The value of channeling and such information considering the difficulties that any group can run into with the temptations offered by negative entities to deviate from the original purpose of the channeling, and the general value of channeled information for any seeker of truth, considering all the other sources of information that are available, what is the value of channeling, how should one weigh it in one’s total gathering of information? 1

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a great privilege and a blessing to us to be able to share our thoughts with you, to experience the beauty of your vibrations and to share in your meditation. Because we find we speak not only to this group but to a larger audience, we would also bless and send our love to each who may see or hear these words, for we come in service not to one, nor to a special group, but to those who call for aid in seeking the truth.

We ourselves seek the truth. This is our journey, a journey we have found to be full of joy, love, companionship and power. We may also say we have found the past to be one of many ordeals, one of long discomfort, from time to time, as you would say, challenge and difficulty. Such is the nature of the illusion that you call life, whether or not the choice to seek accelerated spiritual growth is taken. However, with the accelerated spiritual growth that comes through a daily practice of meditation and an honest attempt at service to others, comes growth and change. And there is no change that is not painful to those within material forms.

And so we speak from a standpoint of joy, gazing at an illusion in which such suffering must take place in order that the lessons of love might be learned, for love is another way of saying the Creator, not a weak love or a romantic love, a family love, a national love, or a world love, but a love that is so creative it has often been described in terms of fire and passion, a divine passion to conceive a world that would speak to the Creator of Itself. And so each of you dwells within this illusion of life upon your planet, experiencing each other while the Creator experiences all. Each of you, then, is infinitely precious to the Creator who loved enough to create you and all that there is.

This loving Creator has given to all within each density of existence that which is called free will, and therefore one may choose to sleep and enjoy the illusion, thinking not of what is beyond, but enjoying the beautiful planet, the companionship of friends and family. This is quite acceptable, for progress will still take place spiritually—it merely is at a slower pace than some would prefer. We speak to those who would prefer to accelerate the pace of their spiritual growth.

Your question at this meeting concerned channeling. There are many difficulties involved in learning. It is time-consuming, and much experience is often needed in order that one may become a clear channel, a channel which may choose carefully its contact, a channel which may find apt expression and do justice to the concepts arising from the combination of that which we are and that which the channel is. And we would speak first in general of the very nature of the illusion which you now enjoy.

You may have noticed, those of you who seek to serve others, how very difficult it is to serve others, for to serve others truly is to know that which they would desire or require and to give them that which they desire or require without question. This is difficult service to perform. Nevertheless, the instinct for service to others is a sign of wholeness within each who feels it, a sign that a choice has been made, the basic choice that this entire illusion was designed for each seeker to have the opportunity to make. Shall you choose to serve yourself, be numero uno and follow those false images of the self which your culture would give you to wear as masks? Very well. We are with you in love and light and honor you as perfect beings. Do you choose instead to surrender that small self, that self of ambition, greed and hunger, to empty the self of petty things, that instead a greater self may assist your consciousness in more rapid growth and service to others? Very well. That is why we are here, that is why many are here—to help those who do wish to progress.

It is in this context, the knowledge of suffering in general, the knowledge of the difficulty of service to others, that we address the matter of channeling. Channeling is one of many, many ways of service to others. It is a way of engaging the highest and best within the channel in a collaboration with a deeply impersonal source of love, which we are, that has what we may call the larger point of view. We, as contact, and this instrument are equal partners, respecting each other, experiencing a growing friendship with each other and a respect for each other that cannot be underestimated. This channel is most careful to challenge all spirits, and we are most thrilled that this channel is so inclined, for our service is that which could easily be missed, for there are always those who do not come in service to others, who would wish to take the new channel and move that channel away from the highest and best tuning that is in that channel, the goal being to dim the light of channeling, seeking and the group sociability that adds so very such to the light network upon planet Earth.

How difficult it is to be of service, my friends. How difficult it is to share without pushing your opinions upon someone else, without moving from inspiration to doctrine. Yet, this is the hallmark of channeled material. This is our service to you, to attempt to provide information and inspiration, not that of which is wise, but that of which is compassionate, loving and serving. We speak of the one original Thought to those who would wish to hear of that great Logos called love, that one original Thought that made in unity all that there is so that you are members, one of another, and all of the Creator.

Why would any who wishes to be of service to others choose a sacrificial way of giving? In the beginning many things seem like sacrifice. When a mated pair has a child, the father sacrifices his freedom. He must provide now for a small and fragile entity, a stranger, so he thinks. And what of the mother? Ah, what freedom she loses, what sacrifices she makes, yet the joy of knowing, loving and sending forth into the world a small being is so far from describable that it would make most parents laugh, for the joy they have received is inestimable.

So it is, in a different sense, with the channeling. There is in the beginning the sacrifice, and always the need for continued faithfulness and persistence, the need to move in meditation enough to gain that infinite point of view, that infinite source of supply that enables the giver to give without tiring.

Can channeling help people? My friends, we believe that the answer is yes, or we would not be here. We believe that each who wishes to learn to channel is an unique being, has an unique vocabulary, experiences, and way of thinking. We have one very simple message to offer—the message of unity, of perfect compassion and love which brooks no judgment, of the reality of peace and joy that is intertwined within the illusion and transcends the illusion also. We urge people in our channeling first to move into meditation and experience peace, quiet and love until, through meditation, the seeker has become ready to feel well about the self and move on into service to others. There is the beginning turning inward, and we who channel attempt to support that and encourage the daily meditation, the contemplation, the talking with those of like mind, the rejoicing in companions upon the path.

When much work has been done to ready the self, when the work is over and all feels easy, then it shall come naturally to each to do some service, or perhaps a cluster of services. The service may be the raising of children, and to the mother, the muse of Mary speaks. There are some who are called to the musical instruments or to the dance or to some other artifact of your culture which creates beauty and myth and wonder for those who see it, and they sing or dance or move to their muse. There are some few who will feel the call to the special kind of muse, an odd, rather philosophical kind of muse, not one given a name among your peoples. Shall we call it the philosopher muse? At any rate, some are called to learn to share in a collaboration that is intended both to inspire and to inform. And so the choice is made, a teacher is chosen, and a program is undertaken.

Since the program of learning to channel includes much work in consciousness, clearing lower energies, working with the identity of the authentic and deep self, this process is helpful for those who wish to channel healing or other energies, not merely the vocal channeling. It is always to be remembered, however, that once the training is done, and the vocal channel moves out into the world, there will always be those to whom the material appeals and those to whom it does not. As we have said, service to others is difficult, and it is well to leave any attachment to that work which the channel is doing behind. It has no place in service.

However, there are two great aids that you as a channel may offer. Firstly there is that aid which any which seeks the aid of the infinite Creator may offer and that is that in the becoming a more and more consciously directed authentic human, each seeker becomes a light that glows brighter and brighter. Those who move into a group about a channel form this kind of light in an exponential manner, the strength of the light being far more than a linear addition of the people in the group could hope to create. Thus, by the simple attempt to channel, the planet has become lighter, the consciousness of the planet has been raised and the great work is being done.

Secondly, to the instrument itself this service satisfies that desire to be of aid, to be worthwhile, and to be active and caring in the world of spirit. It is an invisible world, and there are many, as we have said, who care not at all for it. Yet for those who do care for the inner world, the outer world is gazed upon with some dismay, and there is the desire to help. For those whose desire is to help by aiding the environment, for those whose desire to help is expressed in political or other social manners we say, “Know yourself and know your muse, whether it be justice, honor, beauty or fairness,” and then ask yourself what relation this muse bears to truth.

Truth is what we are here to discuss, to discover, to rejoice at, and to dwell in. Not a truth that can be expressed in words or with the mind, but a feeling tone of truth, a validity of things that begins to be created within each person. Truth is not without you. Without you is a relativistic illusion. Truth lies within you. We who channel to instruments such as this hope to put these thoughts within the mind in order that each may attempt to grow, and at the same time, each may see that all so-called failures and errors are part of the path and are those things to be hugged to the self, accepted, forgiven, and from which it [is] time to move on.

Do you wish to be of service by channeling? By teaching? By offering the self in the deepest way that is important to you, that is the essence of yourself? We encourage you to the ordeal, for no matter what you give to others—and you cannot judge that—you shall daily be working upon that self which in its being is love itself. It may seem selfish to continue working upon self-realization, to continue working until the self feels entirely self-worthy, self-forgiven and self-esteemed. Yet, must you not love yourself to love your neighbor enough to give all that you have sacrificially, that that neighbor, that perfect stranger, that face of the Creator which is another part of yourself—to give to this entity is surely a wonder and a blessing. And yet that entity shall give back to you more than you give away, so the end of the suffering is always joy.

Now, we know there have been many who have had the psychic greeting of what this instrument would call the loyal opposition, those who serve in love and light to the infinite Creator, but on a negative path, those who wish to dim and remove the light upon this planet. We encourage each to love and offer up the incense of your prayers for your brethren upon the negative path, feeling no fear, but asking them clearly and firmly to be gone, or if they are stubborn, working within the self to open the self to the realization that each self is all that there is, and that that negativity without is merely a part of the negativity within.

In such a way does love indeed conquer all, yet it must be true love, true service and a true feeling of unity. We do not underestimate any of the negative parts of being of service to others through vocal channeling, yet it is our humble opinion that to attempt to teach the laws, shall we say, of love is an attempt eternally blessed, eternally gratefully received by a world hungry for inspiration, and certainly one excellent way of sharing all those experiences which have combined to make you the gem-like faceted, crystallized soul that you are, for in channeling the instrument shares deeply of the self in a way not usually available within your culture.

We do not urge all to take up channeling. We urge entities who seek to serve to take that desire into meditation and await an answer, a leading, a synchronistic coincidence, something that subjectively tells or calls to the seeker. If that call is to vocal channeling, we most gratefully accept you. If that call is to another service, yet still as we love all upon your planet, we love and support you in your service, whatever it may be. We may indeed acknowledge that there are many muses which do not have the psychic greeting component as part of the long term aspect of doing this particular work, however, we believe you will find that all who are of genuine service to others make great sacrifices of the personal self, and we urge each when that ordeal comes upon them to embrace change, to allow the little self to die as it will, knowing and trusting that the greater self that fills that hollow is a blessing, a wonder, a joy and in itself a service to others, for as the conscious entity opens its eyes, the love of God shines through. As the conscious entity holds out the hand, the Creator touches man to man, person to person, in intimate caring that the Father cannot effect in and of Itself.

Yours is the manifestation, yours the experience now. Now is your time to choose. Choose first whether to serve yourself or others. Move into the period of meditation, urge your mate to move into it with you, that you may change and grow together, and in a month, a year, ten years, in the time of your heart, in the time of the Creator, the need to serve will come upon you and it will be joy as well as work, and your work will become your joy and your joy your work.

We bless each, we welcome each who come to us as vocal channels. We bless all who do not but who seek to serve the infinite Creator, all of you in your own unique ways. May you be faithful and persistent in your seeking, single-hearted in your desire to know the mystery of the infinite Creator, and above all may you love each other and attempt to serve each other, for as you do so, you shall enter what this instrument would call the Kingdom of Heaven.

Yes, my friends, the Kingdom of Heaven lies within you. Offer yourself sacrificially when your time has come, and you will not feel the pain, but only the joy, a joy without end, for you dwell in eternity when you seek to serve. May you always be merry, my friends, for the seekers upon the path must laugh, must make the jokes, must have the light touch. Do not be solemn in your seeking, or flail yourself with the sackcloth and ashes, but keep yourself self-forgiven and open yourself to the utter redemptive perfection of the infinite Creator’s love.

It has truly been a blessing to speak with you. We cannot express our thanks enough that you would call us to you. May we allow you to know that we shall always hear each call, not that we would speak to each, but that we would act as a carrier wave in the deepening of the meditation. You have only mentally to request that service, and those of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator shall hear each entity receiving the Comforter within its vibratory pattern.

We thank this instrument, and would at this time transfer to close the meeting through the one known as Jim. I am Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. It is our privilege at this time to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to any queries which may remain upon the minds of those present. We would wish each to know that that which we offer is our opinion, that which is the fruit of our seeking. Please take those words which we speak that ring of truth to you and use them as you will, leaving behind those that do not ring of that truth, leaving them behind without a second glance. Is there a query at this time to which we may speak?

Could you talk to me about devas, nature spirits?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. This, as you know, is quite a large field of inquiry, and we would not be able to do it justice if we were to attempt in such a short gathering as this to speak extensively. But we may suggest that the entities which you describe as the nature spirits, devas, are those which inhabit your plant and animal kingdom as thickly as your plants and animals themselves, for there are many such spirits which work in conjunction with the natural world about you and serve as a kind of caretaker and communicator between the various forms of second density life and the third-density creatures such as your population of entities upon the surface of your planet at this time.

There are beings in each realm of existence which are responsible for enhancing, shall we say, the communion of the plants and the animals with each other and with the Earth itself. They are such as you would see guides and teachers of your inner planes in their function and relationship to third-density creatures. They inform the various plant and animal life-forms according to these life-forms’ desire to gain a self-conscious awareness which is the hallmark of your third-density population, for all of life moves toward the light and love of the one Creation, and all of life has those helpers or guides which assist in this movement, the assistance being necessary for those who are less aware of that towards which they move, and which, by their desire to move in that direction, call for the assistance of those who answer. In the case of the plant and animal life-forms, those who answer in many cases are those who you would call the nature spirits and the devas.

Is there another query?

I just wondered as to their nature. Are they second-density graduates that have chosen to turn back and help their brothers and sisters until they can all graduate into our density of humanity? Or do they come from elsewhere? Are they third-density graduates who have decided to turn back and help second density?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The origin of these entities is one which is somewhat difficult to describe in your terms, but we feel that the concept of…

[Side one of tape ends.]

I appreciate that information, Q’uo, because I’m working with someone for the first time who wants to work with nature spirits, and I’d like to feel more familiar with their nature so that I may help her further. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. And we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

Q’uo, I have a question I’m trying to formulate in my mind so that it makes sense to you. The question I have is regarding that comment on muses, and do I understand you correctly that in our channeling or in our quest for self-knowledge we respond to your call of the muse?

I am Q’uo, and in regards to your query, my sister, we would suggest that our use of the term, muse, in relation to the seeker of truth and the means by which the seeking is carried out, refers to that quality or perhaps cluster of qualities within the seeker which speaks with a special power and glory, shall we say, for each seeker will discover within the self as the journey of seeking progresses that there are certain avenues of inquiry that hold a special interest, and others which hold that interest not so long or so intensely.

Thus, as this is discovered by each seeker, the seeker may be said to hearken to the voice of the inner muse. The poet hearkens to the use of words to express greater concepts than words themselves contain. The artist looks upon the canvas and the palette as the grounds upon which it shall express the song of the inner muse. The muse for each seeker is that voice which speaks most clearly of truth, and each seeker then, as this is discovered, may follow that voice and hearken to its speaking in order that more of the truth of its existence, purpose, and means of expression might be made known to it.

Is there another query, my sister?

Yes. Thank you. That really explains what I wanted to know. Further, you had made mention that some areas of interest are more prone to drawing those who wish to dim the light, and others are not. Is my understanding of that correct?

I am Q’uo. This is basically correct, my sister, for as any seeker or group of seekers becomes more efficient, shall we say, at seeking and radiating the light of the one Creator, this light is seen as a power on the metaphysical or time/space levels of existence, and it is within these levels of existence that other beings of thought [and] power move and are attracted to the light. The negative entities are attracted to such light because it is a spiritual kind of power that they wish to utilize for their own purposes in service to self. Thus, their means of utilizing that light for their own uses is seen by those radiating and seeking that light in an efficient manner as the dimming of the light, for it is removed, shall we say, from whence it sprung.

May we speak further, my sister?

Yes, I do have another question, and again, I need to have a few seconds to formulate it.

I’ll take that time just to say that isn’t what you meant more or less that like that if you were a plumber, you might be following a muse of copper or something, but you’re not going to be attracting negatives, because you’re not polarizing positive, you’re just putting in pipe. Isn’t that what you meant, Q’uo?

I am Q’uo. This is correct, my sister, for the endeavor of the seeker of truth is that which increases the polarity or the ability of that entity to welcome and enjoy the love and the light which is a power of the one Creator. Just as your battery within your automobile is able to function because of the potential difference between the positive and the negative charge, so is the seeker of truth able to do work in consciousness according to its ability to polarize itself in the positive, or service-to-others fashion, in an effective manner.

When this has been accomplished to a significant enough degree, that polarization is as a light and a source of energy or power which might be utilized by that seeker for further service to others and further journeying upon the path of service to others itself. Or the light may be used by those of negative polarity if they are successful in infringing upon this power through means not of their own design, but of openings or invitations, shall we say, on the part of the positive seeker of truth which has perhaps for a moment unwittingly or unthinkingly moved itself away from the truth it knows and entered into a disharmony which is as the opening an invitation for the negative entity to intensify to the degree that it will perhaps be able to dim the light for a time and use that power for itself, as it has removed the light from the service of others.

Is there another query, my sister?

I turn it back to J. Thank you.

Okay. Given that there is increased popularity, if you will, of channeling, unless this activity is carefully taught, it seems like the potential for negative energy to see the light, to be attracted to it, and to divert it, to dim it, it seems like that probability is increased. How would you suggest that we prevent that kind of thing happening?

I as Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. To each entity which engages in the process of offering its service to others in any fashion which is successful, there shall be the temptations offered which serve as a balancing mechanism in order that the entity which has manifested the desire to be of service to others might be offered an equal temptation to move from that service and to join the negative path in some fashion within the life pattern for some period of time. This may be seen also as an opportunity for that same entity to strengthen its desire to serve others and to move ever more faithfully upon that path as the temptations to glorify the self or to gain a power and recognition for the self are recognized and refused.

As the one known as Jesus the Christ experienced the temptations of the one known as Satan, as the one known as Jesus spent the forty days and nights in the desert, demanded that the one known as Satan get behind him, each seeker of truth will find that as progress along the path is made, that there are those opportunities to test the progress that it be true, and if there be a weakness in that seeker’s pattern of expression of service to others, those weaknesses or lesser areas of strength shall be made known to it through the difficulties, shall we say, that are a natural portion of this path, and through recognizing those areas which lack strength, the seeker of truth then may repair these areas and gratefully acknowledge their presence to any entity which has aided in pointing them out.

Thus, we do not offer the information concerning negative entities and their offering of temptations to positive entities as that which is to be feared, but that which is a normal part of the evolutionary progress within your illusion, in order that the progress of each path, both positive and negative, might through their interaction strengthen the other, in order that the one Creator might through these experiences know Itself more fully and each entity within the creation, through these experiences, might know itself more fully and the one Creator more fully and more intensely.

May we speak in any further fashion, my sister?

I have no further questions, but so I can understand this—as being an opportunity to strengthen faith, is that correct? That’s a question—I said I wasn’t going to ask a question, but I lied.

I am Q’uo, and this is quite correct, my sister. Is there another query?

No. Thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

Just to follow up on that. From previous channeled information, isn’t it also true that the negative path eventually ends, and must turn to a positive path, so that in the end, there is only one path, it’s just that there is a split for a while during this illusion and perhaps the next?

I am Q’uo, and this is correct, my sister, for just as the creation itself and every portion of it shall eventually return to the complete unity of the one Creator, bringing all the experiences that have been gathered during the great octave of being as seeds for the next great octave of being, so those entities of negative polarity shall at some point within their evolutionary progress find the necessity of releasing the negative polarity and adopting that which is the positive polarity, for it is the positive polarity which, though it partakes of illusion and separation in some degree, seeks to affirm the unity of all creation and the divinity of all beings, and seeks to serve all beings as the Creator, whereas the negative polarity is based upon that which is not, that being the separation of one being from another, which lays the groundwork, shall we say, for the potential ruling of one being over another and over others.

As the negative entities continue to pursue this path of separation and control, at some point in order to continue in the process of evolution and to know more of the Creator and to exercise the power of the Creator, it becomes necessary to see other selves as the Creator and as the self. This is not difficult for the positive polarity, but is difficult for the negative polarity that the negative polarity must be abandoned and the power that has been gained from it be used to reverse, shall we say, the polarity in order that continued evolution be possible.

Is there another query, my sister?

No, thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and again we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

Oh, that’s a necessary function of this creation, obviously, and an exercise of polarity by those entities of the negative. They perform a function for the positive polarity by being in service to self. They also become in service to others and we of the positive polarity are witness to that and thereby experience both biases. I’m not sure what my question is. I guess what I’m trying to find out is, that’s an integral part of what’s going on here, and it sometimes is hard to feel the separation from those negative entities, knowing that they are part of the creation, part of what we all are, knowing that we all fall within that creation.

I as Q’uo, and we would comment upon your comment by suggesting that indeed all entities, whether of positive or negative or of no polarity, are a portion of the same creation and the same Creator, and that the most effective means for a positively oriented entity to deal with negative polarity is to generate within the heart the overwhelming love for such an entity, and to send that love to that entity in the meditative state if possible, and to bathe that entity in the love and the light of the one Creator as you perceive it.

For all beings are truly a portion of the Creator and of the self, and as the seeker of truth looks within to find that of truth within itself, any experience or entity that it comes upon in its journey of seeking will reflect some portion of inner truth to it, and as the seeker is able to draw unto itself all expressions of the Creator and to see them as the Creator, as the self, and as love, then so they become that which they are, and no longer are that which they seem. The persona, the mask, is removed and for that seeker of truth, that seeker stands before the mirror which looks into its own soul and the heart of the Creator.

Is there a final query at this time?

I do have a question, and this is regarding the scenario where the negative polarity eventually makes a shift to positive polarity—I don’t know if I’m saying that correctly. It’s what Carla was talking about to you in her previous question, where the negative eventually seeks the positive. My question is, is this a scenario that we’re witnessing on the Earth at this time, where there seems to be an accumulation of negative polarity, and that negative polarity wishes to make a shift? Has that occurred on the Earth, and has there been a call for light coming from the Earth? Or has it come from somewhere else? Is the positive polarity reaching out to the Earth? I guess I’m trying to find where the initial recognition was made, of the need for light. Was it from those who are of the light? Or from those who have negative polarity?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The call for light has long emanated from those within this planetary influence who have chosen for themselves the service-to-others polarity. This choice and the following of this choice is likened unto a call for assistance in journeying upon this path, as any student which seeks to learn any art will learn more efficiently from a teacher. Many are the ways in which the student of positive polarity is taught. Most means are unseen and go unrecognized in the life of the seeker of truth in the positive sense: the many coincidences and pleasant surprises, shall we say, which occur in the life pattern, the dreams of a prophetic or informative nature, the meeting of an entity that changes the life, the experience that appears seemingly out of the blue, and forever marks the life pattern with a note of joy. These are the means by which the call for assistance is answered—and there are many more.

The expression of the mass consciousness upon your planetary sphere, moving in a more positive direction, is far more a function of those upon your planet who have chosen ever more faithfully and steadfastly to continue their seeking for light and service to others rather than any shift in negative entities’ desires, for the desire of those [of] negative polarity exists far past the evolutionary progress which your planet has thus far achieved.

The negative polarity is one which exists with great strength into the fourth density of love, and into the fifth density, the density of wisdom. It is beyond that expression of wisdom and light into the sixth density, where love and wisdom are joined and blended into one, where the negative polarity must needs abandon the service-to-self polarity and shift its focus to that which is the service to others in order to continue the progress of seeking union with the one Creator.

At this time we shall again take the opportunity to thank each present which has invited our presence in joining your group and in sharing that which has been the fruit of our seeking. It is a source of great joy for us to sing with each seeker the song of seeking, the song of love, the song of the one Creator, experiencing the great mysteries, adventures and joys of the creation all about. We are known to you as those of Q’uo, and at this time we shall leave each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

(Carla channeling)

I Yadda. I with this instrument, greet you in love and light of infinite Creator. We like this instrument. She challenge in name of Jesus Christ. We say, “How about Buddha?” We not fully grasp this instrument’s fanaticism, but even she be provincial, we say, “Okay,” because she passionate, she care, and she real. And so are we. We come in love and light of infinite One, One Who is All, and we come only because we wish to underscore need for laughter, need for merriment, and need for intensity of life. Not the outer life. You must forget all those clothings you put on your body and on your mind and on your head. All those hats you wear—mother, father, employer, employee, all those things—take them off, throw them away. You want a reputation? Do not go into spiritual seeking. No reputation to be had there. No, sir. You must think carefully before you become one interested more in the inner journey than in the outer journey. You know you gonna die. But you know why you alive?

Did you like that? I got “L”—I said “a-Live.” I did that! I’m getting better! We urge you to see that many things drop away, so you may find the true intensity of your being. May you do so with jollity. Ah, jollity! I am almost speaking this instrument’s language now!

We so glad to speak to you. We thank you for calling us here. We bless each, and we go, for we not talk long. We yours in love and light of infinite Creator. On behalf of this passionate Christian, this provincial one, who yet knows the universe, and to all of you provincial people, whatever you believe, believe passionately, believe wholly, believe without the thinking and without the judging and without the reputation and the respectability, but find the jolly times. Adonai. Adonai. Adonai, my friends. I Yadda.

  1. Carla: For this meeting, video recording equipment was used to make a video record of a session of channeling. The equipment did not work well with available light, and had sound difficulties, so nothing was ever done with these videotapes. Fortunately, our usual audio taping system worked, and we were able to make a transcript of the session.