(Carla channeling)

I greet you in the love and the light of the One Who is All. I am Hatonn of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. I and my brothers hover high above you in the sky. We are at this time approximately 7.3 miles above your dwelling place. Aboard our ship, as you would call it, are more than 4,000 of our brothers and sisters who bear one name, my friends, the name of our home, as you would call it, our planet, the planet of Hatonn. We come from a planet, my friends, which has come through a great death and a great birth. The kind of birth into an age in which we no longer need the artificial creations of our kind. We have come into an age, my friends, where we can dwell in the creation of the Father.

Our planet is now a sentient being. All wildlife, as you call it, is conscious in a way that most of you [inaudible]. And we ourselves can speak without tongue and hear without ear for we are in a vibration in which time and space are plastic, in which we can move from one level to another with conscious awareness and understanding. Our conscious awareness and understanding have led us to one awareness and one understanding. And it is for this reason that [we have] come among you and your peoples at this time.

We come bearing witness to the Creator, my friends. And yet the Creator is not as you have pictured Him. He is not a judge, He is not a man, nor, my friends, is He a woman. He is not a being. My friends, we bear witness to love. We bear witness to all that there is which is love. This is the understanding that we have come so far to share. And why, my friends, do we come among you at this time to speak of love?

You, my friends, approach a planetary death and a planetary birth. For as the cycles grow in your time and your space, in the locality of your present existence, the time and space has rolled around for a vibrational change. Not my friends, a vibrational change as you would understand it. We are not speaking of physical things but of the energy which creates physical things. It is difficult to explain to you of the vibrational change in which death and life are transformed while the physical body continues to die and live. And yet, this is what we bring to you. And we bring it [to] you because so many among your peoples, my friends, know that there is something beyond the physical body and the physical death. There is something that is more than the brief span of their lifetime and the brief span of experience in this lifetime.

My friends, the answers to the questions you seek are all about you, written in the holy works in all of what you call your religions and philosophies. Many, many teachers walk the Earth at this time who speak the truth and yet, my friends, so disillusioned have your people become that your people no longer believe in their books, nor their leaders. They do not even believe, totally, in the inner voice that compels them towards the seeking for that which is beyond life and death.

We come mostly, my friends, because your peoples can understand our presence with more ease than they can understand books and your orthodox teachings. We have come to add our voice of truth as we know it to the many voices of the same truth as it is known already. We come by the millions, my friends. Far across the universe, across your galaxy, and across the reaches of other times and other space, there are many civilizations who have crossed into a vibration in which the truth of the Creator is obvious. Where this is so, my friends, beings have no choice except to turn to a life of service to others. With understanding of the Creator, my friends, comes the information that all your needs will be taken care of. Thus we have no more needs. We have meat and drink, as it says in your holy works, that your people know not of, 1 because our vibrational change made it possible for us to create that which was needed by thought. We no longer have need of government as you know it for we can communicate our desires to a central computer which does the will of the people instantly. We are then free, my friends, to love. Love of others is much easier, my friends, when you can see the vibration of love in each of your brothers and sisters. The selection of a mate, my friends, is much easier when you can see the connection going back many, many lifetimes with your appropriate partner. One by one, my friends, those things which you call problems are solved by the application of divine love shedding light, shedding truth, shedding enablement on the so-called immobile lifespan. We are now free in spirit as a people. What we wish to do is our work of service. We have no need mentally or physically or emotionally; then our needs must become spiritual. And we find that we can only satisfy the spiritual desire for increased understanding by service to others. For this we must look outward, my friends, if you wish to use that expression. Outward across the voids between civilizations until we find one such as yours that is crying out at this time for the knowledge which we have to share. And so we are here.

We are aware, my friends, that in your daily lives you cannot see clearly that love is in everything. And without that truth the problem of finding [inaudible], of knowing friends in everyone, or finding enough supply of those things which are needed for physical existence, of finding mental stimulation which is satisfying, of finding that emotional stability which among your peoples is called happiness—all of these things, my friends, are anything but easy.

But you see, my friends, you are not without a clear understanding of love. It is as though you were in a deep, underground prison to which you have the key, my friends. Your body is the prison. It is a dense, chemical [inaudible] which carries your spirit about. It is extremely useful, for in it you experience emotions and situations which act as a catalyst in order that the understanding of your basic spiritual self may become tempered and toughened, thus producing at the end of an experience in the physical body an intense understanding of love. It is as though, my friends, in our vibration we can never truly practice our understanding of love for we see it clearly. Anyone can see in the daylight, but you my friends, are in darkness. To see the light in the darkness is much, much more difficult.

What is the key that unlocks the prison? It is a simple key, my friends. It is the key of meditation, or as this instrument has described, the activity of inner listening. Life and love do not come to you from us, from books, from on high. No, my friends, life and love come to you from within. For within each of you is the spark of the Creator. It is a matter of becoming conscious or aware of that spark which is already there and then allowing that light within to shine through to the outside experience and thus illuminating it, thus granting supply were there was lack, healing where there was pain, friendship, brotherhood and harmony where there were enemies, disagreement and disharmony. As you breathe in and as you breathe out, my friends, you use up this mortal life that you have taken on with courage and dedication at the outset to make use of as a time of learning and [inaudible] under adverse circumstances—under the circumstance of forgetting what you knew as a spirit. Try to remember, my friends, what you already know: that all men are brothers, that love and consciousness dwell in everything, that all that is around you is alive and part of the creation which is love.

We ask you, my friends, to have faith. Not in some dogmatic repetition, but in the basic concept that you are not here aimlessly but for a purpose. In meditation, my friends, ask that you may fulfill your purpose. You need not know to the last detail what that purpose is. You need only dedicate yourself to the intention and desire to fulfill your purpose. Spirits, my friends, have a purpose which is inevitable. And that is that they should love and share.

The ideas among your people having to do with purpose are all accepted ambitions, and the ideas of greatness and dramatic accomplishment. But we say to you, my friends, that your purpose is to love and to share. The details matter not, but only the care and daily constancy of your willingness to manifest the love of the Creator. In this, my friends, you will surely fail if you attempt to do it yourself. For we are all, when cut off from love, unloving people, unloving beings, my friends, with very few resources. However, the Creator is an infinite and invisible flow of love. In meditation and in conscious thought, call upon that infinite supply.

I will pause while one of my brothers speaks through one of the other instruments. I am Hatonn.

(H channeling)

I am Laitos. Greetings, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is a pleasure to be with you and I would touch with you but a short time.

I am here for one purpose and that is to assist you in sensing our presence within this room. It has been a pleasure for a great period of time to be bestowed with the duties of shall we say, conditioning new instruments within this group and within other groups. And a portion of that duty is to share our love and our energies with those who visit with us.

We are among you now and we ask that you relax. And if you can sense our presence we ask that you please allow it to flow and do not become apprehensive. For we of the Confederation are here to love and serve man on planet Earth. This is our sole purpose. We shall not instruct you how to live but we shall offer advice on how to build a better life during your short stay upon this planet.

We of the Confederation are dedicated to our service for it sustains our being. We have found through our experience that to serve another is to indeed serve oneself. For it is spoken within your holy works, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” To give service in love to another is only to assure yourself that when you are in need it shall be given to you.

I am touching with you now and giving you my love and the love of all of those within the Confederation. It pleases us to see you. We ask only that you listen and take that which is of importance and use it forever and that which you find somewhat disagreeable to your accepted train of thought we ask that you dispel that from your consciousness which you so desire. We claim not to know all that there is in the universe for, to the best of our knowledge, the universe is infinite and the experiences and the knowledge within must therefore be the same. However, we do claim to have progressed through very similar circumstances as what you experience now and offer what we feel to be the greatest degree of assistance that we can presently render to your people.

We have spoken through many people upon your planet such as you are witnessing now. Many of your peoples have grown aware of us and it is pleasing to see that a few more have come to listen. And we humbly and gratefully respect your presence.

It has been my pleasure to be with you. I shall now leave you. I leave you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. I am known to you as Laitos. Adonai.

(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I am Hatonn, and again I greet you in love and in light. At this time I would open the meeting to any questions that you may have of us, always keeping in mind that we are not infallible and only wish to share our thoughts with you in the simple way of brotherhood. If you have any questions please speak forth at this time.

I have a question. Is the Confederation of brothers connected with a group that is based in Florida called the Mark-Age group? And if you are connected, what is the connection?

We are aware of the question. The light center which is in that portion of the creation on planet Earth that you call Florida is in contact with the Confederation. However, due to the individual differences which reside within that group there are other entities which are in contact with them also which are of your planet and which have in the past given false information. This complicates the attempt of seekers such as yourself who wish to understand our message and seek understanding through this group. They offer much of our message, however, my friend, we do not give individual advice for that is an infringement on the free will of the individual.

We can only share our understanding of, as our brother has spoken, how to live the better life, the life of love, the life which is natural to you in a higher sense.

This group has had its temptations with what some have called lower astrals in the past and has channeled false information about landing and other natural phenomena. However, it has managed to understand what was occurring and not try to justify its mistake. Due to this, this group manages to dispense, shall we say, a fair amount of our so-called cosmic sermonettes without too much distortion. What you must do in dealing with information such as Mark-Age Metacenter is learn to separate the wheat from the chaff, as this instrument would put it. See the truth in that which is given and with compassion allow the channel to make mistakes without you being emotionally disturbed by false information. In fact, my friends, this would apply to all of your established, so-called religions of your planet where the original manifestations of universal truth and love had become clouded by the distortions of men who with their intellect and with the help of lower inspirations have muddied the waters of the original truths. These truths are there and can be recognized. What you cannot use and do not need, discard. Do not become emotionally upset if others have an emotional need for what you consider distortion. Allow them their path to understanding while knowing that it is not your path to understanding. There are infinite numbers of beings, each with his own path, each with his own recognition of truth.

Does this satisfactorily answer your question?

Yes, thank you.

Is there another question?

I have a question, a little along the same line. I am interested to know if there are any groups in western North Carolina who you are channeling through, and if so, would we be able to contact those groups if we moved there?

We are aware of your question. You must understand, my friend, that that which you need must come to you in a certain way. We cannot, shall we say, from on high, alter the course of your life, of your experience, or of your understanding. That which is needed will appear, this is the rule of the Creation. We are aware that this is not a satisfactory answer and we are sorry, but we cannot become temporal teachers, guiding you to our outposts of knowledge. If it is for you to continue in this phase of understanding, your group will appear. If your group does not appear in your new environment, consider, my sister, whether you are perhaps to begin such a group or whether you are to perhaps to find a totally new source of continued progress.

We declare at this time, as always, that these spoken messages are only the stimulants to begin and to continue in your own spiritual search. Do you understand my sister, why we cannot give the address and phone number of your contact?

Yes, I understand.

We are grateful for your understanding. Another question, my friends?

How does one recognize this group when it appears?

The thing which is right, feels right. This means that this individual must be in touch with his feelings and of course, as always, this goes back to a daily period, brief as it may be, of meditation. When the one known as G met with the entities who became the group which now sits in circle with us, they were strangers but there was a feeling of appropriateness, the feeling perhaps, shall we say, of rightness. And this feeling was shared by all those who were long intended to work together in this group. It was a natural and spontaneous feeling from within, as all spiritual stages occur. All the one known as G did was to act on her feelings. First by going to a class and then by attending a meeting that she had heard about, and then attempting in sincerity and some humility to follow what was to her and still is to her a sometimes strange discipline. This takes being in touch with what feels like the right thing to do. It is a subtle feeling, that of rightness. And we can only suggest that each of you meditate and allow harmony to reign within yourself so that you may speak to yourself and know that feeling of what is right and what is appropriate. Does this answer your question, my brother?


We wish to encourage each of you for each of you has all the stimulus that you may need. As we have said before, your lifetimes are not unplanned. You may go down many, many paths but each will be sufficient. You cannot make a totally wrong choice for all choices are within the creation of love. But there is always an optimum choice, a choice which is really right for you, not for anyone else, my friends. From small things to large there is rightness.

We ask you to meditate.

Is there another question?


If there are no more questions, my friends, we leave this channel although we do not leave. We are able to respond at any time you may need our presence as a comfort or as company as you go into meditation. For those of you who are not channels may find it impossible to detect our presence but if you mentally request our presence, we will be there and you will eventually be able to feel our presence, perhaps as light or some physical sensation having to do with our joining of vibrations with yours.

We offer our presence, as we said, not to dictate but only to give the brotherhood and the love of all of us to you. We are not strangers, my friends, though we come from far. We are brothers no matter what star our home revolves around. There is no doubt in our hearts that we are all part of love.

It is with joy beyond telling that I leave you in that love and that light, my brothers and my sisters. I am called Hatonn. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. Holy Bible, John 4:31-35: “Meanwhile the disciples besought him, saying, “Rabbi, eat.” But he said to them, “I have food to eat of which you do not know.” So the disciples said to one another, “Has anyone brought him food?” Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me, and to accomplish his work.”