(H channeling)

[I am Hatonn.] It is, as always, a pleasure to be with you. We wish it to be known that we will be among you this evening and that we will touch with you and speak with you as it has been requested.

Those within this group and those not in attendance associated with this group are all very special to us. Many of you have known of us and have sat with us a great number of times over spans which you call years. In this time we have watched over your patterns of life. We have witnessed the ebbs and tides as your life flows in the stream of consciousness and love and of the universe. Man upon planet Earth does not understand in totality the creation in which he lives. And it has often been the quest of many of the great minds upon your planet to seek out truths which would unlock doors to man upon planet Earth and assist him to understand his universe. These great minds have been inspirations to many of your peoples. Yet, they have only touched upon the brink of knowledge and of awareness. We, in our own right, have also only begun to touch upon that brink, for understanding this entire universe is not within our grasp at the present time. We have learned to understand many of things which still puzzle many of your people. Yet, there are those things which we have not yet understood that occur around each of us.

We of the Confederation have sought through our meditation, through our service to mankind, to fulfill a long goal which we had set for ourselves eons of time ago: that is to know and understand the Creator and His universe. It seems but yesterday that we began, and it seems that we will never end in our quest for this knowledge. Yet each step of the way we find relief, we find happiness, in knowing that our understanding has grown and knowing that our love has been multiplied. We of the Confederation share with you, above all things, our love. But there are those among your planet who will not accept our words of intellectual understanding. Yet, we are free to send them our love and our assistance for as they would call upon their Creator, whatever that belief may be, they call upon us. For we have realized that we are also a portion not only of the creation but of the Creator.

When one calls, whomsoever may hear that call should serve the one in need to the best of their ability using the best of their discretion.

We of the Confederation admire this group, for though you have seen your difficulties in your personal lives and within the life of the organization called Eftspan you have grown and we have grown by watching you and being with you and serving you. We wish [you] to understand that the day will come when you must be willing to freely offer your assistance in a much more demanding way than you do now. And in order to do this properly you must prepare yourselves by becoming the being that you desire to be: one of knowledge and wisdom, love and understanding, one of strength and integrity. All of you have desired this and in some ways you have gained portions of your goal.

Yet, we and all of you must understand that there is never time, as you would call it, for you to neglect the attainment of goals you have set for yourself. For man upon Earth lives within an atmosphere or an environment which is attuned to the premise of time. Your physical bodies are sustained for only a short period, therefore when you neglect the seeking and the fulfillment of your chosen mission and goal, you neglect the entire essence of this short span you live upon planet Earth. You live not for frivolity or enjoyment. You live for love and enlightenment, for the fulfillment of your role in the creation of a perfect universe. If your actions are attuned to the consciousness of the Creator, your life shall experience no difficulty, not in essence. It may appear that you do indeed have difficulties, but they are lessons. Some are difficult, others are not. Be not discouraged by your own lack of disciplines. Be not haughty about your achievements. For you are as others, all others within this universe. You are a creator, you are a part and particle of an undividable growing and consciousness universe.

We of the Confederation share these thoughts with you and commend you for what you have achieved. We also wish to somewhat warn you that you must realize that your journey has only begun. Be more determined, allow yourself not to falter. Be not discouraged with yourself when you do.

I shall transfer this communication. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Hatonn. At this time, my friends, I will open the meeting to questions. Please feel free to ask any question for it is our great privilege to share our thoughts with you.


I am again with this instrument. We would then leave this instrument and allow a brother who has not previously spoken to this group to speak through this instrument. Therefore, with our hearts attuned with you and all our love with you, we leave you in the love that is only that of the Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Carla channeling)

I am Orkan. And I speak to you this evening for the first time. It is an infinite pleasure to me and I greet you in the love and the light of the One Who is the Creator of us all.

I am a flame. I am a flame that flickers, my friends, that glows, that grows, that is eternal. I am the flame of creation; the flame of your physical sun that warms your planet and allows your food to grow on your fertile land. I am the flame of destruction that transmutes all that there is. Yes, my friends, I am a flame. I appear as the love in the heart of those who give. I appear, my friends, as the intelligence of those who think. I am the flame that creates beauty, whether it is the beauty of the Creator or the beauty of mankind; the beauty of your art or your music; the beauty of your architecture, of your statues, of your philosophy. I am a flame that may but flicker in the darkest of times, my friends. I am to be found by those who can recognize love.

I am and you are the flame, my friends, the flame of love that burns and consumes. It is not something that you reach out to find. The total freedom, the total annihilation of fire is not something that you may use, my friends. Love can only use you. It is not a tool, my friends. You are the tool for love. You have not chosen a gentle path. You have chosen the path that consumes those things about you which are not love. The rate of that consumption is completely dependent upon you. When do you wish to become the flame of love, of joy, of light, of laughter, of freedom? It is up to you, my friends, for the flame is always there inside you, inside me. My friends, the flame is not an answer. For as far as we know, we have no answers. We have only the process of love. We have only the knowledge that the flame, that the love is grace, is easiness, is strength.

If you have the discipline to seek the flame in moment, whether it be in the day or the night, in joy or sorrow, in something great or in something very small, if you have the discipline to seek it, then you become the flame. And when you have achieved this identity, this manifestation, it is not, my friends, that you become a teacher, it is only, my friends, that you become a window through which the flame can be seen.

I am Orkan. It is a great privilege to meet each of you, and I and my brothers are with you. Adonai vasu. Adonai.

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and I greet you each in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I will not speak to you long, my friends, but I wish to work with each of you. If you would open yourselves to our influence, I and my brothers wish to at this time to come into the room and work with each of you personally. If you will be patient and mentally request our presence, we will attempt to strengthen your own natural meditation. I am Laitos.


I am again with this instrument. It is a great privilege to use this instrument for we have not been able to use her for some weeks. And we are very grateful for the chance to work with each of our instruments.

My friends, we ask only that you meditate; five minutes, ten minutes, however long you may. Daily meditation, my friends; it is an old story but it does not lose its importance. Life as it is known by your peoples seems very normal. But we say to you, my friends, that the universe is very, very unusual. There are many, many strange things all around you. Many informative, unusual occurrences. To pick up, to understand those things that are missed by so many, it is necessary to tune the mind by meditation.

I would like to close through another channel. I am Laitos.

(H channeling)

I am Laitos. I am now with this instrument. It has also been a long time since we have spoken through this instrument. For the benefit of those who are somewhat new to the actual training of an instrument, we are utilizing a great degree of conditioning with this instrument. We are showing those interested the technique which is the least desirable. The communications which we offer which you may witness now are much more easily transmitted when the instrument allows the energy to flow, allows himself to speak the words without thought, and accepts the communication with faith.

We of the Confederation speak with your peoples and we need many instruments for, what you would term, the future. We desire in the development of channels to be accepted by the instruments at their own choosing. And we have chosen the previously witnessed form of conditioning because we have found it necessary for most to have this experience in order that they may be, shall we say, thoroughly convinced of the validity of the communication, for you may witness and believe in it but then attempt to doubt it either in its validity or your own. We say to you that the source of the message is, shall we say, irrelevant. We shall not ask or judge from [where] goodness has come, we should only accept it and use what is beneficial to you and pass the rest on into the others without concern. We press nothing upon you; we bless you for your acceptance.

We leave you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. I am Laitos. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.