(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and I am with this instrument. We greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is, as always, a great privilege to be allowed to work with those who seek to serve as channels to speak the humble message of the Confederation. We of Laitos know that for many of those who attempt to serve as channels there come times when the individual begins to regress somewhat in the progress they have made. The ones who choose to serve as channels often find doubts in their minds about their abilities, doubts about whether they are truly receiving, doubts about whether they are speaking randomly or not and soon with the message that the Confederation offers.

As you continue, however, to exercise your abilities these doubts will begin to smooth out and you will once again be able to relax and allow the words to flow freely without attempting to examine each and every phrase, each word. We do not speak of doubts as a handicap, for doubt is a very important part of your seeking. Without doubt one does not question. To find answers, unknowns, one must question not only others but oneself. Questions will aid you as well as we of Laitos.

[Inaudible]. Each insight, each thought, offers opportunity to increase one’s awareness, one’s knowledge of the Creator, of the self. We of Laitos encourage each to be used—the doubts—and not void them. We will aid you in whatever way possible. If you would call and we shall be with you.

We would at this time like to transfer this contact to one known as S. If she would but relax and allow the words to flow without analyzing them. We now transfer.

(S channeling)

I am Laitos, and am with this instrument. We of Laitos are honored to greet you all with this instrument once again. We are happy to be with you all today and appreciate your allowing us to serve by being of aid to you. We are always pleased to be with each of you at any time should you request we do so. We hope to be able to speak through another instrument, so we would transfer this contact at this time. I am Laitos.

(Unknown channeling)

I am Laitos, and am with this instrument. We greet you all once again in love and light. We apologize for the delay in making our contact known to the group. We were unable to reach the one which we had intended to speak through. We would at this time offer our conditioning vibrations to the one known as R so that he might be able to reach a greater depth in his meditation. We would pause for a moment. I am Laitos.


(Unknown channeling)

I am Laitos, and am once again with this instrument. At this time we would offer ourselves in somewhat of an unusual capacity, i.e. the answering of questions. We feel that at this time we might be of most service in this capacity. Is there a question at this time?

I have a question, but first I would like to ask if the drawing of the group energy is acceptable for the channel to remain energized because of the sleeping?

I am Laitos. We are able to maintain this contact at a level which is acceptable at the present though we cannot guarantee, shall we say, this shall be the case for the remainder of the session. We shall do our best, my sister. May we answer you further?

Yes, thank you. I got a letter today from a brother who is very, very busy seeking Nirvana of the quickie variety and he would like to know the answer to a question which is difficult for me to fathom. However, I will ask it as he asked it because I would very much appreciate being able to send him a reply. He has studied under a yogic philosophy for many years and would very much like to return to the source. He identifies this source as being at the ninth density. He would like to know if it is possible to bypass all the intervening densities in this lifetime and go back to the source using his yogic practices. Could you comment on these concepts and help our brother, who is truly an earnest seeker, in any way that you see appropriate, please?

I am Laitos, and am aware of your question. We are also aware that entities such as this brother upon your planet at this time seek with great intensity the meaning of their lives and a path which might bring them that which might be called enlightenment. Many are the ways which your peoples have chosen to seek this path throughout the history of your planet. Each path has provided integral pieces of the puzzle, shall we say, which are most necessary for the sincere seeker to utilize in the polarization of the self to a degree which is, shall we say, harvestable. Many such paths have produced those called the saints, the avatars, the gurus, each of which, through disciplined exercises of many kinds, has been able to balance the centers of energy in your mind and body/mind/spirit complex to a degree that is necessary for this harvest into the next density of the illusion of the one Creator. Each discipline, while providing a viable path for the spiritual evolution, also contains those facets which may be considered distortions or misapprehensions of certain spiritual qualities and descriptions.

It is our humble understanding that the path of spiritual evolution must be one which is straight and narrow and of some considerable length, traveling through many illusions and densities with the one goal of becoming one with the Creator. What this means for each entity in any illusion is that the in-streamings of the love/light of the one Creator are available for use by each entity; this love/light or prana being channeled through the energy centers or chakras, if you will, in such a manner that the light is used efficiently, each density providing the seeker of union with a greater intensity of light.

Upon the completion of the cycle of incarnations in any density an entity is given the opportunity to, shall we say, grade itself by being bathed in the light of the one Creator until it is no longer able to withstand or utilize the increasing intensity of light. This light has degrees shall we say, of vibration. When the entity can no longer withstand or use the light, then it stops at that point and that point falls where it may. Wherever it falls it is then the entity’s choice, by its own ability to use the light, to continue its study in the appropriate illusion which matches the intensity of light which has been utilized.

Few there are upon your planet at this time who can withstand the intensity of the light of the fourth density. For this light is what might be called a quantum leap beyond that which you now experience within your third density. If any entity were to experience it for but a moment and be able to withstand it, for that moment that entity would feel indeed that it had returned to its Source and would most likely be quite appreciative of that experience. For such seekers as your brother to desire to progress more rapidly than is possible, shall we say, realizing that all things are possible, is a commendable trait, but one which is not likely to be realized, for though your density provides an intense degree of catalyst and opportunity for traveling the spiritual path, to the best of our knowledge, it does not provide enough catalyst to build the polarity necessary to, shall we say, skip any density.

To the best of our knowledge, when this octave of densities is completed the individualized entities will find themselves at the level of the eighth density—one with the Source of this particular creation. But our teachers have not themselves found such union nor have their teachers told them of an end to such progressions.

We shall continue. For an entity to return to the Source does not mean the end to evolution. For an entity to desire to progress spiritually as rapidly as possible is quite commendable, but we would suggest that it is most necessary to learn to walk, shall we say, before one runs or flies or soars beyond the start. Yours is a density in which the child learns to crawl. Rejoice in the opportunities which are thusly presented to you.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No. Thank you, for that was very helpful, I am sure, and I am sure that B thanks you too.

I am Laitos. Our thanks be with your brother as well. May we answer another question at this time?

Yes, can you give me some information about the technique of unblocking energy centers during meditation, and is this helpful?

I am Laitos, and am aware of your question, my sister. May we say that the balancing and unblocking of energy centers is the single process which each entity upon your planet is now busy with, though most are quite unaware of the process that is in motion. The incarnation offers the entity the opportunity to accept, to forgive, to love all beings, all experiences, all events, including the self. This learning of acceptance and loving is that learning which shall allow the graduation, shall we say, into the next lesson’s series or density. The entity throughout a lifetime, therefore, has the opportunity of learning to love that which is unlovable, learning to accept that which is unacceptable, learning to forgive that which is unforgivable.

This process of loving, accepting, forgiving of all might be enhanced in the meditations upon those circumstances, situations, entities or characteristics of the self which are deemed by the self to be unacceptable, unforgivable, unlovable. Such characteristics occurring within the daily round of activities might be beneficially noted within the mind and used as a catalyst for the learning to love, accept and forgive in the meditative state.

It is our understanding that to see the original feeling as it occurred in its natural surroundings and to allow that feeling to be concentrated upon intensifies it until its logical outcome is perceived, is most beneficial. For example, anger at any would be intensified until the logical outcome of anger would be seen. Anger increasing to violence, violence to pain and suffering, pain and suffering to remorse, remorse to a desire to make retribution—leading to a feeling of love and acceptance. Then seeing this range of experience as polarized opposites at the extremes and seeing the self as acceptable for having these facets, for the one Creator within to know Itself through.

This, we feel, is the most beneficial use of the process of balancing that might be utilized at this time. The descriptions of the centers of energy and the behavioral patterns corresponding to them are available from this group.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you.

We are humbly grateful to you. May we answer another question?


(Unknown channeling)

I am Laitos. At this time we would attempt to close this contact through another instrument. I am Laitos.


(Unknown channeling)

I am Laitos. We were attempting to reestablish contact with the one known as S, but we were unable to reach her at this time. We would like to once again attempt to establish contact with her to end our part in this meditation. We would now attempt once again to contact the one known as S. I am Laitos.

(Unknown channeling)

I am Laitos, and am once again with this instrument. We are still working with this instrument to make our contact known to her, as she is still having some problems in recognizing our contact. We would, however, like to speak through this instrument as we leave you today. It has indeed been an honor and a pleasure to be with this group and to be a part of your meditation. We are always grateful to you for allowing us to be with you. And we will end this contact at this time. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

[Portions of the following recording are inaudible.]

(Unknown channeling)

We are again with the instrument. I am [Latwii]. We thank the one known as C and assure him that as a good instrument would say [inaudible] whatever that he must surely get beyond through constant application. We would thank you and each of the others in this group, some of whom desire to be channels such as this one, some of whom desire only to feel our presence and to deepen their own meditation. [Inaudible] a sort of carrier of strengthening your own individual vibration. We only therefore at this time attempt to make our presence known to [inaudible] to [inaudible] to [inaudible] and to [inaudible].

Now to the one known as [inaudible] I contact [inaudible].

My friends, it is a great privilege to work for this group, and we leave you with the request that you do ask for us to have us there for a few minutes. Never think it is for too short a time. For if you can look carefully at one blade of grass as beauty [inaudible] the [inaudible] for your own test as your pursue it. As the clock strikes. As a bird sings. As you hear the sound of water [inaudible]. Let all things be signals to meditate upon the beauty of the creation of the Father.

We are always with you. You need but ask. I am Latwii, and will leave this instrument now. Adonai [inaudible].

(Unknown channeling)

I am Latwii, and am again with this instrument. We took a [inaudible] at the one known as Jim, but he is not yet ready to answer questions for a large group. We think that he is, but he does not think that he is, but we will work that out in the future as you [inaudible]. Actually, to us it is a kind of [inaudible] to this instrument. May we ask at this time if there are any questions. If you have one please ask.

Yes, first I would like to thank you. [inaudible] attempting to contact me [inaudible].

We realize, my brother, that that is not precisely the question, however we will make it into one as we know that which you mean. It is a common occurrence with one who has not yet truly vanquished the old habits of the body. We will state that in such a way that you do not feel that because you eat [spaghetti] you cannot channel. The habit of the body is to be active. Unless the body is asleep it is most often active. Even while watching one of your television shows the body will be active and will attempt to feed itself [inaudible] or have some sort of pastime. It is very certain that the mind and the body do have some kind of activity.

[Tape ends.]