(Carla channeling)

I am L/Leema. I greet you in the love and in the light of the infinite One. May we express our feelings of blessedness at being called to your group this evening. It has been some time since we spoke with this group, and we are extremely pleased to join in your meditation and to be a part of the perfect circle of love, that which generates a kind of light most visible to us, enlightening done by so many entities and groups about your sphere at this time. It is indeed marvelous to observe the lightening of consciousness among many of your people during this season which you call Christmas. It is equally interesting to note that the extreme opposite is also true, that is that this season is that season which kills, which reopens remembrances of failures, of past grief, of recollective worry, of that which one wishes one could do over.

There is a great deal of difference between the light that you see when you gaze out the window, and the light that is both terrible and wonderful which moves in its own metaphysical rhythm within your yearly cycle, as this instrument would call it. That is, there are metaphysical reasons for both the elevated consciousness and the downcast consciousness during your short days and long nights. The metaphysical light may be associated with that new infant spiritual self that is being born day by day throughout an incarnation within the incarnate self. Quite often this process is not recognized at any point during an incarnation, however, it moves inexorably, bringing entities who are not yet conscious, as well as entities who are already conscious of metaphysical dimensions to their lives, doing the job that [it] was intended to do, offering to the archetypal mind that vision of spiritual work which your story of infant Jesus recapitulates so well, for within each of you dwells the Christ. It dwells within you as a potential, as a part of an eternal birthright, for you were birthed first of all. Before any manifestation was, consciousness was. The creation is truly that which was offered to consciousness. There is a kind of rightness that entities upon your sphere feel in the domination of consciousness over the sphere upon which you enjoy existence.

However, this small spiritual infant which is potentially born, reborn and nurtured each day is not an entity which one may distinguish from one’s ordinary everyday self. In fact, this season of the year is most important, specifically because it insists that each consciously seeking spiritual entity think at least briefly about the implications of a spiritual rebirth or the birth of the spiritual self, as opposed to that self which has come from dust and to it shall return, as the book which you call the Holy Bible states.

This infant soul is more your child and your responsibility than any child of your loins and womb, certainly far more important than any other single consideration which your mind may entertain in the course of the everyday existence, for this self is that vehicle which is, in a deeper reality, your Self, that continuing Self about which you know so little, and about which you desire to know so such more.

It is that Self within each to which we speak, hoping that some turn of phase, some retelling of the story we tell over and over, will trip the mind, will trigger the emotion, will serve to inspire a seeking soul to seek more accurately, more carefully and more persistently. That you exist, and support that existence without being a burden upon others, may be perhaps seen as what this instrument would call the outer reality. This same kind of responsibility is one which we would suggest each consciously seeking entity entertain, that is that the nurturing and the self-sufficiency of the infant and growing and needful self be seen to as if each entity were the parent of its own spirit, of its own soul, for the soul needs the nurturing that will allow it to grow, just as you need your sunlight, or the hope of sunlight in the depth of winter. So the soul is bleak, unfocused and half-forgotten, for even those who attempt to be conscious of their spiritual selves, in many cases, for lack of some understandable, specific and practical way to practice the awareness of that soul self, and to practice that which will make it more healthy and more strong and more and more ennobled.

In some ways we might say that this is like this instrument’s memory of the cliché concerning the carving of the statue of an elephant out of stone. When the artist is asked how he is able to seek and manifest the elephant within the stone, the answer is from the artist that he chips away everything that does not look like an elephant. This is only understandable by one with equal facility as an artist. In the same way, each entity sits within the illusion, which is your existence within the incarnational experience, like the block of rock which has within it the perfectly faceted gem, the perfectly carved statue, or whatever image one could most satisfactorily call up to enliven something as inert as a block of stone.

We have always offered one basic, practical, daily tool or resource to use in the discovery, rediscovery and nurturing on a continual basis of the soul-self. That tool is meditation. We do not encourage long periods of meditation nearly as much as we encourage a persistent dailiness of practice, for like any other thing, that which occupies the mind on a daily basis as an instinctive and reflexive recall is learned in a way [in which] that which is approached only when necessary or periodically cannot hope to match.

The meeting together to share love is also a kind of Christmas, and we would suggest to remember when each entity inevitably will feel downhearted during this period, that each day can be a small Christmas, if it is remembered that the Christ within is small, needs nurturing, needs attention, and needs most of all to be in the company of the infinite Creator. This is done by the turning of the attention. Meditation in and of itself tends to bring one to a realization, on a continuing basis, of the mystery and fascination of infinite intelligence, tends to bring one to a reckoning with love, and with one’s relation with love itself, that which created all that there is.

Yet, if it is simply remembered that Christmas is far more important symbolically than literally, then you may keep Christmas within the heart, and then “bah-humbugs” are at an end forever, for the Christmas within you is the mass of Christ, is the thanksgiving for your relationship with the infinite mystery which for want of a better word we call love, the one original Thought, the Logos, which created all that there is. That relationship is direct. Thusly, what you wish for at Christmas is not presents, as in gifts, but the presence, or the communion with the infinite One.

Thus, as one goes into meditation, we very much suggest using readings, mantras or some inspirational thought which leads one towards the intention to tabernacle with that which is holy, with that which is the infinite mystery of the Creator.

We encourage each further, whenever the feelings are depressed, at whatever time of year, to recreate within the mind the Christmas experience of great darkness, short under-lit days of shadow and bleak cold, and a piercing and poignant joy of that infant spirit that against all odds, and without the acceptance of the darkness, moves into darkness as light that is not recognized. You yourselves are full of light which you do not recognize. It is not sunshine; it is not light in a physical sense. You are the carriers of precious treasure. You carry the infinity of the love and the light of the infinite Creator. Picture it. Symbolize it within yourselves as the Christ child, and give it room, encouragement and attention that it may grow each day.

As always, we encourage each to remain light of heart in the face of failure as perceived by the self. In the first place, we assure you, you do not know that which you do, and you shall not know until the veil has been lifted and you are no longer within the experience you now enjoy. In the second place, the recognition of an error perceived is all we encourage you to think of it as, emotionally neutral, much like a roundly worked puzzle, once the logically correct answer has been discovered, it is a matter of using the eraser and correcting that which is within your own mind so that it is in harmony with the divine laws, shall we say, as perceived by the self as a nurturer of the spirit.

We ask each, in sum, to take a very long view of Christmas, to release Christmas from any literal meaning—for those meanings have been very much distorted among your people—and to reclaim for yourself the glory, the splendor, the wonder, and the mystery of spiritual growth.

It has been a privilege to speak through this instrument and to this group. We would at this time release the floor, that the one known as Latwii might conclude this session. We are known to you as those of L/Leema, and leave you with jingle bells and Christmas carols and nervous relatives and all of the somewhat disheartening aspects of an illusion that in its way attempts in the midst of darkness to teach about light and love and beauty and mystery. Adonai. We leave you in the love and the light within you, all about you, everywhere of the one infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii. We have decided to use this instrument because there is some difficulty with the one known as Jim. We have a fairly simple task through this instrument, because we shall not be able to ask for questions. However, we would address a query from the one known as R. This was our intent as we moved to the one known as Jim, and we find it permissible to do so through this instrument, as there is no spoken question at this time to rattle the instrument’s, shall we say, somewhat shaky intellect. Actually, we may say that those words were perhaps more hers than ours.

One who wishes to know how to move into the unveiling process may well view the courting process. The deeper portions of the mind are pure, more sensitive, and far more delicate in structure than those portions of the mind which are in heavy, everyday use. The deeper portions of the mind are those portions which react to impersonal and deeply felt rhythms and energies which flow into the energy web of the individual. The process of unveiling that deep mind is one which will spin many, many incarnations, and, in short, our opinion—and we stress that it is our opinion, and fallible—is that entrance into the deep mind should be as careful, loving and concerned as the suitor with damp palms who offers a corsage to his date for the dance.

It is truly a gentle thing when done well, and a slow process when done well, to lift the veil, not by intent, but by the process of disciplining one’s waking personality. That is, one does not successfully assault the deep mind, rather, one prepares oneself to receive from the deep mind that which it is prepared to give, and then through the process of meditation, the process of the daydream, the vision, and the dreaming within sleep, it is in these ways that the deep mind yields its fruits to the conscious mind.

The way to stop the flow of information from the deep mind is to ignore information from the deep mind. That is not to say that one should be without discrimination and if one feels one has had a vision one must then do it. We do not encourage this sort of lack of discrimination at all. What we are saying is that it is well to seek gently, persistently, as the suitor would court the beloved, allowing the deep mind to reveal that which was previously unrevealed in a natural manner.

The difficulties which one discovers, if one attempts to move into the archetypical mind with a bulldozer, is that one will destroy the very scenery one has come to enjoy, without ever understanding its character, for there are many portions of the deep mind, and those which are won by force are those which shall be archetypes not particularly helpful to one upon the path of service to others.

Remember that all that there is lies within your consciousness, therefore you are as capable of receiving information perceived as negative from the deep mind as information biased towards love, kindliness and an over-arching ennoblement of self, of purpose and of life. Therefore, it is to the gentle person, to the persistent person, that the deep mind offers its beautiful, sweet-smelling bloom. Enjoy each new realization without holding onto it, and know that the veil is there for a purpose, and is not to be ripped away or to be torn asunder, but rather it is to be that through which necessary information will come to the one who daily waits and watches at the tabernacle of inner silence.

We are very happy to be with this instrument because this instrument enjoys telling bad jokes, however, we have no bad jokes to tell you, so we are going to leave this instrument at this time. It has been a pleasure to be with you. We are most happy to have been able to speak with you, and we would at this time leave each in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. We are known to you as Latwii. Adonai. Adonai.