(Unknown channeling)

[I am Hatonn.] This evening [inaudible] which is somewhat difficult to approach within the context of your daily lives within the illusion which you now experience. You experience each entity [inaudible] as one simple [inaudible] you experience the creation as something separate, and above all my friends, you experience portions of yourself as being separate from each other.

In one of your Holy Books, the situation was described which has been called by your peoples, “The Transfiguration.” The teacher known to you as Jesus was seen to be illuminated, brightened, as those about this teacher heard a voice that said, “This is my beloved Son, listen to him.”

My friends, as you progress in your search to find your own relationship to the Creator, you must at one point along the way come to grips with the fact that within you lies a portion of that same consciousness which the one known as Jesus exemplified.

You must then be able at some point to see that every individual has that same relationship to the Creator, and that the creation itself—wood and flower, bird and bush—are sons and daughters of the Creator.

But, my friends, do you listen to the Creator when It speaks to us? This is the great important part of experience, that is, the opportunity to listen. We have followed your [inaudible].

As we were saying … to listen, to inwardly digest, and to transfer each word, thought and vision you see into that which shows you a face, an aspect of the one infinite Creator. How difficult it is [inaudible] to change your perceptions, for your illusion is a harsh one. It is nearly impossible to believe that the entities seated within this domicile are all one being, for can you not touch each other and feel the difference between you? Can you not speak together and never know the outcome until it has already been manifested? And yet, my friends, this very experience is an experience of unity. And if you can maintain the overview that you are indeed speaking to yourself, that you, as a portion of the creation, speak only to other portions of the creation, transformation of your life will occur as what you call time reveals to you the beauty and the harmony of those about you of the creation. And most of all, my friends, of yourself.

It is easier for many of you to see the beauty of [inaudible], to appreciate the radiance of perfection of another’s being than to appreciate the perfection of your own. How many times this day have you been dissatisfied not with others, my friends, but with yourself?

And yet, the voice said, “This is my son, listen to Him.” Listen to yourself, my friends, as well as to all the profound works of inspiration; all those others and all of creation. Listen to your body, listen to your mind, listen to your seeking, and find the unity and the perfection at the heart of all these things. And try to be pleased with the portion of creation that is yourself.

Please do not [cease], my friends, to open yourself up to the radiance that lies waiting for the one who has ceased quibbling with the self and has instead offered the self, imperfect as though it may seem, to the Creator, as a channel for love, [inaudible].

At this time, [inaudible], and therefore we shall close through this instrument. We thank the one known as [inaudible] for his service, and will be with him again.

(Unknown channeling)

[I am Hatonn.] My friends, to remain in this illusion is such a waste of your time. Even with your physical eyes you can see such a vastness of space, of light, of beauty. And within yourself you can find such imagination what will take you on voyages far beyond this illusion. May we suggest that you continue to discipline yourself to remove yourself from this illusion, from the needs of eating and sleeping and providing that with which you purchase those things you may need. May we suggest that you enter meditation with joy, for it is a freedom that you may never find within this illusion.

Time is a prison. Space, a jail. All these things that your, as you would call it, society expects of you are the warden’s clanking of keys as they walk past your cell. Even those that love you the most expect things of you, and you expect things of them. And so, in small ways, you within your evolution are jailed and act as jailer, putting those about you in prisons of your expectations. This, my friends, is for a reason.

You have elected to enter into a very valuable personal relationship that you might gain experience. My friends, do not let this experience go to waste. Do not remain in prison. Not in thought, and not in action. Go instead, into that infinite space, that infinite time which is the kingdom.

Meditate and listen [to] all those things which can be imagined to be more beautiful, more full of fine quality, more happy than you can within the prison describe. Now open yourselves too. And you shall be in a goodly company. For many there are who dream the dream of the Creator. [Inaudible].

I am known to you as Hatonn. And I leave you in that love, that light, that freedom I mentioned. I leave you in unity, the unity of the one Creator of which each is an infinitively valuable [inaudible].

(Unknown channeling)

I am Latwii, and I greet each of you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We are always happy to be asked to perform what simple tasks we might in conjunction with your call. This evening we find a simpler task for our, shall we say, ping-pong partner is not present. Therefore, we have only one target for the evening. May we at this time ask if there might be a question which we could attempt to answer?

Yes, tonight as Carla channeled I felt Hatonn’s presence very strongly [inaudible] and really do not feel the [inaudible] to the degree that I should be able to channel but when the attempt was made to transfer, the contact was lost. As Carla began to channel again, I once again felt the presence of the conditioning and at this moment [am] still experiencing the conditioning. Could you please explain the role Latwii plays in the ability to channel?

I am Latwii, and I am aware of your question, my brother. In this regard may we say that when we speak of the many variations in the levels of consciousness of your peoples, we speak of an area which is infinite in its range. That which you experience as your conscious waking state seems by most accounts to be quite homogeneous. But upon careful observation, it is discovered that this state does contain within the seeming homogeneity many ranges of perception. These are a result of the interactions of the self with other selves and the Creator’s universe which results, as we have hinted, in different levels of perception. Which is another way of saying the sharpness of your perception may be influenced by what you have called fatigue, the fatigue having been created by the experience of the self on levels. This evening you have experienced yet another level of perception, another interaction of the fatigue or the wear of your experience upon your consciousness. When you attempt to be that which you have called an instrument to channel the words, the concepts, of Confederation entities, you, shall we say, zero in on a particular frequency, that which is used to communicate the thoughts by, in this case, the entities known as Hatonn.

You have experienced the subtler level of fatigue that is a result of an inner seeking, a desire to know the finer levels of the self, the finer levels of the Creator and to blend this seeking in an effort to serve as an instrument for Confederation contact. Your own inner seeking does therefore at times provide you with the experiences which are necessary for your inner growth, but which may also at times provide a certain fatiguing of that same inner channel that is used both for the inner seeking and the contact with Confederation entities.

This inner channel is exercised many times during your waking consciousness and your, shall we say, less conscious or sleeping periods as well. And its exercise may create a certain fatigue of which the conscious mind is not completely aware. It is not a matter of great concern, it is more frequently experienced by the new instrument and may be allowed to run its course without concern and upon the next attempt at contact may be completely absent. It is, shall we say, a random effect which you have experienced this evening. The entities of Hatonn are continuing their work with you by providing their conditioning vibration so that you might be assured that their vibration has been perceived by your instrument and shall be available to you at any time in what you call your future.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Not on that particular subject. But I do have something that is troubling me, it has been for the last few weeks. I’ve been experiencing periods of depression, and periods of inability to interact in anything near a harmonious way to the people around me. I know I’ve not been following a rigorous program of meditation. At times I’ve let it slip altogether. But, here this last week when I did attempt to sit and meditate, I’ve come out of it feeling tired, and in a worse frame of mind than when I sat down to begin. I know, that of late, I’ve been shutting myself off quite frequently, as if something inside is slowly rebelling, at least momentarily rebelling against an influx of outside stimulus, and not until today have I experienced any form of inner peace. I’d like, if you will say some words on my mistakes in my current meditations, and if you would say a few words on dealing with that state of mind we refer to as depression.

I am Latwii, and I am aware of your question, my brother. First of all, may we say that in truth there can be no mistakes, for this illusion you find yourself within, each of you, is an experience which has the purpose of teaching. Each of you, in some way, seeks to learn the lessons of love. These lessons, in the particular case of which you now speak, concern learning to love the self. Learning to accept the self, as the self is and expresses daily. Learning to forgive the self, for that which is felt to be less than desired. The state of mind which you call depression is simply the realization consciously, [that] the self has not been accepted.

Again we say, there are no mistakes. You have each moment that you experience in your daily round of activities an opportunity to see yourself in many reflections, to see yourself [in] the faces of those you meet. To see yourself in the activity which you undertake. To see yourself within your own mind and your own heart. To accept yourself, to love yourself, to know that at the core of your being lies perfection, lies the creation, lies the infinite love and light that binds all of creation. You have presented to you, with each waking moment, an infinite array of opportunities to see this unity of self evolve. In order to see that unity, it is most frequently necessary to first be presented with the illusion of separateness, the illusion of the self which is not perfect, the illusion of the self which is filled with mistakes, and the illusion of the feeling and inability to accept the self.

To learn the lesson most fully, to drive it the deepest within the heart of your being, it is necessary first to experience the opposite of what is true, the illusion of imperfection of separateness. In your meditations, attempt then to see the perfection of being, attempt to see how each opportunity you have encountered, each thought of a depressing nature you have welcomed, has presented you an opportunity both ways, as imperfect and as perfect. See the choices that you have made, and [inaudible] have been swayed towards the imperfect; see then the opportunity for the perfection. For does not each opportunity teach? Have you not noticed each opportunity’s lessons? Indeed, you have. For you have noted your own failures, as you call them. But look at them in another light.

Have they not shown you the depth of your being, the range of your feelings? The possibilities of your learning? To be alive and aware in your illusion is a state of mind and perception which few among your people enjoy. For they have been, shall we say, deadened to the world about them, and the world within them. Therefore, rejoice in the feelings which surge within your being, and see therefore the other side of the illusion which is the truth of your own perfection, your oneness, and the love/light that dwells with you. Attempt then, in your waking hours to continue the feeling you develop in your meditations so that a new light is shed on the experiences which you encounter. Do not forget you can have it an illusion. Do not forget it has but one purpose, to teach that you are whole, and perfect, acceptable, and loved.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, thank you very much. I do have one more question, then I’ll be through. I know that when I do meditate, I have a definite distraction. The cause, as I go deeper and deeper into mediation, I attempt to leave my body to some degree to come to the point where I enjoy the experience, the feelings of the separation, no matter how slight. But I know this has a draining effect on me. Any suggestion on how to better center my thoughts so that [I will] not as often make the attempt for the separation?

I am Latwii, and I am aware of your question, my brother. We feel that you have yourself discovered the key to this, being very simply the centering of the self in separation for one purpose, and one purpose alone. To do more than one thing when you meditate is to split your consciousness and your effort so that you do neither thing well.

Therefore, we would suggest that at those times which you wish to use for the centering of the self, the seeking of the one Creator, in the quiet, the peacefulness, the heart of your being, that you attempt no other activity at this time. That if at another time you wish to attempt those activities which you have described as the separating of the bodies that this be done at another time. We do not suggest that great emphasis be placed upon, shall we say, the tricks of your illusion or your ability to manipulate the bodies. This is, shall we say, a side effect, random in nature, which of itself provides but little catalyst for the learning of the love of the creation and of the self.

May we answer you further, my brother?

[No further query.]

I am Latwii. We thank you greatly. Is there another question at this time?


(Unknown channeling)

I am Latwii, and am with this instrument. We have been most honored to be able to share a few of our simple thoughts with this group this evening. We look forward to such engagements with glee and hopeful anticipation for few are the times which we are able to join our vibrations with your peoples. We find a great and special excitement and opportunity at such times, for we learn as much if not more as do each of you during each of the occasions. For it is our special pleasure and privilege to see within each entity gathered here this evening a fuller, a deeper, and a richer array of the Creator’s handiwork and unique expression, and this always brings up joy. We leave each of you and this group at this time, in that joy and the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as Latwii. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.