23 May, 1982

Monday meditation

Hatonn: Many have begun to look too far ahead at things which might be, which could be [occurring]. You live in a time when the threat of what you call global destruction appears somewhere, someone, who does that one thing that start the dominoes to fall bringing an end to your world. Others live in the fear that the changes that your planet is undergoing, they fear those events occurring in nature will begin to intensify; the earthquakes, severe storms, volcanoes and other natural disasters as you call them, will sweep over your planet and bring great death and destruction.

20 May, 1982

Intensive meditation

Laitos: While we work with each of you to deepen the meditative state we would ask you to walk with us a few steps into the light of the infinite Creator. Oh, my friends, even in the brightness of the noon day each mind, each heart, so often walks in shadow. As you walk into the white and limitless light, shed from yourself the shadows of this day.

16 May, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: As we have said before, more and more of your peoples are beginning their search, beginning to feel that urge to know the love and the light, as conditions in which you now live begin to intensify, various lessons that each needs to experience as what you refer to as time begins to wind down. Your peoples are beginning to feel what many of them say is an urgency of need to quickly learn all, but we ask you to not rush, not grab and try to cram as if you were studying for one of your school tests.

13 May, 1982

Intensive meditation

Laitos: Before we begin to work with you, my friends, we would like to say a few words about this service of being a vocal channel, a messenger of love, a voice for those who serve the Creator with all their strength. First we wish to acquaint you with the concept that a messenger is a servant, one who is humble and who bows the knee before those to whom he speaks. A messenger is not involved in the outcome or the result of the message. The responsibility of the messenger is to the source of that message, that it may be given as truly and as well as the messenger has the capability of doing so.

9 May, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: There are many aspects, my friends, to the study of meditation, and for many these aspects are never readily perceivable, for there is seldom sufficient striving to attain the depth necessary for the perception of the distinctions between the types of meditation.

7 May, 1982

Friday evening

Hatonn: My friends, it is always a blessing to share oneness with our brothers, for so seldom on your planet does this occur. It might be said that each individual lives within a vacuum, that each isolates himself or herself from the other selves that surround them, and in fear and misunderstanding of the isolation that has been created, each as in a vacuum contracts into himself as if unable to contact the energy with which to expand outward and establish a reunion with those among [whom] one lives.

2 May, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: You, my friends, with your increased awareness and utilization of choice, often do not realize the shortness of your time. Your lives are a small fraction of even a millisecond, to use your terms, in the universe. So often on your planet the time available in each incarnation is not used. So many wander aimlessly, not feeling the light, engrossed in attempting to gather as much physical comfort as they can, with little regard for that part of themselves that seeks, pushing it aside and falling back. Though the time is short you have ample time if you would but attempt to allow even a small portion of this short time for quiet thought and meditation, to allow your being to become aware of the light of the Creator.

30 April, 1982

Friday evening

Hatonn: Tonight we would share with you a small story concerning an animal of your planet which is referred to by you as a squirrel. It is seemingly not a significant animal in that its contact with those of your race is very limited. It is generally regarded by many as simply an object of prey for consumption at their tables, yet as with all things of the Creator, it may serve the purpose by its example as being a teacher.

27 April, 1982

Intensive meditation

Latwii: We were saying that the density of eight is most normally, shall we say, used by entities in the review process of the incarnation just passed so that the distillations or learning from that incarnation might be seen within the wholeness of the love and the light of the one Creator, and the decisions for the next incarnation might be made. This is not a type of communication where the entity reviewing the incarnation is aware of another individualized being communicating a concept, but rather a type of all-embracing communication of the total of beingness or nature of the creation so that the life experience just passed might be seen in comparison to this wholeness and the further needs for learning might thereby be discerned.

25 April, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: This evening we would speak to you of your rainbow beings and that which you call sin.