Group question: For the group question this week we are taking pot luck and will be glad to listen to whatever words of inspiration Q’uo has to offer.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle of Q’uo. We greet you in the light, the clarity and the love of the one infinite Creator. We are pleased indeed that you have chosen to call us to your circle this evening, and we are most grateful for the privilege of sharing our thoughts. As always, we ask that you evaluate these thoughts as you would any other person’s thoughts, taking what you feel is worth your attention and leaving the rest behind, for we are not infallible but seekers like yourself.

As we merge with your vibrations at this time we can feel much of the yearning of all of those present for the light that is so absent from your days as the planet you now enjoy moves towards its farthest from the sun. These dark days that weigh upon the spirit are challenges for all who enjoy your density of existence. Those who have distortions towards physical weakness find it harder to shake off those difficulties and enjoy life. Those who have sorrows find the sorrow is greater as the days grow shorter. The physical instrument which you call your body is carefully aligned and attuned to light, and just as do plants, the spirit needs the light for its health.

There is also a spiritual difficulty as the days grow short, and that is that when one is less comfortable, huddled in upon the self and responding to the increased darkness, one is also apt to become hungry for the food of spirit, for the light that appears as love itself, warmth within the heart, secure openness to the being. These things are more difficult to achieve. The balance is more difficult to find. And as we paint this picture we are hoping that you can see yourself in this picture and see in better context those concerns which you have brought to this circle. When spirit is turned in upon itself as darkness urges you to do, there is within the self that turning to the shadows of uncertainty and hesitation. Those energies which create the shadow that always follows faith, that shadow is inextinguishable, for the light that casts that shadow is consciousness itself, and that sun does not go down. And yet in dark days it feels as though the inner sun itself has set.

In this atmosphere it is easy indeed to wonder, “Who am I,” and, “Where am I going?” Hopes and dreams seem somehow frivolous, for the energies are heavy and quiet. All this is as it should be, and we do not intend to suggest that the questions of identity and the path of the future are questions that have any negative import, for these are the questions into which you took incarnation to address. Indeed, all the knowledge of self was deliberately laid aside by you before the beginning of this incarnation, for you wished to be affected by the light and the dark. You desired to come among the people of this planet as one of them to experience all that you could and to ask yourself those things which sprang up in the course of the daily life. You had hopes of this bold venture called incarnation. You hoped to serve in the name of love. You hoped to learn those lessons of love which you felt were worth refining and emphasizing in your deep personality. You wished to form relationships with those with whom you have worked before to enjoy companionship with them, to learn with them, to share catalyst together. And each of you is doing all those things.

So, from the standpoint of the work of the spirit all is well. The doubts and inner discords are not only acceptable but also of value. Only the self can dig so deeply into the substrata of a busy and complex personality. Only the self can ask the self these questions with such desire to know. This is, then, a positive and a necessary portion of the rhythm of living an incarnation—the questioning and probing, the lifting up and gazing and putting down again and then lifting and looking from another angle. These things are well. This is good work.

Perhaps you hear our reserve in saying this. Yes, there is also another side to be considered in this issue. And that is that the Creator has placed humankind within the paradox that affects the deep personality and that is that the self sees the process of learning about the self as one of delving into and clarifying what the self really thinks and feels, thereby adding unto the beingness a higher degree of self-knowledge, while at the same time the Creator has so arranged the processes of learning so that the path to self-knowledge is actually the path of turning the gaze beyond the self and being able to allow the falling away of self. And in spiritual terms this losing of self is also a positive and wise effort to enjoy.

It is not logical that the way to self-knowledge is the allowing of that which may fall away. Yet that entity who knows itself most deeply is the entity who has given much of the personality away. We do not suggest a solution to this paradox of addition and subtraction. The self remains unlimited, being part of all, positive and negative, existing before time and space and existing within time and space so that there is wisdom in working upon the self by addition, by naming the characteristics of the self. And when the rhythm of life is such that the mood is one of peace and relaxation of the personality, that work also is good.

We would ask you to think about who the self is in relation to the teacher known to you as Jesus. This entity’s sense of self was such that when the entity was but a child it studied and learned from its teachers and by the time it was a teenager, as this instrument would say, it was already considered a teacher. This entity had a sense of self that enabled it simply to do what it must, even when those about him did not understand. That sense of self carried this entity through a wandering ministry that was remarkable for the purity of its teaching. And yet when the one known as Jesus was asked to describe the self he said that “He who sees me sees not me but the Father.” This entity had learned subtraction as well as addition and he was content to be impersonal and to relinquish much of the Earthly personality. Yet there can be no more sure-footed identity than that attitude which the one known as Jesus had.

We would perhaps encourage, more than working one way or another. Rather, encourage the seeker to flow freely and gladly along with those currents and rhythms of life which put one in a certain mood or state of receptivity. We encourage each to trust the intuition of self, that feeling that says, “go here,” or “go there.” We would encourage the sense of proportion, the sense of humor so that one takes oneself seriously but also finds the light touch. The entity that each is is the one infinite creation and the one Creator. Due to the illusions of time and space those fields of energy which comprise each entity vibrate, not perfectly in tune with the vibration of that one great original Thought, but rather in some distorted fashion; that is, distorted from perfection. This is as it should be. However, if we were to discuss our own idea of who the entity truly is we simply would look at the vibration, for each self has a vibratory complex which is as distinctive as your finger print. You are, before you can think about who you are. You are not inventing yourself, but you are asking yourself to become more than you were. And it is right and good to seek to progress.

We hope that we can aid in some small way as each goes through that eternal cycle of questioning and resting in faith, moving and being still that yields to you a life well-lived and service well done. We would continue through the instrument known as Jim. We leave this instrument in love and in light. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again through this instrument in the love and the light of the one Creator. At this time we would ask if we may speak to any other queries that are present among those in this circle?

I sensed some kind of sadness in the contact, Q’uo. Could you speak to that?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The topic itself, which deals with the condition of entities upon your planet, is one which feels to be somewhat heavy in that it speaks of beings of light lost, it would seem, in the darkness of the illusion and the confusion that this illusion generates. And this particular aspect of existence is one which has resonance, shall we say, with each in this circle of seeking and therefore there is the feeling/tone of what you would call a certain sadness.

Is there another query, my sister?

No. Thank you. I was just curious about that.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you again, my sister. Is there another query?

I just wanted to say that you are helping me much with your words of inspiration and for others I am sure, too. Knowing that you are there somewhere in the background when things are bearing down heavily is also a comfort to me as a seeker. So I just wanted to say thanks.

I am Q’uo, and we receive your kind words with a great joy in our hearts, for these words are a confirmation to us that we have made an effort which has born fruit, and for this we are grateful.

Is there any further query at this time?


I am Q’uo, and as it appears that we have exhausted the queries for this time of working together we would again express our great appreciation for the invitation that is so freely and consistently offered to us to blend our vibrations with yours and to walk for the moment with you upon your journey of seeking. This is always an opportunity and occasion of great happiness and joy for us, for it gives us the opportunity to exercise our great desire to serve and to work with those such as yourselves whose desire to serve is also great. We cannot begin to thank you enough for this privilege and our humble words and thoughts are mere tokens of the great and bounteous appreciation which exists within our being and resonates with the harmony in this circle of seeking at each working.

We would take our leave at this time of this instrument and this group, and yet we do not truly leave, for all who are of like mind and heart in the seeking and the service of the One are always together in that seeking and in that service. Thus, we only leave in an apparent fashion, and in that leaving we leave in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.