(K channeling)

[I am Laitos,] and I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a great pleasure to be here with you this evening and [inaudible] working with this new instrument. We are quite pleased with the progress that she has made since yesterday. We thank her for her friends, and are glad for the opportunity to be here again. [At this] time we will say a few words through the one known as Jim. We transfer this contact at this time. I am Laitos.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and greet each of you once again in love and light. We look upon this opportunity to speak to this group as one which offers great possibilities of service, for we see each instrument likened to a seed when planted within the consciousness of the peoples of your planet. Each of you as you serve as vocal channels begin a kind of growth that may be likened unto one of your trees.

The trees that you call “oak” begin modestly, as any other seed. When planted within fertile ground and when there is the proper nourishment of the water, the sunlight and those nutrients of the soil, the seed sprouts and begins its growth that will culminate in a great, spreading oak. Many are the travelers that may pass beneath such an oak, and if the day is hot and the journey has been long, perhaps the traveler shall take the time to rest beneath the tree, to recline at the base of the trunk, and to relax in the shade provided by the great spreading limbs and leaves. Thus does one of your trees provide a service to those who travel in its vicinity, it being the traveler’s choice to seek shade and rest beneath the arms of the oak.

So each of you as a vocal instrument may be likened to the oak, providing a rest, and more, perhaps an inspiration to travelers upon the spiritual journey who come within the reach of your branches. Such travelers make their own choices as to where they shall seek shelter. Your service is to be there when shelter is sought and to share what is within your ability to share. The oak does not provide oranges or apples, but provides shade and rest and a calming effect that is its own to provide.

Many times in your services as vocal instruments you will be asked to provide services which lie outside of your abilities. Be not concerned when this occurs—and it shall—but rejoice in your ability to give what you have to give and to give it freely. This is the essence of the vocal channeling experience, that the desire to serve others is strong and that [there is] the ability to hollow oneself out sufficiently enough to allow concepts and inspiration to move through one’s instrument in a free and flowing fashion. This is what is yours to share with others, and your sharing of serving of others is most efficient when you give away that which you have to make room for more to follow.

At this time it our desire that we ask if there be any queries to which we may reply in order to aid in the intellectual grasp of the process of learning to be a vocal channel. Are there any queries at this time?

I have a query. I wonder if you could enlighten me in any way about the relationship between performing spiritually oriented services for others and the accepting of money? I’ve been pondering that problem because of writing the book on channeling.

I am Laitos. We see in this instance that the query points toward the heart of the polarity of service to others, and includes in this direction the necessity of viewing the metaphysical journey as a whole as well. One who seeks to serve in the positive sense is one who engages in a practice which many who have not chosen their polarity would think quite foolish, for to be of the most efficient polarity in the positive sense one must be willing and able to give freely enough of the self that one is not concerned whether there be a return for what is given. One rather seeks to share that which is greater with the self with all those who are equal to the self, and in this service the one so serving trusts in that which is greater than the self to sustain the small self in its daily round of activities that it might be nourished and supported in a fashion that will allow its service to continue.

This is not to say that one would refuse gifts which are freely given, even if those gifts be given in response to that which one has shared with another or others. The salient point in our humble opinion is that such gifts are not sought. To be able to give without expectation of return is the essence of the positive polarity. To be able to receive freely offered gifts without feeling the necessity to reciprocate points more toward the essence of the metaphysical journey itself.

For when one sees the universe and all that populates it, including the self, as portions of one being, then one begins to see that boundaries between entities, and systems of dealing in a fair manner with portions of one entity are illusions that aid each portion of the one Creator to gather experience that will glorify that one Creator, and to become aware that all is a portion of the one Creator, the self and each other self with whom one may share experience.

May we answer further, my sister?

Only if you can indicate to me anything helpful I might say to people whose question is not whether they should charge, but how much?

I am Laitos, and given the assumption that some to whom you speak will be asking this query, having already decided that the charge shall be made, it is, we feel, a difficult matter to determine the price, shall we say, for how much does one value the service when they offer another? Could it be sold for any price? How much does one value the ability to serve another? If the information which is freely given through the instrument is heeded or not, is the price the same? We cannot answer this query, my sister—we can only respond to it with further queries, for it is a difficult thing to put a price and a limit upon that which has no price and is infinite.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, Laitos. You sound as confused as anyone. Thank you.

I am Laitos, and, indeed, my sister, it would be a confusing thing to have to make this choice and to assume that one would indeed make such a choice. Thus, we apologize for not being able to guide you in a more coherent fashion.

Don’t think anything of it. I haven’t been able to figure out what to say either. Thank you.

I am Laitos, and we thank you again, my sister. Is there another query?

I will say you outlined the question real well. Exactly the problem [as I see it]. You don’t have to respond. I have no other question.

I have no questions.

I am Laitos, and we thank you for those queries which were offered as gifts to us. We would at this time attempt to speak a few final words through the one known as K. We feel that the progress that this new instrument has shown from one session to the next is exemplary, and we are overjoyed that we have had the opportunity and shall continue to have the opportunity to work with this new instrument. We would transfer this contact at this time to the one known as K. I am Laitos.

(K channeling)

[The recording is mostly inaudible because of a recording problem.]

I am Laitos. I am with this instrument again. We wish to thank you again for your presence here for it is an opportunity for service for you and for us, and we appreciate it.

[Inaudible] cause to rejoice [with you. For this is the] time of thanksgiving with us, and we wish to share it [with you]. At this time we wish to [say] this instrument is progressing well, just like a [computer]. We ask [inaudible] again. [Inaudible] continue this work [inaudible].

[Inaudible] attempting services which are not always clear to [inaudible] we continue to [inaudible] for the purpose of service. In spite of the confusions we may feel…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(K channeling)

I am Laitos, and am again with this instrument. To continue with [this] to rejoice [inaudible] service. We are [inaudible] as you lead your [lives] [inaudible] until our journey into the light is complete and [whole]. In the meantime, my friends, we offer ourselves as best we know how with what capabilities we have to offer. We rejoice that [inaudible]. We thank you once again for all you are the opportunity to [inaudible] you again [inaudible].

[Tape ends.]