How does the seeker balance the various polar opposites such as passion in the seeking and yet discrimination in the seeking? Love and giving and wisdom and how to do this? The unconscious and the conscious mind? The female nature being receptive and the male nature being active? All of these polar opposites are part of following the path. How does the seeker balance them?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, and we thank you for calling us to your group to share our thoughts on the paradoxes of the spiritual journey and how to balance them. We thank you for the great privilege of sharing in your vibrations, and we shall attempt, as this instrument has mentally requested, to be extremely brief, for us, that there may be ample time for the soul-satisfying inner journey of silence.

Since it is accepted by those present that in the beginning all things were one, it is difficult to comprehend the nature of paradox, or opposites—not precisely the same thing. And as the student attempts more and more to accelerate its spiritual growth, it finds itself faced squarely again and again with paradox: service to others makes one feel good, therefore, it is service to self.

Waiting, the reaching, the female archetypal personality becomes a passive power that paradoxically holds the riches for which the male active principle must most carefully reach and most sensitively find. And when it comes to speaking of passion, we come to a paradox that is different for each seeking entity, the paradox between passion and skepticism.

Let us look at the nature of each of you. Each of you has a heart, a center of being, and in that center of being, beneath all the dust and rubble of sadness and sorrow, pain and suffering, and the petty details of mundane life, lie the fiery jewels of passion, that creative force that sleeps within from the beginning of creation as you know it. For that of you which is of God is passion in its most manifest expression, thus passion is not something for which one strives as much as it is something for which one looks within the self.

The easiest passion to understand is the passion of the sexes—man for woman and woman for man. But has there ever been a man so passionate, or a woman, that there was not the skepticism also, certainly when it was deserved, and often when it was not. This is due to each entity’s having biases that cause a lack of trust, and cut the flow of power at some lower energy center, depending upon the difficulty, thus effectively removing the self from the experience of passion. And anyone to whom we speak within third density who has not had the experience of the infinitely divine act of love being spoiled by a lack of trust, we commend that person, for it is almost inevitable that in interpersonal relationships, sexual energy shall from time to time be strangled by the skepticism of one partner for another, the doubt one has in another’s trust and loyalty.

Thus, you see, you yourselves contain paradox. It is not something that has been thrust upon you. What has been thrust upon you by a serious program of meditation and seeking are new ways of perceiving blockages of power, imbalances in interpersonal energies, and any similar lack of complete communication.

It is no good to seek to encourage oneself to feel passion for a casually selected object. This is true of the generative chakra or of red ray. This is true in the higher elements of interpersonal relationships, for mental and spiritual passion may unite and strengthen and teach each, yet where also much hurt, inevitably, [much] will be shared. This is true in the passions one may have towards society, for as much as one wishes that in your illusion all may be fair and all may be just in all states, men and women may be honorable, and all plans tending towards peace, yet it is impossible to become active and work within your social systems and not develop a healthy and accurate skepticism. The illusion lacks paradox only to those who have not thought about the illusion.

The more one thinks about the illusion and about one’s relationship with the Creator, the more one is plunged into a series of paradoxes. Life as we know it—and we must remind you that we are students, such as yourselves—is a spiral, the best symbol of which we may find in this instrument’s mind being the double helix of that which this instrument calls DNA, that which has within it the intelligence, microscopic though it may be, to create an entire physical body, ready for a soul to use.

Thus, in one incarnation, the balance between passion and skepticism may be reflecting imbalances towards passion in previous incarnations, or an imbalance toward wisdom or a skepticism in earlier incarnations. Perhaps our best advice upon the subject is ceaselessly to seek your passion, whether it be an established path toward the face of mystery, or whether you make it up as you go along. That which is your truth, that which is your passion, will develop, resonate and become passion. It does not normally spring full-blown, although as one has heard of love at first sight, meaning instant red ray infatuation, which may well deepen into love, so may the spiritual student lay aside skepticism in the excitement of a system of thought which later is found to be wanting, and skepticism again takes over.

It is well to expect the movement back and forth betwixt the two horns of any paradox within your illusion, for upon the one horn is eternity, upon the other infinity; upon the one hand, yourself as a portion of the Creator, upon the other hand, yourself as you perceive yourself, experiencing that which you perceive that you experience.

Needless to say, we urge skepticism whenever there is the slightest doubt that the path that one is on is the correct one for that person. And we urge those who have faith and passion and care deeply about their paths already, ceaselessly to examine with the powers of skepticism and the rational mind what the mind feels about that passion. Now, the mind is not a passionate being; it is in essence what this instrument would call a biocomputer. Therefore the mind will tend to analyze the experience of worship, faith, joy, unity, consolation, forgiveness and love. And in that we say, please proceed and think and ponder, because the mind has a part in the evolution of the spirit.

But to grasp with the mind that which is occurring in spiritual worship experience, or in passion of any level, is to ask the impossible of the linear mind, therefore there must be a bridge betwixt the two. That bridge is, of course, meditation. We could choose any other seeming opposite. For the sake of simplicity, we again turn to the male and female antitheses of being. Again, in some instances, it is well for a male to behave as a male has been taught to behave in one’s culture, no matter what the sacrifice. On the other hand, if one cannot with joy and in some sense of peace perform such duties, they become only duties and never honors. Therefore, one must take time for oneself and in the same life experience take sacrificial time with those who may require, need or be grateful for the listing 1 ear, the understanding heart, and the patient tongue.

There are other times when neither patience nor introspection may suffice, when that which must be said honestly is said to the temporary sorrow of each. Remember, however, that if the seeker remains day by day by day focused upon the treasure of life itself, the treasure of consciousness, and the goal and desire of progressing in consciousness, one may become ever more sensitive to the needs of the self for the balancing that exists at that spiral at that moment, for you do not go around in small circles, not in your job, not in your home life, not in any part of your experience. Each day there is the seeing of new things, and if this be not so, it is time to look for paradox, for you are spiritual beings, and there is more than gusto to grab, my friends.

We would at this time pause for silent meditation, hoping that that which we have said, which is an outline only, may be in some degree helpful. Further questions will be welcomed at the end of the meeting. In thanksgiving and praise to the one Creator, we leave this instrument. We wish to say to the one known as T, that if this entity is experiencing the energy of Hatonn, that is as it should be, as this entity wishes to aid the one known as T in deepening the meditative state in a stable and comfortable manner without the fatigue of the day, shall we say, catching up with him. For now, we leave this instrument in love and light. I am Q’uo.

[Transcript ends.]

  1. The Oxford English Dictionary gives “listing” as a synonym of “listening” and dates it as a 17th century usage.