might often indicate a weakness or refusal in understanding. The affliction of the hands, for example, might be indicative of a resistance or imbalance in the manner in which one communicates with one’s other selves, for as you are aware, the hands, next to the tongue, are essential organs of communication, and an imbalance between that which is a spiritual lesson and that which is the path naturally being followed in a situation may result in the production of pain that attention may be drawn to the imbalance.

May we answer you further?

I’m sure the answer is very much appreciated. I thank you very much, and I have one further question which might be specific so I would appreciate whatever generalities you could offer. I am unclear in areas in which I have very strong ideas, and they are so clear for me that it is difficult for me to see where most, many other people are coming from, and I wish to share with them what would serve them best. Do you have any comments on what type of sharing is most easily assimilated or used by others?

I am Latwii. If we may be allowed to be succinct, we would respond that that sharing which is most useful to others or most easily assimilated by others is that which is sought.

May we answer you further?

Does this mean that I should wait and simply answer questions?

I am Latwii. My sister, the desire to communicate that which one has uncovered or that which has been revealed to one is a powerful drive, for as your chosen path appears to be that of service to others, the desire to progress along that path by sharing such revelations is a powerful force. However, one must first consider the value of service performed in extending to another self that which is unsought, perhaps undesired, yet on revelation is that which is unavoidable. For example, that which is revealed untimely to another self, however well-intentioned, becomes a revelation that the other …

[Side one of tape ends.]

(L channeling)

…becomes a revelation for which that other self is suddenly made responsible for incorporating into their awareness. If the child is suddenly pressed in the position of making the moral decisions of an adult the difficulty and trauma may be well imagined. If this is coupled with the child being made responsible for actions resulting from information which the child is incapable of assimilating fully a substantial amount of damage may occur.

We would therefore suggest, my sister, that your own intuitive perceptions will allow you to identify those other selves who are upon a path similar in nature to your own which may accord growth through the acquisition of the information you possess. However, we would caution that in most cases it would be better for yourself and the other self who seeks, to await the indication in some form by the other self that a conscious request for information pertinent to personal growth is made. In this manner the other self consciously elects to accept the information and the responsibility for the information that will be received. Obviously, in making this decision the entity cannot kick and scream at will [at] that which it is willing to accept and be responsible for. As you are aware, the selection of a path holds many surprises. However, it is essential that the other self consciously elect to seek that which you desire to reveal.

May we answer you further?

No, thank you very much.

We thank you my sister. Is there another question?

Well, Latwii, I just want to say thanks for answering my sister’s question. But I need a little clarity. I understood the symbolism of the hands but I was a little confused on the symbolism of the legs and understanding. Could you kind of clarify this a little?

I am Latwii, and as this was a generalized statement we will joyfully attempt to clarify for you. The physical vehicle itself is possessed of many symbols which allow the diagnosis of the true spiritual cause of illnesses or physical impairments so that the spiritual renouncing may be attempted, for as you are aware it is the spiritual growth that is the motivation for assuming a physical vehicle. Therefore if an individual is of the mental structure to perceive symbols and use these symbols to determine physical imbalances and their spiritual origins, one might realize that the legs and feet are that from which one stands, and might read a symbolism in an imbalance in these areas as an imbalance in understanding. One might examine the feet and realize that the feet are one’s contact with that which is most substantial of your physical world, the earth itself. An impairment in this area might be interpreted as a refusal to accept that physical illusion upon which one physically stands.

There are no hard and fast rules for the interpretation of the various symbolisms for the individual originates his or her own physical imbalances in such a pattern as to match the individual’s own style, so to speak, of creating symbols. One who regards the physical vehicle as completely non-symbolic, for example, and who relies heavily upon the maintenance structures for physical vehicles and their mechanics, or hospitals and doctors, would have very little use for a symbolic revelation, and instead might create a physical imbalance that would leave oneself bedridden for extensive periods of time that a greater opportunity for contemplation could be provided. It is the individual who creates the physical imbalance, and it is to the individual’s particular bent of interpretation that the symbols are structured.

May we answer you further?

Just in one small, little thing. So then, you kind of can mean someone with a broken leg in some cases [it could] be a symbol of great imbalance?

I am Latwii. As you surmise, a broken leg, by one who perceives symbolism, would be perceivable or interpretable as a grave imbalance. However, the same broken leg by one who is oblivious to such symbolism might be interpreted as a general tendency for clumsiness.

May we answer you further?

No, thank you. What you said has great meaning. I see a lot of truth about my beliefs. Thank you.

We thank you, my sister, for the opportunity to give service. Is there another question?

Yes, Latwii. To carry this discussion a little farther, once a person is able to perceive what the body’s symbol is trying to tell them, and are able to learn the lesson, then does the body go ahead and become healed in regard to the physical manifestation of the problem?

I am Latwii. My sister, the suggestion or interpretation which you offer in many cases is correct. However, we would caution that the individual might have chosen prior to incarnation to experience a debilitating illness, for example, that would, in reducing the entity’s ability toward activity, increase the individual’s tendency toward contemplation or meditation. If this is indeed the situation, an awareness of cause and effect may have no bearing on the continuation of the impairment, for on a higher level, so to speak, the entity may have previously decided to avoid the possibility of self-repair to the detriment of one’s spiritual growth.

The case may also occur in which the entity develops spontaneously the impairment, and in deciphering the cause of the impairment may correct the cause but maintain the impairment because additional facility may be derived from the impairment. For example, there are present in your own knowledge several entities who are physically blind yet have accomplished great works in the field generally and often erroneously referred to as entertainment. The blind individual in many cases might be able to acquire physical eyesight yet elects not to acquire their physical vision out of a fear that the distraction might be sufficient to deter their performance of service in their musical creations.

May we answer you further?

Could you speak a little generally to the symbolism of other afflictions: depression, tummy aches, skin allergies, and bladder problems for instance—you know, pick and choose, one or all, whatever. Just generally, give me some more help if you can.

I am Latwii. My sister, we would preface our general discussion with the reminder that we seek to offer service in the understanding of the true universe and the Creator’s will, and are reluctant to undertake the opening of a clinic in that it might restrict our other efforts. Therefore, we would caution against the mistake of applying our generalized comments to specific individual’s illness, for as we have previously explained the symbology is specific to the entity.

To address a few of those physical impairments to which you referred we would suggest first examining the interaction of the specific physical component with the role within which it exists. For example, the stomach is that which takes in or digests specifically chosen facets or components of your world. Would it not be fitting therefore in many cases to use this organ as a lodestone which indicates that which one erroneously for growth refuses to take upon oneself or to make a part of oneself?

The skin is both a communicator and a barrier, for is not the skin that which insulates oneself from the outside world, yet in proximity or contact is used to communicate sharing or acceptance. Therefore, one might, generally speaking, assume that a skin disorder could be a potential indicator of one’s reluctance to accept contact with their world or one’s over-extension of oneself to the point of abuse.

The area which you describe as the knees could be for one entity interpreted as a portion [of] that which we have previously discussed as understanding. In another entity’s situation the ailment might be generated to indicate an unyielding nature, a lack of flexibility or openness to the revelations of the subconscious mind due perhaps to a over-reliance upon the rigid, unyielding logic.

May we answer you further?

No, thank you, not on that, Latwii. Hi. How are you? I feel like I get to talk with you just all the time because I get to transcribe the tapes. Are you with me when I’m sitting at the typewriter and listening to the tape recorder?

I am Latwii. My sister, we are in the third seat to the left, three rows forward. In a more serious vein, my sister, we would simply acknowledge that your calling makes our presence available, and the frequency of your calling is quite pleasurable for us as well, and we are grateful that you would seek our companionship so readily, and we thank you for this, my sister.

I thank you, and I’m glad to know that. I am always aware when you and Hatonn say, you know, that if we ask for you in our meditations you will aid us and help us. How do we experience your aid?

I am Latwii. My sister, we would humbly point out that you are currently experiencing our aid.

I see. I have another question. Can you give me a—tell me what the words of closing mean when you say—I know what “adonai” means, but “vasu borragus”?

I am Latwii. My sister, we are aware that many clear, definitive translations have been offered for these expressions. However, we regret to be the informers that they are not literal translations of our statements, but rather tools, as are all words, to communicate with as little distortion as possible our intended messages. Therefore, the statements, “good-bye, see you again, have a good time,” might readily serve if they conveyed the appropriate message through the distortive tendencies of those who channel our messages, for as you are aware, it is quite unlikely that you will encounter an undistorted message. Therefore, if we were to explain our reliance upon these particular terms we would do so in terms again of the channeling individual’s preference in expressing as closely as possible our intended messages. If the instrument believes the word to convey a specific message, then we will use that instrument’s vocabulary to accomplish the delivery of a certain message.

In brief, we would conclude that our closing is generally composed of a combination of several messages, such as the equally familiar statement, “In the love and the light of the infinite Creator”; the statement, “We love you”; the statement, “We appreciate our communion with you and desire to be of service again whenever possible.” Each of these is an equally valid translation of our intended message at a given time. The preference of those receiving the messages to interpret the specific words, “Adonai vasu borragus” to convey these messages is the major factor in our selection of these terms.

May we answer you further?

No, that was almost more than I could understand. I have one last question briefly. Do you have any suggestions about any appropriate good way for us to invoke a special blessing on our new car?

I am Latwii.

[Snickers from group.]

I am Latwii, and we appreciate the editorial comment, for as you are aware we are always interested in those messages which are conveyed to us. We would extend the following suggestion for the preservation of your motorized vehicle and its occupants. The vehicle itself is, as you are aware, a part of your physical illusion. We are in turn aware that this makes the motorized vehicle dear to your hearts. Therefore, we would suggest that an awareness that the motorized vehicle is protected from all non-growth creating encounters with other motorized vehicles would be most valuable in sustaining those physical attributes of that vehicle which you so admire.

May we answer you further?

I’m not sure that you understood me correctly. Not that I admire this motorized vehicle as much, that I want it to be endowed with as much—the valuation in it to be—that it be used in love and light and for the protection and well-being of all who ride in it or come in contact with it in any way. You know, a blessing that it be a blessing. Not that it has inherent value in itself as a bucket of bolts.

I am Latwii. My sister, we apologize for our misinterpretation. We would suggest that our comprehension was somewhat tainted by conflicting perceptions of your value in the physical vehicle existent within this room. We would therefore suggest, my sister, that you be aware that the physical vehicle will take upon itself or be imbued with your own personal atmospheres. If you would seek to make it a tool of service to others it will become rapidly pervaded with the aura of your striving. This, we feel, is the vibration which you desire your motor vehicle to transmit. We would suggest further that in those periods of operation of this vehicle which are most stressful, such as delays in travel caused by unforeseen circumstances or other vehicle operators who appear to be performing their operation in a substandard manner, [those] be regarded with an openhearted acceptance as expressions of the full range of potential of the Creator’s creation, for the intensity of emotion projected during these times of stress often become the dominant vibration within a vehicle such as you describe. An amount of wisdom or perspective during these times of stress would be beneficial to maintaining the vibration within your vehicle that you seek.

May we answer you further?

No, thank you. That was an answer that really satisfies me because it is the way I thought it was. Thanks for all the time you’ve taken for me. See you at the typewriter.

I am Latwii. My sister, we are heartily grateful for the time you’ve taken for us. Is there another question?

Yes, how is the instrument doing?

I am Latwii. The instrument is functioning well as a result of its capacity to draw upon energy resources that are not commonly available. The instrument is capable of this accomplishment because of the interest and attentiveness of those present which maintains a stable and beneficial rate of communal vibration which in turn minimizes the distortion of our efforts to communicate. In short, your communal attentiveness results in a minimal amount of stretching or searching for the instrument, and the instrument is therefore capable of simultaneously resting the physical vehicle and tapping other sources of energy to perform this service.

May we answer you further?

No, I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t growing too fatigued. Thank you.

We thank you, my sister. Is there another question?

I feel that you have answered many questions, both those vocalized and unvocalized. I sense that you wear the cloak of modesty yet you have honored us. I sense now and again in the evening that you would honor us further. Is there a message that you desire to express?

I am Latwii. I am aware of your communication. It is our desire to communicate to those present that we are in many ways humbled by the intensity of the love and selflessness that has drawn you together on this night. My friends, the illusion in which you function is dominated by the desires of its occupants, and regrettably within your illusion a large number desire that such intensities of love, of sharing, and of service should not exist. We are therefore …

[Tape ends.]