2 September, 2007

Homecoming meditation

[overview] The question today, Q’uo, has to do with channeling. We have a group of people who would like to learn how to channel in order to be of service to others, starting next year when Carla initiates a channeling circle. They have some concerns about the dangers of channeling, about one’s will being affected by a strong channeling source, and about getting holes in one’s aura. Are there some spiritual principles which you could share with us that would help those who wish to channel to protect themselves and to be of service to others in this endeavor?


12 August, 2007

Special meditation mackinac island

[overview] Q’uo, in light of the theme about our sun that has developed this weekend, we would like to know what our relationship is with our sun and how we as human beings on planet Earth may commune on a deeper level with our sun.

7 August, 2007

Special meditation

[overview] (Question from G) Q’uo, within this illusion, even with our most certain of hunches, I feel we are doing guesswork in the darkness. I may be fooling myself, but, based upon my own study, some part of me feels that I am currently knee-deep in that phase, point or portion in the development of mystical consciousness known as The Purgative Way. If this is so, is there anything that I could do to accelerate and successfully complete this stage of the journey so that I can more fully realize that which I desire?

31 July, 2007

Special meditation

[overview] Question from T: Dear Q’uo, there are many pious teachers and creators in Muslim, Hebrew, Christian traditions who pray night and day in the Palestine region. I believe they all pray for peace and love. Why are there still conflicts and wars raging in Israel and nearby regions?

20 May, 2007

Sunday meditation

[overview] The question today for Q’uo is from G. It is: “Though I go about every day as if I am seeking the Creator, I am seeking something that is entirely a concept in my mind, something for which I have no reference, something which I have never consciously seen nor ever truly experienced as an incarnate being. How does one seek that which is so invisible and completely unknown to the conscious self?”

19 May, 2007

Special meditation

[overview] Question from N: The question is about this new spiritual path that I am on. I would like to know how I got where I am in this place in time, why it took me so long to get here, and where I need to go now to move forward to make the most of things I’m learning and to fully awaken my spirituality to be most useful in service to others and in fulfilling my own spiritual needs.

6 May, 2007

Sunday meditation

[overview] The Bhagavad Gita and many other positive spiritual teachings speak of self-control as a beneficial and necessary element of the positive seeker’s path—self-control in the face of temptation and in directing the will for the purpose of spiritual pursuits versus worldly pursuits. Yet Ra offers an alternative understanding in negating control in favor of acceptance and overall balance. Is there a positive use of control? Does control play any useful role in the discipline of the personality? Can one control, for example, through acceptance, meaning that that which has become accepted is able to be controlled or directed?

22 April, 2007

Sunday meditation

[overview] Our question today has to do with catalyst and how we process our catalyst. We are wondering how we could really test our feelings or know our feelings or know when we have worked successfully, and when we have perhaps worked with it on a surface level and then maybe buried some of it that really needs some more attention, and thinking that we’ve gotten it and then we go on and at some point it seems to come around again and we need to work on it again. So, Q’uo, please give us some direction as to how we can take a look at what’s happening in our lives with our catalyst, so we know when we are working with it successfully and when there’s really more work to be done because we’ve either ignored it or buried it in some fashion.

14 April, 2007

Special meditation

[overview] “What exactly is the time lateral of Earth? Does it indicate an illusion within a more real illusion? Or is it like the holo-deck on Star Trek’s fictional world? Then are all the stars and planets except Earth all holograms because Earth is in the time lateral? Or, on the other end, if there was no such thing as a time lateral in the beginning, what would the third-density Earth be like?”

8 April, 2007

Sunday meditation

[overview] Question from D: I feel as though something is out of order as far as time and the perception of time. The days don’t feel like they are supposed to be. It is as if something is out of sync. We are wondering if Q’uo could give us any information about the energies that affect our illusion at this time. Is there any particular reason why people who are sensitive to such things might be feeling that there is something not quite right with the way we are perceiving time; with the way time is being experienced in our illusion? Are there any spiritual principles here that Q’uo could speak to that might help us understand this situation?