By the physical construction of the male and the female, it seem like in sexual intercourse there is a bias towards the male having an orgasm and the female not having an orgasm. Is there a metaphysical reason for this seeming difference?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we come to you this day. It is our pleasure and our privilege to be called to your circle of seeking and we greet those who are non-local in creating a global circle of seeking as well as a local one. 1 We thank you so much for creating time in this day for seeking the truth and we are humbled by your hope that we may be helpful in our thoughts. And we will share them gladly.

As always, however, we would ask that each of you be responsible for his own perception of these thoughts. If you wish to use them and they are resonant to you, then by all means, follow the path of that resonance. If they simply seem to you to be fair words but those which do not move you particularly, then they are not yours. For when you come across information that is subjectively helpful to your spiritual process, it sets up a kind of resonance. If you will follow the path of that resonance when you are receiving information, you will find that you cannot go wrong.

We thank you for this discrimination because we wish for you to reject the thoughts that we offer that do not help you. In this way we can be sure that we are not infringing upon your free will.

Free will is very much the lifeblood of the human experience, shall we say. In perfect free will, you have placed yourselves in an incarnation which is a heavier kind of illusion than that illusion in which entities who are part of the creation of the Father generally dwell. It is more difficult to know the truth because the truth is carefully hidden by the veil between the conscious and the subconscious mind. You do not remember why you came, or how to complete the lifetime that you hoped to complete before you took birth. You are in the position of having complete free will and yet finding that that means that you are responsible also for defining the game that you are going to play with your life, its rules, and its rewards.

Coming into heavy chemical bodies that reproduce by means of sexual relations, sexual congress, or sexual intercourse—these three terms being used interchangeably—you have come into a world of intense emotions, desires, expectations and fears. The tendency of people with free will who do not have the desire to create families is to avoid the experiences of sexual intercourse with partners who do indeed wish to become mated and to raise a family. Through your early history upon this sphere, there was a very clear-cut and definitive rule: if you had sexual relations, you were prone to have a child as a result of that sexual congress. If you wished not to have children, you did not have sexual congress.

The technology which your science has given you has created ways in which the function of bearing children is avoided during sexual congress by means of birth control. This creates a different situation in terms of energy expenditure. In the first instance, when there was no birth control, if you wished to treat a woman well and you were a gentleman, defined by the culture of the times, you wooed the woman, married the woman, and created a family with that woman. It was, in fact, in many early cultures part of the measure of a man that he could maintain a happy family.

Similarly, in those early times, the defined position of a female in society was that of a mate who was to be the helpmate of the male energy, the husband, the provider, the go-getter. The archetypical organization of male and female was kept fairly close to the archetype in conscious living by virtue of the male going forth and hunting and gathering and bringing home what was needed while the female energy of nurturing and inspiration kept a happy home, raised children, and created that atmosphere which produces a happy body, a happy mind, and a happy spirit.

The reason that this seemingly unbalanced situation worked so well for the spiritual benefit of all was simply this: that which male and female lost by playing the roles that they played was balanced by their mutual enjoyment of a happy home and the awareness that they had created that happy home from their affection for each other and for the Creator.

The times which you experience now are times in which birth control is generally available. Consequently, the attraction between male and female, whatever their seeming gender physically, is between those who care for each other. This is a potentially good impulse that could create energy exchanges that are of service to each other and of service to the Creator. When there is no need to be concerned about conceiving children the atmosphere of sexual congress changes in that it is known to be shared by two people who simply wish to create an exchange of energy rather than by two people who wish to have a family. Those vibrations are quite different, one from the other.

In the first instance, when there is always the awareness that a sexual congress might result in the birth of a child there is an instinctual awareness of the power of sexuality. Man and woman together in sexual intercourse know that they are using the power of their sexuality to create life. This creates an atmosphere that is potentially more conducive to transfers of energy which approach sacredness.

The playing field now has been leveled. Those who wish to have sexual intercourse may do so without fear of creating children. And consequently that first reason for valuing sexuality is gone. You are not using your power to create life, at least not physical life, if you are using birth control or have, by some other means, rendered yourself sterile. What are you, then, doing in terms of the exchange of energy that entities experience, without a doubt, when they do have sexual intercourse?

What they experience, potentially, is the right use of power and, to be specific, the right use of the power of sexuality. Now let us look at this from a couple of different angles, for this is not a simple subject.

In the first place, the reason that you have power is that you are a portion of the one great original Thought, a spark of the original fire, a glint in the Creator’s eye. You are a focuser and a station which receives and transmits vibrations. You can receive from the world of space/time and you can receive from the world of time/space. You are very sensitive instruments, holding tremendous power, the power of unconditional love, that love which created all that there is, which created you, and which would create children through your use of sexual intercourse if you so desired it and made it possible through your own sexual intercourse with your mate.

The power of sexuality does not go away because there is no intention to reproduce the species. That reproductive function is an helpful function to a certain extent but it is not that with which spirit has anything whatsoever to do. That instinct of reproducing the species as thickly as possible is a pure red-ray instinct. When you begin talking about the power of sexuality and you are not talking about having children, then you are beginning to talk about the possibility of sacred sexuality.

There is no function for the woman having an orgasm during sexual relations if the desire begins and ends in the sacred mission of creating a child. Therefore, the easy access, shall we say, to stimulation which would result naturally in orgasm, was covered over by folds which one could think of as petals of a rose. They are not defensive but they are protective and in an archetypal way. Just as the archetype of the potentiator 2 has a cover over the book of wisdom that she holds to her heart, so a woman’s womanhood has a veil that protects it from the casual stimulation of sexual congress.

In order to create a female orgasm, it is most often necessary for the mated pair to go about that in a careful and conscious manner. You have heard the phrase about pearls before swine, and we do not mean to insinuate or in any suggest that your physical bodies are swine. What we do mean to suggest is that the energy of red ray is an energy that cannot function as an energy transfer in the same sense in which we speak when we are talking about sacred sex.

Indeed, for the untutored entity who may indeed be fond of this lover, or even have decided to marry and take a spouse, these orange- and yellow-ray activities of personal relationship and legal relationship are not yet enough to create a true energy exchange. The only kind of energy exchange that is possible at this level is a one-way exchange from one entity to another. This has been experienced by many within personal relationships and within marriages.

And we feel it is safe to say that, in most people’s experience, this kind of sexual intercourse, left at the level of the relationship and without opening the heart to a great deal more than is suggested by the simple running of orange or yellow-ray energy, results in the typical exchange of energy, where one entity manipulates, uses or otherwise dominates another entity. Therefore, one is indeed giving energy to the other and the other is accepting that energy. It is an exchange of a kind but is tremendously prone to being abused and becoming a toxic kind of energy exchange where the honor, dignity and self-worth of the entity that is being controlled and manipulated comes into question by both mates.

Consequently, when we speak of true energy exchange, we must consider that the energy between two people has moved a very long way from that beginning red-ray attraction which eventually initiates sexual congress. It has gone from lust to a personal relationship and then often to a legal relationship or a committed relationship which is mated. And then the couple has the opportunity to ask for the Creator Itself to enter the sexual relationship through the open heart.

And so the couple that wishes to express sacred sexuality and to become entities who serve in a certain way in the environment of planet Earth agree together, very consciously, to set forth on a journey together in which they woo each other with true affection and patience, in which they see the Creator in each other, and in which they feel the power of the Creator’s love and the Creator’s light. Each mate dedicates itself to loving the other unconditionally.

This is green-ray affection and it is at this point that the female orgasm becomes useful. There are more miles to go indeed in exploring sacred sexuality, but this is where it begins.

When true affection has been established in a sexual relationship and when that sexuality has been dedicated to the Creator, to each other, and to planet Earth, then the path of progression, for a sexually maturing mated pair, is to spend a good deal of time working with the blue-ray energy of communication. Each entity that is involved in personal relationships and sexual relationships is an oddity, a one-of-a-kind item. That is why entities are so specific about whom they love. They become used to a certain flavor of being that this entity exudes or vibrates. And so they prefer that entity’s company.

Therefore, in communicating with each other, history is shared. The reasons for this quirk and that quirk become available, either because the mate understands herself or himself, or because you observe and become able to understand your mate all on your own.

Every piece of intelligence that you have, then, you see, is a kind of piece of power, as this song today was suggesting, “a golden feather, a heart of stone”. 3 What shall you do with this knowledge of each other? Shall you use it kindly or shall you use it to make points the next time you become upset over a trifle?

When working with sexual energy, it is very important to realize that you are dealing with enormously powerful forces, and therefore, as you become more intimate with your partner, you need to become ever more careful, ever more affectionate, and ever more thoughtful about how you say things as well as what you say. For you have become a powerful person to your mate and you wish to treat this mate with all the honor and respect that you would give to the Creator Himself or Herself.

You see, if you are a man, your mate is the feminine energy of the Creator. If you are a woman, your mate is the male energy of the Creator. Together, you make the full 360 degrees of Creatorship that takes in all the polarities that you both express. You have shared all that you are and you have become one with the Creator.

How can you, then, value the female orgasm? You value it by creating a safe atmosphere in which such a thing can take place. You value it by continuing an atmosphere of gentleness, honor, romance, if you will: those small things that, to the feminine temperament, indicate a genuine and deep interest and not simply the red-ray sexual energy of lust.

If you are a woman, you treasure yourself. You do not worry about having an orgasm, as if it were the same thing as a man’s orgasm for, my friends, it is not. Certainly it can be made rough and primitive. It can have the energy simply of sexual congress in the red ray. However, it is far more likely for the feminine temperament to appreciate what’s going on when that orgasm happens to her. For a woman tends to have more of a connection with the unseen world. So, she is actually more aware of the kind of energy that is pouring through her when she is expressing an orgasm physically.

Consequently, a woman in that position is a priestess, just as a man is a priest, in sexual intercourse when they are working together sacredly. But to the man goes that kind of energy that is called by this instrument “yang,” to the woman goes the energy that is considered by this instrument “yin,” so that, in the sexual energy exchange that is sacred in nature, from the man comes that powerful energy of physical wellness and vitality—that which you think of when you think of the word “masculine.”

What the feminine offers is the inspiration from spirit. That is the other portion of that male expression of strength, power and virility. The woman is expressing acceptance, unconditional love, and the energy of the Creator Itself. For you see, the woman, unlike man, is possessed of a direct route or connection to the womb of, shall we say, Mother Nature or the red-ray energy of planet Earth.

The woman has that sea of infinity and eternity flowing through her. She is much closer to her priestliness because she must tend to the circumstances of her menses monthly and she feels the pull of the moon, the tides, and her passions in a way that, generally speaking, men are not encouraged to do in your culture.

Consequently, if two entities choose to become magical in their sexual practice, they have the ability to become great ambassadors, if you will, of light. For as they consciously call up this power that they have together and give it to each other, when they are completely saturated and filled up with this energy of orgasm, they then allow that orgasm to shine, both into the world of time/space and the world of space/time.

In the world of time/space, it is a kind of birth of created light. You have, in your own way, lightened that expression of the Creator that is occurring upon your Earth at this particular moment. You have energized and healed, with your magically offered energy, the natural function of your sexuality. It is a long way from the red-ray disturbance of the senses that adds fire and color to the life by creating sexual desire and by giving a way for it to be fulfilled to the work in indigo where entities become sacred to each other in a very formal way, so that what they offer to the Creator and to the world is very consciously offered.

This female orgasm, then, is hidden on purpose from easy access and it is immediately available to the mated pair who chooses to value the creation of the female orgasm as something that is not simply a add-on, shall we say, to the experience of sexual intercourse, but is part of an extended, romantic and affectionate time together in which the Creator is very much present.

Is there a follow up to this query? We are those of Q’uo.

We have another question, Q’uo. As this month marks the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and we in the West have so little unbiased information about him and his way, I was wondering if you could add to what those of Ra said about this entity being a Messenger of the Law of One. I also would like to ask about the nature of his spiritual transmission, which is still so evident within the many Sufi orders today.

We are those of Q’uo, my brother, and we believe that we are aware of your query. The one known as Mohammed is one with the same energy that created Moses, Elijah, Nahum, Jeremiah, Isaiah and all of the other prophets and priests that responded to the call of that entity which we may call Yahweh, the “name” of the Creator that cannot be said because it is too sacred. 4 This Mohammed also was a prophet of this one God.

The problems resulting from the Koran are the same problems resulting from a good, solid reading of the Old Testament and those two works should be considered together when forming an opinion concerning these matters, for there is much in all the literature, not only of the Koran and the Old Testament but in those books and writings which did not make it into the final versions of those sacred works but had a good deal of information along those lines to share about this creation of the “One God” which, instead of being the one infinite Creator, was a kind of artifact made up of those of one of the groups that were guardians of your planet in an attempt to create a more spiritually capable human being.

Those whom they altered genetically, prior to placing them upon this planet in times gone by, they felt the need to follow. It is ironic, indeed, my friends, that those in your Middle East—the followers of Jesus, the followers of Yahweh, and the followers of Allah—are in a state of mortal combat. They are all of one blood. They are all of one teaching. It is a mark of the inefficacy of making physical changes in order to create more viable spiritual workers that this is so. That which was created to improve the genetic pool of gifts of the humans thus altered were the mind to be more intelligent, the body to be more strong, and the will to be more powerful. What no entity can put into a gene is any code that has to do with spirituality, for this is that which can only be chosen by free will.

Free will is where we began in this discussion and free will is where this question also takes us. By free will, entities following these teachers have chosen to focus upon judgment and justice: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth; and someone being right and someone being wrong; someone being the holy people and the rest of the world not being the holy people. Followers have focused upon this rather than the inclusive gifts of the spirit that are equally obvious in the holy works themselves.

There is no more hospitable a book than the Koran or the Old Testament. The fatted calf is offered in many, many stories; not just one but sometimes thousands of them, because of the glory and the joy of certain meetings and certain occasions. Hospitality, indeed, to this day is a very, very important part of the culture of these entities who worship this “One God.”

We would suggest that it would be helpful to look for the positive gifts of the one known as Mohammed in the mysticism of the Sufi’s, just as one may most likely find the most positive aspects of the Old Testament writing and prophets in that small circle of entities who have worked with the Kabala to develop the Tree of Life. In both cases the outer husks of religion, the dogma, the exclusiveness, and so forth, have been cast aside to get to the heart of the fruit of spirituality which is the same in any religion or system of worship. And that is simply the adoration of the one infinite Creator by the creation that has been made. The Creator responds with Its adoration for that which It has created. This combination creates an infinite atmosphere of unconditional love. Those who focus down to this point from any road, whether it be Christian, Jewish, Islam or any other, are doing the same good work.

Is there another query at this time?

Concerning the same time of evolution within the religious practices of humans here. Ra said that the Hebrew sounds had a special meaning or a very natural way of falling from the creation into use by humans. Is that because the Hebrew sounds are associated with the light spectrum or are they encoded with any human genetic code? What makes the Hebrew alphabet so special?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We apologize for not being able completely to respond to your query. There are two problems that we have with this query. Firstly the instrument herself is not a scientist and in order to speak in a way that would be helpful to you technically we would need to be able to use her instrument with her having embedded some terms and simple awareness about how light works which she does not have. What we generally do with this instrument when talking about light and the use of sacred sound is to call upon this instrument’s experience as a singer.

We will say, this being understood, that sound is song. Any song an entity makes has a certain vibratory signature. However, each has perhaps experienced the difference between singing a popular song and singing a sacred song when you are attempting to worship.

When you are using sacred words and sacred language, and when you produce the sound consciously, aware of the sacredness of that sound, the voice brings to life underlying time/space-oriented or non-local energies that alert certain areas of vibration throughout the infinite universe of the one Creator. You can look at these simply as vibrations or you can look at them as Cherubim, Seraphim, and all of the other designations of unseen but very powerful and very real entities which are involved in the worship of the one infinite Creator.

These energies have been built up since the beginning of the energy of this octave of creation, with thousands and thousand of lifetimes and thousands and thousands of repetitions of various sounds.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

Certain sounds are therefore more sacred than others. The Lord’s Prayer is a good example of this type of constantly repeated set of words.

It is interesting to note that perhaps the most deeply felt prayers, by those who have worshipped in the past in your Roman Catholic churches, have been those words that they did not understand but that they knew to be holy, the vibration of those Latin words by priests who did not even understand what they were saying, nevertheless, by their sheer repetition in the ears of the faithful, generation after generation, [they] became magical, and the use of them was powerful.

When an entity uses language consciously, he becomes a priest. And indeed, we say to you: everything that you say may be seen to be sacred or deliberately chosen not to be sacred, because the default setting of speech of any kind of utterance is that it is sacred. Yet that beginning nature of sound itself, when involved with the human breath, is not used by most entities in most applications. Most people are not aware that, when they open their mouth and speak, they are people of power, and so they do not concern themselves precisely with what they say. And they may throw away many, many words which mean very little, simply having a good time communicating small facts and enjoying life.

However, in the case of two languages, the Sanskrit and the Hebrew, those involved in the early creation of the tongues and the writing down of them into a form of notation which you would call writing were working from the premise that their sounds were sacred. And this makes them sacred.

It is not that there is a code involved or that there is some statistical relationship betwixt the genetic code and certain vowels or syllables. It is that the intention of those who created and notated those two languages was to create a set of sacred vibrations.

These were unique in the creation of languages upon your sphere because of the fact that most languages have been created by those who wish to do business. And therefore the whole vibrational energy of words in most cultures is not that energy of sacredness, at least not consciously. Certainly, when these sounds are brought together into inspiring speech or ineffable singing, once again the human heart can begin to hear the sacredness of sound and the power of the human breath to express the love and the light of the one infinite Creator.

It is well to sense the self as a priest and to know that each time you open your mouth, you have the power to judge and you have the power to love and forgive. Using your voice sacredly is a great service.

Is there a follow up to this query, my brother?

No more questions here.

We are those of Q’uo. Is there a final query before we leave this instrument?

Not from me, Q’uo.

We are those of Q’uo. It has been a great pleasure to be with you this afternoon, my friends. The beauty of your vibrations is astounding and we thank you for sharing this time with us. We leave you in the love, the light, the power, and the peace of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

  1. This channeling meditation was broadcast live on the internet as part of a six-month trial of offering this service. The other sessions in 2007 are April 8 and 22 and May 6 and 20. There is a webcast navigation button on the L/L Research site. 

  2. Q’uo is speaking of the Potentiator of the Mind, one of the twenty-two archetypes of the Egyptian tarot. in this image or “concept complex” the woman who is the potentiator-figure is holding a book of wisdom to her bosom. The book is only partially seen, as she is wearing a veil over herself and the book as well. 

  3. This Robbie Robertson lyric, in part, goes like this:

    In the autumn night When there’s no wind blowing I could hear the stars falling in the dark When you find what’s worth keeping With a breath of kindness Blow the rest away.

    I gave my love a golden feather I gave my love a heart of stone And when you find a golden feather It means you’ll never lose your way back home.

  4. The formal “name of the Creator” to Jews is “Yod Heh Vau Heh,” which is never spoken. For the sake of convenience, the Name is rendered Jehovah or Yahweh when spoken.