Our question today has to do with catalyst and how we process our catalyst. We are wondering how we could really test our feelings or know our feelings or know when we have worked successfully, and when we have perhaps worked with it on a surface level and then maybe buried some of it that really needs some more attention, and thinking that we’ve gotten it and then we go on and at some point it seems to come around again and we need to work on it again. So, Q’uo, please give us some direction as to how we can take a look at what’s happening in our lives with our catalyst, so we know when we are working with it successfully and when there’s really more work to be done because we’ve either ignored it or buried it in some fashion.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to have been asked to join your circle of seeking this day. We cannot thank you enough for the opportunity of being allowed to share our thoughts with you at this time. As always, we would ask that each of you use your discrimination as you listen to what we have to say, keeping those thoughts that seem helpful to you and discarding the rest. This allows us to feel that we are not likely to infringe upon your free will or to interfere with the process of your spiritual evolution. And we appreciate your courtesy in tending your own thoughts and guarding the temple of your heart, your mind, and your spirit.

You have asked this day concerning catalyst and the responses to catalyst and so we would like to begin by sharing some thoughts about the process of catalyst and why it is even necessary to have catalyst.

As the group was discussing earlier, the spiritual path is a path of transformation. There is an archetypal energy that surrounds and integrates your everyday experience with the eternal, the infinite, and the mysterious. You are that meeting point of two worlds and you are that translator that gradually learns to become able to switch back and forth between the two, sometimes surprisingly different, points of view of the two different worlds: that world of time/space where metaphysical realities like concepts and thoughts have the kind of mass that you would think of a person or a chair having, so that they are very real entities within that world; and then coming back into the everyday world where such thoughts and concepts are not at all solid and seem so insubstantial as perhaps to be useless. You are that integrative element in the design which gathers information for the Creator and offers that harvest to the Creator.

The archetypal arrangement of your third density is a hero’s journey, let us say. It is a stately journey which is both very simple and amazingly complex. The simplicity of the journey is that the needs of the doughty knight upon the road of seeking are faith and will. These two energies can fuel an entire lifetime of seeking through thick and thin, as this instrument would say.

At the same time, the shape of this journey is somewhat complex because the energies that you carry are all of the energies that there are. You are a holographic bit of the one infinite Creator, so that in every cell of your body the Creator is at its heart. The Creator is also at the heart of your life, alive, as this instrument would say, and well, waiting in those sacred chambers of the inner heart to be discovered and to be used as the resource and asset that unconditional love always is.

Your journey is a journey from the start of the incarnation, where you are not precisely a blank slate but a very uninformed soul, to the end of your life, where you have made decision after decision and met circumstance after circumstance in ways which develop into patterns, which develop into your identifying yourself as an entity who does things this way.

Your choices build upon themselves until you have built for yourself a house in which you live. This house is made of ideas about what is right and what is wrong. And periodically, you clean that house and you sweep out your old ideas and dust up all of those icons that you click on the desktop of your life to open up emotions and feelings that seem good to you.

One such example of this kind of icon is the cross that this instrument wears around her neck. Many different emotions are possible when gazing at this instrument wearing her cross. This instrument has a certain reason for wearing this cross and responds to that image in a way that she feels helps her to become a more faith-filled and service-oriented person. It is a reminder to her that calls to her each time that she gazes down at it as it hangs upon her bosom or sees it in the mirror when she is passing the commode in the bathroom, for instance. It is a kind of constant tuning mechanism for this instrument.

Many things in everyone’s life begin to hold that kind of ability to change the tone or the vibration of the moment simply by being seen, heard, smelled or some such sensual cue.

In this archetypal journey, the self is splayed, shall we say, like all of the colors of the rainbow, across the various types of energy that are experienced within the energy body and the various types of expenditures of energy that result from that which is taken into the energy body.

Your incarnation is in a classroom or a school that this instrument has called a “refinery of souls.” You are looking, during your incarnational experience, to create for yourself a personal reality that seems to you to be an improvement in terms of service to others, and other ideals that you may have, from how you were vibrating and, shall we say, who you were or who you saw yourself to be when you first awakened to your desire to move forward on the road of seeking to take some proactive part in attempting to encourage yourself, now that you have awakened, to wake up even further.

You do this by receiving catalyst and then by choosing how you shall respond to this catalyst. This is where catalyst comes into this archetypal journey of every soul that seeks to return to the one infinite Creator and to become aware of who he is and why he is here. Catalyst, therefore, has an archetypal and sacred place in the scheme of this school. You may see each time that you are overly disturbed by an event or a thought as being a time of receiving catalyst.

The nature of catalyst is that it, itself, is not changed. But it provokes or triggers a reaction from those chemical elements around it. This is a term used in chemistry and has a fairly precise meaning. That is what catalyst basically is. The one known as R was saying earlier that he realizes that catalyst is received from the mirroring that he receives from those around him, and we feel that this concept is worth investigating a bit further.

Perhaps you have been told at some point that when you are dreaming, whatever story you are dreaming contains several different characters and they look different than you. However, in terms of analyzing your dreams, you understand that at one level or another all of these entities are a part of you, that you have, in your dream, out-pictured and separated these personas from the rest of yourself in order to look at them more carefully.

In your waking life, the dream goes on. However, the structure of it is different because your subconscious is not directly able to organize the agenda for the most helpful things that could happen to you as a spirit seeking to know itself better.

What happens in everyday life is that that same spirit, hovering over all creation, brings to each seeking soul a rich harvest of people and events that contain the seeds of those lessons that you incarnated partially in order to learn.

You have other reasons for incarnating. You desired to be of service and you desired to be in this particular place at this particular time because of the momentous shift in consciousness that is occurring at this time.

But each time that you look into another entity’s face, spiritually speaking, you are looking into your face and the face of the one infinite Creator. Therefore, when someone says something that hurts you or makes you feel happy, life has out-pictured the energies that are moving inside of you so that you can look in the mirror of another person and that person’s concept of who you are and see things both happy and sorrowful that surprise you and about which you realize that you need to think, because they are new thoughts. They are the seeds that have been given to you this day by your own temperament.

At the end of each day, therefore, it is very helpful to review the catalyst that you have picked up that day. What has moved you towards the positive? What has made you experience negative emotions, so-called in your society, such as anger, guilt and resentment?

The play of these thoughts within your head is tantalizing because your surface thoughts skate away like little insects on the pond, moving too quickly for their movements to be able to be understood or isolated as they are going by. However, in your time alone, you may choose to contemplate the thoughts that you have thought this day. What reactions have you had to the catalyst that you have perceived?

As you keep doing this asking of yourself and then reviewing your daily feelings and thoughts, you will begin to see a very rich array of patterns, so that you can see that, “Okay, at this level, my pattern is this, and as I go deeper, my pattern is this.”

And there are two different ways, two different points of view to take, in dealing with the same circumstance. Generally speaking, entities’ surface reactions or instantaneous reactions to catalyst tend towards being fear-based and shortsighted. Naturally, enough entities in third density are not hit over the head, shall we say, by the catalyst. They are able to rationalize their reactions to various types of catalyst in ways that do not involve the necessity to change or transform the self.

It is the spiritual seeker who proactively chooses to enter into that transformative road of seeking that can begin to move to layers deeper than instantaneous and sometimes instinctual reactions; to seek further into where in the energy body that over-activation or blockage is occurring, why it may be occurring, and how he can clear that blockage.

As you become more experienced at reviewing your thoughts, you will become ever better at finding the precise triggers that have caused your catalyst. However, as you become more experienced, you will also have been practicing seeing what triggers you without judging what triggers you. When judgment enters the equation of feelings and emotions, the natural tendency of the non-thinking person is to judge what has been thought and to put it away in a slot that, while judgmental, does not put it away for good. It places it in a part of the memory where toxic feelings are periodically recycled, again triggered by another piece of catalyst.

Therefore, in general in doing such subtle work, you basically know that you have finally become balanced on that one piece of catalyst when it occurs to you again, or it occurs to you in memory, and your only reaction to the memory or to the occurrence is to smile and say to yourself, “I remember that lesson. I think I really have learned that lesson and all I feel for you, piece of catalyst that you are, is love.”

There is a very specific difference between catalyst with which you are not finished and catalyst which you have balanced. When you remember a piece of catalyst and experience something sad or something said to you, and it puts you back into an emotional state that corresponds with the emotion that you felt at the time of the initial incident of receiving catalyst, then you have not yet concluded your work upon balancing that particular kind of energy expenditure.

When instead you recall the instant, or the remembrance of that experience comes to you, and you do not have a feeling of being there but only of acknowledging the presence of that lesson, then you are probably complete in your dealings with that catalyst.

So it is a matter of observing where your triggers are and, when you are triggered, looking carefully at the thoughts that arise and the feelings that come with those thoughts. What you are doing is a kind of prospecting. You are looking for the gold in the ore of your personal, emotional, psychic and mental mind.

The joy of this kind of work is that you find gold at the heart of each learned lesson and it is a lesson that is, shall we say, a heavenly treasure, a treasure of the soul. It is not something that has any value at all in the outer world. All of its value is within that world in which you are a citizen of eternity and a member of the godhead principle.

We are those of Q’uo, and would wish to know if there is a follow-up to this query at this time?


We find that there are no more queries and yet we find that this instrument has energy yet, so with your permission we would like to continue our conversation with you. Would it be acceptable to each of you if we talked a bit, before we left, on subjects of interest to us? We are those of Q’uo.

[Agreement from the group.]

We are those of Q’uo, and we thank you for your willingness to move with us into what this instrument calls potluck.

We would like to ask all of you take a moment now and to become aware, in the silence that follows these words, of the beauty and the perfection of yourselves and of the fact that you are never alone.

We ask you to rest in the silence and experience yourself.

We would also like you to open yourself to receiving information at the silent level. As the one known as Joshiah 1 says, silent communication is by far more eloquent than words, for words are poor attempts to translate the mighty and living power of concept into the flat structures of language.

We shall now pause. We are those known to you as Q’uo.


We thank you, my friends, for moving with us into this space of grace and sacredness. We of Q’uo are most grateful to be able to share with you on these silent levels. And truly there are many sources of positive information which are also glad to interact with you in the silence. It is, however, always necessary for you to ask for the presence of such entities in your meditations. This is to avoid any infringement upon your free will.

We enjoy this instrument’s bewilderment, for she naturally has no idea what we are going to say. And what we wish to say does not take so very long. We would simply encourage each to gaze with more and more willingness to be enraptured at the happenings of the day.

It may seem upon the surface that the life experience is made up of bad news around the world, difficult situations in personal and corporate life, and so on. Yet the great secret to life is to look closer, to move past the surface, with its dazzling array of surface catalyst, and into those quiet woods, waterways and caves of your own being.

We are not encouraging you to withdraw from the world. We are not encouraging you to separate yourself from society. But we are encouraging you to come to appreciate yourself in a different way than society shall ever appreciate you.

Your culture is a very disempowering culture, in our humble opinion. It seems to be bent upon removing from your mind any thoughts that do not have to do with maintaining the status quo of life as a consumer. However, my friends, you are at heart not simply a consumer. Indeed, you are potentially a co-creator and a magical, powerful being, capable of functioning in such a way as to change the true core nature of planet Earth, on the metaphysical level.

It is a real challenge to take oneself seriously when the veil is so thick. Further, it is difficult to take oneself seriously when one makes so many errors, at least self-perceived errors. And yet, beneath the thoughts and the judgments and those surface details of your personality lies a part of yourself which you share with every living being in the universe. You share the consciousness of unconditional love.

This consciousness you have in common with all souls. As the one known as A has noted recently, this is a spiritual democracy. You are precisely equal to all other souls. You are all a part of the infinite Creator. When you are attempting to form a rule of life, as each of those present in this room is attempting to do, let the heart and the soul of this rule of life be love. Let the center be consciousness.

What is consciousness? In your spiritual writings, there are various ways of looking at what the ground of being really is. In this instrument’s Christian faith the ground of being is embodied in a person, the person of Jesus the Christ. And this entity carries in his story the vibration of unconditional love in a way that anyone can understand, at least in the broad strokes of giving up ones life in order to serve others and to make life richer for others.

Again, you see the importance and the sacredness of this catalyst that you receive in life. Many times within each person’s life, there is that feeling of being on the cross and suffering. Remember the rest of the story, my friends, when you feel that way. Christ-consciousness does not stay upon the cross of sacrifice but rather, having accepted that sacrifice which is inherent in growth, transformation and service, the entity known as Jesus the Christ soared to the heaven worlds.

And so may you, as you experience that feeling of being on the cross, that feeling of suffering. Yet you are also consciousness. And consciousness can help you to soar. Consequently, there is tremendous power in your being able to remember, whatever the details of your rule of life, that the very center and heart of your practice is the stunning awareness and constant remembrance of who you are. You are the one infinite Creator in a very young and very untaught form. You are gaining experience. You are beginning to create for yourself, within this incarnation, more and more of a solid feeling of who you are and why you are here.

It is a very good idea to have a rule of life. This instrument’s rule of life, for instance, calls her to worship in the morning and in the evening. Briefly in the morning and even more briefly in the evening, this instrument puts down everything else in her mental, emotional and physical life. There is a bell that is rung by pressing the two parts of a gong together to make a beginning to those sacred times. It is a time of remembrance and a time of centering. Such daily devotions are very helpful in a rule of life and we commend the one known as M for stating that he wishes to work further on this.

It is a good technique in working with a rule of life, also, to reflect upon those moments that come to you where you feel that something important or momentous has occurred in a vibrational way rather than in a verbal or conscious way. When you sense these moments, take the time to move into them more deeply, to rejoice in the gift of the present moment, and to use that moment of inspiration further to dedicate yourself to the love and the light of the one Creator and to being agents for that love and that light.

When there is a good deal of intellectual capacity in a seeking soul, the times in the silence—which is anti-intellectual and profoundly moving into zones of mystery and paradox—are very helpful in order to balance and make more flexible that personality which carries you through this experience.

It is a definite gift both to take the self seriously, seriously enough to do the work of spiritual seeking, and to take oneself lightly, so that one is not burnt out by the rigors of the road. As you ask yourself to become more disciplined, retain the ability to let all of the discipline go and to enjoy the moment.

You are not a machine. It will not serve you, in the end, to force yourself into devotions which to you are empty. Instead we encourage you to follow, as this instrument often says, the line of resonance in your experience. You shall receive many, many chances to work with your process. They will come at you every day if you let them.

Let yourself also have times of leisure, times when you are a butterfly on the wind, a cloud blowing by, a bubble on the ocean. This instrument enjoys a chant by Paramahansa Yogananda whose words are, “I am a bubble, make me the sea”. This is your journey.

We thank you for allowing us to speak further. It has been our privilege and our blessing to share with you our devotion to the one infinite Creator and our intense desire to be of service to entities such as you, whom we greatly admire for your persistence in seeking the truth.

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. We leave you, as we found you, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. Joshiah—Conscious Creation is a book of channeling by Bub Hill.