(Carla channeling)

[The quality of the original recording is poor.]

I am Q’uo, and greet you, my friends, through this instrument in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator, whom we all seek to serve with all of our being. It is, as always, a great privilege and honor to be called to this group for the purpose of exercising those who have chosen to be of service as vocal channels, and also to be of service in offering ourselves to you in whatever capacity you may find to be useful. As always, we urge you to take to yourself that which rings of truth for you, and to discard without a second thought that which you do not find to be helpful to you at this time, for we offer only our humble opinion, our brothers and sisters, of the fruits of our own path of seeking to be of service. There are many upon your planet at this time who are seeking to know the truth of the infinite Creator. Each will find that truth which resonates with clarity and harmony according to the vibrations of each.

The truth is very simple, my friends. It is the message that we and our brothers and sisters of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator bring to you. The truth is very simple and always the same, and yet there are as many ways to attempt to explain and demonstrate the truth as there are entities seeking for the truth. Thus, each shall find what is of value to each, and shall proceed upon the path chosen by each until that time when all who seek the truth shall surely find it, for they shall be one [inaudible] each other and the Creator.

You are aware, my friends, that this is the indeed the true nature of reality at this time, despite the seeming separations that exist within your illusion. You are also aware that all of creation continues to merge itself together more and more closely to the One Original Thought. In this shall all not only find the truth, but become the truth, for in your seeking now you see only portions of that great truth which encompasses all that there is. You see only portions, my friend, because in your heavy illusion much is veiled from you at this time. Thus, you may seem to find many perhaps somewhat different truths at different times, as you penetrate more and more the dense layers of the veil of the illusion.

We ask again that you not be disheartened in your quest for truth, for though the way is long, and the ultimate truth ever receding just beyond the grasp, yet there is a signpost of those seekers of the bright gleam of truth, moving together along the path, stumbling at times, falling at times, then resuming the journey once again and encouraging each other as we journey. You are all a part of this great mass of truth seekers, as are we also, for this journey in the quest of the truth continues from density to density. We urge you to treasure those pearls and truths and wisdom which you find that resonate with great clarity and purity with your deepest [inaudible].

Hold the truth inside yourself, my friends. Keep its flame burning brightly, for it will serve also as a beacon to those around you which seek the desire to seek, but do not see so clearly the way. Thus, we are all pilgrims, and as we journey upon the path together, may we each hold our own particular beacon [inaudible], the light of truth which burns brightly within your spirits. We join with the light of all others who seek the truth, and thus seek to enlighten and brighten the planet upon which you sit at this time.

It is our desire to help you in this search for [inaudible], to aid you with brightening of the beacon and devote [inaudible] for you and [inaudible] in this day. At these times, my friends, you have only to mentally request our being, and we will be glad to offer whatever assistance we may.

At this time we will leave this instrument and this group in the love and the brightly shining light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai.

(Carla channeling)

I Yadda. I come in love and light of infinite Creator. We come with thanksgiving too. What would the one known as Yadda—we ask this instrument perhaps to become with this one erect… that work better, the lying down, not working. I Yadda. I now attempt to transfer to the one known as [inaudible]. I Yadda.


(Carla channeling)

I Yadda. I again with this instrument. We say, “Hah, we almost got it, we wish he be patient.” We now transfer to one known as R. I Yadda.

(R channeling)

[Shouted] I Yadda. I am with this instrument. This is very interesting. We want to do this really much. Oh, I forgive myself. I come light and love of infinite Creator, and then finally in [inaudible] of Christ. Yadda! Very good! This instrument exercise [inaudible]. Hhmm. Long time, long time ago, Yadda walk this Earth. Yadda wish to thank this instrument for patience, for Yadda very anxious [inaudible] waiting, WAITING, WAITING, WAITING! For such a long time. He’s waiting. Sometimes, you know, it gets very hard. Anyway. Ah, we begin.

Maybe I tell you a story, but I don’t quite know how to get into it. This instrument, he… Tell you what, we going to rest this instrument, cause we got GOOD THING HERE. And we be VERY CAREFUL with this one. He good. You know why? Why why? I was waiting why? He like it.

Your “L’s” are better, Yadda.

You know what? Your “L’s” stink. [Laughter from group.] There really nothing wrong with Yadda “L!” You’re letting “L” just plain, when Yadda got right [inaudible]. [Laughter.] This instrument listen. He happy too, but sometime he want to get in and play a little. Have to find a way to put his somewhere. You know what? He say it okay. He did. I not kidding. He say, “Can I say this?”

Yes. HE SAY, [unclear, though very loud, sounds like “transplay!”]. She never say this, NEVER! She’s afraid. That’s the reason, but this one not afraid. Yadda protect [sound too loud and too inarticulate to be understood]. Yadda almost use words not nice. I don’t know—maybe I do it anyway. Well… It came easy, this one, because he like to swear. But you know why I STOP? Because this one GIVE ME WORD! HAH! I taking no word from this one, I ought as [inaudible] not as prompter. Hah, hah, hah, hah. This very happy business. I like this a lot. You may get very tired of Yadda. Hhmmm.

Please, please understand. This [inaudible] Yadda tell you secret. Yadda come differently to this one than to that one. That one over there, WHOM I LOVE BECAUSE she lets me speak in spite of fear. She knows I’m good, rather just rough. RUFF RUFF RUFF. RUFF. I need a voice like this one because, I tell you something. She right. Yadda… Not this. Cause I tell you, I use it anyway. You being kind. I carry baggage. I don’t wish to say baggage. I carry BAGGAGE. I carry murder, because for LONG TIME, YADDA HATE! HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE! Now Yadda love. Much to learn in this, I think. I didn’t tell you what I hate, I hated the Chinese. The Chinese KILL AND KILL AND KILL AND KILL. Yadda learn how to kill, oh, Yadda very good at this. If you can say good—but it’s not bad, either. Is INSTRUCTIONAL!

Don’t worry—I give it up. I don’t need to do this anymore. And I don’t need to hate the Chinese either. [Very softly.] Love the Chinese. I tell you why I love the Chinese. May I do this? I love the Chinese because Chinese make Yadda hate. And when Yadda hate, Yadda find out what love is. This instrument think that Yadda like Ramtha. Yadda not like Ramtha. Ramtha there. Ramtha think hot stuff! Yadda think think this instrument hot stuff. Because now Yadda can talk, and talk out loud and talk in terms you want to know. Because you speak in this group, Yadda speak. You all speak in this group of the negative… Yadda like. You speak of the negative side, the one who make you hate. Okay, I speak of this, because the side that make you hate, you made service to look like that. YOU MUST LOVE ’EM! [Shouted phrase not understandable.] Must have hate. I get carried away because it was long and hard.

Ohhhh. Think how it feels. Buddha cares. This one challenge not in Buddha’s name, don’t worry, little one, he CHALLENGE SMART CHALLENGE. HE CHALLENGE WITH… He say, I came in fellowship of the eternal truth of the Christ. Christ everywhere. I no problem with Christ! Only with Jee-sus. But I tell you, this one does not know Buddha, so he say, if I challenge with Buddha, I don’t know what [inaudible] I don’t use that word. I give you new word. He [inaudible] this one, because he don’t like making up stuff he never heard before.

[Sounds like] SHUT UP! You know what?

[This is very difficult to transcribe, and it goes on at some length. The delivery is alternatively violently loud and fading completely away into inaudibility, then back to absolute ROARING. This is an unclear recording with lots of background noise on tape. With this, in addition to bombastic and emotional nature of delivery, and the significant loss of sibilant and other consonant sounds, it is just too difficult to transcribe. It has to be listened to to be believed, anyway.]

[Group retunes after Yadda’s explosive closing.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet each through this instrument in the love and the light in the name of the One Who is All, and the All Which is One. We are first concerned to ensure that the process by which the one known as Yadda has exercised the instrument known as R [be] completely released, and in order to avoid the overeager and somewhat [inaudible] source of inspiration our brothers and sisters [inaudible], coming back too quickly to this instrument, we would ask that the instrument known as R [move on] to the [the back] in which posture Yadda cannot use his instrument.

There is in this young contact the [inaudible] for speaking, yet Yadda itself wishes only to offer spiritual principles, and has the considerable work in wisdom plumbing the self to patience, using an instrument in strength and in power in a stable manner. We would suggest to the instrument known as R that he request the highest and best contact that he may carry in a stable manner, to avoid certain effects upon his [inaudible] of the physical vehicle becoming somewhat distressed. As the one known as Yadda has need to use the ability of the physical vehicle to move forward and backward in the [inaudible] in order to fully breathe as it used to breathing within a physical.

We thank this instrument for its cooperation. We have been at its side during the communication which this instrument is aware has been an adventure in which the instrument has had a portion. We ask this instrument not to be concerned overly as to the amount of content it itself has provided, for this is the normal beginning of a new contact. The percentage of that which the ones known as Yadda may wish to say shall of its own accord become greater with the experience gained and the feeling of adventure and the joy of finding a proper voice honed to the steadying task of humble greeting, inspirational, and truthful information to the best of the one known as Yadda’s ability.

The one known as Yadda is a representative [of many]. Perhaps the awareness that you may have of this entity’s speaking of that which is called the Chinese seems unuseful, yet it is so, for the Chinese are an ancient race, both upon this planet and [inaudible]. Also those within it are of, on this planet, the Oriental race. It is a rare instrument which one such as Yadda may find within the culture of your peoples, and the one known as Yadda is strongly intending to refine, subdue, discipline and make ever more pure and refined the [inaudible]. We express for Yadda through this instrument the heartful and warm joy.

We would [move] on now, and we would say to the one known as E that this instrument should imagine the feet bare upon the earth, feet in the luxurious soft grasses, smell of the flowers about, the buzzing of the bees. Before her stands the great oak, behind her the great maple. On her right hand the yew, upon the left [sequoia]. We ground this instrument and suggest that this instrument prepare for contact while tuning by grounding the self and feeling the protection and the infinite energy of the Earth, for it is the Earth that this instrument wishes to serve, therefore the Earth which is full of love loves this instrument infinitely.

With that grounding complete, we shall pause so one known as [inaudible] may work with the one known as E at this time. I am Hatonn.

[Long pause, then lengthy but inaudible channeling by E.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and we thank the one known as E for availing herself of this most beloved contact which has been waiting her and which she is now learning. We ask that the protection be [applied] in addition to any protection the instrument may feel that it needs, for it is the nature, shall we say, of nature to need the signs of protection, a symbol that peace is truly reigning, and that the Logos rules in all the clarity of that which this instrument would call [nature]. [Inaudible].

[The rest of Carla’s channeling is inaudible.]

I felt you with me, Latwii, very early on, and then when Yadda came and left, and I was wondering, why did that occur?

I am Latwii, and as aware of your query, my sister. We of Latwii, as the channeling process was being initiated in the one known as R, sought to be of assistance to the one known as R, as did others of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator at that time, for this entity was experiencing a contact which was unique in nature and which was in need of, shall we say, all the assistance that it could get, thus we, shall we say, stood guard and gave what assistance we could, returning to your instrument as it was possible.

Is there another query, my sister?

No. Thank you very much. I thought you were scared.

I am Latwii, and we do not scare so easily, my sister, but did enjoy the humorous aspects of the one known as Yadda. This entity has much to [inaudible] but we feel that it is quite capable of learning to utilize an instrument without such wear and tear.

Is there another query at this time?

[Tape ends.]