21 May, 1995

Sunday meditation

The question this week has to do with the difference between what we hold as our ideal and what we experience as our actual experience. We would like to know the most efficient way of looking at that difference that would help us most in our growth, and what Q’uo’s opinion about that difference would be?

14 May, 1995

Sunday meditation

The question today has to do with our darker sides, the part that is unknown [inaudible] is mysterious, sometimes it’s perceived to be fearful or destructive or angry or in doubt or full of jealousy or rage or whatever. We are wondering whatever you can tell us about the darker side, how it functions, how we can shed light on it, if there is a way of becoming friends with and understanding what we see as the darker side. Is there another way of perceiving it, does it have a purpose that it plays in our spiritual evolution and how can we go about accepting ourselves and the darker side as a part of our overall growth?

21 April, 1995

Friday meditation

Travelers at the crossroads. A question from P, R1, R2 and K, from various locations on the planet, and we would like to know how to be a journeyer and how to make decisions on the road, both exterior and interior-wise. How to be open to the inspiration of the moment in order to reach the destination.

16 April, 1995

Sunday meditation

This is Easter Sunday and it is also the time of spring where the new flowers and new grass and plants start poking their heads out of the ground. We are all feeling rather inspired and inspirited, we [would] like to have some information upon this general concept of resurrection or rebirth, the coming into being of a new self, the inspiration bringing a new being, a risen being, more inspired and full of light. And we would like to have whatever information you could give us on how this process happens in our own lives, how it happens in the world around us, the interrelationship between the two and anything that you could say on rebirth or resurrection.

9 April, 1995

Sunday meditation

The question this afternoon has to do with sexuality. We would like to know a number of things about sexuality, Q’uo. We would like to know what the natural expression of both the male and the female sexuality is—what are the archetypical images or forces that aid or cause this expression to be as it is? And we would like to know how it is most appropriate for us to work with or handle, to perceive these sexual energies in ourselves and in each other. And we would like to know if there is a way in which sexual energy exchanges can be used to experience the unity of the creation and the Creator. Is there a pathway there for evolution? And is the intelligent energy that is the creative force in the universe the same in us as sexual energy, or does it set this sexual energy in motion within us?

2 April, 1995

Sunday meditation

Today we will take general questions from our group, which has come from all corners of the planet.

26 March, 1995

Sunday meditation

How to communicate honestly and be true to the self when people you talk to are restricted in their point of view? How does Q’uo do this with us, for example? What about white lies? The absolute truth may hurt feelings.

19 March, 1995

Sunday meditation

Our question this evening has to do with absolute reality and relative or personal reality. We are wondering if it is possible for a person to transmit his/her reality to another person or if it is even wise to try to do so? Is it possible for us to transcend our personality, to take part in the ever-changing nature of the way we perceive the universe about us? Is there a value in this? Is there any way that we can know with some degree of certainty that what we are dealing with is true or real? And what is Q’uo’s preferred perspective on reality and truth?

12 March, 1995

Sunday meditation

If there is a different quality that a minority group has it will be ostracized by the majority group. The differences can be sex, race, color, length of hair, creed, dressing, ideas one has in one’s head, and we would like to know if this is an innate quality of humans, mammals, animals in general or whatever. Is there a way that we can look at this that would help us in dealing with the world around us?

26 February, 1995

Sunday meditation

We would like to know about the formation of the social memory complex on planet Earth. Does our technology such as television, computers with internet, radio, music, etc., aid any as training wheels in the formation of our social memory complex? And are there more subtle and efficient ways that this formation of our social memory complex is accomplished in our everyday lives?