(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. It is my great privilege to speak with you, and I come to you before my brother Hatonn in order to balance the considerable energy of this group.

At this time, we ask that each of you visualize your circle as being one which is totally enclosed in a beautiful white globe of light. Visualize this globe as being created by the love in each heart and by the unity of the group. In this way your energies will come into balance, and our contact will be smoother and more helpful, we hope, to each of you. I will pause at this time. I am known to you as Laitos.


I am with the instrument. I am Hatonn, and I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I greet especially each of those who is new to this group and send to each and all our love as well as that of the Creator in which we come to you. Many of you have questioned where it is that we come from and yet we say to you, that that is irrelevant. For it is not our origin or our virtues that should endear us to you but only one thing, my friends, and that is our information.

Who are we? We are a voice that speaks to you. Yes, from other dimensions, from other spaces, from other universes than that which you know. For we move in such a universe that time and space as you know it are no more. We move in a universe where the emotions of sadness and separation are to us as beacons that call us. Distances do not matter. But only the cry that we hear from those who would wish to know that which we have to give. The information that can end your separation and your sorrow.

Our information is simple, my friends. A very, very simple truth we bring to you, the highest truth that we know, although we know that there is a higher truth, for we are not perfect. And that highest truth, my friends, is that we are all one. The universe has been made up of one substance and that, my friends, is love. How can I say to you, each a beautiful being that sits within your dwelling place at this time in meditation, that you are one being, one with us, one with each other and one with your beautiful planet. It is difficult, is it not, my friends, to see the truth. For you dwell in a dense physical illusion, as we would call it, in which energy seems to you to be mass. In which emotions, as they are, are habitually masked by your peoples, so that they speak falsely. And that falseness is believed as truth. And the separation goes on and on, my friends, among your peoples.

Those who you choose to lead you, do not lead. And by choosing leaders you have somehow, my friends, given up the feeling of responsibility for yourself, the feeling of confidence that you can stand a beautiful and perfect soul upon your own two feet, figuratively speaking, and be able to do the very best that you can in clear conscience and in happiness, whatever the outcome. Choosing leaders that do not lead, and giving up your own choices to the leaders that do not lead, has left your peoples frustrated and confused.

My friends, the answers lie not in outward reforms but first in the inner reform of each person that restores self-respect and reliance upon itself, knowledge of brotherhood and sisterhood and the ability to act on what you believe. Then, and only then, my friends, can you move forth into the world in which you are now living and learning and act for right or for wrong, but in the confidence that your judgment at this time is the best that it can be. And, my friends, how do you find that confidence that your peoples are so lacking? How can you find the love that has been lost in infinite separations? Nation to nation, people to people?

We have come to tell you the truth of love and the power of unity. But we cannot do more than inspire you to find for yourself those truths. For each soul, my friends, each being, as we have said through this instrument many times, is a kingdom unto himself, a regal and imperial entity. Yes, we are all one, but the paradox is, my friends, that we are all unique and all completely necessary to the creation. And it is for each imperial entity to make the decision to seek for himself the truth of existence of consciousness. There are many truths, my friends. There are many, many levels of reality and each of your brothers that you meet may speak to you from a different level. But within yourself, my friends, you are at a unique place in your journey towards the truth. In order to seek the truth it is important that you make contact with that place within yourself which has a will to purpose, and when you make contact with your deepest purpose you will find that your deepest purpose is to seek the truth.

Why are you here, my friends? To what end are you conscious at this time? To what end do you feel and sense and respond to the many, many things that occur to you within each day. Seek the answer to this question, my friend. Our most recommended procedure for this seeking is what many call meditation. This word, my friends, has many seriously unfortunate connotations and those who would perhaps most enjoy the practice of meditation are sometimes uncomfortable with the phrase, for they feel that it may involve a complex practice. We do not recommend any practice but only the resolve to seek and the repeated attempt to quiet the outer self so that that still, small voice, as your holy works say, may be heard.

I would at this time attempt to transfer to the one known as Don. I am Hatonn.


I am Laitos. I am sorry for the delay. At this time, I would like to work with each of those within the meeting in order to strengthen their own spiritual vibration, shall we say, and let each feel our contact. If you would desire to experience what we call our conditioning wave, we ask that you mentally request that we will be with you at this time. I am Laitos.


I am with the instrument. Again we ask in order to strengthen the unity of the group’s energy that each of you visualize a beautiful white ball of light that surrounds your entire dwelling place and in which you are all totally bathed in love.


We thank you. This is a much better flow of energy, and we can use this instrument better. At this time we would like to attempt to speak a few words through a newer instrument, and thus we would transfer to the one known as M. I am Laitos.


I am again with the instrument. We have good contact with the one known as M. And at this time would simply attempt to work with her conditioning wave, if you will be patient with us. I am Laitos.


I am again with this instrument. The one known as M has a very good contact and lacks only confidence at this time. This is extremely beneficial to us that she is so desirous of aiding us, and we emphasize often, my friends, that being a verbal channel is only one way of speaking those thoughts which our vibration offers to your peoples. For many are the questions that are asked and the seeds that can be planted, as the conversation was saying before this meeting began. Thus, channeling as you are aware of it now is only one of many avenues that you can take to be of service to your fellow beings, and yet we do need as many verbal channels, such as this one, as we can find, due to the fact that this particular type of communication is a good way of speaking to those who are seeking the truth and is for some more informative and interesting than a less formal conversation. Many are those, my friends, who desire the simple information that we have to give. At this time, if you will again be patient, I will attempt to say just a few sentences through the one known as R. I am Laitos.


I am again with this instrument. Thank each of you very much for your patience. It is sometimes time-consuming working with new instruments but we very much appreciate the group’s willingness to help. We thank the one known as R, also. Again, we have good contact. However, if the one known as R would cease from analyzing our thoughts we would be able to let them flow to her. For when one analyzes our thoughts, they cease in their flow and therefore the channel is interrupted. This is a very common problem, and we are always happy to work with those who would request our presence. At any time you would wish to work upon the conditioning wave and becoming more aware of our presence, we simply ask that you request our presence mentally. If at any time it is inconvenient for this contact to proceed, mentally request that we leave and we will instantly obey your desires.

I am Laitos, my friends. It is a great privilege to work with each of you. And as I am in contact with each of you, I feel that you are my brother and my sister, and that we truly are the universe together. Adonai, my friends. I leave you in love and light.


I am again with this instrument. I am Hatonn, and again I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite One. We had wished to speak a few thoughts through the one known as Don, and if he will allow himself to be conditioned while we open the meeting to questions, we will again attempt before the close of this meeting. At this time I would open the meeting to questions. Does anyone have a question?

I have a question. My name is J [inaudible.] The question boils down to this: Can you give me some sign or something so I know that it is not my subconscious or I myself talking and answering…

I am Hatonn. I am aware of your question, my brother. The answer is far from simple, but we will attempt to elucidate to you the laws that govern the seeing, shall we say, of paranormal events by witnesses within the physical illusion. Each entity, as we have stated, is striving to understand the truth of their being. There is, shall we say, a base speed of progress which approaches zero but which inevitably, over an infinite length of time, will bring that searching soul into knowledge. Many of the peoples upon your planet Earth are progressing at this pace, for they do not have any conscious desire to seek, and therefore they do not seek. Many others among your peoples are dimly or perhaps acutely aware that there is something which is beyond what is known to, shall we say, the society at large, as truth. There is a reality beyond reality. And it is peoples like yourself who are beginning to accelerate their progress by becoming aware that there is such a thing as seeking.

The more serious and dedicated one is to the seeking of truth, the more one begins to activate those forces which are beyond the limited understanding of his environment. We do not believe, if you will pardon the pun, in faith! We have no faith in belief! That which we offer to you is that which is already known to you on a level which is deep. We urge you only to make a conscious dedication towards the seeking of that which is locked within yourself, for you constitute the universe. If we are all one, then shall we say, you are a hologram of all that there is. Now, that may seem like a long preamble to a discussion of signs and wonders, but it is difficult for us to make you understand that it is not through faith or through intellectual searching, through books that you may find a sign or a happening to convince you of the reality of the metaphysical universe. It is through the conscious commitment to seeking the truth in some practice, such as meditation, which carries your knowledge in your action. This can be secret and should be secret. By this we mean it is not necessary to go begging in the streets to show your piety, as many on your planet have done. It does not make them more susceptible to information of a higher realm or more likely to witness the unlimited power of the universe. The wonders and the signs are locked within yourself.

As you meditate, seek and attempt to become consciously aware that you are an eternal being, a wondrous being, a consciousness looking out through eyes into a physical universe, but looking in through your inner eye to that which is infinite, invisible, and in the terms of your workaday world, miraculous. It is this, this turning of the consciousness that will begin to open to you the small subjective signs that your journey is beginning to take place. We ask that you keep, shall we say, your eyes open. Many signs begin as the merest coincidence. We cannot promise to give you a sighting. We tell you only that we do not wish to convince you that we are anything. We only wish to offer information that you may listen to with a discriminating ear, using that which is valuable to you and discarding the rest.

We attempt to speak the truth without distortion. But words, my friend, are a distortion. Only the unspoken concept of love is complete. We would ask not only you, my brother, but each in this room, to become aware of a universe in which signs and miracles do not signify. Because each has become aware of the incredible miracle of consciousness in which the power of a healing or a sighting or a metal bending is not a sign at all. The sign, my friends, being instead the power of one person to walk in another person’s shoes; the power of love, to reach and touch when those you call your enemies are attempting to build walls.

The power of the truth to take a situation that is, my friends, truly abnormally and miraculously confused and make it whole again. The incredible thing, my friends, is that you are all attempting to think and to feel what the truth may be. Do not let signs and wonders sway you. For signs and wonders may be explained away and faith may be broken by the absence of this. Seek the truth and you will find that each moment is miraculous, and more and more those things that occur to you become signs and your life becomes an inner adventure, which perhaps you cannot explain to others. For the truth, my friends, is subjective. You can never ever share it with another in the fullness of your inner understanding. You can only love. If you can only love one another, my friends, that would be the greatest miracle of all.

Can we answer your question more clearly, my brother?

No, thank you.

We thank you that we can share our thoughts with you. May we ask if there might be another question?


I am with the instrument. We find that as a part of the growing process that you, my sister, have a mixture of occurrences and that some of your sensations are truly those of a sensitive, as this instrument would call it, and some those of you yourself speaking internally, as a part of the growing process attempting to integrate those parts of your personality that are not yet totally in harmony. It is a difficult situation for a sensitive person, and we recommend that in your meditation you pray for stability and protection and feel the love that makes us all whole. We would not recommend developing your, shall we say, psychic powers, at this time, but work instead for the stability which will stand you in good stead when you later begin to develop, both as a personality and as a sensitive, and by that we mean one who is sensitive.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

I am with the instrument. I am Hatonn. If you will be patient for a moment, we will condition the instrument to reestablish a better contact. I… I am Hatonn. I am Hatonn.

To the one known as R, may we say that our answers are not final. We are your brothers, and not, shall we say, your gods. We have gone one step further than you and have left some limitations behind. But oh, my friends, the universe is indeed infinite, and we know that we are not infallible, and with that clear understanding we shall share with you our understanding, such as it is, of the beginning of all things.

It is our understanding that that which was the Creator is infinite, and when there was a desire for self-realization, that which was one Being took energy, which we now call love, and with this infinite energy created all that there is.

Each of you my friends, and each of us, was created to lend a realizing consciousness to the Creator. In essence, we then are the Creator, realizing our self. But it is not we alone who are the Creator, or some entity somewhere else who is the Creator, but all of us together who form the Creator. Without one of you, my friends, the creation would be incomplete. We cannot lose anyone. We are all totally and completely necessary by our very being. In the infinitude that is eternity—and that is a hard concept to grasp we are aware—the polarity that was achieved by the Creator in His creation, when love came forth and made all the universes, brought about an infinite series of cycles; each beginning in comparative darkness and rising to comparative light.

Each of you has been through many cycles, becoming more and more a true reflection of the Creator. It is for this reason that we are. We are here to realize the Creator, to see and to reflect and to share the Creator with each other, and thus we are the Creator. Whenever you realize that great force of love in your dealings with others, you have given love to the Creator. For the Creator is in all that you see. Now how, my friends, can you be expected to know what love is and how to give it? This, my friends, is the question which you bring to the troubles of your life, as you experience it day by day in this physical density that you now enjoy. Each seeming difficulty is, shall we say, a quiz, a test, perhaps even, if it is a very difficult situation, the equivalent of a midterm, as this instrument would call it.

What you are is being brought to the catalyst of a situation in which you must then discover the best way of showing love. It is not an easy vibration, the one in which you now live. But it is one in which the learning is greatly intensified. We have in our vibration a greatly extended life span. This is due, my friends, to the fact that when one is aware of all one’s own thoughts and all the thoughts of others, then one cannot feel separation. Therefore, the stimulus for emotional displacement by sorrow and grief, frustration and anger, is almost never felt to any great extent, and we have very little choice but to vibrate in love and in unity.

Thus, our learning comes over long periods of time, as you would call it, simply by sharing that which we know with others. In this we refine and refine ourselves, more and more purely. But it is a slow process. You on the other hand have chosen, and are appropriately placed in, a situation in which love is completely masked in some situation, and you must from your own understanding of reality find the love within each being and within each situation, dwell on it in your heart, and thus correct in your inner picture the errors in your outer picture. Many of those in your world have a strong faith that 2 plus 2 equals 5 in many situations. And you have been taught wrong information as basic as 2 plus 2 is 5, and you have absorbed it into your being. Now in your heart, when all seems awry, it is your lesson to find the harmony, to find that 2 plus 2 is 4 and thus secure in your knowledge of love.

Allow that love and that right understanding to illuminate the situation and heal what can be healed. You cannot heal other beings unless they request it or desire it. But you can heal that portion within yourself which may feel pain. And in healing yourself, in truth you heal the universe. Remember, my friends, your basic attempt is to seek for yourself, and then share with others whenever you can. But to seek for others is impossible. We are aware that we could not have responded adequately to a question as deep as yours in such a brief answer. But, may we ask if this is satisfactory for the present?


We are grateful to you, my sister, and to show you that at all times we will be with you, if you request it. It is written in your holy works that He Who is the Creator will wipe every tear from our eyes. And we say to you that such is the truth as we know it. There is no sorrow that will not be comforted. And no understanding that will not be made complete. And these are not aphorisms or empty words. Go in meditation to that place within yourself where the Creator is, and dwell in the love that is indescribable.

I would like to close through the one known as Don, if he would accept our contact. I am Hatonn.


I am again with this instrument. I will close through this instrument, as the one known as Don does not desire to be an instrument at this time. I leave you in love and unity. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu borragus.