(Unknown channeling)

[I am Hatonn.] I greet this group in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. We thank you for the privilege of requesting our words and we thank each for the care taken to tune to our vibrations, so that we may speak as clearly as possible [inaudible] one original Thought.

We had wished to speak through the one known as Don, as this instrument is fatigued. But [we] find that this instrument is also fatigued and [inaudible].

As this instrument opens its inner ears to our thoughts it discovers the beating of wings and the experience of clouds of [inaudible]. When we speak of love, we speak of something exceedingly simplistic. That is, one thing from which all depends. The one original Thought of the infinite Creator has been called logos and love and we say to you that you may find it in diverse places, in all manner of situations [inaudible] in the sanctity and peace of your conscience or in the noisy humdrum of the daily routine.

Within that daily routine there are many, many chances for the seeker to feel isolated and alienated in the illusion which surrounds [him]. How many times on this holyday, as you call this day, have you felt in full strength the power and the inevitability of the one original Thought? How many times have you centered yourself within the Creator? It is difficult to imagine turning yourself towards the Creator, as you may find the Creator in any quarter within, without, north and south, east and west, in the faces of strangers and of the most dearly beloved. And yet the Creator’s original Thought is most often missed even upon the feast celebrating the growth of the spirit, a spirit new within you, new, indeed, each day as each day you turn towards that Creator, that original Thought of love, and offer that day, that moment, to the service of the Creator, to the service of the Creator in others and in yourself.

Your lips have moved many times this day. How many times when they moved has the intention been to aid in the spiritual evolution of yourself or another?

We ask these questions to strip away a veneer of old and tarnished myth and legend and destructive distortion surrounding that which is needed to nurture your own evolution of mind, body and spirit. What you seek in rock or star or word or sign may far more fruitfully be sought within the confines of the meditation and within the recesses of [inaudible] heart that [inaudible] the channeling of that one great Thought of love through the self to those about you.

In order to set about the business of seeking and to continue when the way seems steep and [inaudible], you have provided yourselves with a host of angelic presences, with those of light vibration who support each loving thought and each caring action. You may be solitary from men, but you shall never be solitary from the grace and the consolation of those messengers who serve the Creator by caring, in sympathy and in like mind, for all those who desire to become a transparent being full of the light and the love of the Creator. In your meditations, in your actions, you are not alone, unless you choose to shut the door upon many and many who love in the name of the Father.

Due to the fatigue of this instrument we shall allow this contact to be relatively brief. We thank this instrument for making itself available.

You know us as those of Hatonn. We are always available to aid you in the deepening of your meditative state. Please remember that we are but fallible brothers and sisters. Our thoughts are shared freely [but only] with the understanding that we have no claim to infallibility. Therefore, take what you can, take what is of aid and dismiss the rest, for we wish to aid you, not confuse you; to inspire you, not cause you a stumbling block.

We leave this instrument in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.


(Unknown channeling)

I am Latwii, my friends, and I greet you in the love and in the light of our one infinite Creator. It is once again our great privilege to be asked to join this group. It is our humble hope that we might once again be of some small service by attempting to answer those queries which you have this evening. Therefore, may we ask for the first query?

I would like to know if I am doing the right thing by starting this church, and if it will go through as I am hoping?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. We find in a query of this nature that we must be general in responding for were we to give information of a specific nature which affected your future, then we would be removing the doubt which has the valuable service of preparing your will for that task which you propose.

As a general response, therefore, let us say that to look within the heart for the deepest service possible and to meditate upon the carrying out of those heart’s desires is that which is the most helpful to the seeker of truth. If you look within your being and ask what can be done, and wait then for that portion of yourself which has all answers, then it shall be revealed unto you the path which is most helpful to tread. Remove from your being fear that you shall fail and go forth in the glorious light and love of the one Creator that exists at the center of your being.

You may not accomplish those things which you set before yourself in precisely the manner which you have arranged them. This is not to say that you shall fail, for there is not such concept to one who seeks the truth. The will of the one Creator moves in ways which are most mysterious to those upon your planet, for you exist within a veil of forgetting. But know ye that ever do you glorify the one Creator when you seek to know the truth and to serve in the purest manner possible.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Should I change in what … in my striving, in the direction I am going? Is there any reason why I should change in what I am trying to do?

I am Latwii. My brother, once again we find the necessity for speaking in general terms. For us to advise a change in the path which you tread would be exercise an undue influence upon your free will. We ask only that those such as yourself who seek to be of service be ever aware that service is ever present. Your journey shall be full of change but always shall it contain service, for there is only one being of which you are a part. Therefore, there can only be service to that one being who is the Creator within.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Thank you, Latwii.

I am Latwii. We are most grateful to you, my brother. You do us a great honor by asking our humble service. In such a manner do we learn more of the light and the love of the one Creator.

May we ask at this time if there might be another question?


I am Latwii. We thank each present for allowing us to join our vibrations with yours this evening. An evening which is most holy among your peoples. An evening which expresses and experiences the love of the one Creator in a way which is most joyful upon your planet. We remind each that a simple request for our presence in your meditative state is all that is necessary for us to join our vibrations with yours and to deepen your meditative state.

We shall now leave this group and this instrument, rejoicing in that love and light and that unity of the one infinite Creator. Blessings and peace. I am Latwii. Adonai vasu borragus.